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By SovaPlum on Jan 26, 2015 at 9:38 PM

Iz V.C. fur dat clebber snoman maker puppeh. *slides white chocolate chip cookie with lemon icing and macadamia nuts into fax machine, presses SEND* Ratz! noa ai 37mins past OFF tiem!!!!

By SovaPlum on Jan 26, 2015 at 9:30 PM

Ohai Sylviag! A Flying Bisit kawse is now 29 minutes passt GIT OFFA DAT POOTER tiem. Urs ai sended BC an CC tew BF. Toodles xoxoxo

By Sylviag on Jan 26, 2015 at 8:12 PM

Didju send srsly funneh BC and CC tu Black_Friday?

By Sylviag on Jan 26, 2015 at 8:09 PM

Hot Diggity Dog congrats! Who wudnt want tu pik hims! Oh dat wot happens wen u tech savey and parents nawt and de expek u tu find dem stuffs. Diju find sumfing for Onkel? Oh ai wishes ai had sum snows for u But waz over 15 C here todai. Teh global is warming rownd here. Oh u haz phizikal job and sowwy is so hot - u be shur and drink lotz ob likwids. ROFL on Tabby an Dumbledore. He wud fit rite in dat manshun. We hant made it past teh thrud episode, Gessing we bedder du it soon before we forgetted wot happened. Game obthrones seeeson 4 is wot ai waiting for We lubs dat show eben tho dey killing off charkters rite and left. Off wid der heds and slit der throats! Oh my stars and garbers, dem kiwi smoores is so tasty ai haz a faint Piks myself up and haz anudder. Fanks for th asp nests - nawt - kttehs has paper awl ober teh howze! Glad u shook owt all the wasps furstest. Okeh, ai haz ideer tu make u snow. Wun bery large fan and big bag ob icy kubes den u trow the icy kubes intu teh fan and owt comes snow pieces. Puts propeller on teh fan,ties bag ob icy kube to fan, turns on hi and off she go ober teh big waters. Teh bois and wun gurl must be hawt tu so ai sended air condishunned floofies for dem. xo

By SovaPlum on Jan 24, 2015 at 9:09 PM

Ohai Sylviag! WELL! Dat eggsplains y ai got WHUPPED up sied teh heed teh uvver nite! Der ai wus. Mindin mai own bizznezz. Goin tew fetch teh mai, when, WHAM! Ai iz face down in teh shrubbery wif a soar heed an a buncha kittehs likkin sticy stuff offa meh. ___ Sew larst nite ai dangled sum cherries offa mai 3D speks (rokkin gud eye deerah, that) an went an founded teh ___ WOW! Iz 8 hurs laeter. Wear teh dae go? Mum rang. Dem ai wus researchin 4 hur kause she sew technophopic. She wants a gud prezzie fur uncle-turnin-80. Den she wus hur. Den der wus teh shop fetchin. Den der washin. Den ai passed owt frum heat exhausts. Now is gettin cooler an ai can put tew thorts together. Sorta. Wut ur dae bin liek? ___ Um. . . um. . . oh yeah. Teh frizbee wif the Klingon Cloakin Device. Dem Klingons berry clebber. Aim gonna send dem sum shades decorashuned wif dangly cherries! ____ Ai is Berry Dissapoints u has no sno. Is drowts tew teh Nrth, fiahs tew teh Sth an 29 dgrees in da shades. At werk ai bin tippin wahtar obber mai head an gittin dri in 20 mins.. GIT ME SUM SNO!!!!!! Pweese nycely dat is! ___ How u liekin Downtown Tabby? Season 3? Has u got to teh bit wear Dumbledore dies? Ai lubbs dat show. shame dey doan lettuce habs teh Catmus Special at Catmus tiem liek dem nyce folk at Dr Hu's duz. ___ Ai bin larnin dem smoores recypees. U an ur Hubcat tri mai Kiwi version. Ai putted 2 hugemouse marshmellows inna frypan an left dem oan teh deck rail fur 15 mins while ai chopped up sum kiwi fruuts an spread hazelnut chokklit buttah oan sum toast. Den ai slid teh melty stuff outa teh frypan oan tew teh toast, added sum kiwi fruut an chokklit sprinkels. Den ai garnished wif fum mint frum mai garden (nawt teh stuff fum Tabini's Sekrit Garden. Dat stuff maek u dangerus oan teh road) an wrapped dem wif tinfoil tew keep hots. An hars sum fings frum mai kittehs tew urs. *places foil wrapped sandwiches on transporter, adds loot bag of cicada shells and paper-wasp nests, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Jan 20, 2015 at 10:29 PM

A waz finking ai nawt herd frum you an teh bois and wun gurl in a looong time. Den ai realized u writed me a looong time ago. My bery bad. Yay Bella - my kind ob driver! Oh yes ai like teh punch-ups an even mor if alienz is inbolbed. Killing lotz ob dem iz OK. We haz finally started teh thurd seeson ob Downton Tabby. Onliest had it for a year nao. Wached 3 eppysodas last nite We du marathon DVD waching and den nutting for munths. OK, next time ai send by air ai stelth cloke it. Oh my gudness ur giftee basket waz oberwelmingly generosity. Teh cicadas hadz bery breef lifespan cuz teh kittehs sended dem ober the rainbo bridje 1, 2, 3. The lizards are quik liddul buggers an dey still running arownd here sumware. Oooo, cherrries my favrit summer fuity tooties. AI lub teh wuns dat come in twos cuz I putz dem ober my ears like edible eerings. Looks bery fashanubel. AI gotz nu sunglasses wid blak fwames and blak lenses an wid the cherry eerings i luk bery mysteriosly cwazy. Ai sowy ai az no sno to send u cuz it awl melted Kant find any mousies, teh burdies all flew away, teh lizards in hibernayshun so ai maded a catnip quiche for teh kittehs and lemun merangita pie for u (u takes a shot of tequila and den eats teh pie). Puts on big frisbee wid stelth cloking and trows to u. U needz tu put on teh 3 dee glasses and den onliest u can see it, not awl dem hungree naybors.

By SovaPlum on Jan 14, 2015 at 10:34 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai took ur advise re: Je Suis Charlie and Fank Yew fur lubbin Defiance Kitteh! ___ But but . . .but. U maid lemonaid? In teh middle of winter? Y u no use dem fur ur phishise? ___ Oh yrs! Awl mai kittehs drived teh quaddie fur charitee. Tabini drove slow an safe an awl teh old laddies went AWWWS an gabs him lots of skritches and snorgles. Fanta got stuck in rebers sew he turned around oan teh handlebars an charged moar munnies four teh view. Bella scattered crowds in Ebbery Direkshun, lashing hur tail an yowlin. She got seven tickets an a job offer frum teh Crusty Demons! ___ Re:Exodus. Depends on how well u noan liek teh storree. Me, ai thort " Well at least ders Christian bale *wipes drool of chin* but ai wood rather have watched Paddington. Which ai did later. 4 owt ov five stars! Same fur teh Hobbit! Loats of punchups. - you can trust Peter Jackson wif a gud punchup - broken up bai sum drama llama stuff. ___ Wussint Guardians Awsum! 5 Stars! Ai fort "U karnt beat teh Winter Soldier but ai wus rong" Wassa Gud Year fur Punchup-wif-sum-dramallama mobbies. ___ Won fing? Pwees to stahp sending stuff bai air! Bai de tiem we gotted awl ur gifftees doan harf teh neighbourhood was lined up. We had two shares. AGAEEN! No dizrespec to St John's Unbalanced but AI WANTED DAT KITE!!! *sniff* ____ Is u awl kawt up wif the manee tarsks us has? Ai is contempalates teh Cudda Shuddas. Sew hard just tew pic tew! ___ Hassa Basket Of Summah Lubs fur ur famblee! *puts large basket on transporter, lines with warm grass, wraps boxes of lizards and cicadas and fat mice with shiny ribbons with bottle rings on the ends, garnishes arrangement with just picked cherries, decorates handles with wild flowers, adds covered bowl of marscapone whipped up with tia maria and topped with chocolate sauce, heaves large sack on lemons onto transporter, presses Make It So* Lebbin sum chilly bins next tew transporter in case ov sno. hint hint hint hint

By Sylviag on Jan 10, 2015 at 10:04 AM

Aaand, lubs Defiance Kitteh :)

By Sylviag on Jan 10, 2015 at 10:04 AM

Put in the comments what Je Suis Charlie represents. MirageBD did one also:

By Sylviag on Jan 7, 2015 at 6:02 PM

Ooo maded lemmyade wid teh lemuns. Teh kitehs maded nippy flour chains tu put arownd der neks. Luk bery 60s. Glad eberybodies lubbed teh snow and glad teh quad waz put tu a chartiabul use. Did teh kittehs get rides on it? Or maybe dey drived it? Sownds ike ur fambly had a lubbly Nu Beer wid yummy fuds an swimmy time. Ai shudda sent u flippers for ur feets. U such a gud arntie. Dat waz so nice ob u tu take neece bak home but duz nawt sownd like a big hardship since u dawdled an wached mobie and eated lotz ob noms. Waz mobie gud in kase ai want tu wach it? We tuk DVDs tu oshun ob Dallas Buyers Club and Guardians ob teh Galaxy. Boff bery gud. Hab u seen The last Hobbit mobie? We seed it in TreeDee and IMAX. Was ossumness. I fink ai lukked bery hot cowture in dem tree dee glasses - maybe ai get me sum tu ware arownd. Sonny only wun dat getz tu go owtside, He big boi, neber bin all indoor kitteh and needs rum to stretch and he like to foller Bryan arownd the yard. Iz funny tu see dem walking side by side and Sonny waving hiz big floofy tail. Wile u haz oshun der, u no has Oregon Coast cold oshun and beach junk. Putz big peece ob drftywood for kittehs to skratch, sum shells, ded krab, peece ob purty turkuoise glass and green plastic 1 liter sody pop prolly frum Japan intu big fishy net, ties top with sea kelp, attaches to ginormous kite, turns on fan and off she goes.

By SovaPlum on Jan 6, 2015 at 10:26 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai saw dem dansin futprints but wus tew tahrd tew dansalong. Sowwee. ___ SEW! U is bak frum teh ohshin! Wus it froz? Did u bring meh sum? ___ Dem snos u sended wus Gratefully Receeved! Ai guzzeld teh chilled flabours an filled teh tub wif sno an we awl had a chillax tiem. BLISS!!! Ai tried to keep sum fur laters but Bella's indignant skweels when she furst patteds teh snos wif hur paw gave teh game awaee. Next fing der was a Q down teh road awl teh wae to teh Rugby Club. Teh Clubbers sellled tickets to teh Q an hadda sausage sizzle fund-raiser. Sew ai sold rides oan teh quaddie tew help owt. ___ Naturally Bella decided she likes sno afterawl an didunt want to shares. Tuff Luck, Sweetie! ___ Bye teh wae. Why Sonny allowed out bai himselfie? Iz he a Tuff Cat? ___ Us had no BBQ oan Nu Beers. Tew hots! Looong Lunch of cold fuds wif LOTS of whippy cream! Followed bai teh Annual Family Swim. During witch ai founded out Nyce no4 wus facing a 2 HOUR! bus ride bak tew hur Stoodent Digs! Sew ai drove hur. Wif stoppovers 4 a Mobbie (Exodus: Gods & Men. Well. . . .at least it had Christian *drool* Bale innit) anna MASSIVE Cantonese dinner. We had nawt had REAL Cantonese afore. We didunt no u gits to taek home bout 3-4 meals werf. We durn near had a Fud Comma oan teh road! Wooda bin a silly fing to do oan Nu Beers, aifinkso! ___ Bout dem phisies. Just picked sum leemons frum mai neybour tree. An gotted sum nip flowers fur garnish. Shud chair ur clowder rite up! *puts bucket of lemons on the transporter, adds basket of catnip flowers, adds bottle of olive oil, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Jan 5, 2015 at 11:57 PM

Danses intu ur profile to gib u big hugz. Just got bak frum teh beech for fibe days an no wifi. Lotz ob caching up tu du and ai not get to awl my msgs yet. My kitteh almos forgib me for leebing. A few mor fishy teetz shud du it :)

By Sylviag on Dec 29, 2014 at 8:56 PM

Howdy h! Hope u doant hab a home owners assoshiashun dat gibs bg onies fine for big purpel baloons in trees. Teh kittehs made gud use ob teh fedders Ai figured dey wud not last long but dem waz ment tu be used as bait so iz awl gud. Our only ktteh allowed outdoors, Sonny, catched a birdie today in teh snow. Doant know how he did it and he putz it in teh sunrum and danse arownid it and gib me big happy luk. AI nawt hab teh hart tu yell at him. Sigh We iz going to oshen tomorrow (ai hope i snow nawt tu bad) and peet sitter visit tonite to go ober everyting. She kum for an hour ebery nite after wurk to take kare ob dem and gibs dem lubs - teh wun nawt hiding unner teh bsed or in theh kloset :) Fankees for the hawt air - I let it loose on our road and it melted 7 inches ob snow and heated teh pabement up enuff to fry an egg wich ai did - ober eezy. eberyfing. I filled up fibe large koolers wid snow nan trapped tu quadrunner wid a shobel attachment and putz on autoplit fo NZ. I saw it goplow itz way ober the hill so it on itz way. Eech kooler has a boddul of different flabor ob syrup to make snowy kones wid. The wun ai like bestes iz teh Kahlua :) Sonny inkluded a bag ob fedders from the burd. Oh u hab a wundermous time at the beech wid Mumme an eberbody else! U gonna haz a BBQ? Ai haz plans ftu du a Cudda Shudda in Jan or Feb tu get rid ob any winter blus., Lub and hugzs from teh snow hi desert.

By SovaPlum on Dec 29, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Fank yew fur teh boxing dae gifee! Dat iz Nufing liek at mai fambly. NUFING AI SWAERZ!! ___ An fankee kindlyee fur teh congratz fur mai Bossee Catmus Kitteh! As soon as ai maid him ai thort to maeself, ai thort "Aim gunna use dat fur mai next FP Cudda Shudda. Nao ai kant! When we gunna habs won ob dem aneewae? Ai dunt fink ai saw a single invite to won awl year. ___ NAO DEN! Bout ur Pawsum Giftee Balloon!!! It arrived oan Catmus eve when ai wus at werk - YUS ai werked Catmus Eve! Bummer eh? - Awl teh neigboors saw it come. It gotted stuck in dat tree oan teh corner ov mai howse. Bella climbed up - fur a chubby she sur won gud climber! - a PUNCED oan it! Fankfully it did nawt pop! Wif sum help frum teh bois she gotted it down intact. Ai gotted teh onlee tree oan teh street wif a baloon! Eberywon was Green! mwahahahah ___ Teh beach blankie was foughted over bai awl teh neighboorhoodie kittehs an awl teh feavers cummed off. But it finalee maid it unda da tree. HURRAY! Ai kant wait tew tri it on Nu Yeers when we go to Mummee's howse at teh beach. ___ After a Fearce Skolding - which mai kittehs ignored - ai reskewed a spidee to gibs teh kitteh wut bisits mai Mummee sum tiems Aim sur 6toes will lubs it. He a B.C. kitteh an wont bee scared ov no spidey. ___ Alas! Tabini coma. . .koman. . . stoled mai box wif teh nommy seeds an putted it bai teh burd barffs as bait! Ai counted 3 burdies an 1 rat oan Catmus dae. Awl deaded an wif bits missing. And der wus Tabini wif a bulgin tummy anna smug look aon him face. He did huge cyootness sew ai wood shtap yelling bowt awl dem feavvers an frum steppin oan teh dead rat! Gud fing he hung teh liddle buttles of Growen Ups Onlee drinks oan teh tree oar ai wood still be mad! ___ Izza gud fing we iz frens, mai fren, kaws ai needs a Big Flavor. Will you PWEEES Take Des Awaee?!?!? Teh weether hare has bin AWFUL! *stacks transporter with elebenty one banana boxes stuffed with shimmering sun catchers and bulging hot wind windsocks and glowing crazy paving and 5 One Size Fits All snow suits made with love by every cat on Awaroa St, presses For Gawds Sake Send Me Some Snow!!!!*

By Sylviag on Dec 26, 2014 at 9:43 AM

For my Canadian, British, Aussie and Kiwi friends:

By Sylviag on Dec 25, 2014 at 7:24 PM

Well looky der, one finger saloot kitteh maded teh EffPee - congratzees!

By Sylviag on Dec 25, 2014 at 7:47 AM

Maoey Kismas SP! Oh ai be shur tu follow dose instrukshuns and habe a bery mery. lub and hugz

By SovaPlum on Dec 24, 2014 at 2:25 PM

Ohai Sylviag! U habs bin warned!

By Sylviag on Dec 23, 2014 at 11:56 PM

We haz a CD ob reggae Kismas songs that make you wanna danse wid Santa the elves andteh raindeer. Fanks for teh hot air purrs - no wait, dat waz purrs and hot airs. I used teh hot airs on my feetz wich ar always barely abuv feezing. Me an my bois and wun gurl been recking our brain tu finks wot to sending u for Kimas. Snce it summer der, dey maded u a beach blankie out ob pieces ob der old soft blankies. Dey put bunch ob fedders on eech korner. Ob korse, dey made me sew it awl tugedder. I decorate liddul wooden box wid piney cone pieces and ur inishuls in sunflower seeds. Inside ai putted a bunch ob happy faces for weneber u haz teh blues and liddul bodduls ob choklit liquors.. Dem for an old time, not just wen u haz teh blues. For your boys and wun gurl, I maded liddul spidies outta Kismas bulbs, pipe cleaners and sparklies for der eyes. Dey tu put on teh bottum bwanches ob teh twee so dey can sneek dem off the twee and play wid dem. An u can pwetend tu getz mad at dem. Putz awl inside big purpul balloon wid ur name on teh owtside. Gibs it to FedEx wid instrucsuns tu deliber on Kismas Eve. Dey flying it tu u rite now. So happyiness u are my fren. xo

By Sylviag on Dec 20, 2014 at 6:23 AM

I faled asweep last nite efoe ai cud gib u my kard - but u haz it. Muchl lubs to you and the bois and gurl.

By SovaPlum on Dec 20, 2014 at 1:31 AM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai see wut u is doin tonite. Karnt wait up till you get to Ss. Gibs kissies to Skwee Willie frum an admirah! xxxxx

By SovaPlum on Dec 16, 2014 at 8:37 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Ai had a confoozeld when ai readed ur larst msg. "Wut lites wear?" Ai arxed myself. Ai nu kittehs bean bisitin cause der wus eggstra dents in mai bed covers. Butt . . . butt. . . Den, later dat nite, ai luked owt teh window an BEHELD Flashin Lites obber at J&H's! Didz u no J&H's howse is IDENTICAL to MINE? Them sayed sum Lubbly Kittehs cumed bisitin an got awa. . . um . . . Ai mean dem went home afore dem could be adopshuned sew J&H Berry Sads an woodunt gibs me dem lites as dey needed teh pritti to cheer dem up. "Fair enuff" ai finkso. I gabes dem mai disc of Fifty Fun Songs of Christmas. Jack takes Forebber to pea. ___ OH! An Heather sayes she hazzunt any orange kittehs right now sew if Mango is ebber feeling lonely. . . .___ Dat sled u slided tew me. Mai kittehs SOLD teh sno!!! Teh liddle rat-bags! Dey got manee toonas an sew Tabini for gibbed Fanta fur tellin wear his nip patch wus. After sum beatins dat is. Bella used dem pots to frow at teh kittehs wut used to be mean tew hur. Especially dat Teddy Bear. She sayed to tell u dem wus sum gud loud KONKs oan teh heads an she berry grate full an sends u dis box stuffed wif purrs an wrapped in bubble wrap wut has hardly bin plaed wif. ___ Iz bin berry stormy hare but between down poors teh bois has cawted sum hot summar airs fur u. Noa ai gotta go wrap furst batch ov prezzies afore ai can has mai whine ttfn! *places bubble wrapped box on transporter, ties windsocks together with blue and silver ribbons, attaches to box, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Dec 14, 2014 at 8:12 PM

Hai SP an Fanta! Furrry warmz for meh and hubcat! Now as far as kare ob dese warmz. Kan ai warsh dem? Ai fink since kittehs nawt like baffs ai need to dwy kleen dem. Ai nawt luk in teh Sekret Garden but Squee Willie didz an hims kum home awl glassy eyed an watch teh flames in teh wud stobe for hours. Teh odder catz say fank u!! for teh ded burdies an dey tuk dem intu teh owtoor encloshur cuz dey know ai nawt like fedders awl ober teh howse nd ey tring tu be nice and not nawty. Been long time no chatty. My fawlt - kittehs tuk awai my puter privileges cuz ai wont gib em der Catmas prezzies erly. Akshully ai habnt bot der prezzies, yet but no need tu tell dem dat. Ai tell em if dey go under ur howz and retrebe teh dangly lites ai gib dem sum toona. All fibe trip ober eech odder to jump intu twansporter. Dey sed dey getted an untangul lites and hang dem up in ur baffrum. Bery festib aifinkso. De also put speekers in baffrum wid Catmas songs. U can pee tu musikal lite show! Me an kittehs maded liddul clay pots wid lidz for eech ob dem tu put der nip stash in. Ai getted kewl wooden sled for u tu put in front yard like decoratib item. Putz liddul clay pots on sled an a big bag ob snow and gib big shobe. Had a big holiday party last night which took a couple of days to get ready for so not ben onsince Fri am. Today needed to clean up and recuperte.

By SovaPlum on Dec 13, 2014 at 9:38 PM

arenteearenteearentee!!!!!! IZ MEH Fanta!!! We haz nitted u sum Wintar Chairyness!!! An fur ur hub-hoomin. Beany maed teh gloves an Bella dida skarf wif fringes frum Yogi. Yogi didunt want tew sheds but he JUMPED oan Beany an Beany BEATTED him an took loats uv furs!!! hehehe! ___ Ai maed u some paw mitts. Ai putted one moar toe oan each paw an hidded sum Nip flours frum Beanys Sekret Gardin. Teh Sekret Gardin iz NAWT inside teh triangle of lilee flours bai teh kreek so yew no luk der, K? ___ Bella is nawt gud a nits yet sew me an Beany hulped hur gud. ___ Nummy warshed sum teddy bares an we pulled owt AWL teh stuffins an putted in dryed nip an left teh teddys owt in teh sun fur hots. Us trapped loats of hot winds in plastic baggies. It wus hard kawes Bella keeped jumps oan dem an maed wholes in dem sew we putted sticky tape oan dem an filled dem sum moar. ___ Iz 2 fresh burdies cawt todae sew dey gud fur loats ov plaes! We wood have sended teh tail fevvers but we keepin dem. *pushes basket onto transporter, glues on some kisses, presses SEND2arentee@hurhowes* LUBS FRUM US!!!!!

By SovaPlum on Dec 9, 2014 at 10:28 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Fank yews fur the Catmus lites an teh nommy kookies. Ai nommed dem awl up! But ai had a turrible tiem deviedin teh lobstar fingie 3 waes. Der was hissin a spittin obber hu gotted wut bit! Finalee ai putted oan teh transplortter an repicated it sew der no moar fitin. Fur noa. Ai trys tew untangle dem lits but Tabini coodunt stand it an ranned off wif dem! He dragged it under teh howse an awl ai cood hare was deep, Basment worthy growls frum dunder der. Aim tew skared to go git dem. Maybe Wee Wille an sum ov ur tuffer kittehs cood transplort ober an reskew dem? Der wood be minted lamb sausaeges fur dem ifffin dey can git teh lites lieted up fur meh! ___ Ai izza near teh harf wae to dun shoppin mark. Bean der bout 3weeks noa. Gotta crack oan! ___ Ai hazzunt maed a Whisy Listy dis yeer. Larst few tiem ai did dat NUFING went tew plan. Gunna Chill & Go Wif Da Flow. An eat a loat of korse. Wut U up tew? ___ Mai kittehs is werkin oan a Winter Cheer Package fur u. But u haz tew wait till dem shed sum moar fur. An NO Eding oan cataff msgs oar u spoi teh surprise. Meanwhile. Pwees enjoy des plant fingies. Ai doant no wut dey cawled. Dey lool liek Queen Anne's Lace but green wif eggstra spiky leafs arounds dem head and woody stalks. Make GUD dangle tois! *places bunch of mystery plants tied with rainbow coloured ribbons on transporter, presses Make It So*

By Sylviag on Dec 3, 2014 at 9:47 PM

Wow, that girl deserves a medal or at least some chocolates :) What a brave thing to do. Iz u and teh bois and gurl getting reddy for Catmas? Wotz der wish listy? Ai am shur dey will brwing u wunnerful prezzies frum teh yard. Ai maded 4 hunderd kookies today. Sending u wun ob eech. Adds lobster bisque for teh kittehs Puts in oven turns dial it to NZ. Enjoi!

By SovaPlum on Nov 30, 2014 at 10:00 PM

OH stoopy me! Ai furgotted teh Fanks Gibbons Storee.

By Sylviag on Nov 30, 2014 at 8:43 PM

Oh yes turkey leftyobers iz gud for a few days ob nawt habbing tu cook. But after awile teh leftyobers doant match up anymore. U pour teh graby awl ober everything an eets it awl up teh furst day so hab tu many smashed potatoes and stuffings and no more graby. So den u haz tu put lotz and lotz ob butter on dem adding tu teh kalory cownt and den u needz more bigger elastic pants. Teh itteh bitteh vegies left nawt enuf for 2 peepuls. Teh pie awl gone teh second day. Teh salad awl wilted So teh giftee bakset frum u and teh bois and gurl kum jus in time before ai haz tu cook agin. Dey shur gud hunters! I skipped eberyfing else and ate the tiramoosie wid big glass ob milk and teh furbabehs likked teh plate. Flour arranjement beautimous! So big dat teh kittehs climbed it and wabed tu me frum teh top an den tipped it awl ober. My footbrawl team winned! Bryan decorated teh howze wid lots ob lites We haz leftober lites so ai send u big bunch but u haz tu untangle dem urselb. Mite get it dun before Catmas. Plugs dem in, flips circut breaker and der u go. lub and hugz fro awl ob us, espeshully Squee Willie. Luk at how cutes hims is:

By SovaPlum on Nov 29, 2014 at 6:38 PM

Ohai Sylviag! Sowee ai missed u larst week. Ur Rite! Is Berry Important tew shtap te cowch floatin awee durin teh footbrawls! Ai is happee u takin dat job srsly. Maek SHUR U poots oan xtra waits fur dat Fanks Gibbons futbrawl. Soundz liek a Srys brawl! ___ We awl enjoyed dem treets u sended us, fankyew berry mutch. An fur teh Season Greets Lyon Card. ___ Ai eggs plained tew mai kittehs bout Fanks Gibbons bean bout ebberbuddy brings noms den havin brawls oan teh lawn. Dey taeked tew teh idea inna Big Way! Bella has decorashuned a big giftees basket wif dem dove feavers an ebbery won has contub. . . kontrip. . . .put stuff in. Bella gibbed hur Furst Burdie. She kawt it larst weak an wus sew proud ai put it inna timey wimey box to keep it fresh fur hur. Tabini cawted a big rat fur teh basket an Fanta has bin fillin boxes wif lizards an crikits. Dey has awl harvested loats uv daizies fur ur brawlers tew roll in. Ai hair leftovers izza big fing fur Fanks Gibbions sew ai has bin puttin asied fuds awl weak. Dis mornin ai did a curry fri-up ov kornbeef, home maked sour krowt (ai steemed it wif vinigar an salts) an karrots. Den ai fried up sum left obber mashed potattars wif cheeze an topped wif beef grayvee. Enuf fur 4.5 hoomins (wif sum dropped fur teh fursons, lol!) Den ai popped ober tew teh shops fur sumfing wif todaes daet fur Beat Befores. Ai finded a tiramisu log! Ai tryed sum it is SUPER Sweet.! U bettar hav a big bowl of koffee wif it! __ U has flour arranges fur Fanks Gibbons rite? Sew ai gotta bunch ov lillies an roses inna vase fur u tew look at duin teh borin bits ov teh footbrawl. Enjoy! *heaves large gift-basket onto transported, adds three foot high flower arrangement, presses Make It So* ___ Wus just gonna hit "post" when Bella popped up wif sum purrs fur u *purrrrrrrrrrr*

By Sylviag on Nov 26, 2014 at 10:40 PM

I am blessed you are my friend.