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Hmmm... I think I'll buy a really popular cats web site... and let it slide into ruin And then write it off as a tax loss!

No Matter How Much He Begs Me, I Will NEVER Try To Teach My Cat To Drive AGAIN!

my dog has a flat

Enough to feed the whole family

Don't judge us

How did you guess?

Sylvia and I shared a love of traveling and she knew I was a vet suffering from she was always encouraging me to do more. When I realized that she was only elebenty years older than I, I was reminded that life is so short and everything can cha

I'm Buying This!



Training to Be the Best Parent They Can Be

Let Me Get This Straight...

When You's Gon' Be Open Again?

These Happened on the Same Day

In Case of Emergency

Clinton Strategist Calls For Assassination of Wikileaks' Julian Assange: "KILL the Son-of-a-B*TCH"

Mommy will be SO happy because I FINALLY learned to not poop on the floor! I pooped on the bed instead!

Flashback to being a teen going to pick up my date And I see her dad looking out the window.

She May Be Undead, But at Least She's... Yeah, I Got Nothin'...

stuff i learned from U Sylvia: 2 keep R ICHC playground R happy place, 2 respect each other & learn from our differences, 2 cherish each other more than R LOLs

When my mom buys the unfrosted Pop-Tarts instead of the frosted kind... LIKE I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR!!!

There used to be a really cool site called I Can Has Cheezburger. It had Lolcats. It's gone. I miss it.

Classic Sylvia typos, #1 (recaption:


Got First World Problems? Then Boy Do We Have a Drink for You!

Please Consider This Frightening Tale of Pooptastrophe Before Getting a Roomba With Pets


Hinting? Why would you think I was hinting anything?

Using Your Hair to Protect Your Anonymity

Sick Slider