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By FatherofGray on Mar 2, 2013 at 1:05 AM

Okay, so I watched all 14 episodes to date and I guess I'm hooked. While I'm very impressed with the series thus far, there are a few plot points that I found a bit cliche that I totally saw coming, such as Shredder's lead henchmen getting mutated and Splinter snapping out of his hypnosis to subdue the Rat King, but all in all I like it. It's really the character development that sells the series. In the 2003 series, the Turtles already did most of their growing up while here we get too see them mature and learn first hand like no other televised TMNT series had before. The way I see it, fans should watch the original TMNT series for nostalgia, the 2003 series for action and plot, and the 2012 series for a mild blend of the previous 2 with the main ingredient being the character drama. Speaking of characters, time to talk about relationships! It seems that with Donatello X April and Leonardo X Karai we have TWO relationships that could never conceivably happen ever. At least the latter is a teeny tiny bit more feasible since the interest isn't one-sided like with the former. I've seen episode 12 and the evidence for Leather Head X Michelangelo, but I'm a rebel. So much to the disdain of the faniverse, I'm shipping Michelangelo X Raphael instead. First of all, we never see what happens to Leather Head, so he could have been abducted by the Krang and/or killed. Dead men don't date. Second, Mikey and Raph pick on each other WAY too much, even by sibling standards, to NOT have a thing going on. They even share a few cute moments together. I can see this blossoming into a beautiful Stepcest in a few years. (none of the Turtles in any other series have been biologic brothers up to this point, so why should we assume otherwise?) I can't say the same for Raph with any certainty (Still hoping Venus De Milo or Valentine shows up eventually. I'm more used to her and Raph being an item), but Mikey is TOTALLY GAY! There is just, no doubt. First he has that huge boy crush on Chris Bradford *coughchucknorrisripoffcough* and then gets all teddy bear over Leather Head. He's just so innocent, light hearted, and flowery. He's the hippie peace keeper who suggests that all conflicts are best solved by "hugging it out". I know you don't have to be a fruit to be empathetic, but in Mikey's case, it just so there man! I can't NOT see it ya know? What do you think, of like everything I said, not just this?

By FatherofGray on Feb 23, 2013 at 6:06 PM

Yeah, that was a nice addition. I kind of wish the gave Raph's weapon an upgrade too. The Zai kind of suck.

By FatherofGray on Feb 22, 2013 at 7:42 PM

"Alright Mikey, Leatherhead is clearly an adult and you're only 15. I can't condone ped0phillia, so I'll make you a deal. I'll keep this big guy warm for ya until your 18th Mutation Day. Then you can have him back. Deal? Cool. Let's go Leatherhead, I'm going to take you back to my place where I'll teach you all about my favorite number...42! It's the answer to life and everything, I mean how cool is that?" Somewhat off topic here, but I always thought Mikey should have tonfas. The Nunchucks are actually really inefficient. It's been proven that you can get more force out of a bat than you can nunchucks. The tonfas can block, chop, stab, grab, throw, be thrown, disarm, and the bladed ones can cut. They really are the best of all the martial arts weapons and would make a great handicap for Mikey's lack of discipline and expertise. I could accept your reason for training the Turtles, but lets see if a canon explanation ever pops up.

By FatherofGray on Feb 21, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Yeah, Fast Forward was a load of bull$h!t. That's about when I stopped watching. Now for the ranting: - They are supposed to be 15 but they act like they are 10! - The voices are gonna take a while to get used to. - Mikey was never as stupid as this show portrays him to be. Yeah he was the least smart of all of the turtles, but he was still of average intelligence. - Raph is...yeah they actually have him about right. But a pet turtle? Wut? XD - Leo was never geeky about TV or anything like that. He was always 100% pure, concentrated ninja and Splinter's favorite. That's why he was chosen as leader, not because he asked. Leo: "Why did you choose me as leader?" Splinter: "Because you asked." Me: asjkfhadkfgldgfagdsfkha NO! NOOOO! That's f*cking bull$h!t! - This is NOT the Donatello I had a crush on for the past 5 years! This is some squeaky hick-toothed dweeb whose balls haven't dropped yet! April can have him! (Though I'd still prefer Casey Jones shows up soon to sweep her off her feet) At least Google Images tells me Leatherhead is still sexy. BTW, do you have any idea why people are shipping Leatherhead and Mikey together? I'm seeing all kinds of crazy stuff on Tumblr and DA and I just don't get it. I shipped LH with Splinter in the 2003 series, but he has clearly had a wife in this series, so that doesn't work here...I warned you this would get gay. Back to our regular ranting. - Are they seriously going for the Uncle Phil sounding Shredder again? I'm not sure if I like that or not. - Is it just me or are these the weakest Turtles incarnations yet? I'm just suprised that they were actually having a hard time with the Krang bots. - Those are some weak @ss lasers the Krang are sporting. They can't even do anything to a car? I have a feeling if I got hit by one it would feel only as nasty as a paper cut. - Lastly, why did Splinter train the Turtles to be ninjas, just because he could? In every TMNT series he had a legitimate reason to do so that was explicitly explained early on, but not here. Then again all of this is after just watching the first 3 or 4 episodes. That's all I got. I'm gonna keep watching though because the show is interesting and I just HAVE to know what the f*ck is going on with the LeatherMike shipping.

By FatherofGray on Feb 20, 2013 at 9:45 PM

Okay, so talking about the new TMNT series. It's surprisingly good. Maybe not as good as 2003, but still better than I expected. It definitely has a Teen Titans feel to it, further backed up by Mikey having Beast Boy's voice. As I said before, they really are playing up the TEENAGE aspect of TMNT like none of the other canons have ever done before. It's interesting how we get to see them explore adapt to the overworld for the first time. I find that to get the most out of it you have to become a kid again so you can grow up with the Turtles like the writers obviously intended, because if I try watching this from an mature frame of reference, I end up just nitpicking at every little action and decision the Turtles make. Speaking of nitpicking, it's time to rant. I just have to rant to SOMEBODY! This is gonna get a bit whiny and perhaps even a little gay. Are you ready? XD