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Geeky Mug of the Day

Keep an Open Mind and You Can Do Anything

Happy National Cleavage Day!

Dating Fails: Game of Thrones: Those Westeros Really Know How to Show You a Good Time

Dating Dispatches: Free At Last, Free At Last!

The Worst of All Possible Ideas FAIL

Memebase IRL

demonstar's Cousin has a Knack for This Sort of Thing

(My little cousin wanted a dog, but we bought him a gerbil.) Store Worker: which one do you like...

Phasewalk On Over Here, Lilith

The Cat Came Back

Kudos for Playing the Violin in That Outfit in the Snow

Sergeant Boss

Ron Livingston is Keyboard Cat

He Passes the Test. Let Him Go.

(My dad questioning my sister's date to a Halloween dance) Dad: You ever smoke pot? Date: Yes sir, once, and I didn't like the way I felt out of control of my body. Dad: Drink alcohol? Date: For the same reasons I don't smoke I don't drink. Dad: What is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? Date: 42. Dad: The first person to kidnap Princess Peach was...? Date: Donkey Kong. Dad: When the first Pokemon movie came out and Ash turned to stone? Date: I cried like a bitch.

Like a BUS!

Parenting WIN: Sibling Stealth Dancing

How Fascinating! Tell Me All About It

Hold Up Bolt, Watch Everyone Bolt

Do Freebird!

Panorama Ball Camera WIN

Rare Footage of Bill Gates at Work

Self-Destruct. Confirm.


Probably Bad News: Again? This Happens Often?


The Smurfs? F**k Those Guys!

Flash Haka Mob

Classic: That's Awfully Specific

Not So Pointless Now, Are They?

Let Me Guess, He's Not The Shy Kid In The Family?


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