Allen's Favorites

When will the slaughter stop?

I think I'm getting a contact vibe...

Kuppykakes Preppy Skool Nu Klazz: "SCRUPLES" Tawt by Sister Mary Catrin who believes that ebbry skolar shud hab at leazt ONE

Saturday morning on thecomfeesofa

Wish you could get them off with just bad breath

I think I have to pee in this shot

and I need you around til I accomplish that


our pet human is NOT a morning person she just spread our gushy food on her toast

Crunk Critters: Like Seriously, Think About It

Lazeenez is teh art ob restin

HAI GUYZ!!! ....oops!

At my age I can no longer function without my glasses. Especially when they're empty.

Rock solid logic (recaption:

kitty is really NoBull (recaption:

Must have been while you were dissin' me (recaption:

winter's coming on time to move indoors need to find a nearsighted crazy cat lady who thi


The Marx Brothers of the Feline World


Didn't you read the instructions?

After downing a tasty meal dat Erico, teh Great Leader of teh Wolf Pack gabe her, sweet little Mischief had a burst ob enerjies! She proseeded wiff a spring in her step and her hed held up high!


After disembarking from teh Bunway Internashunal Flite she stowed away on, sweet Mischief looks over teh super danjerous terrain she must traverse befor she reaches her destinashuns!

pet humans gone to work wanna party?

if i was smart enough to do it i'm not stupid enough to admit it

I wasn't planning on giving Christmas gifts this year... Until I heard about those exploding Samsung G7 Note phones.

Who was that masked cat? (recaption:

That'll do it!

For crying out loud