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Oh hai, he eated my food so iz show him what bath iz

For putting annoying goggie outsifde, you have redeemed yourself for any wrong doings for past and near future.

engeneer kitteh seeks to undrstand hunam litterbox

Der som fin not ryt wif dis mirror No quite puts my pawz on it!

And how long until I can harvest the chickens?

You should be glad I eated your lunch... You need to lose weight anyway.

Look, I'm a hooman. Get off da counter, don't eat mai fud, dur dur dur dur

Wishful wondering

Ai wuz lebenty six feets in da air wen ai catched da frizbee yu frew. Didzu taek ma pichur den? NO! Affer ai landeded on yur kidz biek and got borked, suddenlee yu beekum misser kamra guy.

hot goggie? no fanx.

Look pal, I eat first, then the ferret, then you

Goggies are our friends: Neighborhood watchgoggie

1/2 kitteh plus 1/2 kitteh = 1 kitteh

I don't know why you don't just use a Brillo.

now will you start cheezburger machine 4 me?? i iz fraid of da fires... it gives me owies ...i no like owies


It's ok, she's still blaming the neighbour's dog.

I'm on a strict diet.

We've disabled Sylvag's spell checker and replaced it with "autotypo." Wonder if she will notice?

Frank! Get out quick before that evil liquid comes and turns you into a skinny rat again


The Kitteh Of the Opera

Frankie (Foster's house of imaginary friends) Totally Looks Like Vicky (Fairly OddParents)

Cat Perplexed By Human-Kitten's Desire to Play In Outdoor Litter-Box

hmmmm....the goggiehouse iz burning. crap agent seven beet me 2 it

Oscar too growchy


I haz a kitteh I haz a munkeh

Ceiling Cat is My Shepherd Through the Shepherds

Basement kitteh conferemces wid his accompliss, alley kitteh


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