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Yeah, if you could post some cat pictures today That would be fucking great!

Best Meal Ever

Every time a SJW cries A libertarian gets chicken wings

"Funny how? You mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you?"

Those Probably Weren't Going to Be a Big Seller Around Here Anyway

Typical Liberal Reaction When They Don't Get their Way


Everyone is out voting and I'm sitting here masterbating

Pondering This Question Will Heel Your Sole

"This is the most important election EVER!!! Look at all the fucks I don't give

Vote or Die! I VOTE you stay off my property if you don't want to DIE!

Trick Or Treat Bitches

Not My Circus Not My Monkeys

Why did the rooster cross the Ocean? To get the f*ck away from The Donald and Hillary Presidential election

T.G.I.F. Thank Groping It's Friday


Why vitamin B Why not vitamin A

"Hello? ...I'd like to order two large medium pizzas" "Please hurry, I'm High AF!"

Trump Grabbed Me! and Hillary tried to eat me!!!

"If this fucking Trump guy tries to grab me" "I'll f*ck him up!"

You're Offended??? Nice to meet you Offended. How are you? Oh that's right, you're offended, bummer

"Donald never once, not once ever tried to grab my pussy, shit! even Bill won't touch it!"

"I'm A Rapist"

"AH f*ck!" --Scotty

Everyone is worried about the election and I'm sitting here masterbating to a picture of Monica Lewinsky

T.C.I.F. Thank Clowns It's Friday

Nancy Pelosi Ready for Halloween

Hillary Clinton The Scariest Clown

Meme Lives Matter f*ck Politicians!

Sparky on the left b4 - Sparky on the right AFTER injection just 2 marijuanas. Do you still think marijuanas are safe? I DIDN'T THINK SO!!!


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