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Is it a Maine Raccoon?

Di-sterb-ing Logic

Me no likey clowns so I eated him.

Kyou/Ryou Fujibayashi Totally Looks Like Kagami/Tsukasa Hiiragi

Y'know if you got rid of all dis toopid peeple fud and did sum renovation, this could be mah new summer home.

I said hooman fud Not rabbit fud

noez hooman this is lolcat toilet nowz

Cuz kittehs can't read ur spellings, hoomins!

Agua need be mucho mas caliente to make turtle soop like Tia Margaritas.

Cat Copier Functioning And Working At Max Catpacity

Galactus Kitteh contemplates his next nom.

Galactus Kitteh approaches earth.

You some kinda hippeh kitteh?

Rabit Stew.... Wif Raisins..

ohai! mah name iz Stu!

Ginny Pig Hotel Now open


We is not babie ewoks, we is kittehs.

Oh hai, he eated my food so iz show him what bath iz

For putting annoying goggie outsifde, you have redeemed yourself for any wrong doings for past and near future.

engeneer kitteh seeks to undrstand hunam litterbox

Der som fin not ryt wif dis mirror No quite puts my pawz on it!

And how long until I can harvest the chickens?

You should be glad I eated your lunch... You need to lose weight anyway.

Look, I'm a hooman. Get off da counter, don't eat mai fud, dur dur dur dur

Wishful wondering

Ai wuz lebenty six feets in da air wen ai catched da frizbee yu frew. Didzu taek ma pichur den? NO! Affer ai landeded on yur kidz biek and got borked, suddenlee yu beekum misser kamra guy.

hot goggie? no fanx.

Look pal, I eat first, then the ferret, then you

Goggies are our friends: Neighborhood watchgoggie


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