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By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 15, 2015 at 3:25 AM

*Dusts off* ...Well, not going to be around till Sunday now - busy week it seems. So yeah, don't bother waiting on the Skype or anything... go have fun!

By aeveeItazura on Feb 3, 2015 at 10:21 AM

*beeps at thee*

By aeveeItazura on Aug 17, 2013 at 3:21 PM


By Pinkius_Piecus on Aug 12, 2013 at 1:43 PM

*Week 2 of missing my bestest best friend* ...I MISS YOU!!! There, that basically sums up the next 2,400 characters in this message... but I shall carry on, as I don't want to go to bed quite yet - last day of work tomorrow, but it can still sod off and come again on a day called never. Not a lot to report back on at the moment - yes, I've spent most of my time thinking about all the fun you two could be having rather than paying attention to my miserable work life, every day adds to the desire to just run away from it and never talk about cheesecakes again - but then I guess dignity and self-worth have a price, and mine is about £250 a week... still waiting on the accidental but gargantuan gas-based explosion, I shall smile when I see a crater where the factory was previous. The grandbrats have been and gone, complete with their various pains and troubles - the week started off fine, but by the end, I think everyone had enough of each other haha. I haven't played Portal enough to be bettering my times just yet - completed Torchlight though, that was good fun... good story, simple gameplay and a mass of character customization. Well, that has been my last few weeks - I kinda lost motivation after you left, although I did finally start work on an arty piece... barely a 10th done, but new-tribal Pinkie looks baaaadassss! You'll be the first to see it, trust me - I'm a bit tempted to hold the rest of DA to ransom in the meantime, promising to unveil all after a nice bit of fundraising... I guess it's true what they say - you never truly appreciate what you have until it's gone... didn't think that possible, given that you already mean the world to me and any increase in appreciation would probably involve monuments and bloodshed, but I have never missed anything like this before... I know you weren't going to cut us out of the picture, I think the point I was trying to make was 'don't turn up and declare war on all the neighbours within the first hour'... unless they have something that you really want and they turn out to be undeserving teabags, in which case you can call yourself Karma and restore balance to the world. I know I'm probably waffling a bit now, but I need to - if I'm going to be poetic, the nights are darker and the mornings are bleaker, the food somewhat tasteless and the drinks weaker... basically, just imagine a lonely looking Ali-cow thing in need of a hug... Speaking of which, I guess Carter has been unstuffed with hugs? Hugs and love!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 30, 2013 at 8:29 AM

One last message to answer before the trip to better lands! More proof some people shouldn't be allowed to breed have spawned up. And I thought he already tried the toss them back and run thing. And failed, hence the grandbrats there any way. well, the semi niece being able to speak already shows you that she has a chance to be anything more than a fancy doorstop that squawks at people.Witchcraft can be loads of fun, from my experience. Adding money to it just makes it all that much better. Your toe needs a lot of rest, as does the rest of you. I've been saying that for awhile. I hope to find more exceptions to the Everybody is an Idiot except for a small percentage of the populace. Should be easier since everybody wants to be there for similar reasons. We will find something super nummeh to fill his tummy, don't you worry. Laptop is still the top of our list, no doubt. Need to keep contact with the people who kept us sane and full of hope, you know. Not going to just cut you out of the picture cause we got where we were going. If it gets really bad, we will send you fistfuls of postcards. Might do that anyway as a lark. The expensive stuff will be hidden away like precious gems. Things like custom plush and Carter will be hidden from sticky little fingers and the like rather well, I hope. Hopefully it won't be needed, but you can never be sure with some people. Not everybody is super nice, and we are there to learn a skill, not worry about who wants to steal my nice things.. Not make new friends, either. Our old friends kick ass, so why would we need new ones? You and Zebra and Flipsi are irreplaceable in my book, and I only have surface problems with clinging.The hugs and love are prepared for an adventure and yours look bored as hell, but they are dressed for the occasion. Probably cause there is no bon voyage feast of random crap. Until we can chat once more, stay safe, out of trouble and have fun at the expense of some idiots. And if you really get desperate, you can leave messages on my dev page and I will answer them all when I return most gloriously. I will answer every last one of them and you know it luv.And then we can resume our chattery to an almost normal schedule. Remember dear, Xankas and I love you and look forward to your tales of what happened while we were gone. Like your brother finally exploding or you taking over the entire trifle facility. Or beating Portal 2 that one minute faster. *hugs and love to last you until we return later*

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 30, 2013 at 4:24 AM

*One last message* You may get this before you set off on your new adventure, or you may not, in which case - yay, new laptop! The kids have arrived for their day of causing havoc around the house - I may take a walk into town for the sake of taking a walk into town and therefore not being in the house while they play Captain Scarlet or something... yeah, they dug out all my old toys from the loft. By the sounds of it, the semi-niece is the only one that can speak, the ginger one seems to just be able to squeak, giggle and probably crap his pants at the same time. I suppose I could go and switch some money about for the sake of a better interest return - found out yesterday that I don't even need to speak to a person to deposit money anymore, they have a fancy new cashpoint that counts notes and what not... I know, witchcraft! Haha I bet the brother is having a whale of a time downstairs at the moment... well, they're his lemons, therefore he has to make the lemonade... or throw the lemons back at life and make it regret the day it ever gave him lemons in the first place, but that's the Cave Johnson way of thinking... he'll probably just run off to his current problem and hide behind her... plenty of her to hide behind, that's for sure... that was a bit of a cheap shot, I know, but I can say that because I can deal with a walk to the shops without dying in a sweaty heap. Hmmm, my toe looks a tad broken from here... maybe it's just a bit battered and swollen from something, it still works so it can't be broken. Well, I suppose I better get a move on - I wish you all the best at Astoria and hope you have a fun time exploring your new surroundings and maybe finding some exceptions to the 'humanity is a bacterial clump of feces slowly spreading itself over the shiny marble that is Earth' theory... it may be hard, but you never know. Oh, and be sure to find Xankas a new burrito bar - he may have a Shining-style breakdown if he goes without for too long. Don't worry too much about getting in contact as soon as possible either - give it time, get yourself settled and then find a way without bankrupting yourself or blowing any budget... if all else fails, I think people still do postcards and what not haha! I know we're not short of 'Sunny Devon-stuff' postcards, English Riviera and all that. Oh, and remember what I said about expensive stuff - keep them out of sight... even clues like controllers and games should be hidden. Out of words now, so stay safe and fun!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 23, 2013 at 11:41 AM

Well, then you will have to wait until the next time you are on cause that is the only place I feel comfortable explaining the sudden disappearance. Yes, it's that bad. It's a weird sort of cold today, which is making my ears hurt for some reason. You can enjoy the rain while it lasts. Or hide in a bath tub of cold water. Who knows why he has a rag in his pocket? Probably something dumber then what can possibly be possible but is. The Hug was trying to do a rain dance, and that was the only outfit they had in their size, I believe. I only understand basic Hug and Loves you know. Love is off rummaging in a box of ponies for reasons I don't quiet want to understand. I play God every day on Animal Crossing. I choose where the trees go and what shirts the villagers are allowed to wear. Lot more control then it sounds, trust me. The Love enjoys being covered in butter. That is a simple glitch that can't be ironed out no matter how hard I try to remove it. So, don't be surprised if you find butter prints all over the place. I shall catch you when I can, my dear. Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait. I should have some computer access. Not as much as I would with a laptop, but it's much better then nothing. I now have three things to do, so I shall leave the Hugs and Love with some candies and some paper. They can find a thing to write with, I hope.I hope you enjoy your day as well. Mine will be busy and full of stupid people. Have a good night and some pleasant dreams of things. Like sleeping on an iceberg or trapped in a snack and fan store.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 23, 2013 at 7:47 AM

*No Skyping today noise* Thought I'd get that one out the way, straight off the bat. Think I shall spend the afternoon out in the garden, in the most inhospitable of heats... and as I say that, the sun goes in and the breeze picks up, it'll probably try raining again in a minute. The last few nights have been greeted with a rumbling of 'you want me to put the hammer down!?', shortly followed by a flash of rage and a rumble of discontent flowing off the moorlands... and then about 2 minutes of rain and we're back at square one: the oven. And just as I thought that peace and quiet could be my much required order-of-the-day, the brother has returned with a rag hanging out his arse... I can only assume he went for a run or something... nah, that isn't possible, he was gone for more than 5 minutes, and he doesn't quite have my sense of self destruction that causes me to push myself beyond any reasonable limit in the name of progress... because if I don't go further, quicker than the time before, then I'm just going backwards. WAAAH WASP! Horrible thing, buzz off... and gone! It doesn't help that hug has dressed up as a bumblin' bee and is falling into every flowerbed he can find, maybe the wasp is finding that somewhat annoying. So, what was the reason for the sudden departure last night? I took the opportunity to go play 'God' on one of my new games... strangely, not many people died, which is unusual for me. Now I shall vanish for the afternoon, maybe see what Comic-con trailers I can find on YouTube first, because I'm the kind of person who doesn't mind watching a bunch of trailers at the cinema... Love doesn't mind that either, but then it's hard to watch when you're arse-high in a tub of popcorn... stay safe, and I'll catch you whenever I do next - probably won't be for a while now, come to think of it... anyway, enjoy your day!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 20, 2013 at 7:40 AM

The box arrived. Yay box! Video should be up in the chat by now. Hugs and love!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 17, 2013 at 2:05 PM

Hurray for life! Yay no murder? I'm never entirely sure it's a good thing you didn't apply a bleach tablet to the gene pools. It is perfectly normal when you are surrounded with pond scum.That is indeed good news to hear about. Maybe tomorrow will look a little better. It's already deemed a waste, so what more can happen? I just realized I just doomed you to stupid with those words. I am so, so sorry for that. I have an image of a box with a "Washington or bust" sticker on it's side. Sounds like the start of a cheap Pixar movie that will end up making millions. The orange stuff in the middle? That is called creme. It's a mixture of sugar and flavors and magic, if I remember correctly. A cake is large and fluffy and is meant to be shared. A biscuit is small and portable and meant to be hoarded. I am on a roll.. Now if only I could figure out a new program for Saturday, and I shall be set. Hopefully I will haev time for it between now and then. I would love to have all the major kinks worked out before then. Show people how I draw and show them why it's soo boring. And depraved. My music tastes leave a lot to be desired, as you recall. I have given up on having an MP3. More important things to procure, you know. Anytime they keep on topic is deemed a success for the, remember? I still need to find Portal 2, as your hugs reminded me. No idea what he wants with it, but it's probably not going to end well. Spaghetti sauce mixed with almost equal amounts of potato tastes pretty good. Like a funky baked potato, only better and harder to explain.You never know, He is a turtle plush with no control over where he gets tossed. I could tie a balloon to him and he wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. But I would never do such a thing, so no need to worry about it. I shall stay as safe as I can. I will try and keep Jon out of trouble as well, but we all know how well that one goes.I think they are required to give that to the police as evidence. His mum is plotting a personal cake and ice cream for him, to his disgust. Well, apprehension probably is better, but it sort of bleeds together. His mum will need to figure the flavors etter first. I hope Have a good night, dear. I shall catch you as soon as I can after you have a good night and a tolerable morning of idiots. We can hope at least. The hugs and love are on their way, covered in mustard and gravy, so get out a handy wipe for them if you please. No need for little prints everywhere, like on the ceiling.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 17, 2013 at 1:24 PM

*Still alive update of the day* ...And even better news - I didn't kill anyone! Yay, that deserves crumpets and what not, surely? Today has just been awful though, from the moment I stepped into that place and thought 'Oh yeah, I remember this version of hell...' I guess it's quite bad that I was thinking of my 4 days off only 2 hours into the first day, but I got desperate and wasn't allowed to viciously strike-out at anything in an uncharacteristic manner... not sure why today was like it was, probably because I still had that unfinished picture floating around in my mind bothering me and wanting a solution straight away... good news is though, it's fixed and looking better with an actual background! The bad news however, I'll still be in a pissy come tomorrow morning and there still won't be anything for me to peel with a splinter of wood. Anyway, enough about all that I guess, lets move onto something a bit more pleasant... right about now, on board a plane travelling across a great big pond, is a box of joy, best-friendship and probably melted chocolate and jaffa-juice - not sure what they call the orange stuff inside a jaffa cake, but then nobody has ever gotten passed the 'is it a cake or a biscuit?' dilemma... if you have an answer to that which none of us have discovered, feel free to add it to the debate... I know it says 'cake' in the title, but they're found in the biscuit aisle of most major stores... something to think about there - what qualifies a cake a cake and a biscuit a biscuit? Can't go bed quite yet, still waiting for my MP3 to charge, it got quite a use today, as I wasn't feeling particularly chatty during my breaks... suppose I could go and have a shave while I wait, maybe even up this chin-fluff thing I've got going on haha... and on that note, it's just beeped and says 'Fully Charged!'... Hugs and love are off finding party supplies - knowing them, they'll just get as many party poppers as they can carry and call that a success. Not sure if I want anything from today's Steam sale either... Lego Lord of the Rings for less than £5? I'm tempted, I do like the Lego games... anyway, won't hold you up much longer, just thought I'd type while I have some energy and willpower left - catch you later, and stay super-very-safe, as I don't think hospitals serve birthday cake... unless that's what put you in hospital, then they may give you a little bag of the cake shrapnel... Laters!

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 16, 2013 at 2:36 PM

*One last message* Well, I've already missed my scheduled bed time anyhow, felt the need to finish the birthday piece while I still had a strand of energy left in me... it's finished, but... as per usual, I may have scared myself into rushing it at the end - time caught up with me to quickly. The good news is that all the hard work of it was done without bothering too much with time, although I did cut some corners out of laziness and plain annoyance. I haven't checked the game sales today, may have a very quick look after this. I didn't think you were that bothered about playing it anyhow? I can only guess that Bobby wanted to play it, or stare at his reflection on the reverse of the disc, hence it's disappearance. Well, this isn't much of a message - not really worth me posting at this rate. Ummm... I'll try and stay awake a few minutes longer, although I fear my brain has already gone into hibernation. Spaghetti and a potato sounds like a horrible dish - I would lean towards the baked potato myself, as spaghetti can often be boring. So, Carter is up on the list of essentials then? Haha that damn turtle will see more of the world than I have at this rate. Well, guess I better just end it here - half message for tonight, better than no message at all, I guess... stay safe, and I mean very safe, and I'll catch you whenever I get a chance to next... tomorrow is going to be a long day, I may want to run away and never return... or throw frozen ice cream around, that'll keep me away from the place in a much more dramatic style... catch you later!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 16, 2013 at 1:22 PM

*super squeak of joy* Hurray for the box! Too k eh fellow long enough to get there. Least you had some fun in the mean time. I obtained a peach to nom. Too bad it's a lot tougher than what I was thinking. I got my comp books to fill with crazy. I might share some of the more amusing bits of them if I get the time or patience. You know, my Portal 2 game sort of poofed off and now I can't play it even if I wanted to. I'll have to look around and try and find it later. Disheartening. As long as it arrive wolverine and badger free. I have made plans to stay away from the computer as much as possible today. Better things to do and such. Who needs minions when you have an entire island to yourself to play on? I didn't tell them not to bite anybody, so my bad. They didn't scuff him up too bad, right? You spelled it correctly in my book. I was just thinking about having some spaghetti. Or a baked potato. Or combining the two. I shall be sorting stuff out as usual. I need to figure out what to take and all that, besides essentials. Clothes, ID, Carter, stuff like that. It's on right top of the to do list. Thought you would like an update or two on stuff. Like I need to keep an eye on some last folks for some commissions. Maybe ask for one last big one so that I can amuse myself with it. Possibly of my main OC looking angelic. Who knows? I shall chew on this hard peach until then. Stay safe and out of trouble until next we chat, my dear. I shall catch you as soon as I can. Not sure when that will be. I hope you have a good night and work is only somewhat full of stupid. Maybe somebody you actively despise will fall into a machine and everybody will point and laugh at his misery. The hugs and love are running around screaming. Again. I should see what they are screaming about this time. Yours are wearing little tweed jackets, trying to look all smart while they try and teach Reesie etiquette. Annnd she just started chewing on your Love and the Hugs is hitting her with a ruler. I shall go and try and save the Love from his own stupidity. Have a good one, Cupcake of Sunshine!

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 16, 2013 at 9:57 AM

*Box of joy, heading your way!* They took forever to get here! This is only a super quick message, by the way - part done with my arty-secret, but dinner isn't that far from being completed either, and neither is the battery life in all honesty - oh the joys of sitting outside, far beyond the reach of any plug and cord... Anyway, I am no longer in possession of the box! I had time after writing the first message to have lunch, defeat GLaDOS, get sent to Aperture basement AND mock the brother before they came to collect. No idea when it'll get to you - I'm hoping Thursday, but then that is optimism beyond what I am normally capable of dealing with. At the moment, the Skype chattery is still off - I just won't have the time later, sorry. A 12 hour work day basically removes any productive free-time I would normally have between now and Sunday. I'm not overly sure that Greenland has any population to reign over, but the scenery and the peace must be worth the lack of minions at least. Well, they were guarding it a bit too well, tried to bite the delivery guy and then wrestle it back off him - had to trap them in the biscuit tin for a moment or two, until he got far enough away haha. Well, need to go now, spaghetti bolongese (I can't spell it, but you get the idea) is waiting for me - stay safe until I can catch you next! Have fun and start getting all excited about the Job Corp thing... maybe start planning the packing or something, that or take a look at the Astoria tourist stuff of much possible interest. Don't stress yourself out getting a laptop as soon as possible, I'm not going anywhere and am more than capable of hanging on a few weeks if necessary... anyway, really must go - catch you soonish! *Hugs and love*

By aeveeItazura on Jul 16, 2013 at 8:54 AM

I get the same feeling with any large vehicle as well. I hope they arrived right as you finished the message. I have a great deal of things to get done today and tomorrow. so that is probably for the best. He probably got stuck in front of that really old lady who should have had her license taken away years ago. I took a few days to answer it as well because of all sorts of dumb things needing to be taken care of. Well, it was a lovely thought. Something icky must have leaked out because you got the drawing up finally. Maybe your brother needs to be eaten by a runaway shark for your self esteem to rise? I don't think Canada has any need of a king. Not sure about Greenland, but I am never sure about Greenland. I told them their is a crunchy bagel in their future if they watch the parcel. They are nutsy for anything crunchy and covered in cheese. I shall scurry off to get a few more things done that need to be done. More drawing and a story to finish up I should have finished up a long time ago. I shall catch you as soon as I can, my dear. Hopefully it won't be too late. Maybe after I return from me mum's you will have changed your mind about the Skype? Probably not, but not exactly not a possibility for you. I think, at least. You have been known for waffling a bit near the end of your days off. I shall keep you informed as much as possible about the upcoming Job Corps thing. They might have computers there I can use to keep in contact with you. Huzzah on that. It will be very limited until we get our own laptops, but it is better than nothing, if you ask me. Your hugs and love are laying around, obviously bored out of their little mind. I need to go and get some jeans on so I can figure out what sort of planning I need to do for the day. *actual hugs and love* Cause I feel you have great need of them. I hope you have a good day and a good night. Stay safe and out of foot based mischief until the next time I catch you!

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 16, 2013 at 4:29 AM

*Waits on FedEx* Is that them? ...Ummm, no... haha, everytime I hear a crappy sounding motor go past, I assume it's one of their vans... I wish they would just hurry up though, I don't want to be sat here all day paying attention to the front door. Today is my last day off, therefore I won't be on Skype - I was going to sit out in the garden and rush out a drawing during the day anyway, so I'll just have to catch you on... Sunday, I think it will be now. It's going to be a long week, as always. Everyone else has left the house, so I don't have any interruptions for a while... also don't have anything nice to drink, so FedEx-guy better hurry up even faster or pop by the shops for me on the way over. I'm slowly falling to pieces, that horrible feeling of constant drain as a result of sleeping in relative heat. Just realised it really has been a while since I wrote one of these... again... oh well, we've caught up on Skype and somewhat on the Dev, so I'd call it a win for now. The low self esteem thing is just built into my genes, it'll take a drastic turn of events to change that - maybe a lottery win and a week of complete good luck and reward... or finding out I'm some lost king of a forgotten island with many treasures, that would be nice... king of Cornwall doesn't sound very treasure-full and king of Devon is a title I would probably rather do without... I'll accept king of Canada or Greenland for the moment. *Still no van appears* Well, I think I'm about to run out of laptop battery life, so I best end it here rather quickish. Hugs and love are out scouting for postal services, whereas your critters are guarding the package with a commitment I've rarely seen from them. Normally, they would be bored by now and off looking for ice cream. Stay safe, and I'll catch you in a bit!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 10, 2013 at 10:54 AM

*blinks sleepily while joints and muscles ache weirdly* The sound of pain, terror and maniacal laughter, gotcha. I have been weird busy, so I haven't had a chance to answer until now. Hurray? I hope you haven't melted since then. That would be dreadful and a very hard to clean up mess. I hope it was the part of your brain that keeps you from doing art stuff and controls your low self esteem. Carter has been snuggled and has been used as part of a plot. You could try and convince them you are in charge of their paychecks and need absolute left aloneness to get it right. Would get the extra dumb ones to leave you alone. Mice are secretive things. And magpies are jerks in a way. There is also a chance you will prove you have no need for energy drinks because the idiots around you are sapping your energy. It made it here in really fast time, and the only problem was we opened it upside down. we took a whole month last time, actually. Everything was too tasty for one sitting or for a week's worth of sittings. The Hugs and Love are nowhere to be found, so she probably ate them both. Mine are wondering around, wearing their hats and shoes, so I think that it was happened. Or they joined a nudist group, which is almost as weird. They will get their petting either way, I guess. I have been playing a lot of Animal Crossing and have already decided who I am keeping in my village and who I am getting rid of. Not sure if it's an ego thing or what, but it makes Animal Crossing fun in a way. I shall catch you when can, my dear. Stay safe and well hydrated in the meantime. Oh, your Hugs and Love are back. they were locked in the freezer, somehow and neither of them know what is going on with their hats and shoes. Probably trying to be polite. And back to hunting Reesie they go. Have a good night, Azzi.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 8, 2013 at 1:55 PM

*8 Hours till I have to wake up again noise* ...If you're having trouble imagine how that noise would actually sound, just throw a broken alarm clock at Reesie and see what you get in return... I'm guessing panic and annoyance. Tonight I have to sleep with the curtains and the door open in order to get some air in here - at the moment, my clock is reading this all at 77*Fahrenheit... I work in Celsius myself, but I think you all prefer the bigger numbers over there - saying it's '25 degrees' doesn't have the same 'I'M MEEEEELTING' ring to it. I've stop sneezing for long enough to assume that it was in fact part of my brain that had melted and made it's way out the nearest nostril. Hopefully Carter can help with any pending depression - the derping turtle likes a cuddle every now and then, you can see it in his eyes. Given that the person who is currently doing the job can't spell or do simple maths without a calculator, I should be able to half-arse a good job if left alone to do it - that could be the big problem, I may have to resort to telling everyone to shut up and leave me alone on a regular basis... Still haven't seen the mouse that supposedly lives in the garden - everyone else has seen the bugger except me, but then if I see it I may feel the need to throw cheese at it in an attempt to tame it enough to be a pet... and I can guarantee, 5 seconds after that is accomplished, the fattest Magpie will swoop down and have it for lunch, so by that logic it's best that I don't see it anytime soon. I don't know why I like to torture myself every now and then - maybe I'm just an idiot who is forever feeling the need to prove that I control my own life and that I can do whatever it is I want... Well, we'll see by the end of the week - I'll probably be begging for a pick-me-up. It'll leave here in one piece and with no damage, but what happens in the postal system is a bit out of my hands - well, the last one made it across ok, so we can only hope. I don't think it's going to take you 2 week to consume everything - I bet you'll have it all done in about 5 days haha. I think they said they're on Safari, hence Reesie being the fluffiest tiger they've ever seen... maybe stalking Reesie will lead them to more fluffy tigers? They don't care too much that they'll probably get eaten, they just look at it as extreme petting. Well, time I slept and sweat - stay safe, and I'll catch you whenever I find the time and energy - au revoir or something like that!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 8, 2013 at 11:21 AM

My nose has been all sorts of stuffy and weird as of late. And I have been extra sleepy. Probably my depression kicking in, might be the weather being weird. Possibly both. You will probably handle it better than the last fellow who had the job, surely. He was removed from the job so you could have it, so you are already faring better than he did. Your brother is already half way there according to the song. A hot room is indeed better than hearing the idiotic noises known as your brother. Dragonflies are a nice change up from the normal biting bugs of evil. Maybe you wanted to remind me that there are more than squirrels and ducks and screaming cats over there. You did that before for a month. You did not fare very well then. Not even a close relative of well, in fact. As long as it arrives in one piece with minimum damage, we shall enjoy the contents a great deal. I just hope it arrives soon enough for us to enjoy the contents fully before being whisked off to Job Corps and who knows how long without computer access. I enjoy the rain as well, and am looked at funny for it. I also tweaked down the albino cuteness and gave them some face paint instead. Yours are stalking Reesie "for reasons" which normally translates to "boredom demanded it" with them. I shall look forward to your return form the triflery. I shall hopefully have tales of niftiness to share with you, as you will have tales of idiocy for me. Tales of luggage and kitties from me, tales of idiots and poor taste in music and general life from you. Have a good night Azzi. Stay safe and out of trouble unless you can pin it on your brother. *extra hugs and love deployed for later enjoyment* Those shall help keep you sane during the next few days, I hope.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 8, 2013 at 10:42 AM

*Running late* And now the hayfever that I don't have is acting up, today has been one damn thing after another - yet I haven't achieved anything other than chop my hair off and buy microwave-stuff for tomorrow's lunch. No chance of it being any easy week anymore, can't run off home once all the stuff is done - I'm there for the full 12 hours each day now and can't clock out before that. I think I'm getting laboured with all the computer and paperwork stuff, so it'll be interesting to see if I can deal with some new pressures... probably not, given that it's me and I can barely handle a simple, low key social scenario. And now the brother has decided that he needs to have his music up loud... something about ripping d*cks off and getting 'stupid'... I'm gonna go ahead and close the door now - a hot room is better than having to listen to that crap. In a horrible bout of coincidence, I was informed today that the semi-niece does indeed like ponies... so yeah, they're definitely getting hidden, well away from grubby, needy fingers. Ummm... saw my first dragonflies of the year today, small black things with a single sky blue band on the tail, just thought I'd add that in for reasons that are lost on me. Oh, another plan for the week is to see how badly I fare when kept away from energy stuff - that means no sports drinks at work, no Red Bulls on standby - just water, juice and pasta sauce things... I know, I'm probably going to be a complete mess by the end of the week, but then maybe I'll appreciate the stuff more when it isn't a habit. Still haven't made any progress on the box, but then the plan is to buy and box and post on the same day to avoid you receiving a box full of a single melted lump of everything. It's been too hot again today, I shouldn't complain too much, but I like the rain. Hugs and Love are making their own rain at the moment, dancing in the shower with the rubber duckies - stops them bursting into flames for now, so it's all good! Stay safe, and I'll catch you in a few days - must remember to take my notepad in with me tomorrow, I'll probably have every piece of paperwork thrown at me in one go, as well as a computer program that makes as much sense as the old NHS one I had to use at the hospital... just imagine a million folders, sub folders and options that aren't actually connected to anything important... or anything at all. Laters!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 7, 2013 at 10:28 AM

*plots scrambled eggs for eating* That sounds like a good plan to me. Cheez needs to relearn the dictionary. Again. I was planning on more Animal Crossing and scrambled eggs for the day, as you probably figured already. Might get bored and spend the last of my money at Walmart. Who knows? If he's lucky he got to keep the couch. You don't expect me to pull the answer to all of your life's problems out of me arse. Lettuce stresses itself out too much and wants to make too good of an impression.If we are super lucky, he got eaten by a pack of roving filth squirrels. Well, least you shall have a few hours of productivity to use in the mean time. That or a few hours of shooting stuff in the face. A win either way if you ask me. I think that the lack of meeting partners is better for for all involved. The children aren't exposed to horrible germs, the horrible germs aren't exposed to terrible ideas. Do you know what mod podge is? It seals the paint in so it can't be ruined by little grubby fingers. This stuff, if you will. Spreading his entrails all across the house is still not considered polite, Super high emotional importance transcends gender. I told them being science albinos came with a lot of consequences. As you may have noticed, they are of lighter coloring then normal. That was the smart idea from them of the day. They had fun right until they caught fire. Yours are eating macaroni salad with a bored expression. I think something is broken in them, but they are not causing havoc, so I shall leave them be. Probably got a nickel stuck in their ear again. Not too big of a surprise knowing them. I shall catch you later, my dear. stay safe and out of all forms of trouble. Leave that to your brother. when he gets eaten by were squirrels, we shall all laugh quietly.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 7, 2013 at 7:25 AM

*Warm drink is nasty* My Dr Pepper didn't hang about in acclimatizing to it's surroundings - it's now warm and flat like a kitty sleeping in a garden. I've had my moments of sunshine, now I shall hide back indoors and attempt to rehydrate myself... yes Cheez, that is a word - go figure it out... damn site... anyway, I shall attempt to drown myself back to my squishy original state. I won't be on Skype later due to a few things that I should really make time for, so enjoy the rest of your day accordingly. I can only assume that the person who drilled the hole in the vase has been sleeping on the couch ever since... or has already been divorced for their idiocy. Worship? So, now isn't a good time to mention the 100ft statute I build in your honor on top of Dartmoor then? *Zips mouth shut* ...Just imagine the planning permission I'd struggle to get for that, building a huge structure on National Park land... you're not allowed to erect anything larger than a tent up there - oh, except for some stupid wooden chair that someone once built there, that was kinda pointless. Lettuce is quite quick to decompose when left out in the open. I'm still not a fan of Sundays - I would watch the tennis, but then I'm avoiding anything that will tell me who won the GP race before I get to watch it later... so no TV or internet news for a few hours. I suppose I could try and figure out what we're all going to have for tea/dinner later - I doubt it'll be a roast as the bother isn't here... haven't actually seen him since Tuesday, it's been peaceful - still wondering to what extent he will be forced to stay around here when the semi-niece and nephew come down for a week, it'll all end in fire if he a) runs off for the week or b) brings the scooterless bacterium with him... I think there is still a court order saying he can't be left unsupervised with them or introduce them to any of his new 'partners'... and they're not allowed in my room! I'm not coming home from work one day to find Azzi-pony has been finger-painted by a 4 year old, I may consider murder as a necessary punishment... for that week, I may have to store them on top of my cupboard, I'm quite paranoid that they're going to end up in possession of them because they're 'little girlie toys' as the parent would probably put it... don't care, they're mine and have a super-high emotional importance. Hugs and love ar- oh, on fire again, it seems... do they not learn? *Hose pipe time* Catch you later - stay safe!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 6, 2013 at 1:39 PM

One man's treasure is another man's trash is more appropriate if you ask me. the need for a lamp outweighed that person's common sense. With the money he gets for the vase, he could have had it replicated as a lamp and still had plenty left over to do things barely legal. You are my best friend and I never feel like I am being secretly judged or like I am being worshiped for doing what needs to be done. I never need to worry if you are just saying something to spare my feelings, either. The lettuce was the popular food for once. Cheese is always tasty though. Unless it's been left out for too long and gets weird looking. The sun appears for a day, the whole town loses their collective minds. That is just how it works in really rainy towns. Like the sun is cooking their brains out. well, then you did the world a service by tossing them. After a nap and some Animal Crossing, we are chatting on Skype about nice things. Saturdays are never clear. They are always blurry like cheaply printed pictures on wet toilet paper. Which sums up the Hugs and Love thought process, once I think about it. Rarely clear to anybody but themselves. And even then it's a bit murky, if the instructions on how to make a sandwich are anything to go by. I thought I should test them and asked them to write how to make their favorite sandwich before taking a nap. I told them I would check on them after I returned and they finished it. Surprisingly, they both failed something that I thought you could never get wrong. I will have to figure out what does making a trampoline with bubblegum and Starburst and Skittles has to do with sandwich making. Your hugs and love are trying to help me figure out what to do with the bag of felt I have. Not a helpful suggestions form either of them so far. I'll figure out something adorable. Or you will say something random and it will spark a House Eureka moment and I shall be back to making the felt cuteness. I shall now hop back onto the Skype fully and we shall continue the discussion on kitties. I shall wish you a goodnight here so I don't forget. Stay safe and out of trouble as well, my dear.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 6, 2013 at 6:35 AM

'One man's trash is another man's treasure' as the old saying goes... and to prove I'm going somewhere with this, have a story about a guy who thought 'fuck it, can't be worth much if they were in a skip - I'll destroy them in the name of amateurish art' ...You just have to laugh sometimes - it reminds me of those antique programs you get on TV, where someone digs out a fancy looking lamp and takes it to be valued, only to find out that it was a rare Chinese vase worth thousands that someone had converted into a lamp and therefore ruined it's value completely... and a quick look on Google found me the story - - all that money, because one guy wanted to put a lightbulb on it... anyway, that has wasted a lot of this message, so I'll move on. I can only assume I'm starting to look better by comparison, hence the miss-chatting thing. The shopping didn't quite go as planned - got most of what I wanted at ASDA, but the search for an lettuce proved to be far more exhausting than it ever should've been haha - I guess the whole country decided BBQs and salad were the way forward... it wasn't for me anyway, the parents were having a salad while I just substituted the veg for meats and cheese. I think the only way those gloves could've been cleaned were with fire and more fire, they weren't nice. I am aware of my deadline, just need to find some artisticness - probably tonight, once it cools down in here a bit... time for the doodle-tablet to prove it's use... or drive me completely crazy, but anyway, that means I won't be on Skype later... I'll be on later tomorrow though, but then it won't be late-late *Looks at TV schedule* ...crap, 9pm is probably a bit too late... ummm... Oh, what the hell, I'll pop on Skype for a bit later... I will be vanishing between 6pm-7pm, but around that, we should be fine! So yeah, I CAN SKYPE! I should go back and delete some previous, but then the message won't flow, and flow is more important than clarity on a Saturday... like a drunk walk home I guess! Right, running out of space somewhat, so I'll leave it here - all the Hugs and Loves are plotting how to make a BBQ with garden plants, tree bark and white spirit... I may need to supervise them on this one, it could get burny and smelly... stay safe, and I'll catch you in a bit!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 5, 2013 at 9:52 AM

*blinks tiredly* Damn, I miss chatting with you more and more as time passes. That's normal, right? Missing your best friend more than all your other sort of friends sounds normal to me. I hope your shopping list got completed with minimum fuss. The peace and quiet shall be enjoyed to the fullest, right? I would have checked to see if the gloves had a use. Gloves can be cleaned and used for things. I shall poke at you then. And we shall chat about stuff after you return from dinner, no matter how abysmal it is. what picture are we talking? If it's Jon's, you have until the 18th to complete it. that sounds like how all car businesses have come into existence. Man had grudge against horse, wanted wagon. grudge against wagon and horse lead to car, somehow. I try and get all my shopping done really early or really late to avoid them as well. Yesterday was every reason smashed into one on why I do such things. The fireworks were pretty and I got myself a purple rabbit's foot, and Jon got to chat with his best fried since forever, so it wasn't' a complete waste. Got to stuff myself silly and hang out with Jon outside at hours no sane undrugged person would be out. was worth it, if you ask me. And yet, I'm the wrong one for saying certain people should not be allowed to have children, ever. Hugs has been doing that since I added albino to the mix. Not the best idea, but the pink eyes were cute. I need to find a better way to give her pink eyes. Making her a science albino was not a well thought out plan. The Love backs me up, so I can always restart. Yours are asleep on the grill and being noisy in their own ways. The Hugs is drooling noisely somehow and the Love is talking and answering himself. I shall catch you soon, Cupcake of Sunshine. *actual hugs and love deployed* Stay safe and out of mischief in the mean time, luv.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 5, 2013 at 5:43 AM

*Exhausted noises of warmth and stuff* Well, I had to wake up eventually - it's hot and I can't stay in bed ALL day I guess. I'm going to make this one quick as I have literally a shopping list of stuff to pop out and get at some point within the next hour or so. Everyone has vanished for the day, so I can have some peace and quiet while I recover from yesterday's overtime lark - 13 hours in that place is more than a long enough shift for me... even after spending the first half of the day trying to chase down a new locker and a clocking in card - HR staff are useless, and yesterday didn't change that too much... although, nothing is more fun than getting a new locker, especially when it still has stuff in it from the last person... shame I didn't find anything nice though, some shoes, pack of biscuits, half a dozen pairs of gloves and some pens were about it... kept the pens, everything else got thrown haha. So yeah, yesterday was a pain and I'm paying the price for it today... I shall be on Skype, but again, that won't be till 5pm-ish, and then that may only be for one day this week if I feel the need to get that damn picture done. I think the Lamborghini story went something like that, yes - made tractors, brought a Ferrari,it broke down, crappy customer service and constructive revenge... isn't that basically how any business comes into existence? I can kinda remember the story of someone who didn't like flying business class with British Airways once... decided making his own global airline was a better idea, and having seen British Airway's prices of late, probably would've been cheaper as well... Well, I've kinda run out of time that I didn't really have - want to get it all done before the schools release all the damn kids to descend upon the town like a wave of rabid plague rats - you know the kind of kids, those whose parents would rather throw them out on the street for the night with a knife and a mobile than actually try to raise them... can't play Fecebook games AND teach your kids not to stab each other at the same time, I guess... priorities! Hug went outside and burst into flames, and judging by the look on Love's face, it wasn't the first time - the extinguisher was on stand-by, but it was full of snakes and intended for a comedic application, the hose-pipe was required in the end... stay safe, and I'll catch you a bit later on, once I've found some fluids, energy and all of the above... *Actual hugs for a change*

By aeveeItazura on Jul 2, 2013 at 10:34 AM

Just when I thought that he could not top himself in stupid, he goes ahead and proves me wrong. Something I declared impossible a week or so ago. That is why you test and test and test the thing before you get the guy who wants to buy it there. You were once again the smart one in the room. The stupid is always stupid, sometimes you get a chance to prove it. I would have branded them as a useless piece of human based waste if I saw that occur. I may not be able to tell one car brand from another past what I am informed, but I can read well enough to know that their is a big difference between Ferrari and Lamborghini. Course, the Lamborghini was made as a direct snub against the Ferrari's crafter or whatever they are called now, if I remember that story correctly. I'll look it up later when I have time too. They probably don't update their files often enough. Or they have a desperate fool running the phones. Both are equally likely. I would lean toward outdated files more though. Desperate fools would beg and whine on why you aren't there. The chocolate muffin is the perfect treat for dealing with idiots all day. I hope it was extra delicious. The Hug is always borrowing shiny things for all sorts of reasons. Love rarely has reasons past 'just because' when it comes to taken objects. they shall return the objects later when they are finished with them.Not sure when that will be, but hopefully it will be long enough for them to find something new to play with. Yours are hiding under the couch here. Probably waiting for the perfect time to strike. Stay safe and out of mischief. I'll catch you when I can. Hopefully with more good news than an almost finished plush and a nummy burrito for later. If I don't catch you today, have a good night full of gaming and quietly laughing at your idiot brother.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 2, 2013 at 9:13 AM

*Gets up off floor* You just can't write this sort of thing... the brother thought that he had just sold his damn old and broken PS3 for £70 to a guy who wanted it solely to play PS1 and PS2 games (which can only be done on one type of PS3) so, he sets it all up, probably praying that it doesn't destroy yet another hard-drive on set-up, pops a disc in... and... nothing! Bahaha, it decided it didn't want to be disc-friendly... so the guy has now left and the brother is surrounded by tools, in a huff. I've told him time and time again that even if he does manage to offload that piece of crap, he'll only get someone kicking his arse for a refund next week when it blows up. In other news, I'm back from day one of my induction which should allow me to be able to do a job that I guess I haven't been doing for the past year... it was such a waste of time, I knew everything and even pointed out what legislation relates to what and what year it was written into law... didn't get any prizes for such thing, but it made all the stupid around me feel somewhat more stupider. Didn't like any of the 'new' people that were there... ok, one of them was alright, but he's on a different site many miles away - the ones I have to put up with are either liars, old, boring, can't drive or all of the previous... And yes, I did go as far as to brand someone an inbred bacterial moron for believing that the car that blasted past us was a Ferrari, solely on the basis that it was red... ignoring the fact that it said 'Lamborghini' and 'Coutach' on the back - I didn't need the badges to tell, by the way, car recognition is like my often-unused party trick. Anyway, have to do it all again tomorrow - and I bet the agency will phone me AGAIN to ask where I was... I don't think anyone has told them that I don't technically work for them anymore haha... The only plus point from today is that I made it to the lunch room first, so that big-as chocolate muffin was indeed MINE! Ha, I hear noises of pissiness coming from the temporary PS-factory... sounds like he'll just have to earn the money, like the rest of us... Probably doesn't help that Hug has just returned with what looks awfully like a processor and bits of blu-ray drive... Love acquired a screwdriver in the process, for reason that I believe rate as 'just because'. Well, I'll probably have to go and eat in a bit, so I'll leave it here - catch you whenever I can! Stay safe and such! <Seemed relevant!

By aeveeItazura on Jul 1, 2013 at 5:36 PM

*hugs you* I wish you would write them more, but I shall take what I can get. I didn't get to sleep until really late as well. My brain quite simply would not shut up. And yet, I still got up early and grumbly. Tomorrow you get paid to be stared at, so that is a major plus. Hopefully you will be able to avoid the major idiots for a day. Wouldn't that be a treat? I believe all you need to know are "Where's the bathroom?" and "Out of my way!" for those are the only times I can see you having need of knowing any Polish. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something related to his stupidity. The fact your laptop doesn't have syphilis is an astounding miracle in itself. If your brother did anything half arsed, it would be a great improvement. Impossible and never going to happen, but it would be an improvement. That sounds like my bed time too. when I remember it. Offering support to magpies is a waste of time unless that support is shiny. And I think they still haven't got over that one fellow who was on the Discovery Channel a while back. Probably showing anybody can do it. Does explain why the Hugs was missing a knee. Should have left it to professional weirdos, but she didn't. Yours are cooking on the road right now. I guess they figured they can melt into a liquid and it would cool them off. I guess they didn't realize that they would turn into a warm liquid and they won't be able to drink themselves. Eh, it keeps them out of trouble as I plot things. Like ordering a plush while finishing one of my own. I shall catch you as soon as I can and better update you on the Skype. Have a good night and I hope you dream pleasant things. Stay safe and out of nonprofitable mischief. If you can't avoid it, find a suitable patsy for it.

By Pinkius_Piecus on Jul 1, 2013 at 1:05 PM

*Stops being an arse* I should really be writing these up more often, like I used to do... was going to do one last night, but yesterday was just non-stop and due to a few 'mental' issues, I didn't get to sleep until 2:30 this morning - which is a bugger when you have to get up for woke 3 and a half hours later. I can afford to get up slightly later tomorrow as I'm technically not in work - I'll be getting paid to go and moo at cows or something at head office, as of tomorrow morning I am back to 'newbie' status with work. I'm guessing that now would be as good a time as any to brush up on some rather basic Polish language stuff, just because it may have a use for when I want something or for when I'm just sooo bored that I feel the need to impress anyone worthy of it. *Runs a quick virus scan* For some reason, all the safety bits on this here laptop have been turned off, I can only assume that it involves the Office software I acquired and something far more malicious. Well, it may only be 9pm, but it is very much my bedtime. Hugs and Love are trying to offer support and advice to the bickering Magpies, but by the sounds of it, it isn't going overly well... that, or it just evolved into a cook-off. Your crazy critters don't have much better to do than attempt tight-rope walking over the washing line. Stay safe, and I'll catch you whenever I can next!