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By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 9:36 PM

Break is needed for sure and Bryan doesn't want me to do any heavy labor for a few days either.. We're going to a big art show in the Old Mill District by the river tomorrow and a lunch out. Sunday I think we're going to the lake. Son called and is coming back from Cali tomorrow and wants to do a famlily outing to the lake Sun. What up for you this weekend?

By beckysdad on Aug 22, 2014 at 9:04 PM

I hope you get to rest a couple days over the weekend. You've sure earned it. It sounds like you could stand to be off your feet for a time. Once again you've created a very nice space out there. You'll have a blast filling the rest of it in with more color. I noticed Sonny enjoying the sun in that one photo after you uploaded it. You'll really enjoy Alaska. It's beautiful country.

By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 8:50 PM

You got it already :) We busted our buns today to finish the rockery on the bottom terrace and Bryan started moving huge 3 man rocks with a heavy duty dolly from the top of the hill down to build up the top terrace so we can backfill with dirt to level it out. I never believed I would be able to have a flower garden this year already. The sun room Bryan built looks right on the flowers garden. i am happy, happ,y happy!! Bryan actually googled highways + RV and tht is how he weeded out some smaller roads on our last rip. Even so soe of the roads were pretty narrow and windy. We decided no long, spendy trips next year except a reggae festival in Cali. We reallyy would like to go to Alaska in 2016 with son and gkids. I think I told you we decided against AlCan and will do the Ak state ferry system. Wil not be a cheap trip so will save money next year. The last two days have really flared up the neuropathy n my feet so resorted to a pain pill tonight which does make me a little twirly so making excuses in advance for any stoopyness LOL

By beckysdad on Aug 22, 2014 at 11:49 AM

Other than the Going to the Sun Road I haven't learned of any of the routes we're on being inappropriate for an RV. I may have to look at that a bit just to make sure we don't run into a problem. We're pretty much on main highway or National Park roads so I'm hoping we won't have a problem. Geez, it's nice to be ahead of schedule on your yard work. That's a chore that would sure be nice to have done this year. It would leave far more pleasant tasks to look forward to next year. The comix of your progress so far should be fun. Are you guys planning a trip next year? I think there had been a discussion of Yellowstone and Glacier at one time.

By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 10:19 AM

Boy, do I hear ya there. We always have an atlas in the car and used it a couple of times on trips this year when the GPS wanted to take us a way that we knew would not be good for hauling an RV. She also doesn't reognize directional stuff like NW, SE, etc. I hve had more than a few nasty discussions with her LOL Bryan spared me and is on his way to the HS. It starts the day after Labor Day so this needs to be fixed soonest. Bottom terrace is just about ready for pantng next year. The top will take some work still and if we both work on it today, might be able to get it done. God knows we have plenty of boulders all over the property and lots of dirt but a lot of work to get it all to the terrace. Then I can plant next Spring. I hope soon to do a comix so you can see how the terraces look. I am just thrilled tp piece to have a flower garden already this year. I see you also faved that news article about the Marines - cracked me up.

By beckysdad on Aug 22, 2014 at 10:11 AM

I guess I didn't make myself clear in that sentence. We do have good accommodations in Glacier; it's the inputting of addresses into the GPS that caused some problems. The site lists some roads as "East" while the GPS recognizes them as "west" and stuff like that. I was able to compare the maps on their websites to Google maps and then the GPS to get locations entered correctly in the end. I've printed directions for certain sections of the trip as a backup in addition to getting old school maps for the area. This is why I enjoy the planning process so much. I'd get frustrated on the road dealing with stuff like this. The RV has a GPS as well and I'll plug in all of our destinations to that as well. Hopefully their mapping resources synch up better with the names listed on the sites. When does school start for gdau? What a hassle to not be signed up the way you intended. It's a good thing you can be there to help smooth the process. It sounds like you and Bryan are back to having fun playing in the yard. Will it take you until the end of next season to get everything the way you want it?

By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 9:44 AM

Any luck on a place at to stay at Glacier? How did your Giants do? We wound up working our butts off in the back yard. Too much manual labor for this old lady and went to bed early. I am a fair weather gardener and as soon as the weather turns bad Ill be inside :) Moving a lot of big rocks to build up the part of the bottom terrace I don't have flowers planted yet because of the slope. Then backfilled with dirt. Bryan was pruning out the dead stuff of the manzanitas on the very top terrace. More stuf ffor winter burning. Today he will help me build up the 2d terrace cuz can't plant that until we level it out. But we also have to make a run to Bend HS. Everyone thought gdau was all signed up for her first year there but turns out her middle school didn't send her forms there but to La Pine HS which no one in Sunriver ever wants to go to. Son is in Santa Rosa visiting his Mom with youngest gson, gdau is heading to a softball tournament out of town with the coach and his family and oldest gson working at Lodge so we will be the gofers :) Son comng bac Sat and will fllout form and take it to Bend HS Mon.

By beckysdad on Aug 21, 2014 at 11:40 AM

You're tide is too quick. Perhaps we could pop a bell jar over their heads and pump in air when they're about to expire but then let them watch the tide finish coming in and then go back out and repeat the process for a few tides...maybe let some sand crabs snack on them while the tide is out, too... Blues Brothers was awesome...great music and some classic lines. Since we're down to the last couple of weeks I'm working on details for the trip. I just reviewed all of our reservations and am inputting into the GPS. I'm running into a snag there as nothing for Glacier is working. I may have to go old school and resort to maps for that. How barbaric! This afternoon will be all about baseball. The Giants have to finish a game that was suspended Tuesday night and then play the nightcap after that. I hope the games go like the game last night. That one was fun. Did it warm up enough for you to play outside yet?

By Sylviag on Aug 21, 2014 at 10:05 AM

Wow that was very creative! Hope you never have occasion to curse me ROFL Let's add the repeat button for millenia of agony. I Just could not ever bring myself to "forgive" those who commit such heinous acts but maybe a higher power will feel differently. Whenever I think of teaching nuns, Blues Brothers always springs to my mind. Love that movie The sequal, not as much as with the case with most sequals. What's on tap today for you and Becky? I'm working on getting outside to work on the terraces but it was pretty chilly this morning, First harbinger of fall here.

By beckysdad on Aug 21, 2014 at 8:59 AM

Actually I kinda wish I could go back and take English again. I would like to write better and English was one of those subjects to "get through" rather than trying to get the most out of it. I never thought I'd look back fondly on Sister Mary Jane teaching us to diagram sentences. Brodie Odie Odie...I like it. I think that stuff is more fun with boys than girls. With a female I'd always want to be more respectful with names and nicknames whereas with a male dog I could give free rein to all sorts of irreverent nicks. Now what did Mars ever do to you. Not that I've ever given it any thought but all those sickos should have each of the hairs on their body plucked one by one. Then small cuts are to be made all over their body before they get tossed in a vat of hydrogen peroxide. Then we fish them out and take them to the shore at low tide, bury them up to their necks in the sand and then as the tide comes in they are slowly drowned...but that's just a thought...

By Sylviag on Aug 20, 2014 at 11:05 PM

I call that style Lunch Boxes. Just need a handle on top :) Let's be rebels and throw away grammer rules we don't like. I never rememeber when it should be who or whom and use them whichever way my whim or whom takes me. I don't even know what kind of grammar they teach nowadays but I remember having to "parse" a sentence and just grinding my middle school teeth. That's the fun of animal companions, bestowing nicknames. Each of our cats has several. The worst one to listen to is Brodie which I turn into a yodel of Brodie Odie Odie. Hope no one ever hears me LOL Yeah let's banish all the sickos on a one way trip to Mars.

By beckysdad on Aug 20, 2014 at 9:27 PM

I was able to pull that photo. What an odd looking ride so I sure understand how it got the nickname, particularly if it's silver. You guys really had a busy day. With all the time you spent away from home I guess it's natural that you have lots of stuff you want to get back on top of. On which you want to get back on top? That whole ending a sentence with a preposition rule is pretty lame. I do live in a very dog friendly neighborhood. I'll bet we're close to 60% of homes have at least one dog. Many of them are very good about getting the dogs out for walks (which I consider a must). I agree with you about two syllable names. I like being able to shorten it down to one syllable as a nickname though. I call Becky puppy as often as I call her Becky or Beck though. She gets a lot of baby girl too. I'll bet it gets interesting being in a multiple cat home. Habits you'd fall into with one cat wouldn't work so well with four. I hadn't even thought about the DG drought you guys have endured. I know the time with family is precious (and all that crap) but DG was such a regular part of your lives it's odd not to hear more about it from you. I take it you're referring to the video of the photojournalist that was executed. There really are a lot of sick people in the world. It's bad enough that they exist but the idea that so many want to follow along with those ideals and make these sickos leaders is just disgusting.

By Sylviag on Aug 20, 2014 at 8:16 PM

I keep forgetting to explan "roller toaster" to you. Gson's first car was a Scion which son promptly dubbed a roller toaster becuse of its square shape, silver color and low to the ground making it look just like a toaster on wheels LOL Don't know if this pic will open. You really have a lot of dog walkers in your neighborhood I must say, Bow and Arrow are pretty cute names. We've always favored names of 2 syllables or some reason. You can use that 2d syallable for different emhpasis like when you wnt them stop something. Luceeeee, quit shredding the sofa :) Like she listens. When Bryan took gson home he picke dup son's utility trailer and we did a dump run today of fecning debris and some other odds and ends. Just half a load. And we tavkled the garage once again. Still had a fe leftover boxes form the move and when we went through was relaly nothing we wanted and had done without and rearranged (once again) and wound up with a car load for Goodwill. Nie and cleaned up for the winter. Like the season makes any diff LOL I think we are at the point where we can sart maybe playing DG at lest once a week with most of the summer fun done and no big hone projects looming. The evil cretins of the world just make me sick. I don't know who would want to watch that vid but of course it's our on the interweb

By beckysdad on Aug 19, 2014 at 8:30 AM

I'd imagine when you're at home you each have your individual projects and interests that allow you to disappear for a while. When you're travelling you're sharing mostly the same space for days on end. Playing by yourselves for a bit is no doubt a good break. You guys have been at it pretty hard for a while. I can just picture all the dogs chasing after an RC boat. That would be awesome. I really only have on bbq sauce that I make from scratch and I use that for chicken. I'm more of a dry rub guy as a rule but will use some store bought for spare ribs. I'd love to develop one of my own but if I took on that project I'd be having ribs every night for two weeks straight as I tested and tweaked. I can see how gson would make you revert to more traditional hours. He's a good incentive for that.

By Sylviag on Aug 18, 2014 at 10:39 PM

He leaves next Wed and comes back Sat afternoon. Love him to pieces, but it's time for a little break anyway. He knows for sure we're I'll be while he's gone - partying hard here LOL OMG I have to tell you the funniest thing while we were all sitting at the Lodge's beach. Sons dog, Lodge owner's dog, and two of their emplyee's dogs were all in the water chasing sticks we were throwing. And then son of Son-in-law of Lodge owner brought out his little RC boat and started zipping it around with the dogs. They went crazy chasing it and then when it came at them paddling backwards, and then after it again! I so wish I would have a vid of that. Everyone was in stitches. Then son's dog and another of the dog both got a hold of one end of a long stick and they dog paddled it back together to the beach and then played tug of war with it for about 10 mins. Funniest thing was they both let go of it at the same time. We do the oven and then the grill too. I bit less vinegar and little bit more brown sugar would have been up my culinary alley. Off to bed. Both movies finished, the last one I didn't pay much attention to. When he's visting I keep earlier hours as I want to be up when he's up. Hope to play here tomorrow after bryan takes him home.

By beckysdad on Aug 18, 2014 at 9:42 PM

But the fourth dog was going to be a puppy. That would be haz lotsa kewt! It was still a very fun afternoon. As far as the neighborly wave takes lots of energy to stay ticked for a long time and I just don't have the staying power any more. It sounds like a very fun weekend with the gson. I'd take RC racing and apple pancakes over clothes shopping any day. Just handling that was a big deal. Interesting that the restaurant bakes and then smokes. I always smoke then finish things in the oven when I'm doing pulled pork. If I'm actually adding smoke I prefer to do that first. I don't smoke my ribs. They get grill marks first on the real grill and then they get wrapped in foil with apple juice for a few hours in the oven and then they get a quick finish on the grill so I can caramelize some sauce on the exterior. It's too bad they didn't nail the sauce for you. They still sound pretty good though. When does Bryan go fishing?

By Sylviag on Aug 18, 2014 at 9:02 PM

What, 3 dogs at the party wasn't enough? :) Great pics! And a giant tip of my beret to you for the neighborly wave :) Because you are a polite and kind person, you instictively waved back. We wound up taking youngest gson home with us for a couple of days from the lake so devoted time to him. RC racing, rented movies an played games and of course apple pancakes :) Took him to vist MIL and school clothes shoppng today. After having taken my niece for many years when she was a teen, I can definitely, with no doubt whatsoever, conclude that boys are way easier as he's rifling through the racks, . ;ike, don't like, like, like. OK, Grandma let's get some shoes and a backpack, Famous Shoes had a good deal on get one pair and 2d half off so got him a couple pair of Vans. Loved it. Did make him try on the jeans as he wasn't sure what size. Son had said what budget was and we came in pretty much on the dot :) We take him home tomorrow and son taking all of them to Santa Rosa for a few days. RIbs were super tender but the sauce was a little too vinegary for me. They have a giant smoker out back. They bake them slow for about 4 hours in the oven and then finish them off in the smoker for 4-5 hours more.

By beckysdad on Aug 16, 2014 at 5:09 AM

Boy, even now that you're "home", you're still not home. It's just a busy time of year and life is very full. It's all good stuff though. I love the decision tree for MIL dinners. #1 Do they serve margeritas? # 2 eh, one criteria is enough. I'll be interested to hear how those ribs are. There was a time when Sizzler served all you can eat beef ribs down here. They weren't spectacular but it always made for a fun evening. What's a roller toaster? There should be lots of fun photos with Ashley and the goggies today. I've got to make sure I've got a charge on both batteries before I go.

By Sylviag on Aug 15, 2014 at 9:47 PM

Evenin' Sounds like a fun Sat for you and Becky. Little Miss Ashley generates nice family gatherings :) LOL on"Squid" - thus are strange nicknames started. I do hope your Dad's mobility issues won't keep him from enjoying your trip. But I know whatever you have planned won't require much walking while still enjoying the sights. And I know you have everything planned to the T. We'll all be looking forward to the pics. Yesteray we had to o some needed grocery shopping. Since I had stayed up til 4:30 am Wed, I was not up at the crack of dawn. Then took MILout to dinner along with son and gkids. Thankfully not Mexian this time. Bryan told her that other reseaturants serve margeritas. She choose a brewery restauant about 2 mins from her place we had all taken her to before. Pretty good food but bothing to write home about, but was a nice change. Today Bryan accompaned son and gon and gdau to Portland to look at a car gson wanted. He sold his roller toaster a efw eeks ago and that plus his savings from working at he Lodge lst couple of summers aloed him a pretty decent budget. People here often drive to Portland for used cars as they are generally cheaper and less used as here most 4 wheel drives go through the mill going up and down mountains, forest roads, etc. They did come to a money greement both parties were happy with. Gdau wanted to buy some Vans and they have a Vans store there. Since her borthday is this month was perfect for Bryan to get them for her for her present. I had papery stuff to do, mundane household chores like laundry. I love my new laundry lines; have missed air drying things. Son convinced us to go to spend the night at Cultus Lodge tomorrow night and go for the all-you-can-eat ribs they do on Fri and Sat. Business has been a bit slow so not all cabins are rented like usual. Probably leave around 11 so we can enjoy the lake during the afetrnoon. ANd I planted 9 fall asters in blue, purple and white I was thrilled that they grow down here, go down to -30. They are the last summer flowers to bloom and that will round off the year. Have to chat with Paws. I bet they will be glad when everyone leaves, especially Miss Idaho :) Nothng any of them can really do to further FIL's recovery.

By beckysdad on Aug 14, 2014 at 6:10 AM

Love the 8 week old food LOL!

By beckysdad on Aug 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM

It's good that the rain accompanied the t-storms. You don't need any more fires.I grilled up burgers for us tonight. Calamari always makes me smile...not eating it, just thinking about it. My best friend has a niece named Colleen Mary. For a while he playfully called her Calamari and then he simply started calling her squid. Somehow her mother wasn't amused. Chicks! Mostly we're staying just one night but there are two places where we get a couple nights. We could have done three nights in one place in Yellowstone but it made more sense to spend one night on the western border and then two nights on the northern border. There are a couple early morning/late evenings planned in the Lamar Valley which is prime wildlife area...grizzly and wolf and bison. That's why I want to stay on the northern border in Gardiner. It makes for an easy getaway when we leave for Glacier after Yellowstone.

By Sylviag on Aug 13, 2014 at 5:37 PM

Another one just rolled through so I had to shut down. But with a torrential downpour which is good to prevent any fires. But these are cramping my all day LOL fest! Been cumpter butting all day and loving it. To be honest, after meeting Becky, she is one of the best behaved dogs I've met and I know the training was done with firm love because she never cringed when you had to rein her in. One can tell why a dog gets back in line. Grease fest tonight. Breaded nd fried calamari steaks and fried zukes from the greenhouse. What's on the menu for you. Have missed trading dinner doings :) How long are you spending in any one place?

By beckysdad on Aug 13, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Sigh...yep, people have a variety of definitions of "well-behaved". Shopping with three seems ambitious. I wouldn't want to take three Beckys into a pet food store. The reservation process has gone well. We booked all but one night. There is some question as to where we'll be staying in Washington when we visit my uncle. I'm not in charge of that visit at all. We're pretty happy with our accommodations for now. We'll see how reality matches up with our perception. Did you get to play in the greenhouse today or were you indoors the whole time?

By Sylviag on Aug 13, 2014 at 4:32 PM

Not used to them either. We rarely had them in western WA. Some more boomers in the distance and I hope they are going the other way so I don;t have to shut down. How is the reservation process going? Are your parents getting excited about the trip? Since the trip is at the beginning of school, you can pick up with that when you get home. EDd about the German shephards. Before we left on our trip we stopped by the local pet food store and a woman was walking in there with 3 (3!) large dogs on leashes that were going in 3 different directions. I know people like to take their dogs everywhere but since they weren't well trained, they certainly could have tripped a few people. I had a Grrrr :)

By beckysdad on Aug 13, 2014 at 9:27 AM

You're not a fan of T-storms, right? I enjoy them but it's rare that we get them down here and when we get them they pale in comparison to the stuff others get. We're definitely getting closer to the trip. I think today will be about getting reservations at our campgrounds. I'm glad we're going after the Labor Day rush. I've located some nice places for each of our stops. I made a decision on our rental car for Glacier too. I find that when people view disagree politically, there are those who are content to say see things differently. Others feel the need to say that those with different opinions are idiots that are mentally and morally deficient. Olbermann falls into that second camp. It may be that is part of his schtick but people like that on either political extreme set my teeth on edge.

By Sylviag on Aug 13, 2014 at 8:22 AM

Big Tstorms rolled through almost all day long yesterday through early evening. Had a lot of on line banking business to do for us and MIL in fits and starts as I had to keep turning puter on and off. A lot of fires in OR right now but the stuff that rolled through yesterday was accompanied by some good rain. The cooler weather is welcome. Cleaned up greenhouse and garden and not too much on tap today so may get to spend some timehere for a change. Yeah I was telling Heyman thart comedians so often have a dark side tha leads to excess in many ways and depression. Bryan told me that he ws one grade ahead of his oldest passed brother at Redmond High in Tiburon. Weird. Your RV trip is not that far away now is it. Souds like insurance is getting squared away. Have you and the parents got most everything planned as what to take, etc? LOL on Olbermann. I hae watched him from time to time and he an be an astute political observer but I do agree he can be obnoxious.

By beckysdad on Aug 12, 2014 at 5:31 AM

Great to have you back. Seems like a long time gone. That was quite the festival you were at. Seventeen thousand of your closest friends gathering to enjoy a quiet weekend together... I'll bet you were mobbed by your kittehs.

By Sylviag on Aug 11, 2014 at 8:59 PM

She's baaack! LOL Will t ake me days to catch up. Staying put for a while now. Chat more later or more likely tomorrow. Hope you and Paws been staying out of trouble :)

By beckysdad on Jul 29, 2014 at 5:13 AM

I've never ventured into the gluten free arena. It's nice of you to make that foray to accommodate your friend. I'm afraid I don't have any tips on the crumbly front. I don't recall that being one of the troubleshoot conditions in my trusty Betty Crocker Cookcook. I don't use it often but there are certain times I refer back to that great cookbook and troubleshooting bread baking is one of them. Did you try a web search for insights? If you don't find a solution just re-label it Zuchinni Crumble and bask in the glory of your new recipe. I'm sure the taste is quite good. Mmmm...biscuits and gravy...for me that's reserved for a winter morning when I have no intention of trying to accomplish anything else for the day. I always eat too much and wind up sluggish...happy...but sluggish.

By Sylviag on Jul 28, 2014 at 10:01 PM

Had a go at making gluten free zuchinni bread today with some all purpose gluten free baking mix. I made two regular earlier last week and popped them into the freezer to take with, One of our friends coming to reggae is mostly gluten free. The breakfast I am making is biscuits, sausage gravy, zuchinni bread with butter and my homemade jam, fruit salad. I wanted her to have some zuke bread of her own. She said she would indulge in one biscuit but the bread will be a surpise. We're celebrating her birthday there too with some gluten free kuppy kakes another friend got from a specialty bakery here and froze. It came out quite well but a littler "flatter" and a softer consistency in terms of crumbing up. But it slices OK if you do it very carefully; she can always eat it with a spoon :) I do not have the baking knowledge to know what adjustment I should make to my normal recipe to have it less crumbly. Any ideas?. BTW in reference to your Peyton Place "History" resnark :) IF you be nice I might mail you some raspberry jam for Christmas LOL