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We Must Simply Catch Them All

Ah protecks deh identiteh uv mah hoomin


Look At The Left One, Look At The Right One. Your Mind Is Now Blown.


an pweez bwess me wit yots uv cheez-burgers an bwess da goggie to git yost an nebber com bak an bwess mah hoomin to givs me mor scritches an...

Up next on MeowTV: Pet me.

I did warn you not to trust me.

FromAnApparentlyRacistFamily's Crazy Dad Said

(My brother recovering from head trauma discussing the lost memories of my sister's track career.) Brother: Yeah, but was she white-girl fast or black-girl fast? Dad: She was BLACK-GIRL fast! (shows clipping from newspaper) Dad: There she is winning and see all those black girls behind her? She was BLACK-GIRL fast!

Queue the Barry White music. I wanna get this in one take!

Ass millk




I sure wish these restroom stalls had walls

Learn From Erin's Fail

When stopping by a garage sale with your mom, picking stuff up and asking how much, make sure the homeowner isn’t just cleaning out his garage. #LFMF

so... mebbe i shud put a quarter in or sumfing?

Jump in teh pool she sez, you'll lub it she sez...

Whatchoo talkin bout foot!?

Ultra-Polite Kitteh

It's OK.

Has anyone seen my dog? He answers to ButtChomper


Breaking News - Mysterious magnetic ball carries away another victim


Cheer up Skeletor We'll get He-man next time.

not my litter box? it is now.

Please Take Me Back!

Learn From just shoot me's Fail

When a co-worker complains about all the work there is to do around her house, before you ask why her shiftless husband isn't helping, find out if he's deployed to Iraq. #LFMF


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