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By Sylviag on Jun 29, 2015 at 10:18 PM

Hai! Oh happy day for new puter!! Ur mom still making u luk up awl kinds of fings? Georgy Girl lubs teh hammuck and iz shameful she nawt fank Bella befor. She sended her a video she maded herselb kalled "Tabbies Iz Kool" ob awl the tabbies show knows - wich iz her, Brodie, Mango and Squee Willie altho teknically he only part tabby since he part wite but he wined and wined until GG put him in the vid. Dat him stikking hiz tung in teh kamera lens. Oooo prezies for us?? Waz 100 F one day last week and has been bery warmz eber since. I ration owt teh icy winds and let eech kitteh hab a liddul bit. The nip iz gone. Squee grabbed it an dey awl chased eech odder arownd grabbing a leaf here and dere, den dey awl chased teh mousies and den dey awl tuk nappies. Sadly teh musies awl gone tu altho I tried tu tell teh kttehs one mousie a day keep teh kitteh blues away. It wa like karnival arownd here Ai losted too much weight so ur lubly kake is reely medicinal and ai feel plumper and bedder alreaddy! Ai iz mostly gud nao. We went kamping, jus me and Bryan, and waz laaazy. I readed trashy nobels and had smoky wine by the kampfire. Ai sended u three slightly uzed trashy nobels dat ha hawt mens in dem tu entertane u, flippy flops wid plastic oranje flower, a liddul tent, sum wine and sum kampfire smoke. Puts awl in beech bag and u and teh kittehs can kamp indoors. Zips tent up and writes ovaPlum in NZ on it wid Majik Marker and takes to Fedex. In akse wun ob my kittehs sneek in tent, be shur and send him or her bak.

By SovaPlum on Jun 24, 2015 at 12:51 AM

Ohai Sylviag! Welcome Bak! I've bin waitin round a bit sew u an Bryan can habs some wine an restyups. You awl gud nao? Ai just finded teh comix re ur adopshuning wut has to be Gregory Gurl. I sew happee to see anuther Tabby'o'holic fawling offa da wagon! ___ Kweston. Is Bryan Farclan? ___ Eversince I ai told mai kittehs u bak dem has been assembles sum Welcome giftees fur u! Should be somefing for ebbery won. Teh bulging windsocks are frum the storms before teh won dat blew out before it got hear. Sew teh icy winds might naw be sew strong now. Teh nip is dried nip frum Tabini's Sekret Garden. Teh shoe box of mousies is frum ebbery won. But aim teh won wut kept dem alive an plump! Teh harf a continental strawberry and chokklit cheeze cake is frum me. Ai got a hole one but, well . . . u no. *places large rock on transporter, ties windsocks to rock, adds basket of nip filled cushions, balances box of mousies on top of cushions, wraps skritches in bubble wrap, ties to rock, places box of cheesecake on far side of rock, covers with force field, presses Make It So* P.S. Ai Got a NU POOTER!

By Sylviag on Jun 18, 2015 at 7:02 AM

Plum plum - love ya

By SovaPlum on Jun 14, 2015 at 10:11 PM


By SovaPlum on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:22 PM

*presses mouth to interwebby tubes* HUROW!?!?! HUROOOW?!?! ANEE BUDDY DER?!?!? HURRROOOOOW?!?!?! IZ BELLA. . . . BELLA!!!!!!!! *peers into interwebby tube* Nummy ai dunt fink anee buddy heer. U gibs dat tabby gurl dis frum meh. *climbs onto bed, starts grooming vigorously* ___ Ohai Sylviag! Hearz a present from Bella to Gregory Girl *wraps knitted kitty hammock in bubble wrap, places on transporter, presses Make It So*

By SovaPlum on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:17 PM

arenteesylbiaarenteesylbiaarenteesylbia!!!!!! Iz MEH FANTA!!!!! Ai cawt a mousie! Awl bi mai self! Bella hulped meh tie a ribbon onit fur MZ GreegorGurl!!!!! Izza grean ribbon frum Nummys sparkly dress!!!! Bella sayz iz ok if Mz GreegorGurl can be mai gurlfren to but ai has to ax hur furst sew a maided a Balantyz Card fur hur!!!! Ucangibbshur fur meh? *places card into a small cardboard box, puts in live mouse, quickly closes lid, seals with masking tape, pokes holes in top, pushes onto transporter, gets Nummy to press the right buttons*

By SovaPlum on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:11 PM

To Arentee SylbiaG. This is fur. . . four Mz GG (iz it ok to call hur. . .her GG?). Drops half grown rat on transporter, presses the button Nummy is pointing to* Frum Tabini.

By SovaPlum on Apr 8, 2015 at 11:05 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Glad u lieked teh phish pie. U can has wif ennee kinds of phish aifinkso. ___Congraztulashuns on bean adopshuned by dat lubbly gurl tabby! U iz Berry Honoured an Gratefull aim shur. (=^.^= )___ Ebbery won habs a Welcome Home giftu fur Miz Georgy Girl (liek teh song?) Sum raw phish frum meh - iz kahwai (sayed car why) dunnt worree. Ai didunt put enney stoopy hoomin stuff wif it. Mai kittehs wants to delibber der giftus dem selfs. Ai mae habs to help Bella a bit. *places saucer of finely diced raw fish on transporter, adds wind up mousie toy, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Apr 5, 2015 at 1:05 AM

Oooh, she brot bak teh smoked phishiy pie! well, 34 ob it. She sed waz such a long trip, she got hungree Srsly that sownds like a delish pie to ake with smoked salmon

By Sylviag on Apr 4, 2015 at 11:30 PM

Hoya SP! Our new kitteh Georgy Gir (waz Gaya) tahp by tu interdue her beautimus self to the two bois and wun url. She bringing some liddul goldfishy cwackers for dem. I onnaby OK d teh shelter and we haz such a happy. In cae u nawt meet mu nu liddul gurl.

By SovaPlum on Mar 23, 2015 at 11:26 PM

Oahi Bizzzee Wumin! Yesterdae teh man ai car pools wif gived meh a Smoked Phish. Sew ai maid u a Smoked Phish Pie fur Cheats. Ai preped teh phish den chopped teh heck owt ov a double handful ov chives frum mai garden. Next, a big pan ov white sause. Den ai mixed 3/4 ov teh sause wif 3/4 of teh smoked phish an alla da chives an poored it intew a blue eye scream tub. Den sum feta cheese melted intew teh rest ov teh sauce. Ai pours teh cheezee sauce on topov teh "pie" an sprinked sum chill an paprika powder oan top. An VOILA! Smoked Phish Pie fur Cheats! A blue timey wimey lid tew keep hot anna separate tub fur sum Phish fur Kittehs. *puts tubs on transporter, adds bottle of chilled white wine, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Mar 22, 2015 at 3:18 AM

We have lift off!

By Sylviag on Mar 19, 2015 at 12:47 AM

Sorry I haven't responded to msgs, Hope to do so soon. xo

By SovaPlum on Mar 16, 2015 at 10:56 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Cyclone Pam wus no trobble fur NZ. Cataff sended us sum 4 leafed clovers an hur ladies sended a force field generator. So I added dem together an it awl blewed over! Dem is sum well connected, generous lady kittehs, aifinkso!! ___ Dis means ai will habs tew do sumfing nyce fur Vanuatu oan pae dae. ___ Hey u no dat cozin ai spoke ov. Borks mai brain ebberytiem ai tri to werk it owt! Habbin a Clan Gathering in April. Gud suggestion bout hot dawgs & bearsies. I'll have tew git mai Sciency Nyces (ai gots 4 ov 'em) tew whip up sum tastee non-hicup, vegan beersies sew dat ebbery won covered. ___ Fanking yew fur teh Greek Stripper! Just teh fing fur a furst dae bak at werk! Ebbery won was berry gellus dat him gived choccies an flurs just tew meh. We didunt habs enee greeks moosic sew teh Island mens played der ukelelees an tawt him manly island dances. Much bettah dan a boifren wif nuffing but munnies enee dae!!!! (keep an eye owt fur meh enee wae A cuddly won pweese) ___ Ai maided u sum moar medicinal medisin. Normaly yew has it ebbery 2 hurs but oan St Patrick's Day u has ebbery 20 mins. Sew ai doubled teh whiskey to ensure efishencee. Awlsew ai maided sum bananas stewed in cream an topped wif mini marshmellows. Nawt cawse is St Patrick's. Just kawse ai gotted tew manee bananas oan teh weekend. Enjoy! *places medicinal bowl a tray , adds large serving bowl of bananas, decorates with sparkly nip filled mousies, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Mar 15, 2015 at 11:13 PM

Ai hop Cyclone Pam nawt blow you and the two bois and wun gurl away! It sownded terribul daage in Vanatu but has losted sum ob its windage before it hit NZ, Stay safe. Dat medicinal cweem - u needz tu boddul and sell it Ai not waste it topiaclity, haz tu be internalized to reely wurk. Feel no pain at awl now. I fink ai was supposed to take it twie an hour or waz dat twice a day? my kittehs kwite upset dat kitteh bited me and dey waz gonna kum tu hselter wid me tomorry and tell him off. Wen ai tolded dem he was big not neuered tom bigger dan eben Brodie Odie, dey decided towrite a nasty latter insted. Den dey rememered dey nawt kno how to askshuly rite anyfing. Ai wudnt let dem uze puter cuz last time dey did they order a6 foot fake plastic palm tree and 4 pink flamingos for the dek. So dey tell me wot tu tell him and ai aksed dem if he wanted me tu get bited agin? So dey go wach kitteh kartoons. Oh my, ai cudnt eben envishun dis convusaluted relationship. Ai fink he proy bork teh wbby tree site many times trying tu get awl dese branches and leebe sorted owt.. Ur faby must be huuuge and fil a futblol stadium. Den u cud awl buy beer and hot dawgs. AI hop u did sumfing besides kleening. awl kleen and no play make SP owun tired lady with chapped hand. Dats wor u got two bois and wun gurl for - dey spsed tu do teh kleening. Ai haz crocus and erly daffydolls blooming, Piks one sunnyshine yello wun, puts in kristal vase and box ob 4 eggstra yummy Godiva choklits Gibs tu dat flour guy wid wings on hiz feet and slap his butt tu get him on his way. U haz boifren tu spend monies on u? Or shud ai be keeping my eye owt for suitable wun?

By SovaPlum on Mar 14, 2015 at 12:28 AM

ooooo ai furgotted! Izza *ahem* medicinal cream fur ur saw paw. *whips cream, adds icing sugar, tips in teaspoon of vanilla essence, looks around furtively, adds shot of whiskey, tips in capfull of green food colouring, whips some more, tips into white tub with red cross on lid, places on transporter, presses Make It So* Apply topically or orally!

By SovaPlum on Mar 13, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Ohai Sylviag! I see frum teh favings dat menee Cheezelanders agree wif Awesum Hampster bout u! U a gud gurl U iz. ___ Ai carn't blame mai Mummy fur mai borked pooter cawse she dragged mai sistifur in tew hur schemes, easin teh load oan mai pooter. Iz tew do wif our (lets c iffin ai can git dis rite) 2nd cousin, once removed via two adopshuns! Nawt manee peeps got one of DOZE! Lets us jus call him Cozzin Chris. Cozzin Chris's Dadee wus adopshuned awl formal like by his Grands (teh Grandad bein bro of mai adopshuned Mummy's maternal Granny). Dem didunt no der son wus gay an nawt teh bio dad of his woomun frens baebeh. Gay-nawt-dad & his fren did a Marrige of Convenience. Den him left hur. Dunt no y. Sew Cozzin Chris's dad is bof adopt-a-bro AND step nephew tew Mai Maternal GreatGranny! WHEW! Cozzin Chris doin won Epic Fambly Tree at won of dem Fambly Tree webby-sights. Mum nawt reeeelly keen oan alla dat stuff but she Berry Happee Dansin dat hur fave cousin wut moobed TWO countries in lessen two yeers iz bak in touch cawse ov awl dis. Me 'an sis been doin mucho typo fur alla dis Information Exchanges. ___ Ai no how ur bois an gurl no dat ai a Flour Chile izza mai Hair moosic an awl mai 60s an 70s vynal wut ai got pumpin when ai duz mai howse werk! Nuffin like lettin teh sun shine in when u dustin, afinkso! __ Arfter 2 weaks of vaccayshun aim Kwite Over kleanin. U ebber notice when u kleans-a-lot u starts tew cee MOAR fings dat need cleans? I An fur mai larst day of vaccay tomorra? Ai gots tew dew awl mai Regular Cleans. *sigh* A fink ai'll helps maiself along wif sum of dat healthsum elderberry wine u sended. Ai gots tew go nao. Iz tiem tew cleans mai latest batch ov stuffed tois. Will send u sum toasty wons as soon as dem is sundried tewmorra. TTFN!! (=^.^=)

By Sylviag on Mar 11, 2015 at 10:41 PM

Fankees X elebenty! Lubs wun u maded for cataff tu. Wud tawk mor but typing wid left paw, long storeee. Tell u laterish. lub and hugz

By SovaPlum on Mar 11, 2015 at 12:11 AM

*Knock knock* DELIBBERY!

By Sylviag on Mar 9, 2015 at 8:49 PM

SP u haz maded sum ossum Basement Cats - ai passed dem tu Black Friday.

By Sylviag on Mar 9, 2015 at 6:50 AM

Transporter nawt wurking - tu much kitteh fur inside so had tu uze eggstra larje die tie frisbee. Puter borked cuz u do tu much stuff for Mom? U still on vacay? 4 bois and wun gurl lubs teh 60s and wen dey bisit ur 2 bois and wun gurl, dey tole Lucy u wud lubs it tu. We awl be flour children tugedder. Ai is way older dan u so libbed teh late 60s reel gud - tuk me a few years tu recober LOL Our car going in for repairs today and insurane peepuls gib us a loaner. We big peepul and hope we doant get itteh bitteh KIA dat we haz tu shuhorn outselbes intu. Den we go tu shelter tu wurk after playing in huje hot springs nathchural pool in easteren Oregon awl weekend. Was like bathub - but dey doant allow no bubbledies :( Ai neber had dubunnet. Ai luk it up an id sownd bery gud and haz tu be helthy wid awl dem herbs and spicies. Ai feel much bedder alreddy. Hic. An den we hadded teh tiamisuu - more helthy wid awl dat choklit and Kahlua. Hic Hic Ai haz tu go lay down nao wid teh kittehs who lubbed teh catnip bokay tu peeces LOL And hot socksand roks! U ouddided urself. Sendng u bathtub full ob nathrual hot springs tu sabe for winter. U can soak in teh springs, dwink sum helthy elderberry wine and den rap teh blankie and cataff's kwilt arownd u. lubz and hugz

By SovaPlum on Mar 8, 2015 at 10:45 PM

HOW MANEE TIEMS DO AI HAZ TO RELL U! SHTAHP THROWIN FINGS AT MEH!!!!! U BORKED mai POOTER! Just gawt bak furm teh Borked Pooters R Fixed shooo. . . .Oooh, feelin sum Peace. Ahhhh, sniffin sum phishies. Siiiigh, lubbin teh lubs. Awl bettahr now :-)___ Ai has unpacked mai Gorgeous fleece treats! Hang on a tick *runs off to put head bands on bois an gurl* . Now dunt dey look awl cyoote 'n' retro? Pweese fank ur 4 bois an 1 gurl fur Dems purrfect choycest patterns an colours fur meh. *pulls on psychedelic Basement Cat t-shirt, inspects reflection* Purrfect fits of t-shirtness! Ai sew lukky tew habs such a pawsum cheeze fren!!!!! *hangs catnip mousies from the light shade, stands back to watch kittehs go wild jumping at them, goes awwws for a bit* Ai will stash mai Lubbly Blankie in teh blankie box wif the quilt cataff sended meh. When winter cums ai gunna be teh warmingest, most styling hoomin in town. ___ Iz ur car fix o.k? Mai car fix o.k. Only borked cawse sum nitwit hit teh side mirror. Gud fing ai wusunt innit at teh tiem! Nao den! Treats awl round ai finkso!! *places bottle of dubonnet on transporter, adds bottle of soda water* Duz u drinks dubonet? U has a widdle bit strait fur tew wet ur appetite. Oar u has a mix wif soda watah wif dinnah tew wet ur appetite. Oar just kawse u lieks it. Ai gotted sum hoom maeked eyes creams -espresso gelato an dark chokklit - frum a playz crost teh road frum sick-pooters' playce. Sew ai maided u an CL a big bowl of Plum maid tiramisu wif harf a bouttle of Kahlua splashed over teh eyes cream is, a layer of whippy cream anna toppin of chokklit mint chips. Fur ur kittehs ai has raided Tabini's Secret Garden, boughted a big roll ov bubble wrap anna cassette of Bella & Hur Boi's Guddest Purrbrations. An fur ebbery won! 4 windsocks chockfull ov Hot Dae winds. *places large bowl of tiramisu desset on transporter, adds large catnip bouquet, slides cassette inside roll of bubble wrap, adds 4 sun-baked rocks each with a bobbing windsock attached, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Mar 6, 2015 at 1:46 AM

Okeh - teh blankie iz finished! Wraps up and tapes tu giant frisbee and trows tu u. U like, yes?

By Sylviag on Mar 5, 2015 at 11:45 PM

Sending this out to some freinds to get it around. Told Tofu about it and hoping ICHC somehow can post it in its entirety. All I could do was get a print screen and give the link

By Sylviag on Mar 4, 2015 at 7:50 AM

My four bois and wun gurl are at teh fabrik stor pikking owt just teh right stuff for your underlays. Dey sed dey karefully consider ur purrsonality and it will be purrfeckt match. Dey knows u will be so happies. As soon as ai sew it up you habs it! Sending you Hello Kitty bandy ades for accidental sewing matchine stitches. lub and hugz Buzy awl day and ebening but hopes tu see u tomorrow.

By SovaPlum on Mar 4, 2015 at 12:12 AM

Waitin BERRY BLIMMIN payshuntlee *drops one-size-fits-all bumper off at local garage, gives delivery directions, hobbles off to A&E to get stitches*

By Sylviag on Mar 3, 2015 at 10:28 PM

Hai! Oopsie - runs u ober wid sewing matchine. Dose stitches will pull owt ob ur leg reel eezy LOL Yay on paying off teh 4 wheel fingee. Hope my bois and gurls leeve plenty ob fur on nu bedding. Wud be ashaned ob dem if dey didnt. Ai finish awl teh blankies, eggzept urs, so u kan shoo my bois and gurls bak home. Ur bois and gurls kan hab sleepober here anytime since dey bin such good hosts. And Yay for hollydaze. If ai remembers korrectly, ur Mom alway seemz tu hab projekt wen u is on hollydaze LOL Oh teh nip oil go gud wid my prrtchuli incense - sells like teh sixies rownd here nao. Let me just putz on my hedband an take off my hooter holder. I puts teh plump rump in frig rite away before teh kttehs make me tu mince it fine and cook in broth for dem. Sum dude rear ended us today in town - bah. We OK abd hiz insurance pay but nao our purty car has owies. U haz bandy ades? Tu relax after horrorendus eggsperience ai dwink a liddul wine, maybe a liddul mor dan a liddul. Makes coasters out ob purty wine boddul labuls and puts in wind up jewelry box. Wen teh moosik stopz u haz it

By SovaPlum on Mar 3, 2015 at 12:48 AM

Ohai Wylviag! Ai has waited payshuntly, afinkso. Sew u bettah be dun sewin! ___ Ai new Rite Awae dat der wus eggstra kittehs bisited. Der wus eggstra dents on mai bed. Plus harf mai stuff wus orf teh walls. Wus gud tieming, u sendz ur kittehs obber as ai wus sillybrateing finishin orf pays fur mai car bai buyin a nu bed&mattress! De moar test nappers teh bettah. ___ Best of awl? Aim oan hollydae! Sew Mum haz gots meh doin pooterin jobs. An Driving Me Around Teh BEND!!! Sew Lucy bin gently leads meh hoome ebbery nite. Just in teim to gibs ebberyone NOMS. ___ I hope ur kittehs habs bin commin hoom each nite to radiate orf teh warms dey bin absorbs awl dae? An shares awl teh lizzars, bugs an mousies dem bin catchin? Just in case, ai distilled sum nip oil fur u to puts in ur dinnah - I recommend u puts it in beefy stew. Anna nyce bouket ov fresh nip flours. U & Bryn sew bissi doin Gud Wurks u deserbs a treet! ___ NAO DEN. 'Bout a nu underlay fur mai nu bed. Izza double bed. Standard syze. I can has floral inlay? *puts bottle of nip oil on transporter, adds large vase of catnip flowers and impatiens, wraps up a kilo of beef rump in layers of paper, pus on transporter, adds bottle of dry red wine, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Mar 3, 2015 at 12:26 AM

Awentee Sylbia was buzyness but Squee went into trasnporter and gotted awl teh Big Black Tastee Crickets an set dem loose in teh howze Ai had such a surprizzled wen ai kum hone tu find dese alien circkets in our house flying around and my wun gurl and tree bois chasing dem and nokking fings ober. Dey awl stop and luk bery gilty and den awl pointed at Squee and send it waz hiz fault dat he open trasnporter widowt aufor ... autor .. purmisshun. An den dey started chasing teh crickts agin. Sigh Umm trufully saurkraut smell a bit rank, mor like kimchee. Must hab tu be much kolder. AI had lubly passed elder artnee frum old country who maded her own kraut and soured big cabbage leebes for her wurld famus cabbage rolls. My mouf water just finking abowt dem. Sending boo boo bandaids wid kitteh pics on dem in kase any hurtz frum dese WWF fites u bin habbing. Ai maded corned beef and cabbage for fambly teh odder nite and sending u sum wid bery hawt horseradish for teh corny beef. Klean owt ur sinuses. Puts back in crockpot, sets tu fast speed tu get tu u wile is still warmz. Also sum leftober rum ballz ai still hab in frig from Catmas. Dey neber spoil cuz so much alkohol in dem. Doant eet more dan 2 - or tree, but not mor dan fibe.

By Sylviag on Feb 24, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Arntee Sylbia bin buzy wid kitteh rescue shelter. Sent my four bois and wun gurl to bisit until ai finish dis projekt. lub and hugz