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Sylvia's kitty misses Mom! (posted by Bryan 30 August 2016)

"When they were young" (Bryan & Sylviag)

When beckysdad played tour guide (Yosemite National Park)

Classic Sylvia lol by Suzi_sMom http://cheezburger.com/6812239104

hi Sylvia, we'z startin Kuppykakes Preppy Skool Sept.1 like u tawt uz & we'll be habbin a clazz in "Sylvia-Speak" wiff some ob ur choiseiest words r skolarz will hab 2 guezz wat dey mean

Celebrating Sylvia's life...her free spirit...her joy! I will always miss you, my friend.


Syl lived in beauty, with love. She was a great teacher. I am so glad she was my friend.

SYLVIA we may haz 2 azzept diz but we no haz 2 like it

Goodbye, Sylvia thanks for all the good times and memories I'll always remember you and I know you're happily cuddling kitties in the meadow

Danke für alles, Sylvia

I'm sad

Tis' a very sad day, my work is not made easy, to take someone who is loved and cherished as much as Sylviag...But rest assured my dear friends, for Sylvia this is a new beginning and not the end, with her fur-babies relatives and friends Sylvia still lau

Sylvia: farewell, my friend (Bryan's Facebook post Thursday 111 August 2016)

Boi, it shur iz noyzee an happie up dere in teh Meadow ... Aifinks sumbuddee berry berry importint juss arribed.

A friend wrote this poem, other than part of the first line, and gave me permission to use it

"Syl-ly Pipe Dreams" (TTO "Walk On Water" by Ozzy Osbourne)

Tell me the truth is it cumpterbutt?

Sylvia update, Monday 01 August 2016: "i can has noms?"

i hassa sads. pweas CC don't take Sylbia!

"What Is Life" by George Harrison

Sylvia Update, Friday 29 July 2016: "Never going to give Syl up" (TTO "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel)

Sylvia, you don't need to check behind you We're all still here for you

Prayers for our Sylvia and her family.

Sylvia update, Thursday 28 July 2016: "Sylvia's Street" (TTO "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty)

My painting I called "My Blue Vista". 11x14" canvas board

The "ORLY?" picture used in the Sylvia update lol (25 July 2016), presented for your lol-ing pleasure

Sylvia update Tuesday 26 July 2016: some good mews

I lights a candle for our Sylviag



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