Messages between Sylviag and SovaPlum

By Sylviag on Dec 20, 2014 at 6:23 AM

I faled asweep last nite efoe ai cud gib u my kard - but u haz it. Muchl lubs to you and the bois and gurl.

By SovaPlum on Dec 20, 2014 at 1:31 AM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai see wut u is doin tonite. Karnt wait up till you get to Ss. Gibs kissies to Skwee Willie frum an admirah! xxxxx

By SovaPlum on Dec 16, 2014 at 8:37 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai had a confoozeld when ai readed ur larst msg. "Wut lites wear?" Ai arxed myself. Ai nu kittehs bean bisitin cause der wus eggstra dents in mai bed covers. Butt . . . butt. . . Den, later dat nite, ai luked owt teh window an BEHELD Flashin Lites obber at J&H's! Didz u no J&H's howse is IDENTICAL to MINE? Them sayed sum Lubbly Kittehs cumed bisitin an got awa. . . um . . . Ai mean dem went home afore dem could be adopshuned sew J&H Berry Sads an woodunt gibs me dem lites as dey needed teh pritti to cheer dem up. "Fair enuff" ai finkso. I gabes dem mai disc of Fifty Fun Songs of Christmas. Jack takes Forebber to pea. ___ OH! An Heather sayes she hazzunt any orange kittehs right now sew if Mango is ebber feeling lonely. . . .___ Dat sled u slided tew me. Mai kittehs SOLD teh sno!!! Teh liddle rat-bags! Dey got manee toonas an sew Tabini for gibbed Fanta fur tellin wear his nip patch wus. After sum beatins dat is. Bella used dem pots to frow at teh kittehs wut used to be mean tew hur. Especially dat Teddy Bear. She sayed to tell u dem wus sum gud loud KONKs oan teh heads an she berry grate full an sends u dis box stuffed wif purrs an wrapped in bubble wrap wut has hardly bin plaed wif. ___ Iz bin berry stormy hare but between down poors teh bois has cawted sum hot summar airs fur u. Noa ai gotta go wrap furst batch ov prezzies afore ai can has mai whine ttfn! *places bubble wrapped box on transporter, ties windsocks together with blue and silver ribbons, attaches to box, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Dec 14, 2014 at 8:12 PM

Hai SP an Fanta! Furrry warmz for meh and hubcat! Now as far as kare ob dese warmz. Kan ai warsh dem? Ai fink since kittehs nawt like baffs ai need to dwy kleen dem. Ai nawt luk in teh Sekret Garden but Squee Willie didz an hims kum home awl glassy eyed an watch teh flames in teh wud stobe for hours. Teh odder catz say fank u!! for teh ded burdies an dey tuk dem intu teh owtoor encloshur cuz dey know ai nawt like fedders awl ober teh howse nd ey tring tu be nice and not nawty. Been long time no chatty. My fawlt - kittehs tuk awai my puter privileges cuz ai wont gib em der Catmas prezzies erly. Akshully ai habnt bot der prezzies, yet but no need tu tell dem dat. Ai tell em if dey go under ur howz and retrebe teh dangly lites ai gib dem sum toona. All fibe trip ober eech odder to jump intu twansporter. Dey sed dey getted an untangul lites and hang dem up in ur baffrum. Bery festib aifinkso. De also put speekers in baffrum wid Catmas songs. U can pee tu musikal lite show! Me an kittehs maded liddul clay pots wid lidz for eech ob dem tu put der nip stash in. Ai getted kewl wooden sled for u tu put in front yard like decoratib item. Putz liddul clay pots on sled an a big bag ob snow and gib big shobe. Had a big holiday party last night which took a couple of days to get ready for so not ben onsince Fri am. Today needed to clean up and recuperte.

By SovaPlum on Dec 13, 2014 at 9:38 PM

arenteearenteearentee!!!!!! IZ MEH Fanta!!! We haz nitted u sum Wintar Chairyness!!! An fur ur hub-hoomin. Beany maed teh gloves an Bella dida skarf wif fringes frum Yogi. Yogi didunt want tew sheds but he JUMPED oan Beany an Beany BEATTED him an took loats uv furs!!! hehehe! ___ Ai maed u some paw mitts. Ai putted one moar toe oan each paw an hidded sum Nip flours frum Beanys Sekret Gardin. Teh Sekret Gardin iz NAWT inside teh triangle of lilee flours bai teh kreek so yew no luk der, K? ___ Bella is nawt gud a nits yet sew me an Beany hulped hur gud. ___ Nummy warshed sum teddy bares an we pulled owt AWL teh stuffins an putted in dryed nip an left teh teddys owt in teh sun fur hots. Us trapped loats of hot winds in plastic baggies. It wus hard kawes Bella keeped jumps oan dem an maed wholes in dem sew we putted sticky tape oan dem an filled dem sum moar. ___ Iz 2 fresh burdies cawt todae sew dey gud fur loats ov plaes! We wood have sended teh tail fevvers but we keepin dem. *pushes basket onto transporter, glues on some kisses, presses SEND2arentee@hurhowes* LUBS FRUM US!!!!!

By SovaPlum on Dec 9, 2014 at 10:28 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Fank yews fur the Catmus lites an teh nommy kookies. Ai nommed dem awl up! But ai had a turrible tiem deviedin teh lobstar fingie 3 waes. Der was hissin a spittin obber hu gotted wut bit! Finalee ai putted oan teh transplortter an repicated it sew der no moar fitin. Fur noa. Ai trys tew untangle dem lits but Tabini coodunt stand it an ranned off wif dem! He dragged it under teh howse an awl ai cood hare was deep, Basment worthy growls frum dunder der. Aim tew skared to go git dem. Maybe Wee Wille an sum ov ur tuffer kittehs cood transplort ober an reskew dem? Der wood be minted lamb sausaeges fur dem ifffin dey can git teh lites lieted up fur meh! ___ Ai izza near teh harf wae to dun shoppin mark. Bean der bout 3weeks noa. Gotta crack oan! ___ Ai hazzunt maed a Whisy Listy dis yeer. Larst few tiem ai did dat NUFING went tew plan. Gunna Chill & Go Wif Da Flow. An eat a loat of korse. Wut U up tew? ___ Mai kittehs is werkin oan a Winter Cheer Package fur u. But u haz tew wait till dem shed sum moar fur. An NO Eding oan cataff msgs oar u spoi teh surprise. Meanwhile. Pwees enjoy des plant fingies. Ai doant no wut dey cawled. Dey lool liek Queen Anne's Lace but green wif eggstra spiky leafs arounds dem head and woody stalks. Make GUD dangle tois! *places bunch of mystery plants tied with rainbow coloured ribbons on transporter, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Dec 3, 2014 at 9:47 PM

Wow, that girl deserves a medal or at least some chocolates :) What a brave thing to do. Iz u and teh bois and gurl getting reddy for Catmas? Wotz der wish listy? Ai am shur dey will brwing u wunnerful prezzies frum teh yard. Ai maded 4 hunderd kookies today. Sending u wun ob eech. Adds lobster bisque for teh kittehs Puts in oven turns dial it to NZ. Enjoi!

By SovaPlum on Nov 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM

OH stoopy me! Ai furgotted teh Fanks Gibbons Storee.

By Sylviag on Nov 30, 2014 at 8:43 PM

Oh yes turkey leftyobers iz gud for a few days ob nawt habbing tu cook. But after awile teh leftyobers doant match up anymore. U pour teh graby awl ober everything an eets it awl up teh furst day so hab tu many smashed potatoes and stuffings and no more graby. So den u haz tu put lotz and lotz ob butter on dem adding tu teh kalory cownt and den u needz more bigger elastic pants. Teh itteh bitteh vegies left nawt enuf for 2 peepuls. Teh pie awl gone teh second day. Teh salad awl wilted So teh giftee bakset frum u and teh bois and gurl kum jus in time before ai haz tu cook agin. Dey shur gud hunters! I skipped eberyfing else and ate the tiramoosie wid big glass ob milk and teh furbabehs likked teh plate. Flour arranjement beautimous! So big dat teh kittehs climbed it and wabed tu me frum teh top an den tipped it awl ober. My footbrawl team winned! Bryan decorated teh howze wid lots ob lites We haz leftober lites so ai send u big bunch but u haz tu untangle dem urselb. Mite get it dun before Catmas. Plugs dem in, flips circut breaker and der u go. lub and hugz fro awl ob us, espeshully Squee Willie. Luk at how cutes hims is:

By SovaPlum on Nov 29, 2014 at 6:38 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Sowee ai missed u larst week. Ur Rite! Is Berry Important tew shtap te cowch floatin awee durin teh footbrawls! Ai is happee u takin dat job srsly. Maek SHUR U poots oan xtra waits fur dat Fanks Gibbons futbrawl. Soundz liek a Srys brawl! ___ We awl enjoyed dem treets u sended us, fankyew berry mutch. An fur teh Season Greets Lyon Card. ___ Ai eggs plained tew mai kittehs bout Fanks Gibbons bean bout ebberbuddy brings noms den havin brawls oan teh lawn. Dey taeked tew teh idea inna Big Way! Bella has decorashuned a big giftees basket wif dem dove feavers an ebbery won has contub. . . kontrip. . . .put stuff in. Bella gibbed hur Furst Burdie. She kawt it larst weak an wus sew proud ai put it inna timey wimey box to keep it fresh fur hur. Tabini cawted a big rat fur teh basket an Fanta has bin fillin boxes wif lizards an crikits. Dey has awl harvested loats uv daizies fur ur brawlers tew roll in. Ai hair leftovers izza big fing fur Fanks Gibbions sew ai has bin puttin asied fuds awl weak. Dis mornin ai did a curry fri-up ov kornbeef, home maked sour krowt (ai steemed it wif vinigar an salts) an karrots. Den ai fried up sum left obber mashed potattars wif cheeze an topped wif beef grayvee. Enuf fur 4.5 hoomins (wif sum dropped fur teh fursons, lol!) Den ai popped ober tew teh shops fur sumfing wif todaes daet fur Beat Befores. Ai finded a tiramisu log! Ai tryed sum it is SUPER Sweet.! U bettar hav a big bowl of koffee wif it! __ U has flour arranges fur Fanks Gibbons rite? Sew ai gotta bunch ov lillies an roses inna vase fur u tew look at duin teh borin bits ov teh footbrawl. Enjoy! *heaves large gift-basket onto transported, adds three foot high flower arrangement, presses Make It So* ___ Wus just gonna hit "post" when Bella popped up wif sum purrs fur u *purrrrrrrrrrr*

By Sylviag on Nov 26, 2014 at 10:40 PM

I am blessed you are my friend.

By Sylviag on Nov 24, 2014 at 7:36 AM

Hai, Ai seed u on the DB last nite and then ai face planted before I cud anser. Waz so eggsausted frum spending all day on teh waching futbawl and playing on ICHC and keeping teh cowch from floating away. We was wacing the gkiddies for 2 weeks wile son waz vacayshunning in Costa Rica. He pik gud time tu leebe cuz we had lotz of snow and ice wile he waz wearing his flippy floppers on teh beach. He came bak Fursday ebening and we spent nice uiet weekend at home wid our kittehs who hab missed us berry much. For abowt a day and den dey bak tu der normul, demanding spoiled selfies. Glad you liked teh kalendar. Wowzie dat iz kwite teh kulinary sammi effort! AI likes my corny boef wid sowerkrout. Dis eek iz our bust-a-gut holday - Fansgibbing. Teh day we eet tu much, wach tu much futball and keep teh relatibs frum killing eech odder ROFL U habs a gud childhood on teh farm. Lotz ob gud memories aifinkso. We twy very hard nawt tu put nawt recikling stuffs in our bin but we sumtimes has accidentals. Dey hab such a long listee ai getz confoozled sumtime. Der be saisie flying awl ober teh place! Squee Willie want me tu plant dem in bthtub so he kan habe a field of flours u danse in :) ROsers bery purty, or was bery purty til kittehs deolihed teh daisies and started on teh roses. Sending u snowbawls wid Kahlua drippled awl ober dem. Sending bois and gurl soe mourning dove fedders to play wid Sonny caughted a dove but ryan rekewed it before muchly damage done, just sum down fedders and birdie fly away Sonny pissed :) Now u awl caughted up wid my novella. lub and hugz

By SovaPlum on Nov 23, 2014 at 8:38 PM

psssssst! Wut u doin?

By SovaPlum on Nov 18, 2014 at 11:42 PM

Ohai Sylvaig! Fank yew fur teh kalandars. Gunna print dat won wut y maded aifinkso! Just gotta add sum Moar gud daes to it. Like Indernashual Smmich dae! I had toasti sammiches fur dinnah. Wus cheeze, gerkin, beetroot + cornbeef. *burp* Of Kourse first ai had to pull oan teh elasty, draw stringed Trowsers ob Humilllitee. Nao ai can skWeeze in mai froze yoghurt an whiskee cofee fur puddin! ___ Wut we doe oan Guy Fawks aside teh fiah werks? Big BIG FIAHS!!!!! Ifs u habs a farm. Dis when u burns teh tree logs! Mai Daddee keeped sum fur each yeah. He wus such a gud Daddy. ___ Az fur werk shiftees. Teh twooble is. Teh PUBLIC! No buddy can pre-see how much dey gunna put in dem wheelie bins wut Shud NAWT Be Der. Dey BERRY NAWTEE!!! Mosslee we dunt no moar an 2/3 daes ahead wut we gunna do. Akshully. Dis week bean strangely consi . . . konsid. . . de sames. We workin 5:30am to 5 pm. Kross fingies da nuffing goes OOPS. If gud. We awl gonna habs teh big Catmus shopping fund! ___ Ai hope u nawt tell oan meh but ai eated awl the bakon bits in teh nommy tatter an leak zoup wut u sended.___ Ai maid a nu danly toi fur Tabini wut he went KRAZY four! Ai hope ur manee kittehs liek dem. An des are sum ov mai roses fur u. *drapes long daisy chains on transporter, adds large vase of purple tea-roses, presses Make It So* P.S. I berry happee dansin u liek teh World Kindness Day storee!

By Sylviag on Nov 13, 2014 at 12:18 PM

What a cool story about J&H and Todd! J&H are Rescues AR us already :)

By Sylviag on Nov 5, 2014 at 12:10 PM

Herez teh speshull day kalendar for our goggies and kittehs ai maded

By Sylviag on Nov 5, 2014 at 8:01 AM

I found this link for a lot of special days of the year that I think is pretty inclusive. I'm looking up various cat special days and will make an LOL and pass it around. Odderwise, gurrl, u haz tu get owts teh frypan and toasty dat sammie! But urs sownd purty gud too and wud include awl teh gud vegetamabuls for cwunch- full meal deel. Ai did see and fabe teh compleet stranger. Iz kyootie. AI fink Jolie cud du u justis - prolly nawt as gud lukking as u but she wud do OK :) Good Greef - hoepfully u know a week or so ahed ob time wot ur shifts gonna be so u can plan ur life wid the kittehs. What ppuls do speialonGuy Fawkes Day besides blow stuffs up? Happy awlteh kitehs OK an nawt tu tramatized. Ai sabe teh "borrowed" fiahwurs for Nu Yeerz. Ai maded potatoe leek zoop teh odder day. Fill u bowl full. Haz iddul bakon bits u can fish owt an gibe tu teh kittehs. Putz in micowabe and pushes Nu Zeeland button.

By SovaPlum on Nov 5, 2014 at 12:09 AM

P.S. Sew iz bout 2 hur latr. Teh bois Broke Owt bout 3 tiems! Dey camed strait bak in but. Specially teh larst time when teh BOOM BANG BOOM had started! Bella wus a gud gurl an settled in till dem stoopy bois keeped interuphuning hur nap. Nao she be twitchy frum teh noise. Ai goes to cuddle hur. ttfn.

By SovaPlum on Nov 4, 2014 at 10:32 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Hey dat won gud kall'n'dater! Wurs teh link? ___ When ai do toasty cheezey sammiches ai dus it teh Lazee Wae method. Ai toasts teh breed den slaps oan teh cheeze rite awaee! _ reely ripe cammbet is GUD fur dis! Den, wyle teh cheeze melts a wee bit, ai picks uvver toppings an fins wif lettuce. Lettuch maeks gud lids cause dey is crunchee an mai fingers doan get greasy. Ai lieks mai greaze oan mai chin nawt mai fingers! But ifs ai happs crispies oan mai sammich ai uses breed fur mai lid sew dey doan spray ebbery wear. ___ Msgs re teh Kitteh Formally Known As The Stranger is gettin attention! NC stopped bai to sae nyce fings bout dem 2 - iz meh wif mai Skyty Pants oan. Is Berry gratifyness. If deres a mobbie ai want Angelina Jolie to plae me. But as a Red Head. Alwaes wanted a R.H. U seen dis? Is Sweet Peas furst tippy toe into Casa Plum . ___ Mai shifts? Awl OBBER teh place! Sum tiems we start 4:30 am - BOOOOO! - Sum tiems we start 1:30 pm - prittie gud, dat - fur nao we mostly start 5-5:30 an run frum 8 to 11 hurs depending. When we dose 8 hurs dat means is gunna be a 2nd shif. Oar iz Caturday Let's Git Outta Hearah!!!!! Todae a did 5 to 1:30. Did erands, did howse werk. Naow keepin 3 mad tabbies trapped in doors kawse is Guy Fawkes tonite! Soon as teh dun goes down is gunna be BANG BANG WHEEEEE BANG BANG . . . Well ai spect u noes wut fiah werks sound lie! Hears won ai sto. . . ai founded awl lost oan mai way past teh Hello Wean fiah werks show grounds teh uvver dae. Enjoy! *wraps tube in newspaper, puts on transporter, adds large bucket of wet dirt, presses Make It So* P.S. U didunt get it frum meh!

By Sylviag on Nov 3, 2014 at 12:52 AM

Wun time ai founded a speshul calendar on teh interwebz and derz a hollyday for ebery day aifinkso. U toast ur cheezy sammies in butter til lite brown and awl teh cheeze melting? Ai like a combo ob Swiss an Cheddar. We haz tu take care ob gkids for 2 weeks tarting is Fri an ai fink ai make dose cheezy sammies and tomato zoop wun nite. Wudnt want to leebe dose crispy packets unappreshiated so gud fing u gonna eet dem. I ED and Cataf and gots teh latest coop on SovaPlum's "Life With Cats" AI fink derz an Oskar winning mobie der sumwere. Oh fank u for teh fwesh lettus! I ucked my gweenouse away for teh winter. Too kold at nite now to grow anyfing. I lubs Cammeber, is a bit sharper dan Brie. Do you work different shifts or always the same one?

By SovaPlum on Nov 3, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai nebber heared ov Sammich Day afore todae. Oan teh radio dem wus gettin a Hugemus Sammich frum Subway to Silybrate. Sew ai had Cheeze Sammiches fur din din. Nommmy! ___ Ai awful bowler! But is funs! ___ Au gotted home just in tiem to sea teh larst T-orTers leabin. *sighs* an ai gotted wee packets of crisps just fur em. Nao aim gonna habs tew eated dem. Lief is tuff sum tiesm. ___ Sew u nos bout Sweat Pea? She a meanie but nawt sew bad as T.B. But enee kitteh Tabini takes against isunt lieky to becum a fren ov Casa Plum. Yogi bean round lots laetly. Aim enjoyin pets tiem wif him but he hisses at Bella. Is a bad habbit he picked up frum teh uvver kittehs aifinkso. Iffin ai has tew chews it will be mai Bell Bell sew der! She got meh gud. Rite naw she purrin oan teh pooter chair while aim neelin oan teh floor!!!! ___Aim gonna set mai alarum tew midnite fur tew feast oan teh sammich u sended. Dats iffin teh kittes doan steel it! __ Mai hangin garden ov lettus is burstin rite nao. Habb sum fur ur sammiches tomorrer. *fills large bowl with baby lettuce leaves, squeezes half a lemon into bowl, garnishes with Camembert cheese, places on transporter, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Nov 2, 2014 at 9:34 PM

Well, there really IS an International Sammie Day worthy sillybrating for sure! Ai seed ur LOl and had tu luk it up. AI ED that TB haz a sissie. U haz so many kittehs in teh naygorhood ai kant keep trak ob dem. Do u like to bowl? We went to Bitrhday Bowling pary las nite and waz bery fun. But ai still no break 100. We hadz o tricy treeters kum o howze tu enjoy teh tunder and liteblingz u sended. Teh gardn globes bery handy as aiwore teh odders owt wid the yrd proect. Awl dun now and eberyfings hauled tu teh dump. WIpes my hands and hangs up my rake and pitchfork. Fres sum nice thick meaty bakon, toasts teh bread. Puts bakon on bred wid mayo, tomater an lettus Raps it up tight and putz in dumbwaiter and cranks teh rope u get it to u along wid sum bakon nawt on bred for the kittehs. xo

By Sylviag on Oct 28, 2014 at 11:24 PM

Our msgs crossed :) Ear skritches to the bois an a gurl. Will answer ur longer msg tomorrow. Just hanging out tonight faving my frens' gud stuffs tu get sum laffs and schnuckulz.

By SovaPlum on Oct 28, 2014 at 11:22 PM

To Arentee Sylviag *BONKS* frum Tabini. *BONKS* frum Fanta. *BONKS* Frum Bella.

By SovaPlum on Oct 28, 2014 at 11:20 PM

Oh Sylviag! I just read ur sad news. *hugs* Shasta was a lovely lass.

By Sylviag on Oct 28, 2014 at 11:17 PM

Fanks u my deer fren. Hugz

By SovaPlum on Oct 28, 2014 at 10:36 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Wut u mean u wabing bloody hands? Y U NAWT WHERE GLOBS?!?!?! U Silly U. ____ Ai iz reliefed to no u still got awl dem kittehs. Izza worree offa mai brain. ___ Ai nebber fourt ov eels wif cheezy eneefing. Next tiem Tabini catches him an eel aim gonna tri fri eel onna nyce salad tops wiff feta cheezey source! Him an Fanta iz buzzie rite noa fites an bites an lebbin furs fur meh to vakkum. Sum tiems dey gets forgets an pownces oan Bella. Den ders 1 helluvaq Ruckus! ___ Speakin ov Bella. She hada Epic Battle wif Teddy Bear! Won nite ai hears Indignant Skweeling outside an aifink "Uh oh! Wut Boi dun jumped oan Bella?" Den ders SKEEMING frum inside de howse an ai Runs 2 Luk!!!! An is Bella Throwin Down wif dat Ebbil T.B!!!! Sew we chased him OWT!!1!!!11 When Bella hadda calm ai examinashund hur fur owwies an der wus blood! BUT, it wusunt hurs!!! Aim sew PROWD ai cood burst afinkso!!!!!!! ___ Ai added dem piney needles tew mai floofy grasses fur teh nyce smells. Ai sended dem toasty an gud to cataff fur hur kittehs. Just in tiem kawese den it rayned an Rayned an RAYNED. Der wus THUNDAR an LITEBLINGS awl nite an into teh morning. Ai rekorded sum oan mai old cassette rekorder sew u can habs sum to skare teh childs oan Hello Wean. Iffin dey doan't kum tew ur howes u cood sneak up behinds dem at wear ebber dey go Trick oar Sweeties Mwahahahaha!!!!! *puts 1 pair 1 size fits all garden gloves on transporter, adds audio cassette, wraps chocolate flavoured lip balm in bubble wrap, puts on transporter, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Oct 20, 2014 at 12:08 AM

Hai SP! Wabing bloody hands frum raking, an raking, an raking. Ai fink sum choklit balm wud wurk reel gud - for my mouf ob korse. Like dem acupunkshun fings were u poke on part ob teh body and teh odder goes "yipee, awl bedder nao!" Ah, does odder ukits lib inside teh howse proper. Does 4 just fnally at gud place tugedder. We hadz Lucy and Brodie and then wham, bam, along kums Mango and wun munth Squee Willie. It was pandimonious for 6-7 month wif dem awl finding peace wid eech odder. Shasta nawt like it inside the howzcuz she always lib owtside. Sonny big boi an he bery territorial an wud upset teh oddes who reely not alfa kittehs altho Squee finks he iz :) Medicumnal herbs wurk reel gud an ai cud pet a mousie nao. Oh, dose for Shasta - my bad LOL Bryan sez fanks for teh Hunter Cap and he figur it wurk gud for fishing tu. Multi-purpose hat. Kittehs aks me to sawtay eels in butter wid cheezy poofs and dey lubs it. Sending u big bag ob piney needles to trow awl ober ur yard, and sending a rake tu rake dem up just for funz ROFL en u haz tim u make adoption and rescue LOLs for AnimalRescues? I know u dided sum alreddy but likes to share wid eberywun who may nawt hab seen them. U can upload comix u alreddy maded to ur puter and download to ICHC as LOL agian. We awl has memory losts so we fink dey brand nu!

By SovaPlum on Oct 19, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai lubbs to lib neer a crik, egg special when it scores me giftees ov nommylicous drinies! Ai sabed it fur tonite. Soon Dr Who will be finised rekording an ai can drunk drive te remote thru dem pesky comebuydis stuffudontneed. Fank Yew! ___ Ai lubbed ur mowsie storee. U such a scaredee pants. Dat wud maek a gud storee fur JeffCat's Hello Wean ___ But waet! If Shasta an Sonny get awl dat luxuriation - hey! check it out! Luxuriation izza reel werd! - wut does Skwee Willie, Lucy Lu, Mango, Brodie an enee uvvers ai furgot, get? Dus dey has eekwoolly splendifferous nite rums? Oar dus dey get sended owt to hunt coyotes? We dusunt habs such critters in NZ. We still gots to woree bout traffic an such, but. ___ Ai has ritede Mighty Hunter oan cap fur Bryan an put sum whiskee in sum tea to steady ur nervouses. U mite nawt want tew luk in teh sushie first aid box ai send fur Shasta, but. * puts teacup and saucer on transporter, covers with cap, arranges slices of fresh eel into first aid box, sprinkles with medicinal herbs, places box on transporter, presses, Make It So*

By Sylviag on Oct 15, 2014 at 10:30 PM

No u nawt tel me such an important landskape feechur az an eel filled creek. Who needz teh fancy water feechurs! Compleet wid slime. Ai haz such an enbious LOL AI haz tu tell u mousie story. Sonny an Shasta lib in der own suite in teh garaje. Dey haz own kitteh dor, window wid lacy kurtins in kase dey wants tu shred, 2 litter bokses, heater and lite, 4 lebels of shelbes, ramp tu go up and 4 floofies wid floofies an blankies. If wazliddul bigger ai cud putz in bed and hab pajama prartay wid dem. We loks dem in der at nite cuz no want dem eeted by coyotes or odder wild fings. So in teh mawning yesterday ai goes in and gibs Shasta her meds, bruhy dem boff, open kitteh dor so dey kan go owt an intu teh sun room which also haz kitteh dor, duz maid serbice tu kleen teh litter, make shur dey haz plenty ob fuds and water, vacuum awl teh hares off teh karpet. Dey neber gibs me tip :( Ai goes "Eeek", cuz der is mousie in der wid dem and iz hiding under 3 teir shelb ai keep awl der stuffs on. Sonny going frum wun side ob shelb tu teh odder reeching hiz paws unner trying tu get mousie. Ai putz kittehs owt, closes teh dors and goes tu my man an tells him tu get rid ob da mousie. He go in and nawt find it. We cannot figur owt were mousie went. Iz puzzel. Ai goes in dis mawning and iz time tu wash teh blankies ai putz ober the floofies so ai move wun ob teh floofies and der is mousie in teh korner wid a liddul pile ob kibbuls. "Eeek" agin, putz kittehs owt, etc., etc,, and get my man agin. Mousie bery kwik an keep hiding under shelb. Bryan take shelb owtint garaje and bwings Sonny in and tugedder dey korner mousie behind kitteh scratching post and Bryan putz mousie in bukket and take it owtside tu way bak ob our property. Sonny sad cuz he nawt hab live toy no mor. Oh dat bery long story an u prolly falled asleep. My indor kitehs lub teh tea roses and skatter pedals awl ober teh howze. Dey wud hab been gud flower kittehs at a wedding. Mmmm, choklit cobered anyfing is delish - but nawt eels. U must haz yummy blood for skeeter buffay. Sendind u boddel ob Gand Marnier for ur skeeter bites. Drink enuff and u wont be itchy no more cuz teh more u pour, wont be long befor u be on the flor an start tu snore.