Messages between Phooi and kittyrefuge

By kittyrefuge on Dec 23, 2011 at 3:59 AM

Glad to know you liked the gift, (=^-^=) and thanks for the offer. But I can't think anything right now. Christmas baking and preparation make me feel busy, even though I'm not doing a lot. *lol*

By Phooi on Dec 23, 2011 at 2:15 AM

Kitty, thanks for the Rudolph. Is there anything you would like in return? I hope you have a really great Christmas :)

By kittyrefuge on Dec 1, 2011 at 5:21 AM

My pleasure :)

By Phooi on Dec 1, 2011 at 2:13 AM

Thnks for the You've Got Mail - anything that I send back ?

By kittyrefuge on Nov 27, 2011 at 2:29 AM

Aw, thank you for the "Leftover Turkey Sandwich". *hugs*

By kittyrefuge on Nov 26, 2011 at 2:57 AM

I know, there are some very generous people on "Cheezburger". (=^-^=) And congrats on receiving "Karot"!

By Phooi on Nov 26, 2011 at 2:32 AM

Ah, the legendary Thermometer. I did find one but the owner was not prepared to part with it. It's the only one I need now. I was lucky to get an unexpected Karot today. There are some nice people on here :)

By kittyrefuge on Nov 26, 2011 at 2:29 AM

Thank you for your offer. I need the "Leftover Turkey Sandwich" and the legendary "Thermometer"...When you receive the extra one and still remember me, send it to me, please. It would be great! *hugs*

By Phooi on Nov 25, 2011 at 7:44 PM

Thanks for Incognito. Is there anything I can send in return?

By kittyrefuge on Aug 23, 2011 at 2:10 AM

Nice to be found. (=^-^=)

By Phooi on Aug 22, 2011 at 10:57 PM

Hai from Brisbane, Australia. Thanks for "friending" me. I am here to have fun making LOLz and to barter collectibles. If you see that I have any duplicates you need and you have any I may need then send a message. Enjoy your Cheezburger, Phooi