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Cat On Catnip Iz Trippin' Full Sized: Collecty Sized:

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Snapples needs a home, resident is losing her home:

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We were laughing so hard at these! Needed the good laugh, that's for sure! Hehe.

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Funny videos: and

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Okay, thank you! If I can't find it, I may ask for direcshuns. lol

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Don't forget to stop by my birfday caek site and get yours tomorrow. Hope you have a lovely day!

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I made a post page on my blog of the collecties and am working on it each day. The collecties aren't totally gone. Throughout the years, I had been downloading the pics and saving them in monthly folders. A couple of days ago badbonita made me a nice Excell document. of each set, title, date of activation, etc... I converted that Excel document into an HTML table and put it in a blog post for the time being. Now it's just a matter of matching the collecties to the titles. fbastage, had numbered each week's colecties with a number at the beginning of the filenames, which I had downloaded collecties from teh console, as well as the submit posts. Sometimes the file name matches the individual title, and sometimes not, but the numbers at the beginning is helpful, so I'll be able to figure it out. Within the table, I'm embedding the individual pictures into the titled table cell. I'm doing around 5 or 6 sets of pictures daily, as HTML is tedious and takes time. I'm starting from the newer sets to the older and the table is fixed with the newest at teh bottom. Here's the page they're on. Scroll down and you'll see the pics of newer sets at teh bottom...

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I saved all of them throughout the months, but remembering the title and set they came from is another story. I have the ones listed when I started putting the vote topics up, but matching the set, title to the exact collecty is going to take some doing. I'm uploading them as LOLs, putting who submitted them, and saving anything C.A.T.T. on this site...

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Something is seriously wrong and he's not telling us.

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Wow, so we don't even know if he's okay????

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fbastage has apparently let it expire, or shut it down. He's not communicated with any of us moderators for several weeks. If he does and lets us know, we'll let everyone know.

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I'm not able to get in to collect, what's up?

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Link of funny cats having human dialogues. The Cat Chronicles

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Happeh Birfdai! Make it a gud one!

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LOL, thanks and have a wonderful holiday!

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Happeh LOLidays!

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I am sorry you're having trouble and being snowed in to boot!

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Sleepless in CATT-attle ... This be me the last two days ...

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Caution: Grumpy Road Ahead! Iz gonna be a Grumpy Ride for sure. Also may be a possible future collecty for C.A.T.T. at some point.

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