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By beckysdad on Dec 28, 2014 at 8:05 PM

The coast definitely does get more than it's share of rain. Brookings get 4-5 times what we do here in San Jose. I've leaned towards the 1-5 corridor from Eugene down to Grants Pass. They still get double what we do here but there has to be a trade-off to get the lush green that I really am looking for. The temps are fairly close to here but just a tad cooler. Another big part of the appeal is how real estate values translate. Things are much slower than they are here, too. I love that. I'm still very much in a research stage as it would still be a number of years before I could really move this from day-dreaming to actual serious consideration. I'll never leave here while the folks are alive.

By Sylviag on Dec 28, 2014 at 7:44 PM

Went back to a previous msg for the Carmel trip. This will be quite the fun outing! If it was summer time you all could just have had a potluk picnic on the beach. The thing you have to remember about the OR and WA coasts is that they are rainy and socked in 3/4 of the year which is why living there has never intrigued us. But love visiting That is pretty chilly for you all. We are spposed to get down to 0 (brr) one day this week while we are gone. Mybe snow tomorrow. I just hope the roads don't get too bad and going over the pass will be uneventful That is the only downside to living here is gettig to either Portkabd or the ocean in wnter involves going over passes. Huh, shows how much attention I pay to only notice it two week later :) Still so stupid to let Harbaugh go. Ihope they get a good coach for the sake of the team and fans

By beckysdad on Dec 28, 2014 at 7:40 PM

I've not heard any real specifics. Given the way management responded to a strong personality, it's hard to see them bringing in a coach that has a good deal of success and thus his own opinions. They might promote Tomsula who is one of our assistant coaches that I think filled in as head coach in the past. They might think they can mold him into their way of thinking. I don't know... I think this is going to turn into "the good news Mr. York is you got your way and a new coach...the bad news is you got your way and you got a new coach... Home field advantage is huge for you guys. You are so tough at home.

By Sylviag on Dec 28, 2014 at 6:29 PM

Have you heard any rumors about a new coach for the 49rs? I still am not clear on who we will play or when but by tomorrow they will have it all figured out. But I think we will have home field advantage which would be very helpful with the 12th man :) Glad Pws got back safe, What along drive though.

By beckysdad on Dec 28, 2014 at 5:18 PM

Sorry to hear about your funk. I hope that's in the rear view mirror. You need to enjoy your time at the coast. Congrats on winning the division. We took care of plan B for you with our win but you did it right and finished it off yourselves. It was fun to close the season out with a win but it's bittersweet with Harbs leaving.

By Sylviag on Dec 28, 2014 at 4:49 PM

Woo flipping Hoo! Div champs!! Yay Seahawks and thanks 49rs :) I am so glad they and Harbaugh ended their season on a high note. 49rs loss and Michigan's gain. Been feeling very off all weekend but this win gave me a much needed boost :) How's things down south? ED and will drop a note off to Paws.

By beckysdad on Dec 27, 2014 at 3:28 AM

I think she might be coming home today.I didn't check back through messages but Tuesday-Saturday sounds familiar. It's always a challenge to decide whether to do the edit before songs get on the device or after. I've never found any of that software terribly elegant. It's great once your playlists are in place though. Carmel is about 75 minutes away from my place so it's not bad at all. I got an email from my niece at 1am (and I responded at 3am). She hadn't been to bed and I got up a bit early. It's like we normally converse! I learned that their part of the equation has grown. There will be four goggies and nine hoomins so we'll arrange to meet there. Her drive will be about 30 minutes longer. I've met many of her friends at parties and they're good people so it should be fun but larger groups are more cumbersome. I may beg off on the lunch festivities as a result but the time on the beach will be great fun. Your time on the coast will be amazing. I've been looking at Oregon properties on-line again and there really are some great places out on the coast. It's getting cooler here too but it's all relative. This will be the first morning where we dip into the 30s. We've only seen the low 20s here once in my life. I changed my avatar a few weeks ago. It was about the time I did your holiday picture. I was feeling playful but not festive so this was the end result.

By Sylviag on Dec 26, 2014 at 9:06 PM

Thanks, that little guy went further than I thought he would. A pack thing and their human is the alpha and a good alpha sets boundaries. verything ispacked away and I started a small pile of what needs to go to the ocean. We will cook dinners in so need to haul not only food but a couple of pans and good knives. Just listened to a music channel on the TV. But I did get another play list done this afternoon, Soul/R&B. Very time consuming but once they're done, I can change them easily if I want to. I do need to delete some of the music from the MP3 as I am running out of room but I uploaded all music by a lot of artists cu it was quicker and not necesrily all my favorites. Carmel sounds like a fun trip for all of you especially Becky as I know she loves the ocean. How long of a drive is that? Will you all go together? Will look forward to the pics. We'll lay low this weekend after all the busy before and during the holidays, SUpposed to snow maybe tomorrow evening, Will hae a cold spell for a few days with temsp at night in the low 20s and not much more than mid 30s during the day. When did you change your avatar - I just noticed the dawg in front of Becky :) When is Paws supposed to get home?

By beckysdad on Dec 26, 2014 at 10:19 AM

oh and snakey gratz to you too.

By beckysdad on Dec 26, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Her dogs are Border Collies and they're reputed to be the smartest breed of dog. Training them really isn't all that difficult. It just requires a clear vision of what you want and the will to be consistent. That's the tough part. It's not always fun to enforce the rules but it has to be done always. It doesn't take too long before dogs accept that's the way things are but if you're wishy-washy and only enforce the rules intermittently then you will be tested again and again. Cheryl has always had a different vision for acceptable behavior and has never enforced strict rules. Two weeks of living with me and those would be very different dogs...even the grumpy old man. Dogs are actually happier when they know someone in charge that can control all situations. That way they never think they have to act in order to keep things running smoothly. They respond very well to routine and rules. Once rules are set their world actually becomes much bigger. They can be trusted to do more things because the human knows there are limits of behavior that the dog will not stretch beyond. That's why Becky gets to do so many things. She's been taught what are unacceptable behaviors. Okay...enough dog philosophy... Will you fire up one of your fancy new playlists to keep you company while you wrap up your ornaments? Yep, Warriors did not play well again last night. Their shooting was way off. It happens to the best of them. I need to grab a shower and then get our second walk in. Next week I'm going to do Carmel with my oldest niece, her husband and little Ashley. They'll bring Dixie and Solo and we'll let the dogs play on the beach and then we'll grab some lunch in town. I should be able to get some amazing photos since I won't be the only human. Normally I'm shifting between throwing a stick and trying to take a picture. The others will keep the dogs entertained so I can focus on photos of the dogs.

By Sylviag on Dec 26, 2014 at 9:27 AM

Slept longer last night than I have in weeks. Almost too much in terms of fully waking up :) Not havving beenowned by a dog, Ihave a feeling it might be difficult to "rtrain" a dog to a more acceptable behavior. Sorry toear about her kitteh but I hae to agree waiting just a bi might be better. Just because they got along well with the one kitteh doesn't ecesarily mean they will the next. Judging by the many pics I have seen here of huge dogs with itteh bitteh kittehs I would hope no harm would come to the kitteh. Oh dear, looks like the Warriors lost. Kind of a low scoring game ofr BB wasn't it? A little tim here and then it's on to taking the tree down. We have a lot of ornaments that allhave to be carefully wrapped so will take some time. Then treadmill and a shower. That's as far as I have gotten so far on my day planner :) What's up with you?

By beckysdad on Dec 25, 2014 at 8:52 PM

Actually, the roads were pretty light so it took less than half an hour to get back home. It's hit or miss with my sister's dogs. The young one Mac is friendly but hyper and hasn't been taught boundaries. He's the type to launch himself onto someone sitting on the couch. He's getting better but it still happens way too often. He's for or five now so that should have been stopped long ago. Her older dog sometimes feels a bit of arthritic pain and that can make him grumpy. Again if good boundaries were set early on he would deal with that in ways other than a nip at another dog. She had to help her kitteh cross the bridge last week. Taz was in his late teens and by all accounts had a great relationship with the older dog. Cheryl had a talk with the boys and according to her when she asked them if they wanted a ball or a treat they showed no response but when she asked them if they wanted another kitteh the older one got very excited. Sigh....I do wish she'd wait a bit. I've no experience with it but adding a new kitteh in with older dogs isn't something I'd try...but what do I know. Goggies love peanut butter. I'll have to shoot some video of Becky eating peanut butter so you can appreciate it. She's enthusiastic and really has to work that tongue to clear her palate. That was thoughtful of the half son's wife to find that vase for you. It sounds quite pretty. I forgot about you not exchanging gifts. You'd mentioned that to me. The trip to the coast is a better idea than trying to wrack your brains feeling the pressure to buy a gift. Gifts just because it's the social norm and not because of a true need is not something I'm a fan of. I'll be curious to hear how your experience with spatchcocking goes. I think it can work quite well for the right sized bird. As I started my note to you the Warriors had a ten point lead but it's down to a 1 point lead at halftime. You're right that all too often it seems lie you can tune in for the last two minutes of a game and feel like you got the best of the action.

By Sylviag on Dec 25, 2014 at 8:20 PM

I imagine you ran into some traffic on the way home. I knew they would love it. So very special because it was taken on a trip you all took together and every time they look at it, it will bring back good memories. Glad here was no doggie drama :) We'll make it a fun little after Christmas party for her. I nve doubted your roat would come out perfect being the master of cooking big hunks of meat :) We wilhave another after christmas party with son and gkids probably the 2d weekend in Jan, I stillhave that sal 12 pounder in the freezer that I got for practically nothing for son and he kept forgetting to take it home every time we aw him so might as well cook it for them. I want to try that spatchcock thing, Since we will just have the one turkey will have plenty of room in the oven. We adults don't exchange presents and Our prezzie is the ocean trip. But half son;s wife knows I love glass stuff and she brougt me a beautiful glass vase shot through with blues and purples at a thrift store ith some flowers in it. Carrots, peantu butter - never know dogs liked such stuff :) what a nice thing for her to do. I imagine you will, like us, take it easy tomorrow except for walkies. I never made it to the tradmill todayso will definitely hit that tomorrow. Hope Paws is having a wonderful visit with her sis. Hoping your Warrior win. Jut looke at live feed and they are ahead by all of 2 points, That's the thing about basketball -usually goes back and forthall game long and the final few minutes is usually where one team or another will win

By beckysdad on Dec 25, 2014 at 7:52 PM

Just walked in the door. It's too bad MIL didn't feel up to joining you today but you'll be able to stretch out the fun to the weekend. An excuse to eat pizza is never a bad thing. That's awesome that Sonny got some extra loving. Hah...I can see how son's pursuit of sympathy for having to seek refuge from the sun wouldn't have gone over well. He'd have been disappointed if you hadn't given him at least a little grief for that. It was a very nice day with the family. Cheryl's dogs behaved so it was no trouble having three dogs there for the festivities. The folks loved the big photo more than the book. Mom knew immediately where she wants it hung. That will go on my to do list for next week. The roast came out great. The practice one last night could have stayed in the oven for about five minutes longer. I'm timed it just right tonight to it was cooked perfectly. There was way too much food available and I did my best to try to get rid of it...I'm feeling it a bit right now. I love that you guys immediately break down Christmas. When you've got a road trip to look forward to in a few days there's more incentive to get cleaned up. I got everything put away as soon as I walked in the door tonight. Now I can settle in for the rest of the night. The Warriors play the Clippers so I'm not moving at all. Was Santa good to you? My SIL made some home made doggie treats for Becky...peanut butter. Becky loves them.

By Sylviag on Dec 25, 2014 at 7:17 PM

Don't know I you made it home yet or not. How did your parents like your picture? Dinner go well? Did you read the letter? I can understand your Mom's feelings about their friend. A 63 as musicians, actors whatever pass around 70, I think to myself, damn that's only 7 years older than me :) So live for today and enjoy is my motto MIL still was not up to going anywhere so we all chatted on the phone with her. We will go see her this weekend and bring a pizza and give her her prezzies (gift cards so she can have some shopping fun). Our brunch was really nice and their girls are so sweet. They loved Sonny as he is so friendly and let the hold and pet him. Son called fro Cabo and they were trying to "cool" off - no sypathy from us :) Eeryone left around 2 and Bryan and I spent about 4 hours pacing everyting away except the tree and outdoor lights whichwe will do tomorrow. We've always done that which freaks somepeople out. Love christmas but once it;s over,on to the New Year. No hungry yet but Bryan just had soe leftover prime rib and vegies. I a all eated out so don;t know what I will nosh on when my hunger button goes off.

By beckysdad on Dec 25, 2014 at 9:13 AM

Thanks for the wish for the day and I'll echo that right back to you. I'm sure glad you had a nice outing with MIL and that her fall wasn't serious. Sounds like the only thing bruised is perhaps her ego a bit. Like they say...getting old ain't for pussies. Those potato pancakes of your mom's sound awfully good. I love eggs benedict but it's extremely rare that I have it. Yeah, Mom needed to talk. I was born in San Bernadino (SoCal) but we moved up to the bay area when I was about three. I remember hearing stories about one of our neighbors down there...the last name was very familiar but I can't say I knew them. Anyway, evidently the father passed away this spring and Mom was tearing up as she was telling me about it. I get that. She made a point of telling me she set aside the Christmas letter she got from the daughter so I could read it. This is the sort of thing she thinks I ought to care about but I can't for the life of me imagine why. I was three when I last saw the guy and have no memory of him or his family. I feel for Mom, not just because they lost a friend but also because it strikes close to home as he would be a peer of Dad's and it's easy and natural for her to extrapolate. So I'll dutifully read the letter and comment on how sad it is but still... Have a great day with the family and give scritches to all the kittehs that would enjoy them.

By Sylviag on Dec 25, 2014 at 8:20 AM

Mornin. Hope to catch you before you head up to the folks to wish you a wonderful and warm fuzzy day with your family. LOL Even though she will see you today, there were obviously a hundred things that need to be said before then. MIL really enjoyed brunch although it started snowing heavily on our way there and dumped about 2 inches over the next couple of hours. But so many people on the roads, they just stayed slushy. She really enjoyed driving through town in the snow. We all had eggs benedict and tried their potato pancakes which were very good. No one will ever make tater cakes like my Mom did though. But she used shortening and a cast iron pan. Then late afternoon got a call from the faility that she had fallen in the bathroom :( They called 911 just to make sure she hadn't broke anything and she hadn't. When I called her she was doing fine and not even sore (likely cuz of what part of her body she landed). OK, so here is typical family "funny" Hope I will be forgiven for this LOL She told me that she tipped over trying to straigthen out the bathroom rug (for whatever reason) she landed on her belly and could not maneuver herself in either direction to get up Thank goodness they have that push button call thing on her wrist. When I told Bryan and BIL and son about it as we were enjoying a glass of wine in the sun room, I said I was picturing a blow fish with arms and legs waving around. Sad to say, we all cracked up :) This morning she called and has intestinal issues so may not be able to come. Told her to call me around 10 to see how she is doing. Everone else is coming aroud 11. I went to bed at 10 last night but the lates partied on much later. I knew I had about 4 hours worth of work to do this mornng to get rady for brunch and preferred to that wish some sleep and no hangover. TOday willhave some champagne thought now that phase 2 meal is ready. hugz to you and Becky

By beckysdad on Dec 24, 2014 at 9:56 AM

Well, believe it nor not the kitchen table got cleared (mostly) and all my packages got wrapped while the first batch of brownies were in the oven. I called Mom to touch base...silly me thought it would be a quick call. I said my usual four sentences and she carried the rest of the load. The good news is that provided me the time to put a very large dent in cleaning off the kitchen counters. I had no intention of doing that right away but the call kept going...and going...and going... I know one day I'll miss those calls terribly but I could miss one 25% as long even more. Your minds working without thinking line was pretty good. There's probably a LOL in there somewhere. I hope you've had fun at brunch. TTYL

By Sylviag on Dec 24, 2014 at 8:12 AM

LOL If she fits she sits? So that size box means a lot of debris on the table. It's my kitchen counters I have to keep pan eye on. Our house is laid out so the dining area is next to the kitchen and to walk to the table to dump stuff is too far so it winds up on the counter. I guess I subconsciously picked Mongolia because of my earlier khan reerence. FUnny how our minds work without even thinking about it (now that was a duh! statement). They like tablecloths to rumple up and this is just green damask placemats which are not as fun thank goodness.

By beckysdad on Dec 24, 2014 at 8:08 AM

Can you imagine the shock I'd have if I started implementing your plan, put a big box under the kitchen table, and then decide to play on the computer some more rather than actually clearing off the table...only to return a while later to find Becky either sitting or napping in said box. Of course, I'd blame it on too much exposure to bad influences on ICHC. Mongolia, eh? I'm not sure what offense they might have ever offered to warrant receiving a box of my detritus. Genghis Khan never actually bothered me personally. Wow, your kitchen table is already set? That means it was already cleaned off...I'm impressed. Of course now you'll have plenty of kitteh inspectors reviewing your tablescape.

By Sylviag on Dec 24, 2014 at 7:59 AM

LOL. I just call 'em like ai sees 'em. I think we'll be OK, but BIL and his were gong to come here around 4 and if it starts looking iffy will just tell them to come earlier. BIL does have an older diabetic cat that needs his shot at a certain time late afternoon but there is a leeway of an hour or so either way. Just put a big box under the table, sweep the clutter in and deal with it later, much later or mail it to Mongolia. Wow you have brownie down to a science. The khan cooker :) Getting ready to get off and do a couple of miles and a shower. Preemptive calorie burning. Hope to be back on for a little while this afternoon. I really have everything prepped even the table set. So easy for just 4.

By beckysdad on Dec 24, 2014 at 7:43 AM

Your pajint reviews show distinct signs of a disturbed brain...I love it.

By beckysdad on Dec 24, 2014 at 7:40 AM

Merry Christmas to you as well. Snow on Christmas Eve sounds lovely except you have to travel in it. That makes a huge difference. It looks like you snow might wait until your drive home from brunch. Hopefully it won't be too treacherous. We're supposed to get a light rain late this afternoon. The kitchen table taunts me as I walk past. The clutter needs to be removed so I can wrap gifts and also begin the brownie preps. I have a special silicon pan I use the I line with Parchment paper. I made a template years ago so I get the dimensions exactly right but I need the space of the table to cut it out. I suppose if the counter were clear I could do it there too but it's always been easier to clear off the table. What's that you say? Have clear counters and table? Why that's just crazy talk! Who might just happen.

By Sylviag on Dec 24, 2014 at 5:49 AM

Mornin and Merry Chrisymas Eve. Huh, now they are predicting 1-3 inches of snow this afternoon. After a week of saying no snow. They hardly ever seem to get the weather right here except in the sumer when it's weeks of clear skies. I am used to WA where they had a doppler radar and were pretty good at predictions. Not much t do this mornng except take a shower. We're picking up MIL at 1030 to take her to brunch. It is nice to watch your teams winning. For years we faihfully wached the Seahawks ony to ee them fall flat on their face. So will enjoy the success as long as it lasts.

By beckysdad on Dec 24, 2014 at 4:57 AM

The Blazers are having a good season. They're 23-7 so far. The Warriors are now 23-4. I started following them two seasons ago. They were horrendous for decades. I mean really, really bad. I think they made the playoffs once in the last twenty years. They're an exciting and fun team to watch now. You can see that the players are enjoying themselves and play unselfishly. With all the dysfunction going on with the Niners, it's fun to take refuge in the Warriors. I find it amusing to imagine an animal being finicky about food placed in front of them. Becky eats anything and approaches everything with gusto...even things I'd rather she not eat. At least you get real pleasure when you know you've hit the right mark with Lucy Lulu. Our animal friends are a kick.

By Sylviag on Dec 23, 2014 at 11:08 PM

I have enough stress just watching the Seahawks. Don't need to add any more sports to the mix. I should at least be following the Blazers. Our cats do enjoy their morning canned food treats.They only get about 3 TBSPs. And I always have 2 cans working as they don't all like the same hting, spoiled brats. Lucy LuLu will give me a dirty look, then scratch the floor around the bowl letting me know just what she thinks of the offering :)

By beckysdad on Dec 23, 2014 at 9:28 PM

You know after I saw that I'd typed that I pondered it for a second...and then discarded the idea. Becky will enjoy the treat but she never really savors anything you give her. She just wolfs it down and moves on. If she indicated true pleasure then I'd spoil her with more food stuff more often. I understand Bryan's attraction to the automated toys. You just think that they would be more fun for the kittehs but I guess they can be victims of short attention spans, too. I'm watching the Warrior game tonight and it's just ugly. The Lakers can't miss and the Warriors can't find the bottom of the hoop. Sigh...

By Sylviag on Dec 23, 2014 at 8:30 PM

I must admit that makes more culinary sense than sauce :) But you are the adventerpus type so anythingi possible. Oh Becky will love her treat since she does not get it often. I did pick up those catnip mousies today and Bryan got a battery operated mousie which interested them for abut 5 mins. I have to laugh, he is always buying these automated toys. Man thing - power toys instead of tools. You have that right on the internet except maybe their students but very rigidly controlled access.

By beckysdad on Dec 23, 2014 at 8:21 PM

Oops...I guess I did type apple sauce...I meant apple juice...just to steam and make the ribs nice and tender. I don't think a long term relationship with a prime rib is possible. An intense, torrid, love affair is another matter though. Sometimes it's just that sort of passion that makes life worth living. I love the story about MIL getting happy three times over the Christmas plans. All too often it's bad news we have to break to them over and over. This is much better. I caved when I was at the store today and bought some canned food for Becky. Kibble is the mainstay of her diet but I figured she should get some gushie food tomorrow night. Yeah, I was really broken up as well to hear that NK had no internet for a chunk of time. I'd feel badly for the ordinary people but I doubt they have access to begin with. It's only the power elite that have access, I'm sure.

By Sylviag on Dec 23, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Can one have a meaningful relationship with a prime rib roast? Picked up our special order today and it is gawjus - nicely marbled, not too much fat on the outside and tied beautfully. Think I should take a pic LOL Lots of running around picking up stuff here and there and a stop by MIL which we tried to mafe quick but that never happens :) Clipped her kitteh's claws. She is getting more forgetful :( Even though I have told here 3 times now that we are taking her to brunch tomorrow and bringing her to our house Chistma Day for brunch here with everyone else, she was all surpised adhappy - again. Good new, is she got happy three times now LOL. ot hme aroun 2 and spent the rest of the time til hal hour ago geting everyting ready as much as I can for next wo days. ALl relaxed no and gonna cast thrugh Christmas. Are you the baby of the family? Like you rub with the cumin I am a big fan of that spice. Now I never heard of he applesauce - does that tenderize the some more? Nothing wrong wit a trial run the nigth before :) Yummmers on the brownies - ai can haz a piece? I ED that Becky will be coming ith you on Thus and I am sure everyone will love seeing her. I am excied for you and your parents when they open the prezzies ygot for them. I am amused and grtified that Sony now will do a limited film release. Read online that there are high money expectations now. CAn;t buy the kind of publicity that film has had in the pas wek. Also loved that some unknown entity took down NK's serers for 9 hours. Bad weather down suth and eas - horribl timing with Christmas.