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By beckysdad on Jan 30, 2015 at 9:48 AM

Are they serious game watchers or is it a social event disguised as football viewing? I've been to some parties that are more about the chatting than the watching and that's not my preference. We can socialize before or after but not during the game. A sketti feed would work well to feed a group though. I'm with the folks tonight and will be grilling some babybacks. The chicken turned out very well. I went back to my old method rather than spatchcocking. Of course having roasted a chicken means I'll be doing my shredded chicken and sauteed onions rolled up in flour tortillas for a couple of nights to deal with the leftovers. I enjoy that though. Yeah, my siblings are a pretty good crew as a rule. We're pretty fortunate as families go. Parental involvement can go a long way towards offsetting less than stellar public schools if the folks have an education. Too often you hear people give lip service to education being important and yet the parents don't get involved working with their own kids. Show me how a person spends their time and I'll show you what's truly important to them. Will Bryan get to work on the deck some more today?

By Sylviag on Jan 30, 2015 at 8:56 AM

Just got an invite text and looks we will be going to a Super Bowl party after all Like I said, plans here come off at the last minute :) Same folks who had the blowout last weekend but a lot less people. They'e having a big spaghetti feed and everyone just bring some munchies and what they want to drink.

By Sylviag on Jan 30, 2015 at 8:11 AM

Mornin. got to Paws first so you can ED if you like. Yeah, educaton in this country is a messy conundrum with various groups purporting to have answers. there are certainly states I would not want my kids to go to public schools. But I do believe the emphasis to teaching to stadardized tests is not the answer. Your parents raised you all so well, not only with educaton, but the values they instilled in you. Have not met any of your siblings, but I bet they are A OK. Yes, a wonderful career and really a lot of goo public service all besmirched by his actions. As Bryan said, he let his balls control him. Yeah, when we get home today I will tackle the playlist again and transfer it to the MP3. how was the chicken? Good grief, you are like a stud in ealtionship to the majority of guys in Wally Wrold LOL

By beckysdad on Jan 29, 2015 at 9:57 AM

I've never known diamonds to rust but who knows in the world of Minecraft. I've got enough protection in the house that I don't have to shower in my armor fortunately. Besides, the shower in Minecraft is the equivalent of most personal libraries...there for show and never actually gets used. Next on my craft list will be making a diamond sword and a diamond pick. They're the strongest and will allow me to kill or mine anything. It would be more comfy for parents if the things you don't expose kids to they never encounter but that's just not reality. Cosby had a great routine about one old guy that used to hang around the school yard teaching kids bad words to go home and shake up their parents. I hate that I now have to think twice about referencing Cosby as a source. That whole thing is sad and disgusting. It's great that your folks were open to you learning on your own from books. Aaaacccckkkk!!!! on the losing your playlist thing. Doubly so since the 60s and 70s were so much better than the 80s. On the plus side, there's probably a pretty good LOL to be made out of that situation. I'm roasting a chicken for dinner tonight so it will be a good day for Becky. She gets all the giblets.

By Sylviag on Jan 29, 2015 at 8:42 AM

Whoa, you are all sparkly with that diamond armor on, Does it get rusty in that big ass shower? Handing you a virtual fire extinguisher for that pesky fire. Yeah, specially since so many novels written in the last century or so are now classics, let's trash some of the old ones. And I do agree that a lot of children's books are enduring classics from one generaton to the next. Where it really has ramped up is on the Young Adult category which seemed to be limited to Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables when I was a youg teen. But I read "adult" books anyway - Mom and Dad were very liberal that way. But Mom often had to check them out for me cuz I ws apparently too young :) When niece was living with us I would buy lots of those YA books and read them myself. They have more real life situations now facing teens other than where to take the dog for a walk. Some parents resist those, the "if they don't read about it or see it in the movies, they won't do it" syndrome. Not true. Totally got hun on on tuff an stuff around thehouse including having to recreate a playlist which the puter unacountable lost. Did the "60's-70s" all perfecly, saved it, when I ipened it up aain it had unaccountably replaced it with the 80s playlist, You never heard such choice words from a nice litle old lady like me ROFL Bryan had justcome home from helping son for half a day witht he carport and caught the middle of my tirade. He decided I really did need a small glass of wine in the sun room :) dinner, junk TV tired (no doubt from wrestling with the puter) and bed early. Oh that "dew comment was reallysuncllaedfor LOL Prolly another house day. Son was thinking of playing DG with us but it is foggy and drizzly so we will see how it is this afternoon.

By beckysdad on Jan 28, 2015 at 9:36 AM

I don't think the colander went on the trip with us. I mostly left stocking the kitchen stuff to Mom. That made her very happy. Isn't it odd how so many of the "classics" just aren't that enjoyable? It makes me wonder about the folks that determine those. They do better with kids classic literature. They do far more to inspire kids to read. Charlotte's Web and of course, Stuart Little were favorites early on...particularly Stuart Little. I never had to deal with Quixote. you're right about much of the Russian stuff though A Day in the Life of Ivan Denesovitch wasn't horrible. I remember writing about him and always referred to him as Ivan Denesonofavitch. Suprisingly that amused my English teacher. I saw some of the storm footage and got grateful all over again. I kidded with a neighbor as I saw him out front wiping the dew off his car windows...I commented it was awful having to dig out from all this California snow.

By Sylviag on Jan 28, 2015 at 7:07 AM

Mornin' Good to check that kitteh LOL off your list :) I am puzzling your colander also - God only knows why LOL. I don't suppose you took it with you on your RV trip and left it in there? In the garage - changed the oil filter - maybe not :) In a closet holding balls of yarn for all that knitting you don't do? I have certainy lost odd things in the house that show up sometimes a year later when I am rummaging around somewhere. Ah, sorry about the loss. Hate to break a good winning streak. How are they doing overall? Only follow BB very peripherally. Now that you have reminded me of Miss H it was indeed a perfect fit :) To be honest I found many of the classics quite stilted, rambling and way too indepth with minute details especially anthing Russian - they do go on and on and on. I remember wading through Don Quixote in my senior year of HS and I was sincerely wishing his family had kept him locked up at home. But that is an old HS view and I may enjoy it more now. Perpretrated an educationalnoal no no also. My BFF at the time was one grade behind me and I let her plagerize my book report (for which I got an A) I am sure I will answer for that somewhere somehow LOL Going to seriously try to leave her after a few hours here. Oh my watching "Today" Nantucket got slammed.

By beckysdad on Jan 27, 2015 at 10:23 PM

You were on a LOL tear tonight. I figured I'd get my annual kitteh LOL out of the way in January this year. Sigh...Dubs just lost in OT. Dismal shooting night and we didn't have our big man...lost by 2. We were going for our 20th consecutive home win. Bummer

By Sylviag on Jan 27, 2015 at 9:29 PM

U maded a kyoot kitteh :) I am LOLled out! But I sure had fun today. Answer rest of msgs tomorrow am, fave to theme profile and then I really have to do some RL stuff. Will wind down tonight by doing my never ending sorting.

By beckysdad on Jan 27, 2015 at 8:16 PM

I'll check those out. They're not a band given to ballads, are they? I would definitely love to find that colander, as much for having it back as for finding out where the hell it is! It's not the sort of thing you carry out of the kitchen. Sometimes I bring some kitchen stuff up to the folks' place with me as I'm particular about a few items and some stuff Mom doesn't have but I've never had to travel with a colander. It makes me wonder if I have gremlins. Of course Bryan knows to take the time to get everything perfectly level with the house. He'll take the time to do it right. The digging and filling to get it perfect isn't a great deal of fun though. I don't know why Miss Havisham stuck in my head. It wasn't like I enjoyed the book but the reference was perfect for our discussion. She got left at the altar as a young woman and then spends her life wearing her wedding dress which is now in tatters as she's quite old. She never cleared away the wedding cake so it still sits on a table top that has long given over to mold. Thus it was perfect symbolism for projects that I've set up with every intention of following through with but never do. And this concludes our Charles Dickens Minute. We now return you to your regular head banging programming...rock on!

By Sylviag on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:04 PM

Was watching national and storm stuff and then dinner. What a mess. Wow, that you took the time to listen to some of their music is really cool. No one down here likes them and son just rolls his eyes if I put some of their music on LOL You really do have to like heavy metal and a hard driving beat which I do - head banger at heart :) . Yeah, I don't know why a lot of these goth smph bands' male vocalists have to use that growly voice which I can find very irritating. It is definitely a male dominated band. This band is on their third female singe. Their first Tarja, to me was the best, operatic quality voice but they split over "artistic" differences. The second Annette, had a bit thinner voice but OK. The newest, Floor, I liked when she was in a former similar band and her voice will be a better fit for the band I think. A lot of the lyrics are rather dark I must admit but that goes with the genre, it's not pop music :) My favorite album by them is "Once" (Tarja) and best songs for me are "I Wish I Had an Angel", "Dark Chest of Wonders", "Dead Gardens" "Romanticide" "Dark Passion Play" (Annette) would be my second fave with some songs being "Sahara", "Amaranth" , "Bye Bye Beautiful" "The Islander" "Imaginaerium' (Annie) I didn't care for that much but some songs I do like: "I Want My Tears Back", and "Arabesque" They are releasing their newest CD before we see them in concert and I hope it will be better than their last with the new singer. He has 11 pier blocks set out of I think 20. BUt he has to sink them into the ground becuase he wants the deck to be even with the house and sun room. So that is a lot of digging and leveling. He's got a 4 foot level. How the heck do you lose a colander? Not a small kichen item LOL Ooops, sorry on Miss Havisham - I am sure I had to read it, but obviousy have forgotten it amidst all the ash and trash bad literature I have filled my head with instead :)

By beckysdad on Jan 27, 2015 at 5:53 PM

I'm giving Nightwish a listen. I'm through about half a dozen songs. When the gal is singing I can hang but when the guy kicks in they lose me. But of course as soon as I drew that conclusion I listen to The Islander and have to adjust that thought...nice tune. It's not my standard fare but I can see the appeal. My earlier comments were on Bye Bye Beautiful and Wish I had an Angel. Do you have particular favorites? That would probably be the best way for me to give them fair judgement. A cedar filled garage would smell pretty awesome. How far has Bryan gotten with the pier blocks and joists? It's funny that you mentioned a colander. I have two...actually I should say I have one. I had a plastic one and an aluminum one. A couple months back the plastic one vaporized. I can't find it to save my life. If it was a food item I would have blamed Becky by now but I can't account for it. Knitting would be going too far. I can claim standard sewing as a life skill that a guy should have unless he claims total helplessness as an independent person. One can survive life without knitting and not think "gosh that would be handy". No props for my Miss Havisham comment? Were you not subjected to Great Expectations in school?

By Sylviag on Jan 27, 2015 at 4:44 PM

Kitchen kudos - colander halo for you! Re snow - it would be a hard transition for someone who has never lived in snow country. We were a bit concerned moving down here but so far our first two winters hae been extremely mild. Bonus on the deck. Lowe's called this afternoon and said they got the cedar in and could deliver if we were home. All stacked in the garage - the garage smells wonderful right now. Love the smell of cedar. LOL on reggae aroma. No, it is symphonic heavy metal group called Nigthwish - not very many peoples cup of music, I have lovethem for years and have missed them 3 times now for health reasons, their VISA issues and a vacation we were on. I love Portland anyway which is why we are taking an extra day to cruise aroud downtown. Staying at a McMinamen's and their Crystal Ballroom is right acorss the street so we can definitely enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with dinner before the concert. I lazed here all day - marathon LOl day. Tomorrow I will have to make upp for today and do something more productive. What, you didn;t knit it? I haz a disappoint LOL

By beckysdad on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:53 AM

The people of Boston will roll with that but I'm sure glad we don't have to deal with it. I don't think I'd do well in country where snow was much more than a novelty. Visiting it is very nice but living in it for long stretches would get old for me. That will be a nice treat to hook up with your old work friends. Is it a reggae concert you're going to? I get the memory of a distinct aroma just thinking about it. In theory, the room a day plan is for the long haul but even if it just gets done for a couple weeks to get everything reset then it's a huge success. It's had a big impact already. A certain amount of flexibility is a good thing but I've found for myself that if I allow more than one day of flexibility then the routine is in serious danger. It's so easy for me to get off track. It's convenient to have projects set up on a table of some sort but I can easily develop Miss Havisham Wedding Cake Syndrome with stuff like that. I hope you're impressed. I channeled my inner seamstress yesterday and stitched up a handy little pouch. I find that with all the walking I do, my keys wear through my pockets. So I made that pouch that I can carry in my pocket to protect the lining. Pretty crafty, eh?

By Sylviag on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:31 AM

Mornin. Boston area getting slammed hard :( Yeah, we're spending 2 nights in Portland on a Sun and Mon, one night for a concert and then going up to WA to visit with friends for the rest of the week andbackhome on a Sat, Figured since we were halfway there would be a good time to fnally go back up ther. My BFF is organizing a luncheon with our retired work friends. We used to meet very couple of months and it will be good to see them all. Doesn;t matter who Kimberly thinks provided the genes, they both have to deal with it and it does take two when a child ha an issue like that. Oh I like you room-a-day plan. Is that a one time shot for major clean-up or a plan for the future? One mus be fleible when other important things come up like a good book, a nap, a detour into some other project that you didn;t even know needed to be done. That is a major failing of mine - strting in one direction and then getting hung up on something I found along the way. I o wish thi wonderful eather was later in the eason. I so badly want to do something in the yard but there just is no point because it is way too early. Think I will putte some more with my MP3 and here. I keep delayingy stamp project but I do have the start of it sitting on my dining room table LOL

By beckysdad on Jan 26, 2015 at 7:50 PM

Boy, that's unique. Normally it would be the husband trying to steal off to play DG while the wife cracks the whip to work on the project. It's good that you guys are finding time to play, too. Improvement week over week is as much as you can hope for. Is there an event at the end of April that is spurring you back to Washington or is that when you just happened to schedule a trip you wanted to do anyway? Good on ya for hitting the treadmill after your DG. Charlotte is four now. She really is a handful haven't delved into ADHD much or the treatment for it but have heard lots of different opinions. I'm just glad it's not a battle I have to fight. I have been relaxing with Minecraft when not doing my chores. It's pretty wild the number of things you can do. I learned to build a fountain today. I've been clearing a hilltop to build a large compound. I've seen where you can devise lighting systems have light sensors and will thus turn themselves on. That's part of the long range goal but there's a whole different world that i have to transport to in order to get some of the materials for that. I'll be playing with this for quite a while. It really is just a big sandbox to play in.

By Sylviag on Jan 26, 2015 at 4:10 PM

Still working on the General, eh? After plodding (I mean reading :) through some more of the book did you relax and wander through Minecraft world? Played DG incrementally better than last week so hopefuly if we keep playing once a week by the time of our trip back to WA end of Apr we won't look totally clutzy on our old course. Bryan tried to weasel out of it with his "project". I told him to stuff it (in a nice wifely way), we were going. W didn't play for most of last year because of "projects", this that and the other. We used to play 32 baskets in WA and here we only play 18 so when we got home, I did a turn on the treadmill too. Halos firmly in place. It is good they diagnosed your grand niece fairly early - how old is she? They have made some advances in treatment but not yet the cause and some treatment is still controversial. Often children "outgrow" it to some extent and I hope that will be the case with her,.

By beckysdad on Jan 26, 2015 at 7:43 AM

Let's hear it for t-shorts and being able to wake up without a headache. I'm guessing that many of the revelers won't be able to say the same. Sigh...xmas cookies almost gone...poor Bryan. I hate the problem of infrequently stuff expiring. I know they're looking at refrigerators that let you know when you're out or nearly out of something. They need to work in the expiration technology as well. Enjoy your DG today.

By Sylviag on Jan 26, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Good grief - T-shirt weather here yesterday. 60+ The weird warm weather was definitely a topic of converation at the party. It was really fun, some people we hadn't seen since fall. We left around 9 when things were starting to get a bit wild LOL Got home and was all talked out so piddled around on the endless task of organizing my faves. Did some spring cleaning yesterday morning that started with reorganizing the freezer now that I'm down to one smaller frozen Christmas cookie contianer Bryan is already in mourning for when they are all lgone. That segued into cleaning the fridge and indoor freezer. I keep it pretty clean but there are always the 1/4 jar of some kind of condiment that is out of date That led to the pantry and other food cupboards :) Then went outside as it was so sunny and warm and helped dig out the weeds between the bottom rocks of the part of the bottom terrace Bryan will butt the deck up to. That was the real drudge job of he project and I kno he didn;t want to do it :) That will involve a lot of tricky cutting on the ends of the deck planking but will look so cool. I was purty tired after all that and went to bed very early. WIl be very nice today, mid 60s - almost San Jose weather! - so we will play DG as part of our effort to play at least once a week. Glad to see Paws back but OMG the BIL drama is unbelievable and I really hope Chuck sticks to his guns Really bad form to just go out and buy all that stuff and then charge back the estate without getting the OK from ayone else in the famiy. He is a piece of work. So glad your plumbing issue was taken care of by the city. ED that lunch at folks was nice.

By beckysdad on Jan 24, 2015 at 11:30 AM

I don't know that Lowe's will enter into that line of business right away but I have no doubt the demand is there to make it a volume business. Good call from customer service. Better to wait than to get stuff quicker and be disappointed. It's good to take your time setting pier blocks and making sure they're nice and level. It's not the high satisfaction finish work of laying the boards but it's critical to get that right. When I put in mine I was anxious to get to the deck and seating but was smart enough to take appropriate time getting the joists in right. Turns out I'll be sticking close to the house as I'm having a plumber come out. I was able to clear the line but it's obvious the line needs to be flushed. Better to do that when I have the time rather than let it become an emergency. Odd thing is it happened when I was just cleaning the bathroom. Serves me right for cleaning. Gold evidently comes into play when brewing potions. I haven't done anything with that. With diamonds being such a hard material, Minecraft uses them for tools and armor. I don't have enough yet to start making armor. It's a lunch date with the folks tomorrow and I'm just grilling burgers...nice and easy.

By Sylviag on Jan 24, 2015 at 10:38 AM

ROFL I had to look back and see what typo I perpetrated. Lowe's hasn't started carrying that - yet. The head guy called this morning and he really was not happy with the cedar decking stock they had on hand so will order more for delivery hopefully Wed. I thought that was great customer service. They do always appreciate Bryan cuz he can talk their language as to what he is doing and needs, and takes advice well. They thought his blueprint was ossum. Tomorrow they will go ahead and deliver the rest which is what Bryan needs first anyway - the pier blocks and treated joists. Wow, that is like summer weather! Is that unusual for this time of year there? Does the visit to the folks include a meal? I am assuming you can "spend" those sparklies on buidling materials, better boots or something. Good to hear on Paws. You both are pretty regular (as oposed to me sometimes :) so when I EDd and didn't see her I had a little worry

By beckysdad on Jan 24, 2015 at 10:24 AM

What a wonderfully entertaining typo yuo gave me this time. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that was how much "wood" you needed. Although being Oregon...I wouldn't judge anyway. ;^) Dad used to work in a mill so I learned a good deal about selecting lumber from him. I like to choose my own as well. It's good that you found some help you trust as well as having the ability to return anything that doesn't make the grade. That's a substantial project you've got going there but it will be sooo satisfying when it's done. We might hit 70 today and the forecast is for 74 tomorrow. I'll be up at the folks' place tomorrow as some of the nieces will be over. I finally found some gold and diamonds in a new shaft I dug. I had been poking around in caverns up until now but the good stuff has remained hidden. It's a free form world so while I'm on the surface I get to design and build homes. I'll create a new world when I want to get fancy. I'm just trying to learn (and not die too much) with this one. Coal and copper mining is a tough way to make a living. I'm glad your dad got out of that. Paws is feeling a bit under the weather. I poked her with a stick when she didn't show up at all yesterday. She's somewhat better today so hopefully she'll be back soon.

By Sylviag on Jan 24, 2015 at 8:14 AM

Mornin. Where's Paws? Yard congrats - what did you start? Nah, gibberish of consonants since you brought it up :) How did the mining go - any precious gems? I've decided I need to be on a lookout for a fancy, but sharp, sword for Bryan. That would be way cooler hanging on a rack on the back window of the Ridgeline than a shotgun ROFL Oh that is a funny neighbor story! Good thing you didn't interpret it to mean something like pickled herring souffle. Worked out great at Lowe's. Once Bryan figured out how much weed we needed, he decided it would take hours to pick it all out. We are on first name basis with the 3 guys on the contractor desk, having gotten most of our DIY stuff from there. They assured us they would take extra care with our order and if there was a bum piece we could exchange it. Gave us a sweet contractor deal of 14% off and the 6 months to pay off. It came in a lot less than I expected considering we are using cedar. We always get a 10% military discount since they honor retired civil service IDs. So 14% was even better. They will deliver tomorrow. Son coming by today to pick up the ping pong table that has been sitting around since our pre holiday party for the party tonight so Bryan will have more room in the garage. Getting a 3 gal can of a stain we picked out. He will have to stain all the decking first in the garage, top, sides and ends but not the bottom as that has to breath to get any moisture out. He is definitely looking forward to the project. But after staining about 50 or so boards he may rethink that "fun" part LOL Supposed to have some possibly record breaking temps this coming week maybe up to 60 which will be ossum for him to work on the deck. Bizarre winter so far. I am only on the hook for making a Mexican appetizr for tonight and have a great warm dip I will make. Have one of thos mini crockpots that will keep it warm at their house Right now eating anything Mexican is off the table but I amh oping there will be something I can nosh on - the Frito Scoopes I am brining if nothing else :) We don't have to be there until 6 so have tim ehere to putter, do my treadmill, some more MP3 stuff, etc. What you do besides mining? Brought a very old song to mined "16 tons" whih my Dad loved as he was both a coal and copper miner before jining the Army. Went into the mines right after 8th grade and ti was not a pretty environment in those fr off day.

By Sylviag on Jan 23, 2015 at 12:30 PM

He finished his blueprint - gotta run - TTYL.. Try not to get into any lava OK?

By beckysdad on Jan 23, 2015 at 12:10 PM

Is RYSJYF actually supposed to mean something? If it is, it's not coming to me. I'm a bit paranoid about that because of something that happened with my neighbors years ago. We could see each other from our kitchen windows. I'd gotten an invite from them for a party that required an RSVP. I printed out RSVP on four sheets of paper and taped it to my window knowing they would see it. About an hour later I saw a "Thanks" response hanging in their window. I decided it would be fun to play the old "Concentration" game so using pictographs I asked "Can I bring something?" It wasn't too long before there was a pictograph in their window. I wracked my brain for an hour and couldn't figure it out. Finally I heard Rob outside so we played Tool Time and did our standard "Hi-di-ho neighbor" over the fence and started chatting. I asked him what the message was and he admitted that it wasn't a real message...just made up gibberish. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!! Fortunately I was never subjected to Billy Bass though I know what you're talking about. I know the song just not the words. It's good to be able to strike while the motivation is there and get working on the deck. Particularly when you have the discipline to pay it off before interest kicks in. I know how I feel when I'm planning a project so I know Bryan is a happy guy right now. Projects are fun, maintenance is not. Sadly, neither the boots nor any of the rest of my armor saved me from perishing in that lava. Believe it or not, I can with a straight face say that I made a good start on the yard project today. If I devote this modest amount of time each week than I'll have things darned spiffy by the start of Spring. Actually it still looks pretty good now. And with that done...I'm back to the mines...right after lunch...and maybe a quick nap. It's important to be well rested before mounting a mining expedition.

By Sylviag on Jan 23, 2015 at 11:34 AM

RYSJYF? But is Y a vowel or not? I thought everyone knew that Talking Heads tune from that ghastly rubber Billy-Bass-on-a-plaque that breaks out in the first two lines whenever one passes it. MIL had one at her old house and I would turn the damn thing off as soon as I walked in. I still like the song despite the traumatic memory of that LOL Well Bryan is wanting to start the deck which is not in the fluid cash budget for the next couple of months. But I relented and will just do a Lowe's 6 month deferred interest and pay it off in portions like we did with the carpet, fllooring and the kichen reno in the old house. I hate paying interest on anything except a car so always gives me incentive to pay it off within the time frame. He's making a detailed drawing on graph paper so he can estimate materials. We'll go pick out material today (he always selects his own wood) and have them deliver wheneve they can. Are you maanging to task ignore today as per plan? I alway have a list of music I want to download as I hear it on the radio or on the diital music service we get free with our cable. So I really want over 2 gigs left. Ok, the vision of you wielding a sword is pleasing me very much :) Unless you have protective boots there really is no sense wading into lave dude! I think this game will keep you occupied in a fun way for quite awhile. A soon as Bryan gets done with his architectural masterpeice we will head out. Have to stop at Ptsmart and grocery store also to get some usual stuff and stuff I need to mae a Mexicn dippy thing for the party tomorrow.

By beckysdad on Jan 22, 2015 at 9:44 PM

That would have been a neat trick as I don't know the words to Take Me to the River. You probably didn't notice because when I've been partying I seem to lose all my consonants and speech becomes one long string of vowels. You guys get check marks next to your treadmill and projects. That's commendable. I got so far as to make a new schedule for tasks that I'll likely ignore on a daily basis. Of course Thursday is a scheduled OFF day since I have school...and it was sense scheduling tasks for yourself on the first day. Friday's are yard days. We'll see if the new schedule goes into effect. Do you already have the new music identified or are you just trying to free up space in case you find new stuff? Minecraft does not leave you defenseless. You have the ability to craft, swords and bows. I've gotten decent with my sword but have never used the bows I've crafted. The game can be humbling and it mocks me, too. When you climb into bed and sleep a series of three messages appears to your left. It records the last three "end" actions. When things are going well, it will just show three entries for "Dave has slept in his bed". Mishaps are recorded there as well. It might read, "Dave was killed by a zombie." I don't mind those as much. The one currently facing me is the note that says, "Dave tried to swim in lava." That's just hurtful. Yes, Minecraft has, at least for the moment, supplanted my hard drive efforts. I'm stuck with a few different problems that I'm not certain how to resolve and my research hasn't yielded any easy solutions. I'll get back to it before too long...I hope.School went well. It was a Khan day and we made some good progress. The doodler is good. We haven't had any more one-on-ones since that day but I can always see what she's doing in Khan.

By Sylviag on Jan 22, 2015 at 7:33 PM

Thanks! Seems like maybe we sang "Take Me To The River" together before we passed out LOL I ED on Minecraft and nice that you get to wake up in your bed all healed up after you get killed umpty ump times. How are you supposed to kill the zombies and other beasties - beat them over the head with one of your boots? Has this taken the place of your hard drive project of which Ihave heard othing lately. Got hung up today tweaking my playlists for the MP3 which takes an inordinate amount of time. Still have to make some deletion decisions cuz I want at least 2 gigs free for new music. Only have1 right now. General puttering and papry stuff other than tha and the treadmill. Bryan got about 2/3 done with his projet. The weather was beautiful. He wants to start the deck now too Soon as he droes tht, it will likely snow 3 feet. I have never herd of adjustable dumbells and had to look them up Same principles as large weights. Well yes, they do know good sitting in a closet all unadjusted LOL How did school go? How is the doodler girl doing>

By beckysdad on Jan 22, 2015 at 3:11 PM

Congrats on your goggie FP. It strikes a little close to home though...have we partied together before?

By beckysdad on Jan 22, 2015 at 7:34 AM

Ah yes, the old T-111...had to look that up. I had a pretty good idea given the context but now I know for sure. Geez, we don't have T-111 in Minecraft...or maybe I just haven't found that in the mines as yet. Treadmill in addition to DG and all your work around the house provides plenty of opportunity to keep the body from falling into disrepair. Other than the normal wear and tear. When I'm in that mode I make use of the adjustable dumbells I have. They go from five to fifty pounds and take up virtually no space so it works well. I just have to remember to pick them up. It's good that you have the brakes all set now. Going is a very good thing but stopping is pretty critical. Auto repair and the dentist? That wasn't much of a fun day for Bryan. working on Sonny's enclosure will be a very welcome change from that for him. I have school this morning and then the day becomes a blank canvas. It remains to be seen if I break out any paint or if I just pretend that the canvas doesn't exist.