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Billy Connolly - Gulliver's Travels Totally Looks Like Francis Guinan - The Last Airbender

Tattoo WIN: So That's What a Spine Looks Like

To Be Fair, Harry Potter Did That to a Lesser Extent Too

I got into an argument with this at school. She was of the opinion that Twilight was better than ...

The Couple That Reads Together...

Tangled and Confused

Use a Master Ball Before It's Too Late

This Day in History: America Meets The Beatles

Or Battlestar, or Sherlock, or The Wire, or...

There is no such thing as, "Just one more episode of Doctor Who."

Tanked Toddlers

Ponderous Fruit

Marry Me. Right Now.

Let's See How You Function-Key Without It

Mrs. Toad from Thumbelina Totally Looks Like Nicki Minaj

John Lennon: Feeder

Princess Bride Wine

Well Isn't She an . . . Angel

Painting the Roses Red

Dratini Martini


Tentacles can stay in Japan thank you very much

If you're 14 yr.-old sister is a fan of Assassin's Creed, be careful when her laptop is on. You will stumble across a Prototype/AC fanfiction, and the things Alex does to Desmond will haunt you. #LFMF

Something Something Timey Wimey Something Something

If anyone asks you about handcuffs, never absentmindedly respond with "Spoilers." Either they won't get it or they'll tease you about your Doctor Who obsession.

Come on Son, get your TV shows straight.

<I walk into room wearing a long coat ala' the tenth Doctor> Dad: Are you supposed to be a browncoat? Me: *laughed until I choked* <then> No, I'm dressed as the Doctor. Dad: The doctor is a man, you are a girl. At least if you are a browncoat, you can kick ass like Mal and Zoe. Me: Okay dad.

Skyrim Mom #FF

What Part of "via The Onion" Did You Not Understand?

"Like" Father, "Like" Son

Christopher Mintz-Plasse Totally Looks Like Joseph Stalin

The Queen of The Netherlands Totally Looks Like Merryweather

Adrian Brody Totally Looks Like Flynn Ryder

Praise Be!

Pick an Animal, Any Animal


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