Allen's Favorites

Fate is a frisky kitty...

Can you say that again human? I'm not fluent in stupid

De belly-rub box trap

You just don't know people anymore.

One of the Oldest Cats in the World Just Turned 31

Tell me how the can opener worlks !

We Have To Report We're Thumbs Short!

your attitude needs adjustment i can fix that

Halloween at the Book Club

Literature for lushes #11, not by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (recaption:

Literature for lushes #4, with apologies to John le Carre (recaption:

But Have You Ever Seen Cats Playing Darts?

Students Everywhere Should Be Able to Relate to This Cat


Literature for lushes #8, not by Conrad Richter (recaption:

Literature for lushes #12, not by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (recaption:

"Bugged!" (adapted from "Why Me?" by Planet P) (see

I don't have a drinking problem. I only drink on days that begin with T-today and tomorrow

You know its thriller, thriller night

In The Beta Speech Balloon Testing Facility, Things Just Weren't Going Well.

The Last Unicorn

burglars got the dog, the parrot & your stupee electronic toys lucky I was hiding in the closet

Confused Cats Can't Deal With the Sorcery That Is a Computer's CD Drive

Remember me...

Even if you put it on a subliminal cassette

sure, i COULD do that for you but why WOULD i ?

"Real Love" by The Doobie Brothers (recaption:

Get off Me, Kid

In 3-D

Still de same smile, too!