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By beckysdad on Mar 1, 2015 at 10:08 AM

I know you enjoy your time here but I doubt there was much fast talking required to get you to settle in for Downton Abbey. Enjoy your corned beef. I'll be opting for a pork roast this evening. I'll be able to eat off that for days. Becky kinda treats everyone like an old friend and just expects to be welcome in homes, cars...whatever. I've seen her hop into someone elses vehicle figuring "I know what an open door is for and a ride would be nice." Timid is not a word I'd use to describe her. She'd be friendly as all get out but I doubt she'd travel very far with a casserole. She knows what those are for too. CHOMP! I'd share your concern about how a property would do in an earthquake if built on top of old stuff. In the big Loma Prietta quake buildings near the epicenter built on bedrock fared pretty well while cities build on fill in the Marina District in the city fifty miles away were devastated. I'm on good soil here, right near the foothills. They have extensive shake tables published for the Bay Area and you can see who is really vulnerable. I can relate to the calls of cat fur you describe though mine are of the canine variety. That with just one critter. I can imagine what it's like with your tribe. Of course there's no safety harness involved when I'm building in Minecraft. If I'm being safety conscious then I erect make shift scaffolding to keep from falling on my head. I'm about to start on another home after our mid-morning walkie. I've got to employ some math before I get started in order to make sure everything lines up this time. Hopefully I learned something from my last attempt. There's a definite ratio that needs to be utilized in order to get the roof above different sections of the house to line up. I had fun looking at property in Lane County this morning on the MLS. There are some odd variances in property taxes. There have to be some significant local assessments in more affluent areas around Eugene, though I've seen that happen in other cities as well. There's not a straight line between property value and tax rate in all areas. I did see that there is a 3% cap on increases each year (with some exceptions).

By Sylviag on Mar 1, 2015 at 8:20 AM

Mornin' Had every intention of spending time here last night but Bryan talked me into watching several episodes of 4th season of Downton Abbey. Getting close to the end so we can order Season 5 and maybe watch it by next year :) Corned beef is in the crockpot and rest all prepped. We generally only have it one or twice a year also. May have some Reubans itht he leftovers tomorrow. Stil have to clean the house and I should be doing it now rather than playing here. It is at the stage Paws said about balls of cat fur on shelves LOL We decided not to bring up the money issue at all with MIL. Bryan said he preferred not to know cuz if she does lose it or it goes missing and Bryan knew where it was at .... Went through that with elder auntie and don't want to go there again. Sounds like you are geting some drizzle but nothing of note. Loved the Becky story, just boncing right into the houe - surprised she didn't bring a casserole with her LOL The Seattle underground is pretty cool and unique. But I would always worry about living in a building above it that the whole thing would collapse in a high level earthquake, which I am sure is bound to happen. Amazing how many cities hae been practically leveled throughout history due to fire. Understandable when everything was heated and cooked with wood. The air polluton must have been terrible. I do hope you wear a saety harness when working on the roof of the McMansion. Still have snow on the ground and 13 degrees this am, but like yesterday, the sun is out and shuld warm up and melt some more of the snow.

By beckysdad on Feb 27, 2015 at 10:38 AM

How did things go with MIL? Did you determine a spot for her key? What are the odds that she changes it after you jointly decide? It just makes me wonder how quirky I'll be if I get that old. I was a huge fan of corned beef when I was a kid but am less of a fan now. Mom always invites me over for corned beef and cabbage. I endure the rest of the fixins as they're not my favorites by any stretch of the imagination. I can certainly see how St. Patrick's Day becomes the holiday focus for some folks. Even in my drinking days St. Paddy's was not high on my list. Of course back then I didn't need an excuse to party. Heavy Metal would stave off the sleepies and inspire activity. Even without music I was in a bit of motion today. I got my hair cut and mowed lawns in addition to our walkies. I'm done for the day now.

By Sylviag on Feb 27, 2015 at 9:13 AM

Mornin' Gong to visit her this morning and talk about it. She wears her room key on her wrist on a stretchy thingee and has never lost that so maybe that would be a good place for the drawer key. House cleaning is definitely heavy metal - need lots of energy. Oh man, forgot about Tower of Power - bestest soul funk. At my age, hard to remember all the music anymore :) I have a large corned beef in the freezer and optng for a traditional corned beef feed. I know you like the beef, but do you do the cabbage, taters, carrots and onions too? I had an Irish friend in WA who made the best home made soda bread. St. Patrick's Day was her premiere holiday, surpasing even Christmas :) I have to admire the young kids I sometimes see doing the road ad side shows - at least they are making m change. Gotta get ready for errand day. You and Becky have a good one.

By beckysdad on Feb 27, 2015 at 5:00 AM

So MIL is a believer in cold cash...groan...sorry, it's early and that's what bubbled to the surface. Could MIL just keep the key on a string around her neck that hid it beneath her clothes? Do you have a specific house cleaning music genre? When I truly get serious about it I opt for Tower of Power. You just can't sit still listening to that horn line. Having folks over is always a good excuse for cleaning the house...not that you need one. I tend to need some outside motivation. What are you fixing for dinner? Interesting story about the dancing gal. Our own version is less entertaining. Liberty Tax Service has someone dressed as the Statue of Liberty prancing around at one of the big intersections. That's not the way I'd want to make my living.

By Sylviag on Feb 26, 2015 at 10:23 PM

Nice comix :)

By Sylviag on Feb 26, 2015 at 10:22 PM

Jenny told me that a pic of Becky will be featured in her column! Way cool. With gkids, 10am on a weekend is just way too early to do anything :) Son stopped by tonight and said I wan't needed. So that means I relaly do have to clean the house now :) I bet Mom had fun organizing your kitchen and of course 22 years ago was more able to do all the physical stuff. I loved getting my kitchen together here and I really haven't moved anything around so I did good the first time. Yeah, Becky may have a hot date and you[ll have to amuse tourself. Oh, that is tooo funny about the kid's directions. ROFL on the kid;s directions. Kinda sounds like my 43 year old son. He can't give you street names for anything. Gives directions like "make a right on the corner with the Chevron station and a left by the gal dancing in front of the Verizon store." There really is a woman that does that to advertise for Verizon, She is a local fixture and she reall works it and veryone waves at her. I should stop some day and give her a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flwers :) MIL - apparently her cousin sent her a check or $400 for Christmas. When we took her to Shari's and we got back to her place and I was putting her handicap plaquard back in her purse I found a $100 bill and then 3 more. I asked her why the heck she was carrying this much money around stuffed in her purse (which is tied to her walker and she never uses as she keeps her wallet in a compartment in her walker). And she said "Thank God I've been looking for that since Christmas." Sigh So I ask her if we can put it in the facility patient trust fund or bank. No. I said where do you plan to keep it? Gonna hide it in my room. Oh sure, where she won't remember where the heck it is. So we left not beng able to sway her. The admin person calls me the next day and she said MIL had come to her to ask if she should put it in the freezer Another great place where no one would ever look right? Good grief. Admin person told me she got the mainenance guy to check the one locked drawer all rooms have and it wasn't working and there was no key. So he put a new lock thing in and gave her the key. Which she will likely immediaely misplace. Whatareyougonnado? LOL

By beckysdad on Feb 26, 2015 at 9:45 AM

Is it that 10am is too early for a movie or is it that 10am is too early for any activity? Ugh...moving day? You guys really are good sports. I really think there's an age when you shouldn't have to participate in anybody else's moves. You've earned that by now. I hope they use you strategically. When I last moved 22 years ago I knew I couldn't keep the folks away from it. The first load to the house had the music and the kitchen stuff. I just set Mom to work organizing my kitchen. Having cooked together for so many years it was amazing how I could guess where she put stuff and I was right about 90% of the time. I don't think I have anything on the docket for the weekend. I'll have to check with Becky and see if she scheduled anything for us. You gotta love the logic of a 4th grader. The kids knew that walking Becky was the next thing on my to do list after class. Many of them have seen us out walking in the neighborhood. One of the kids asked me if I'd seen a house with a white fence. I asked him what street it's on. He told me there was a big truck in the driveway. I again asked him what street...he replied it was right near Jacob's house...sigh. I told him to find out what street it's on and we'd discuss it next week when I return. Sigh...

By Sylviag on Feb 26, 2015 at 8:15 AM

Got them all there on Mon and started using them. With the batch I will bring today, over 50 (2/3 for the large kennels and 1/3 for the smaller ones). Only me and one other gal working the main house. Mons are always light on volunteers which is why we chose that day. Yeah, medical providers complain about not getting their payments on time, but a bill that is 1 1/2 years late - rly?? Oh and let's not forget the surround sound. I would have opted for non IMAX but that show was at 10 am which was a bit early. I am looking forward to it - a great replacement for disc golf and almost as much exercise as I am running up and down the stairs constantly :) Tomorrow visit MIL - remind me to tell you her latest story :) and errands. Sun son's gal pal and her roomie girlfriend are moving to a new rental house which is closer to us also. So we will all be helping move. They are renting a Uhaul so can do it all in one day. Then son and gal pal coming over for dinner. I may just stay home and clean house (badly needed) and get ready for dinner if they have enough hands to help. Anything on tap for you this weekend,

By beckysdad on Feb 26, 2015 at 7:53 AM

What a hassle with MILs medical bill. Those are tough enough to sort through in real time. To get one that late just stinks. Of course a cinematic extravaganza like SpongeBob needs to be seen in IMAX 3D. Could there be any doubt? I completely understand the RC Racer story...both the initial preps and then the ultimate throwing up of the hands. Did you get the first batch of fleece over to the shelter on Monday? How were the reviews? Have fun with the kittehs today.

By Sylviag on Feb 26, 2015 at 6:50 AM

Mornin' EDd and see all is well with you and Paws. With as much cooking as you do, a small herb "area" would be wonderful - don't want to call it a "garden" as that might disourage you as being way too much work :) Warmed my heart to read about the little girl and all the work she put into the Kahn contest. Who knows what kind of encouragement (or discouragement) she gets at home. Hope you got everything you need now for your folks' taxes. Our return bounced into our checking account the other day - very quick. Paid the OR taxes out of that. Good grief, the local hospital sent me a bill for MIL back from Oct 2013! At that time she had a different health insurance. We had to switch her 1 Nov 2013 as her old Medicare Advantage did not serve this area. So because of the very late billing they sent it to her new insurance and they of course did not pay After about 20 mins of back and forth the billing person finally understood what was going on. I gave him the contact ph # of the old insurance and hope they take care of it. Weekend with gson was great - not that I had to do much (worked on my shelter project mostly and cooked for them) except participate in the cultural event of the weekend - "SpongeBob Squarepants" movie in 3D IMAX. I laughed, I cried, I got bored LOL You will definitely chuckle at this. In preparation for the visit, Bryan once again visited the hobby store to get yet more parts for the damned to hell RC Racers. They took everything apart on one, put in the new parts and it still did not work Bryan made an executive decision to just give them both to oldest and youngest gson and let them piddle around with them. Good riddance we both sighed with relief LOL Oldest gson tinkers with his dirt bike and was looking forward to messing with them. Mess away :) ALmost done with project. Just two very large kennels I need to measure today to make 2 pads for each. VOluteer day today but will definitely be on tonight to try and catch up a bit.

By Sylviag on Feb 24, 2015 at 9:15 AM

Will catch up after finishing fleece blankies for shelter project.

By beckysdad on Feb 20, 2015 at 9:23 AM

A day that starts with Eggs Benedict can't be all bad. Although starts seems relative when it comes at 10am. But in any case...yum! For today was a toasted english muffin with peanut butter...also yum...but not nearly as classy.Yep, Mom did some sewing back in the day and held onto enough of it that the grandkids and great grandkids have aprons and such that Mom has sewn for them. I wouldn't criticize anyone for getting a purebred either, particularly if it was to be a working dog. If I was a hunter, I'd want a Lab or a Pointer depending on the type of hunting I was doing. If I needed anything herded you can be damn sure I'd have me a Border Collie. Snicker...I was just trying to relate back to you and was looking for the kitteh equivalent for a working breed...Bwaaaahaaahaaahaaahhaaaa... That was a great article on Murray. He is truly one of a kind. I always love watching him interact with the crowd when he plays at The AT&T Pro Am

By Sylviag on Feb 20, 2015 at 7:52 AM

LOL - bet they got some grief for that. Waiting for someone to sue because their child was traumatized. Oh yes, they are fascinated by it. I was cutting and pinning some more up last night on the large kitchen counter and Lucy Lulu was just rolling on it. Everyone loved the kennel pads. WIll keep cranking them out. I think if I make around 100 we would have enough to always be able to use one even if a bunch are in the laundry. They said it would be great if I reorganized the linen closet once we have enough to get rid of some of the ash and trash and stop using towels in the kennels (they take forever to dry - twice as long as fleece) Bryan did not know about them - he asked how I make the edges all zigzaggy - he gets to keep his man cred in relation to sewing :) Did your Mom sew which is why I am thinking you know? Oh yeah, kinda like a triple crown winner stud fees, that little doggie will bring in some bucks. The little snippet interview I saw - seemed like a really nice owner. Yeah, with all the kittehs needing homes I would never get a purebred - no worries about them finding homes. I would also never put anyone down for getting one. I can see some value to keeping some strains of any kind of animal in a pure state Stretching from there, some of the very older breeds of cattle, etc, (originating in Europe) have advocates for keeping them from going extinct. All the breeding we have done to improve meat yield also can make them vulnerable to disease. Same with seed banks. You and Paws talking about Caddy Shack - every now and then we'll catch it when TV surfing and will just stop and watch it from wherever it is at. Always cracks me up. OK, here's another RS interview form this fall. Murray is another cool and quirky guy. Have to pick up MIL around 10. Won't eat anything before then as I know I will go for Eggs Benedict ")

By beckysdad on Feb 20, 2015 at 6:38 AM

I hope this doesn't happen to you when you go to the movies with Gson.

By beckysdad on Feb 19, 2015 at 8:09 AM

The whole church-sinner relationship was so much cleaner back in the day of buying indulgences. It might take more than one mass to wipe out my nawty but it's at the national basilica which I think earns me a premium. I'm surprised it took that long before any of your kittehs tried their paw at sewing. I'm certain that they made sure that all this fleece is at least partially pre-furred. I'd be disappointed if they hadn't exercised at least some quality control like that. Hey...I actually know what pinking shears are! Of course remembering that probably just knocked my testosterone level down by about 2%. It was Miss P's final competition so she got to go out on a big win. They had already planned on mommydom being her next gig. Those are going to be some cute pups and will likely fetch an even greater premium given her new title. I'd still pick a rescue, though. I don't have anything scheduled for the weekend. I hope to be busy not working on bark...beyond that, I don't much care. Sitting for the young'un should be fun. I haven't looked for any G movies in the theater lately. I hope you come up with something fun.

By Sylviag on Feb 19, 2015 at 7:42 AM

Mornin I trust everyone enjoyed the pizza - it sure sounded good. TCounters is the one thing I would still like to change in this house - cheap laminate in a rather linkish tne that does not g well with the earthtone rugh tile backsplash. With that mass any of your nawty should preemptively wiped out :) Gotta love a religion that lets you have a clean slate after every confession :) I said to Heyman after I saw his LOL, the blurb I saw on the news made it sounded like Miss P was a dark horse and there was some surprise at her winning But she is indeed a cute dog. In the interiew with her owner, it appeared he relaly was quite surprised and overwhelemd by the win. The ultimate Oscar in the dog world. I really admire your effort to preserve the bark and your reasons for it. Little things like that make a difference. We were saying the other day if everyone just took one little step to save water, multiply it by millions and it is considerable. My indoor laundry drying is to save electricity rather than money. Worked on the fleece all day until around 3 - had a 4 pm appointment; had to pick up some cat kibbles too. ur herd of 5 goes through it pretty quickly, Shelter today and pick up more fleece. Stil have 2 bolts here I can work with. If it is a full 9 yard bolt I can get 3 big and one little out of it. Wee Willie tried his hand at sewing this morning - I was doing the final pinking shear trimming on a pad when I heard the sewing machine whirrr and saw Squee laying on the foot pedal LOL Tomorrow we're taking MIL to brunch at Shari's' Bryan's bro will join us. The Costco and some errands. Bryan will pick up youngest gson arund 4 and we'll hav until Mon am when Bryan needs to get him to shool by 0745. He wants to go to the skate park for a few hours one day and hopefully we can find a G rated movie. ANy plans for the weekend?

By beckysdad on Feb 18, 2015 at 8:32 AM

I don't think it's just a female thing to appreciate before and after pictures. I love looking at the shots of my yard when I bought the place and how it looked after I landscaped it. It sounds like you had a great day doing the seamstress thing. I know the kittehs and hoomins alike will love the new linens. I feel ya on threading the needle. I haven't quite had to resort to a magnifying glass but it's much tougher than it used to be to thread a needle. Fortunately I don't have to do that very often. Westminster went well. I enjoyed the second night much more than the first. I like the bigger dogs so to see the Sporting class and the Working dogs was a real treat. I was a bit disappointed in the Lab though I shouldn't have been. I'm partial to the American "field" Lab as opposed to the English "show" Lab. The field labs are taller and more athletic whereas the English are more stout and calmer. The Golden Retriever representing the breed last night was gorgeous but the Irish Setter was absolutely stunning. I wouldn't want to own or care for one but to just look at they're spectacular. Beagles aren't nearly my favorite breed but the winner, Miss P, was a real cutie. Yeah, the folks are very devout Catholics...not preachy, but sticklers for the idiosyncrasies of their rituals. Sigh...

By Sylviag on Feb 18, 2015 at 6:22 AM

I bet you do have some old pics of that area. Funny your Mom wanted that too - female thing? You know that has to have been a well used shovel if it finally gave out. I had an ancient rake of my Dad's for like 30 years and finally had to give up on it in WA. Kept the metal tines though for my "rust" garden" which I brought down here. So you got some high brow roses? :) SInce you loved the last ones you got there, why not go back. Glad their rose guy had plenty of time as this was a big choice to make for your (and curb appeal) enjoyment for years to come. Am anxious to see them too. Sending you some Ben Gay for the noisy bones. I think you had mentioned it before, but I forgot your Mom and Dad are practicing Catholics. Your veggie pizza sounds perfect. Pizza is on of those "perfect" foods in one dish. Making your own dough from scratch - takes off my chef's toque to you. Cranked out 4 big kennel mats and mathcing blankies Went so well and quickly once I refined my process to make it go faster; I went back to the fabric store and they were still running 60% ff so go another 30 or so yards in 4 different patterns. Got another batch cut for the smaller kennels and pinned last night so can just t sew them up this morning and start some more. I truly had to use a magnifying glass to thread the needle. Bryan walked in when I as doing that and cracked up. Huh, doing my bit to brighten his day. Alt rock; metal goth might have made me run my needle too fast LOL He's off to son's late this morning to help him with something or another. Gonna have youngest gson this weekend cuz son and gal pal going out of town for a weekend trip. How did Westminster go - lab do well?

By beckysdad on Feb 17, 2015 at 10:10 AM

I was just on the phone with Mom and she was pestering me for before and after pics, too. I didn't take a deliberate before shot for this project so the best I can do is the in process this morning and then do an after shot. I may have other shots from not long ago but I made a point to crop out the less than attractive wall situation. Actually I'm going to go buy roses today and make arrangements to have them delivered. I can dig the final hole and do the soil prep while I wait for them to deliver. I doubt they do same day but they might. Turns out I need to go buy a new shovel as I broke my old on on another nasty root as I was digging out the other two holes this morning. Grrrr.... Now I'm sure that's what killed off these roses. your goth metal music your sewing music or do you prefer something else? I've got to believe that kitteh rescue tasks are more satisfying than your stamp project. There's probably a reason why it's sat around for a while without any attention. ;^) There was a Rescue story on the hot dog FP that got me started watching those videos. I've watched any number of them over the years. but watched 6 or eight last night...sniff...sniff... I did watch the first hour of Westminster last night and will watch the rest of the recording later. I'm more interested in tonight's show as they'll feature the sporting breeds. I'll be curious to see if they show a Lab some love.

By Sylviag on Feb 17, 2015 at 8:45 AM

Mornin' Checked to see if Paws is on line and glad to see she is. Even the South is getting hammered. They react to snow about as well as they do in WA and likely have just as few plows :) When we worked we always got up at 4:30 and it took a good year or so to gradually get up later. Now depends on my sleeping patttern any given day as I am not consistent. But 3:30 does seem a tad early :) Sounds like you will get everything done except getting the roses today. Do you take "before" pics. We always do. Bryan almost forgot before he started the deck. Always fun to look at a few years down the road. I am so eggzited to start my project today. Stamp box back into the closet and sewing machine out instead LOL We keep putting tht project off. I picked up 8 yards at 60% off; wth with kitteh patterns and a cheaper solid for the inner lining and backing. Hope the boi kittehs like pink as the kitteh patterns were grey and pink LOL Curious how many I can get out of that for two different size knnels. The leftover scraps I can piece together to make the little coverings for the cat beds. COol on the rescue vids. You should take one of the best and submit it to ICHC as they feature rescue stories a lot now. Did you wath the Westminster show? Just on to answer a few msgs and see ya tonight.

By beckysdad on Feb 17, 2015 at 5:47 AM

I like to be a problem solver so your tales from the rescue place won't ever grow old. Laundry is not a glamorous topic but clearly it's a huge issue there. Unless someone is in the know, they probably won't appreciate it when they get it right but even the uninitiated can figure out when it's wrong. It's the sort of thing where if someone from Best Friends visited, they'd pick up on and appreciate your solution. Six kittehs with new furreber homes is an awesome thing. It's sad that three more came in but it's another opportunity to help. I spent a chunk of time last night watching dog rescue videos on Youtube from Hope for Paws. They do a great job shooting video of finding these homeless dogs and the transformation that happens as they clean them up and get them ready for adoption. It's heartbreaking and heartwarming all at the same time. If you watch any you should keep a tissue or two nearby.

By Sylviag on Feb 16, 2015 at 10:36 PM

Totally agree one could get all the "dos" and don'ts" on any organized religion down to the size of an address book :) I ED the retainment area needed a bit of civil engineering work - build to last is also my motto. Quick fixes just result in quick breakdowns. Heck yeah, dogs and guitars -- sub-woofers anyone? There were 6 kittehs adopted Sat; a couple of the seniors. But 3 more "teenagers" got dumped in a carrier to greet them on Sun am Sigh. Got laundry started inbetween cleaning the downstairs big rooms and kennels. It was was piled 5 feet high (I kid you not) I got down to the bottom of the bins whch likely haven't seen the light of day in weeks. It was ugly. Took all out, sorted, threw away very soiled bedding, santized the bins, swept about 2 inches of crap (some of it literal) off the floor and sanitized it. Was cranking out load after load and the damn washer stopped. It has a totally weird on/off toggle hidden by a plastic bumper and that idiotic thing has been repaired 3 times already. They called it in again. Talked to the gal kinda in charge and said what I found is a human health hazard. I do not mind maintaining that area but volunteers MUST stop rolling up the kennel stuff no matter what is in it and just dumping it in the laundry bins. Thus Bryan will move the washer and dryer so I can get in there and scrub - God only knows what is under them :) They really need some "best practices" there. C&P of hat I sent to Jadzia23: "I have a good idea that I think will work to cut down both kennel cleaning time and laundry. After leaving there stopped by a fabric store (fleece was 60% off) and will make kennel pads that fit exactly in the the floor of the kennel (3 thicknesses to make it cushy). They are fairly large kennels but like 4 different sizes. Haven't touched my sewing machine in years :) This will get rid of the layers of various sized towels, pillow cases and other ash and trash volunteers put on the bottom so that every change-out creates a mountain of laundry. Add a small cat bed with a fleece covering that can be easily changed. A cheap plastic organizer to put a food and water dish in to make it harder for the kittehs to dump everything. One water bowl dumped over soaks everything. WIll make enough for 3 kennels before our Thus shift and show them how much better that would work. A little bit at a time. I hope I am not getting boring with this shelter thing :)"

By beckysdad on Feb 16, 2015 at 7:33 AM

The problem is everyone wrote books when a solid bumper sticker would have been plenty. "Treat others the way you'd want to be treated." Drop the quill...walk away. Churches, synagogues, mosques and temples could all be fine things though a town hall would serve just as well if they were simply clearinghouses to organize projects to help those in the community that need it. Thank you very much...mission accomplished. On to more mundane pursuits. I doubt I'll need to buy more bark. Over the years I'd add another layer of new stuff every now and again to freshen things up. It would look awesome for a couple months and then it would fade. There's enough good solid bark in there to cover the area nicely. I'll rake it out over the concrete on the patio a number of times to separate the bark from the dirt and debris and only put the good stuff out there on the weed block. I'll sweep the rest up and be done with it. Be assured a photo (or ten) will follow at some point.

By Sylviag on Feb 16, 2015 at 5:50 AM

Exactly, it is in their backyard and if they don't fix it, it will be in their house. Even extremists (as bad as they are) are disgusted by their indescriable cruetly and perversion of their own scripture. At some point they are realizing it could be their mother, their kids, their friends that could be killed. Are you going o have to get some more bark, ir is it enough? Ihoe you take a pic to hre with me and Paws of what it looks like when one. I looked up her are and they have a winter weather warnig, with sleet and ice accumulations, 28 degrees. Hopefully they won't lose power because of ice accumulation on power lines. Good hot cocoa day for her :)

By beckysdad on Feb 16, 2015 at 5:41 AM

It's a good time to be on the West Coast in terms of weather. We'd love to have some of their moisture but can do without their cold. You get some of that though. It would sure be nice if moderate folks in the Middle East got fed up and dealt with the extremists in their area. Actually, they're the only ones that can fix it. We can't impose our will on them and make it stick. Nobody that's civilized can support what those guys are doing. It's crazy to think that they believe that their actions somehow line up with the desires of their god. With all the time and money wasted behind this, the lives of people living in the area could be dramatically improved. Have fun with the kittehs today. I'll do the last of the grunt work on the rose project today and can then move into the prettification phase. There will be grunt work getting all the bark back in place but since that's the final portion of the project I won't mind at all. Of course, I'll feel better once it's all wrapped up. I hope Paws isn't getting slammed too badly.

By Sylviag on Feb 16, 2015 at 5:23 AM

Mornin' Oh yes, I would shove her off on anyone else but us LOL You are exactly right, she is unhappy with herself so wherever she goes she will still be unhappy. ontentment comes from within. It is a kind of codependenncy relationship but they have been together ovr 20 years so it is a lasting relationship. Such a busy eekend and working at the sehlter today so Ithought I better get to bed fearily early. The whole week is supposed to be in the upp 50s and 60s, just unbelievable. O yes, I remember the greeen stuff. Maybe they changed the color of treated since it didnot go well with any oth er wood one would want to use with it. Good - ISIS has now pissed off Egypt getting another Mid-East country into the fray to squash ISIS. Good gief, how much more snow can the east take?? What up for you today?

By beckysdad on Feb 15, 2015 at 6:38 PM

Oh're trying to send SO to where I might settle? Although maybe that's not a bad idea. You'd have some place else to stay and an excuse for not spending all the time with her when you're in the area. The thing she probably hasn't yet figured out is that wherever she goes, there she'll be. And thus the likely greatest cause of her discontentment will always be with her. I hope baby brother is happy with her at least as he's the one that has to put up with her the most. It would be wonderful if you could report lots of good news on the adoption front tomorrow. That will be a fun day for you. I made a store run after the second walk and grabbed some items to facilitate the rest of the project. I needed a 2x4 of pressure treated wood. I wandered all over the lumber section at Home Depot for about fifteen minutes and couldn't see any sign of the tell-tale pale green lumber. It seems they've changed it to a deep brown now. That's probably better but it sure was confusing for a while.

By Sylviag on Feb 15, 2015 at 4:48 PM

Cool on getting the shovel work so early in the day so you could move on to other Sunday pursuits. That is the beauty of retirement, you can do those chunks of work when you feel like. We wer aso fortunate to be able to retire at 55, thus still haing the energy to do heavier stuff. Picking out the roses will be the final reward. I bet the dog agility thing was fun to watch them go through their paces. ED Paws on the lunch encounter with SO :) No they don't and it is because of her and he is kinda weak in the male assertvenss department. There are many other phrases for that ut I;ll let it ride. He is a kind and sweet guy though. I'll find ut tomorrow when we go to the shelter how they did and I hope to ee a lot less cats. After Mexican for lunch I'm not in the nood for anything very heavy tonight. While I only had a tostado, it ws still ore than what I normally eat for lunch Bryan brought some of his primr rib home from last night so is thinking of making himself a sammie out of it. I had haibt last night and it ws so good I polished the whole thing off. After lunch everyone thered at son;s huse soall the guys couldhelp him move a sorage shed to anothe part of the back yard. Came home and did my treadill, shower and now here for the duration.

By beckysdad on Feb 15, 2015 at 8:21 AM

That's a good report on the new girlfriend. You're right that at that age one never knows how long a relationship might last but it bodes well that he's attracted to what sounds like a quality young lady. Az is a good place for SO, I'm thinking. I take it that they don't get up your way all that often. It's too bad that someone like that might make it less appealing to see youngest bro more often. I hope things went well at the adoption event. I'm sure that with the tv coverage and some flyers that they probably had a pretty good turn out. It sounds like they attract quality people there too. It's nice to like the folks you work with but then volunteers with like minded passions are likely to yield good folks. The rose project is progressing and moves faster now that I'm at the more enjoyable portions of the project...or at least they're in sight. I grabbed the shovel after we got back from the dawn walk and did the bulk of the work I needed to do to free the walls. I'll cinch them up a bit later and identify a couple small areas that are still a bit resistant...very minor. I'll likely make a store run today to grab a couple items I need and may finish it off later...or leave just a small bit to do tomorrow. regardless I'll likely get the weed block laid out and soil prepped tomorrow. Then I can go pick out my new roses. I'll leave that for Tuesday. I'll take my time getting the bark back in as I want to rake that out and clean out debris and soil. I might feel the need to buy a few bags of bark to sprinkle over a few sections to finish it off. It will all be done this week. Back in the day it would have been a single weekend project but I'm really taking it easy.