Allen's Favorites

Top 10 Times A Cat Saved A Human Life

Mom, please help me! I'm not doin' my mime impression this time

Keep the tuna tinnis coming

Why, Of Course! As Long As It's Not Moving

Make things as easy as possible for gift recipients Give the present that unwraps itself

LoLers Gonna LoL

Against apparently insurmountable odds and impassable obstacles little Mischief summons super-kittie strengths and determinashuns to continue her "sacred mission"!

Cats, too

Ghostwriter kitties for jennybookseller's "Tails" magazine (recaption:

High life

Especially a 7 hour 59 minute nap

Cat Pun

meanwhile - at a secret ICHC location

Not Even Remotely


She's like a rock

Kitties eberywhere ar concerned about dat missing Mischief.. and dey wonder where she mite be?

Mischief continues on her journey to where? and what is her "sacred mission" dat is so important to her? Mischief ponders all dis wiff great determinashuns!

I've Made a Huge Mistake

Today is National Read a Book Day but EVRYDAI is Pet a Kitteh Dai!

Occupy Cheezland

advanced builder nawt as advanced as hoped.stop.bin trying doodles, sandwich bags, backpacks, hair nets, full-figure bras and neunundneunzigluftballons.stop.rogue groups of loose words roam rampant throughout Cheezland, holding up traffic and landing in c

HE'S not complaining

Or I'll record your death

Myth Confirmed!

Thank you, Dark Continent! I'll be here all week (recaption:

Jumpin' JacK Slash

You should have gone to the box before we left Now we won't get the freshest fish at the market

TheComfeeSofa girls could read this before they got leekee glasses

The poodle wanted to ride here instead of me, but I told her daddy doesn't need a cursage (recaption: