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By cataff on Aug 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM

I think you are absolutely right that we are due a good head slap for the mess we've made and continue to make on this planet. Those solar chargers are neat, but they certainly aren't cheap. I'm glad you are starting to figure out what to do with your Saturdays and are enjoying them. Thank you so much for all the goodies. They smell and look delicious. It's almost lunch time, so CL and I will be enjoying ours soon. I understand your pins and needles. Gizmo, the kitteh in my profile picture, loved to be held--and held, and held. We would hold her until we couldn't feel our arms and hands and then hold out a bit longer. She still gave us a look of great hurt when we set her down. LOL! Many thanks to Tabini for the purrs and bonks. Those are always most welcome. Woodee is sending the bois a set of soft plastic curliques. They are like over-sized springs but are soft and easy for a cat to pick up and carry (but too big to swallow), and they roll in interesting ways when swatted. All the cats here have loved them, but I can't find them for sale anywhere now. It's a good thing I bought a lot when they were around. For you there is an assortment of tomatoes, squash, corn on the cob, and green beans fresh from a friend's garden. I'm anxious for next Saturday to arrive--first episode of the new season of DOCTOR WHO!!! Have a good week.

By SovaPlum on Aug 17, 2014 at 1:33 AM

Ohai cataff! I agree! Mummy Nature is Up To Something. I suspect we are being lulled into a false sense of security before she whups us up side the head for not cleaning up after ourselves. I am anxiously saving up for a solar panel for my battery recharger. You know them little ones you can keep in your car in case you get a flat battery some where? I WANT one of them! ___ Since you are busy prepping for school, I have backed some cookies with gold stars on them for your Class Supplies Closet. And I made ONE 2XL one for CL to reward him for being Helpful To Others. And a large cappuccino chocolate chip muffin with a banana flavoured gold star with glitter dusting for you. ___ I know what you mean about Saturdays. After, ummm, 8? years with scarcely a Saturday off, these past couple of months have felt like living in the Twilight Zone. Like the song sayes "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself". But it sure is nice acclimatising. I'm even starting to do a little visiting. ME: Hi! Remember me? We used to have coffee now and then!" Boy am I looking forward to my holidays. It's the purrfect time of year for time off. Dull, dismal, drizzly etc. SO hard to roll out of bed at 3am! ___I spent huge amounts of lying/sitting around today. Every time I got off my feet mai bois clambered up and insisted I not move until I got crippling pins and needles. Restful but hard to get to the kettle. __ Speaking of mai bois. Tabini sends purrs and bonks from the comfort of my knee. I can't feel my right foot! *rolls chair to kitchen, fetches cake tin, rolls back, places tin on transporter, ties purrs and bonks together with purple ribbon, adds to transporter, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Aug 11, 2014 at 3:45 AM

Wow, early spring! Other than the rotten storms, that sounds great. We have been having comfortable temperatures, and that is unheard of in this area in August. I don't know what is up with Mama Nature, but I like what's she's doing at the moment. We went back last week for prep days and have all of this week for that too. The problem is the days are really more meeting days than prep, and it's a real effort to have things ready on time. All that work I did this summer needs to be copied for student use, and I haven't had a moment to do that yet. Hubcat is progressing. He feeds and waters the ferals, and Thursday when I came home, he had vacuumed. Hooray! What I'm really hoping will happen before much longer is that he can get groceries again. That would give me a my Saturdays back. It has been years since I've had full weekends, and that gets old during the school year. I'm enjoying the delicious pudding, although I know it's not intended to be breakfast food. Prudence and Woodee are giving me strange looks. LOL I love the daisies too. Daisies here are long gone for this year. Hydrangeas are blooming though, and I'm sending you a vase filled with huge blooms. Here they come. (I ate only one bowl of pudding. CL will get the other.) Woodee and Prudence send purrs.

By SovaPlum on Aug 11, 2014 at 12:12 AM

Ohai cataff! Well looka here! Spring is trying to sneak in early, teh NAWTY fing! Early Sneaky Springs usually means Big @#$@#$%&^ Storms. I don't like those. All this unseasonably warm weather in the north is having the inevitable effect in the south. Warnings galore. Then it'll be our turn. But its not all bad. I've just bought in my washing and, for the first time in months, no quagmire! And DAISIES! I like them. I picked a big bunch before the Frost of Vengeance arrives. Also some clover buds. No sign of wild flowers, though.___Somewhat mysteriously, I saw a Touring Motorbike Group out, Caturday. Minimum of a hundred of them. LOVELY! But. What are they doing out this time of year? I've never seen it before. Alas, this time I wasn't positioned to rubberneck to my hearts content. But I did feel the good vibrations of all those purring beasts as they accelerated away. As usual, the traffic politely stopped and let them in. It seems to have become Road Etiquette around here. I wonder if people living in Biker Gang neighbourhoods smile and wave as we rural types do. Probably not. ___ Are you back prepping for school yet? I seem to remember you teachers don't get much of a gap between terms. And how is your Hubcat? I hope he's more mobile now. Vacuuming, washing windows, ironing. All those good therapeutic things. lol! oooh! And I have been getting better at Plum Style Queen of Puddings! Try some! Lots of banana and lemon zest with a big handful of pecan nuts to go with the jam and sultanas and coconut etc. The ice cream is ginger-nut and I've drizzled a little lemoncelo over it. Enjoy! *places to pudding bowls on a try, decorates with a vase of daisies, places on transporter, covers with a fly tent, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Aug 3, 2014 at 12:23 PM

Feline Super Nanny--I love that! His skills are definitely needed. Woodee and Prudence send thanks for the skritches.

By SovaPlum on Aug 3, 2014 at 1:37 AM

Ohai cataff! OOOOH Sea Breezes! I lubs me some sea breezes. I can't wait for a miserable day so I can enjoy them. If the wearther forcast is to be believed, I wont have long to wait! But we can enjoy those pillows tonight. Sweet dreams guaranteed! I like the idea of Katsanova traveling to home who need his considerable charms. Perhaps he's a Feline Super Nanny. The world has need of such a Hero!

By cataff on Aug 2, 2014 at 6:44 PM

U r very welcome to teh giftees! The skritches will be delivered shortly. Both cats are sound asleep on the bed at the moment. Your possums are cute, but I'm sorry they are eating your plants and carry a dangerous cow disease. Thanks for the information about them. I agree with Jack that it's not a good idea for Heather to have those possums. It sounds as though Bella might be a gud candiate to come live wif you if she and Fanta can get along. That's a great idea to have her for a trial stay while you are on holiday, and I hope it will work out. It's wonderful to know that Fanta and Tabini are buddies again. Maybe that was why Katsanova came for a while--to bring them to friendship again. Thank you for the cool rain and the lovely magnolias. I love them. For when the warm spell ends, I am sending a box of pillows filled with sun warmed catnip for the bois and for you a sealed plastic bag of fresh, warm sea breezes a friend on the coast captured for me. Here they come.

By SovaPlum on Aug 2, 2014 at 3:26 PM

Ohai cataff! FAnk yew fur the lubbly giftees! And please give your ladies some skritches from me and mai bois. Your Merrycan possums are quite different from ours. Phoebe is very squee and will make a good educator. It's not that they lack cyoote but they are an introduced species that are a MAJOR environmental hazard. Heathers babeh possums MUST be purmizvahed or she will be in trouble with DOC (Department Of Conservation) Those guys are WAY strict and have massive public support. Also, adult possums don't make good house pets as they are nocturnal. They really need separate enclosures. And they are known for not getting along well with carnivorous creatures. Like, say, cats and dogs! ___ Jack tells me they have found a vet who is willing to come out of retirement to do the job. Now H must find the munnies. J wont contribute as he thinks this is a Very Bad Idea. He tells me that H is prone to getting into debt as she is always reluctant to rehome her beloved babehs. Cue more hints from J for me to adopshun a kitteh or three as H is willing to let her darlings move one fence over. I'm wondering if Bella - Tabini's gurlfren - would like it here. She is the Timidatha type and gets bullied a lot. It really depends on how Fanta would react. There's no way she would rough-house with him. I've got a holiday coming up. Maybe I could invite her over for a couple of days? hmmmm ___ Meanwhile, T&F are happily knocking each other about before curling up together for nappy time. Every time I see it it makes me smile and feel a little sad. Without Katsanova's charms they would probably still be at odds. I miss him. ___ It is weirdly warm this week. 14 degrees and raining! It wont last but meanwhile, please enjoy some refreshingly cool rain I have tipped into a compressed air water-gun with a first rate spray setting. Just sit outside and point it straight up! And her are some way too early magnolias. My poor tree is rihgtly named Mixed Up Miss. She's in full bloom two months early! *places branches of magnolias in tall vase, places vase on transporter, adds water-gun, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jul 25, 2014 at 7:23 PM

I hope Katsanova will yet return. I've seen news clips about cats that returned months after going missing and some even after years. All fingers and paws are still crossed he will be back in the near future. I'm glad that in the meantime Tabini is dealing with Fanta and not taking any mess from him. Are the possums Heather has taken babies? I once thought possums were scary looking because of all the teeth and didn't much care for them ( wouldn't harm them though). Then the Wildlife Center ended up with a possum that couldn't be released, named her Phoebe, and began training her to be a teaching animal to be taken to schools, libraries, etc. They made a video of one of her training sessions, and I fell in love. I'm not going out and adopting possums (illegal in this state anyway unless one is a licensed animal rehabilitator, which I am not). I will, however, be one of her sponsors. I've also learned that possums eat ticks, and that makes them all right with me. I hope Jack won't let Heather take on more animals than she can properly care for. If these are baby possums, I also hope she is preparing them for release when they are old enough. I thank you and the bois very much for the bootiful windsocks and have them flying in the yard. Gizmo would be honored that they were made in her honor. Thank you for the congratz and the delicious cookie! I had to fight Woodee for it--kept telling her that kittehs can't have chocolate, but I don't think she believes me. She and Prudence picked some big red hibiscus blooms to send you, and they pulled out some cans of albacore toona packed in water for Tabini and Fanta. Here they come. And here is the link to Phoebe's training video:

By SovaPlum on Jul 25, 2014 at 6:41 PM

OOOOH! Ai jus saw ur bubbly Gif FP! Congratzulatshuns! Habs a Victory Choccie! *slides 2XL double chilli pepper chocolate cookie into fax machine, presses SEND*

By SovaPlum on Jul 25, 2014 at 6:34 PM

Ohai cataff! I had a chat with Jack the other day. He swears he had a kitteh come home after 3 weeks and tells me he is still looking for Katsanova. He's a lovely neighbour. I'm holding tight to the conviction Katsanova is busy training new hoomin slabes to his will. I just hope he is planning to set up a competition between them and me so that I get a chance to win him back. Meanwhile, Tabini and Fanta are clearly pinning for him. Fanta has gone back to harassing Tabini. But! Tabini is responding with outbursts of Total Domination! I hear squeaking and thumping, I look around and there's Fanta squashed, upside-down, into a corner between the wall and the fridge. Tabini totally in Control of the Situation. I look around and Fanta is on the receiving end of a Thorough Tongue Bath that he can't escape. It seems the respite Katsanova's charms gave Tabini has served to remind him that he is, in fact, Teh Big Brother. I hope Fanta doesn't wear him down again.Then we all curl up in the lovely hot blanket you sent and ignore the icy storms outside while watching T.V. P.S. Jack is hinting that, should I ask, he wouldn't be adverse to me adopshuning another of his clowder. Heather has gone and adopshuned 6 possums! This in a house of 15 (currently) cats and three dogs! Jack says Heather isn't so much a Rescuer as a Hoarder of Animals. It's WAY too soon. but its comforting to know the offer is on the table. __ In honour of Gizmo, mai bois decorated some windsocks with sparkles for you. *ties windsocks to a rock, places rock on transporter, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jul 18, 2014 at 7:15 PM

I am so sorry that there is still no sign of Katsanova. I had been hoping for a wonderful message that he was home safe and sound. I'm going to keep hoping for such a message. Many thanks for the frozen grass. It feels so good, and everyone has taken a turn enjoying it. Now it's in the freezer for later. In return we are sending a big soft blanket that was lying on some soft grass in the sun for hours soaking up heat. It's in a thermal container so that it will still be good and warm for you. My new avatar is Gizmo, the third of my once Gang of Ten to go to the Meadow. She was a very special cat and is still greatly missed. I thought sparkles would be purrfect for her photo. Hugs for you, Tabini, and Fanta

By SovaPlum on Jul 18, 2014 at 4:16 PM

P>S> Who is your lubbly sparkly avatar?

By SovaPlum on Jul 18, 2014 at 4:08 PM

Ohai cataff! Still no sign. I'm holding onto the conviction that he's be adopshuned by someone else for now. Even though I no it's a long shot. Yes, that was me out there with a torch calling and listening, calling and listening. I even tip toed into Viv's house - off on a 10 week vacation - even though she left the day before Katsanova disappeared! Jack undertook to search in day time. Curse my current shift hours! Tabini and Fanta are clearly rattled and comforting each other - and me! __ I know what you mean about NCcharmer's situation. NZ isn't perfect but it's a rare day that you hear of someone having to choose between medications and accommodation. This usually leads to an indignant surge of support for such individuals. A little support from many people goes a long way. __ It's frosty here. I've cut out a patch of frozen grass and put it in a timey wimey cake tin for all to enjoy. *places cake tin on transporter, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jul 15, 2014 at 8:24 AM

Oh noes! I'm sorry about :Possum and send wishes that he had a gentle journey to the Meadow. I'm distraught over the news of Katsanova. Do you have any neighbors with sheds, garages,vehicles they don't use daily, etc., where he could be accidentally closed inside? You are right that he wouldn't stay away this long of his own accord, but he could be trapped and no one is aware of it. Could you and J and H do a search around places he could be trapped in your area and ask your neighbors to check their buildings and other places where he may be shut in? All fingers and paws here are crossed that you find him in decent shape soon. I know about NCcharmer and have helped. This is the hypocrisy of the US government--always running their mouths about how other countries should treat their citizens but don't take care of their own. Please let us know the moment you know about Katsanova. Lots of hugs, Brenda

By SovaPlum on Jul 15, 2014 at 12:30 AM

Ohai cataff! Well. There's Sad News and there's Bad News. The Sad News is that Possum, Katsanova's furbrother has departed for the Meadow. He was found nearly two weeks ago now, curled up by the curb outside Jack & Heathers drive way. __ The Bad News is that Katsanova is missing. I haven't seen him since Sunday morning and any cat that misses this many meals is either dead or being forcibly adopted. Naturally, I'd prefer the latter but. . . I haven't given up on him yet. J&H are keeping an eye out but, really, there's nothing much we can do for him. I'm trying to keep an even keel and carry on but, now and then, the blues get me. __ Have you heard NCcharmers Bad/Sad News? At least this is something that can be helped.

By cataff on Jul 9, 2014 at 5:18 PM

I love the 4th LOL and thank you for thinking of us Yankees. I've taken an hour or two here and there for me, but I've been hitting that school work a lot of the time when I'm not doing things for CL, who so far is coming along nicely. I'm sorry you are having so many storms. We have finally gotten dry, too dry of course. Storms come but go around us. The humidity is fierce. I have no doubt you will do a great job with the red velvet cake and it will be a big hit at the library. Katsanova is definitely enjoying his youth. I hope he can find less destructive ways to do that though. Prudence just hopped up and is lying by my shoulder. When some of refreshing Icy Winds hit her, I swear she smiled. She has ordered that I send three large cans of chunky toona packed in water to Tabini, Fanta, and Kat. I hope your power has stayed on so the transporter is functioning. Here they come.

By SovaPlum on Jul 9, 2014 at 12:18 AM

Oh by Heckles! I forgot to make delivery! I hope you managed to find some time for yourself, you busy thing you! __ Please thank you ladies for the baggie of nip. Everyone is nicely baked right now which is fortunate as it is day two into a non-stop storm. Would you believe it? They STILL had rugby practice today. I could hear them still at it when the sun went down (about 5:30) Sporty types, go figure. __ Last night the power went off a precisely 8pm, afflicting me with emayo interuptis! So I did the dishes by romantic candle light and went to bed. Very good zzzzs. __ I have concluded that the red velvet cake recipe__ Whoa! My house is shaking you sent me is doable. I fear thatI should not be left alone with such a large cake, though. I'm contemplating donating the majority to the library's break room. I will send you a full report! __ Meanwhile Katsanova has turned into Destructo Kitteh! There is not a rubbish bin that's safe from him. I even put a door stopper onto of my kitchen bin and he knocked it off! Rubbish everywhere, this morning. He was liking a sausage tray ( I SWEAR I rinsed it!) and didn't even have the grace to look embarrassed! When I got home today he had broken into the outside bin. There were Friskie bags in the garden. So I have tried for sturdier arrangements and will cross my fingers and pray to Ceiling Cat before hitting the hay tonight. WHOA My house is shaking!!! I'd better deliver today's Icy Winds before the power goes out again! *straps together reinforced wind socks, ties whipping socks to a cinder block, places block on transporter, presses HAZARDOUS MATERIAL IN TRANSIT*

By cataff on Jul 5, 2014 at 7:15 PM

Ohai, Tabini. Dis iz Woodee. Ai am sorree u had a big storm. When big storms happen here, I go under a chair until alla noizes stop. Prudence and Ai 'preciate alla nice cold hail stonez. We hav rolled in 'em until we were nice and cold and then put 'em in da freezie box to save for later. Da ferals put sum in their water and stretched out on the others. They gotz cooled off, n the grass got watered. They sed to tell u n Fanta n Katzanuvver fanks. Our male hoomin put some in a fancy lookin' bag n put it on his knee. Hoomins r weird, but he seemed very happy about doin' that. He saved some in the freezie box too. Alla u r very welcome to the gushy fud, and Ai'm glad Booboo didn't nom ur hoomin's arm. Prudence and Ai are sending you n Fanta n Katz a big bag of freshly picked catnip. Have fun!

By cataff on Jul 5, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Thanks ever so much for the delicious Queen Pudding! We both enjoyed it very much and did put whippy cream on top. CL had the surgery Monday (went very well) and came home Thursday evening. Now he is into the rehab exercises and I'm catching up on all the things I couldn't do because I was at the hospital more than I was home. Now I have to get back to the school work that I couldn't get finished ahead of time. We are sending you a red velvet cake and the recipe if you want to make one yourself: --one of my favorite cakes. Here it comes.

By SovaPlum on Jul 4, 2014 at 6:05 PM

Deer Aren'tee Brentaff, We had a strom. It wus big. There wu. . .was bangs. There was brite-lite.There was hale. Katzanuvver had naw. . . not seen hale. Me and Fanta shewed him to put the empy cold yums tubs out to catch the hale. Nummy putted them in the frozed box. Fanta and Katzanuvver was skared by the storm. I was not skared. Pleaz. . Please thank-you Ms Woodee and Ms Proodence for the gushie fuds. Nummy saed we is NAWT to give any to Booboo or he miet eat her arm. Why wood Booboo noms a hoomin? I gived him some of mai gushie fud and he didn't nom on Nummy. Sum is for you. Sum is for Mr CL. Sum is for Ms Proodence. Sum is for Ms Woodee. Sum is for teh Ferals. * places half a doz ice cream tubs filled with hail on the transporter, presses Aren'tees Freezer*

By SovaPlum on Jul 4, 2014 at 5:47 PM

Ohai cataff! Yes, there was no wallet in my handbag when it got stolen. Whew! The library book was less than a year old so I had to pay the replacement costs. Never-mind, it's good to support the Awesome that is the Public Library System. I have a separate card with another bank. My DKTIYWICYLYW Card. = Don't Keep This In Your Wallet In Case You Lose Your Wallet Card. Only needed it the once. Much less drama than the first time I lost a wallet. ___ I lubs Queen Pudding. I keep a packet of custard powder that I use for QP only. This morning I saw I had an old banana so I made apple slices, banana and walnut sammich as the base of my QP. You and CL may have some in honour of 4th July! Maybe add some whippy cream for recovery food for CL. How'd the OP go? OH! Tabini is making noises at me! *places plate of steaming Queen Pudding on transporter, adds sparkler, adds American flag, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jun 29, 2014 at 8:45 AM

Wow, I learned a new recipe. I didn't know 'bout Queen Pudding at all, and it sounds delicious but without needing chef skills to make. Fanks! I'm horrified to learn that your handbag was stolen. Are you saying that your wallet wasn't in it? If so, that is fantastic! If my bag gets taken, my phone and wallet are going too, and I would be on the phone for hours locking the phone, showing the police how to track it, and talking to all the banks, credit bureaus, insurance companies, etc., about cancelling everything and starting over. It would be a disaster. I am very careful about keeping the bag with me though, but anything can happen, and it only takes a second for a good pickpocket to grab a wallet, although my bags all close with zippers that I keep zipped, and I carry the bags close to my body. On a good note, it's great that the bois are playing together. I hope that soon T and F will be friends again. K is quite the peacemaker! Woodee and Prudence have snagged the grass, arranged it on the bed, and are sleeping away in great comfort and are very grateful to T, F, and K! We are in for a very hot and humid week--just perfect for CL's knee replacement Monday. I will have to get up at 2:30 in the morning to get him to the hospital by 5:30. The surgeon set him up as his first surgery of the day. He did this when he replaced the other knee two years ago but did the hip replacement later in the morning. I had hoped for a later time again but no such luck. Before they started snoozing, the ladies told me to send a case of gushy noms for the bois and a second case for you to keep on hand for Booboo. They don't want you to lose an arm. Here they come.

By SovaPlum on Jun 28, 2014 at 10:35 PM

Ohai cataff! I had to cut around a lot of burnt bits to give you a nice looking piece of meringue! Usually, instead of Queen of Puddings I just do Queen Puddiing. U no dis? Is: going stale white bread, jam and sliced banana sammich. Cut in half, put in dish, sprinkle with sultanas. Make custard mix (no eggs), add desicated coconut. Pour on, leave to soak for 15 mins, stick in oven for 30 mins at medium temp or until looks golden. No meringue! YAY! ___ My bois have been enjoying the Warm Sunny Breezes Woodee and Prudence sent. The bois say "Fank Yews!" They are getting along much better. Fanta plays with Katsanova. Tabini plays with Katsanova. Either will sleep will K but T & F are still a bit leery of each other. One day I heard a FEARCE growl from T and there he was defending K from F! Not that it was needed but It's the thought that counts. Today things have been going so well that T&F have been taking turns to play/nap with K while the other watches, waiting his turn. Katsanova is living up to his namesake, indeed! __ Meanwhile, there's me in the kitchen making afternoon tea. I turned around and LO! Booboo is up on the bench behind me, inspecting the defrosting chicken! He's the shiest of K's brothers but, feed him and he'll take your arm off. I need my arm. ___ I have been getting the love too! When ever I sit down today, someone is demanding pets. Plus I got all my washing outside. Wins all round. I can ever larf about my handbag being stolen. I left it in the unlocked car. And what vast treasure did Burglar score? One library book. One Readers' Digest. Ha! __ The bois have just dragged in a large bag of fresh cut, chilled grass for your ladies to refresh their paws with and maybe use for making bafs. Pluse some rustly leaves to roll in. *places wide dish lined with grass on transporter, adds a bag of dried leaves, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jun 24, 2014 at 7:30 AM

That's wonderful that Katsanova is well and that he and Fanta are playmates now. Tabini will be friends with both of them before long. Thank you very much for the nippy breezes--another hot and humid summer week here. I also thank you for the delicious Queen of Pudding! Such lovely meringue too. I don't do well with meringue and am delighted if it is fluffy and not burned--fancy piping is beyond me. Even Woodee and Prudence had to have a small taste of meringue. I'm sending you some pillow cases filled with very warm, sunny breezes but without any humidity. Enjoy on those cold days!

By SovaPlum on Jun 23, 2014 at 11:44 PM

Ohai cataff! Gud Nus! Katsanova responding well to antibiotics, hijinks ensued. __ I'm happy to report my bois are settling into a new family dynamic. At first, when I saw Fanta chasing Katsanova about two weeks ago, I was worried that F was turning into Teddy Bear and bullying K. But! One night I saw K circling back and LAUNCHING himself at F! Who took off like a rocket with K in Hot Pursuit. - It was a cold miserable week, so all this took place indoors - Eying each other intently, they circled, stalked, pounced, pursued and wrestled. Once I even saw F crouch, blink slowly with an up tilted chin in the same inviting fashion Tabini used to do to encourage F. But F&K play MUCH rougher than T&F did! The more F&K play, the more peace T gets. Tabini still doesn't trust Fanta but he is getting less hissy with F and more friendly with K. There has been bed sharing, grooming and mutual full-body boops. Last night I even saw Tabini *gasp* gently wrestling with K! The icing on the cake? A couple of nights ago a sleepy Tabini allowed me to put Fanta on the couch next to him without a growl! They even snuggled a bit like old times. K, of course, just draped himself over the hoomin . ___ At last! The Detente I had been hoping for. Now if I could just persuade K to stop opening the rubbish bin. . . Those amaryllis blooms are lovely! My mother grew them at the farm but I don't recollect any purely white ones. Alas, I've nary a flower, so I sent the bois outside with plastic bags to catch you some nippy breezes and I'm adding some hot, jam Queen of Pudding I made. *puts large segments of pudding into a serving platter, puts platter on transporter, ties plastic bags to rock, adds to transporter, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jun 16, 2014 at 8:41 AM

Wow, that is some story about Katsanova! I hope it was only a reaction to all the Friskies and that the sneezing bouts are over now. I can't believe he ate the whole thing!!! I had a Himalayan who opened a bag of cat food for herself but didn't come close to eating all of it. Katsanova must be going through a growth spurt to be going after noms so much. I'm glad you were able to see some of the critter cams at least. They are supposed to move the three inside bears outside today. After a day in an isolated outside enclosure, the staff will decide when to mix them with the other four already outside. I hope we will see more bears with more in the big enclosure. There is no rest at all for me this summer, and I have accepted it after seeing how long it will take to get all those new lessons ready. Hubcat has two pre-surgical appointments this week. June 30 will be here in no time, and that will increase the work load. Thank you very, very much for the cookie and the terrific delivery system! I gave the eagle some mice the ferals donated and snarfed down the cookie before any kittehs came begging to share. Your weather sounds lovely. We are hot and very, very humid. That is our typical summer, but it seems one never really gets used to humidity like what we have. The kittehs are lying on top of the thermice to take advantage of the coolness. Here are some white amaryllis blooms for you.

By SovaPlum on Jun 14, 2014 at 9:57 PM

Ohai cataff! I placed the pretty calla-lilies carefully out of the reach of Katsanova. He seems to be on an endless, mountaineering Quest for Noms!! On Thorsday he managed to drag down a bag of Friskies, tear into it and Ate The Lot! He looked like a grey, furry football. Not that this stopped him from eating a proper dinner! That night he started wheezing and sneezing and had a blood nose. Fearing he was having a reaction to all the chemicals in the Friskies, I asked Jack to take him to the vet first thing - SO lucky in my neighbours. Phi-the-vet said he thought it was a bit of grass stuck in K's nostril but couldn't find it. Several tests later and they were still mystified. Some general antibiotics and booster shots later, and it's Wait And See. I told Phil why K had bruises all over his gums. Phil laughed himself silly about the Friskies. There has been improvement, but still some lesser sneezing bouts. *crosses fingers* ___ The critter cams are still erratic. This morning I got assorted burdies but no bears. :( So I watched the tour of the bears' complex led by Dr Dave :) Maybe they could add some pictures of your homeland? For, say, context?___ CONGRATSHULASHUNS on getting your school Fully Accredited! It sounds like it took a heroic effort all round. But, but . . . Aren't YOU getting a rest? You totally deserve a treat!!! ___ I have hidden that bag of hot sunshine for later. We have been having lovely sunny days with cool breeze. Hopefully I have captured enough for everyone!! *places chilly bin full of thermice on transporter, presses Make It So*

By cataff on Jun 11, 2014 at 5:17 PM

Fanks for the delish Victory Choccie! Choccie is ALWAYS gud. I'm glad you saw the bears in the enclosure. Having all the leaves makes spotting them more difficult, but it's beautiful with the leaves, and sunrises and sunsets in the mountains are gorgeous. I wish the cameras were mounted in such a way that they could turn far enough east to catch Afton Mountain (part of the Blue Ridge Mountains). Peeps would see some real beauty then. Sadly, they can't be turned that far the way they are mounted. I've asked, and the sympathetic staff would have turned them for me for a bit if they could because they know I'm still homesick for the hills even after 42 years in the flat lands. The paper bags are a big hit, and the rat has been transported to Buttercup, who thought it was his hatch day again. LOL! I'm sorry Fanta is still being a brat at times. I hope he will get over that before long. Summer has hit us in the faces. The temperature is up, and so is the accursed humidity. The ferals captured a huge sack of nice, hot sunlight and are sending it to all of you to spread around as you wish. The stoodents finished last Friday, and the exhausted staff finished Monday. It turns out that we will be the only school in our system that is fully accredited by the state. They nearly killed us with the punishment, but we managed to pull up the math scores and keep all the other scores where they need to be. At least we know we will have a year without all the busy work added to our load. I'm working like crazy to get new lessons and tests and such made for new text books, and it is going to take forever. It is taking me an hour and a half to make a single test (multiple choice like would be on the state tests and slow to create). I make two for each unit, and there are six units. I really need to be finished before June 30, when the next knee replacement is supposed to be done. Here are some calla lily blooms for you. I hope work isn't wearing you out these days.

By SovaPlum on Jun 10, 2014 at 11:15 PM

Ohai cataff! Habb a Victory Choccie to go wif ur FP. *places Energy Chocolate bar into Mountain Trail Emergency Package, places package onto transporter, presses Make It So* If kittehs must go hiking, they should at least take one properly equipped hoomin. __ On Sundog I was up in time to watch the sunrise in the sunbears enclosure. What magical light! too bad the bears were to snoozy to see it. Fanta has caught a rat for Buttercup. Fanta is generally being at ratbag himself these days. But he still has periods when he wins his ways back into Tabini's good graces. I find them, sometimes, wrapped around each other fast asleep. Hopefully the cold weather will promote Peaceful Co-operation! Speaking of winter. How is your summer coming along? Has it arrived? Are all your Dear Stoodents kicked outside to play? How is you school doing generally? Do you think you're safe for another year? I alwasy think it's a waste of an oppertunity when govts don't support struggling schools. For any system to work well, it takes effort! In my humble opinion, that is. If school is out, what are you and CL up to? Including some just ironed paper bags for your ladies to enjoy. *places dead rat in an old shoe, places shoe on transporter next to paper bags, presses Make It So*