Allen's Favorites

The Only Way to Win Is to Stop Playing

Here I am sitting on my Grecian urn What's a Grecian urn? Depends on if there's overtime...

2016 Rio Lolympix Gold Medal in mixed syncronized sleeping

Touchdown! Kitty scores again.

cheshire cat's on vacation you need directions to the tea party?

Dai elebenty hundred, still onlee basic builder If onlee Cheezeburger wuz in a pwace with techie type peepul, like Seattle

TheComfeeSofa gang watchin' for teh wine tanker to show up

Quiz: What Do You Know About Black Cats?

Black Metal kitty sings about her people

Once a year, wen teh moon iz full, ur Ugg Boots come to life.

Wasskly wabbit stwiks agin!

I'm starting to itch

Are you really that stupid?

lay off the nip I'LL LAY WHATEBER I WANTZ

My Cats Are The Reason I Get Up Every Morning-

Ah.. Another Great Day - For Sleeping In!

CATitude and The True Definition of Ignorance:

CATitude Cat Has Had Enough of the BS...

Chronic Insomnia causes an overload of Reality.

My 'Inner Child' Has Been Replaced-

Whine, Women And Song... The Perfect Get-Together.

Since I Haven't Got Any Plans For Today-

"Synesthesia: U is ushully bornded wif it. Yor senses get mixed wif wunanudder" Hapnd to me wuns Ai fink. Or mai brane wus cookin, dunno... Ai hads +40 degres C feber an Ai inbentid tiem trabel en Ai cud SEE colercoded dais an monfs an yeers. It wus BER

And The Guy On Your Rear Bumper Is Gonna Be One Sorry SOB.

Meet Samson AKA Catstradamus, the Largest Cat in New York City

Kitten Angrily Noms on Some Fresh Fish

It's the weekend!


And they were SMALL gerbils too!

The Fabled Feline Off Switch