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By Sylviag on Aug 29, 2014 at 8:49 PM

Happy Freeday and Happy Long Weekend! I am excited to see them live. I doubt if I can get a good pic with my cell phone as it is an old slider but so;s gal pal has a real nice cell phone and I'll ask her to take one and send to me. Stil the same with Shasta, Holding her own but not gaining that I can see. Sigh. A real baseball game or on TV? Soundss like a couch sports surfing weekend - just perfect for you. I can hardly wait for the Seahawks season opener. Not into pre-season. I spent the whole day here and still here LOL So many wonderful birthday greetings to enjoy. Planning to have baby back rbs. I will put a rub on them and slow cook them in the over tomorrow for 5 or 6 hours. Put in fridge and then Sun Bryan will fire up the big charcoal grill and finish them off with some BBQ sauce at the end. MIL loves layer salad which I like also and I can make it Sun morning. Garlic bread and cheescake with starberries and whip cream. Brie chees, slamai and crackers (also MIL fave) and I will make these spinach ball appetizers that bake in the oven. And Mimosas. Enjoy your day tomorrow knowing you get 2 more days off.

By jadzia23 on Aug 29, 2014 at 7:48 PM

You're welcome and thank you so much for the beautiful friendship lol *hugs* I wish I could send WT and Nightwish to Bend for a birthday concert. It's great you got your Caddies tickets. I know you'll have a great time and probably do a lot of dancing. I'm sorry Shasta isn't eating quite as well. Did she do better today? I'm glad it's the weekend now. I plan to relax mostly, but tomorrow will be pretty busy with mall, dinner, and then a baseball game. I'll probably watch a lot of tennis Sunday and Monday. I don't like figs either, the taste, or what they do to my stomach. How was your day? I hope you got to relax a lot for your birthday. What will you be having at the birthday BBQ? Any plans for tomorrow? Have a great evening and Caturday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 29, 2014 at 12:56 PM

Heartfelt hugz

By Sylviag on Aug 28, 2014 at 8:37 PM

Thanks! Now if you could just send them to Bend for a birthday concert :) I realy do hope they come to either OR or WA sometime. I did get 4 tickets for the Caddies today for us, son and gal pal. SO keep your fingers crossed no cancellation this time. Hope you got a better night's sleep last night and were more rested for work today. Shasta not eating quite as well today and I had to do alot of coaxing. Yay for you getting 3 days off. Just plan to loll around or family having a BBQ? I had an elder aunt who had a fig tree in their yard. I've never cared for them too much - just too sweet for my taste. LOL on Coco eating one - dogs eat the strangest stuff sometimes. I did a lot of ash and trash stuff today - was very disciplined and didnt get on ICHC until about anhour ago. So tomorrow for my bithday I may treat myself to a marathon here ;)

By jadzia23 on Aug 28, 2014 at 8:04 PM

Happy Birthday! *hugs* Hope you have a great day :)

By jadzia23 on Aug 27, 2014 at 8:44 PM

Pei Wei is a good restaurant because they have all sorts of Asian food, not just Chinese. My favorite dish there is the honey seared shrimp. I think the medicine I took kicked in, so hopefully I can have a decent night. It may have been some cereal I had, or the peach I had yesterday. Peaches and my stomach don't get along at all. Is Shasta's appetite still good today? I sure hope so. It's nice you got to relax. I'm looking forward to the long weekend to do some relaxing. It's nice you go a lot of fresh veggies from your greenhouse. Sadly the little peach tree died, but the fig tree shoots are producing some figs. I can't eat them since they don't get along with my stomach either, but my mom eats them, and so do the birds. Coco will sometimes eat one that falls on the ground. Any plans for tomorrow?

By Sylviag on Aug 27, 2014 at 8:11 PM

I miss a good Chinese resturant. They just published the Best of Bend and we have to try the Chinese resraurant that won. That was nice they could go out to dinner with your Mom. Mango crab sure sounds intriguing. Oh dear on the indigestion and you are likely right about the tuna. Never fun to have to work when one is feeling lousy. Especially if it is a job where you have to deal with people. She is at least 17 cuz oldest gson is 17 1/2 and we all have a memory of her being around very close to whenhe was born. I just played here all day since Bryan left this morning to go fishing Probably do it again tomorrow LOL I did hang out a load of laundry which is about all I did beside couch slouch. Not much moe we can do on the flower garden until next year. Way too ate to plant anything, I want to see how the flowers I already have overwiner so if any don't make it I'll know not to get those again. The green house is slowly coming to an end also. Still getting tomatoes and green peppers any maybe one ore zuchinni and enough Swiss chard for one more meal. We've so enjoyed our fresh vegies How is that little peach tree doing? Hpe you feel better tomorrow and have a good day.

By jadzia23 on Aug 27, 2014 at 7:59 PM

I'm sure you'll enjoy the Caddies. They put on a great show and played most of their best songs. I hope they get a good crowd. It was nice of them to add Bend back to the tour. I've never had Ahi before, but it sounds good. I did have some sushi last night when we went to Pei Wei for my mom's birthday. One was mango crab, which was good, and the other was spicy tuna, which I didn't care much for. Uncle and auntie came home Monday, just in time for my mom's birthday. I'm glad they're home so I don't have to wake up at 6 lol 7 is early enough. I'm glad the vet gave Shasta something to help, and I'm glad it's working. I wasn't surprised it was the antibiotics that caused her to not want to eat. It's great her kidneys are functioning well too. How old is she? How was your day? Do you still have a lot of work to do on your garden? Get a lot of fruits and veggies from the greenhouse? I was pretty busy today and I think the spicy tuna sushi didn't sit too well with me, so I haven't been feeling too well today. Have a great evening and Thursday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 26, 2014 at 9:49 PM

OMG you're right! I hadn't checked BendTickets lately. I will get tickets tomorrow for us, son and gal pal and let other friends know. Only $20. Matisyahu will be at the Midtown Ballroom the 17th but saw him last year and would rather see the Caddies. Yeah is tuna. For me Ahi is only good if it is seared on the outside and still red on the outside and they nailed it. I like my beef reallly rare also. Oh I do love coconut shrimp and that was one of the appeatizer options we will try next time. I wish they had a Red Lobser here. Did most of the last of the weeding today on the top terrace and made some more rock planting pockets. Not much I can do there until next year planting time. Happy Birthday to your Mom - where did you wind up going? When do Uncle and Auntie come home? thanks for asking about Shasta. Iwas relaly getting frantic about her not eating. WIll do a copy and paste of Shasta I sent to another friend: Got Shasta into vet yesterday morning, Her continued loss of weight has sure been bringing me down. At weigh-in she had lost a pound since before vacation and was down to 6 lbs :( I knew she had lost some ground at the kitty spa as they don't have the time to coax her to eat. She is much better today! Doc squeezed us in yesterday morning but she had already started eating a littlte bit. Doc agreed with me that the 6 week long course of antibiotics (needed in order to get rid of a stubborn UTI she has been fighting for a year) likely was the cause of her loss of appetite. That can happen ot humans too. She got a urine sample and the UTI is finally gone - Yay! Sat had been the last dose of antiBs. Doc also drew blood to run a bunch of tests to make sure nothing else is going on that she hadn't already tested for. Dang cat has had more labs than me this year :) Also did some subcutaneous hydration and a very small dose of prednisome to pick up her appetite. Then today: Oh BD, it is a 180 degree turn around! Shasta has been eating like a champ. Almost a whole little can today. I can almost see her little haunches filling back in. I've kept her in her room today and feeding her floofy side so she doesn't waste any energy. Tomorrow I'll let her start going back out again. Vet called this afternoon and the rerun on her kidney functions look really great for a kitteh her age. She said next time she has to go on antiBs she will give her a small dose of prednisone right away.

By jadzia23 on Aug 25, 2014 at 8:22 PM

Congrats on your FP :) Just found out some good news. The Caddies released some more tour dates, and they're coming to Bend on October 14th to the Domino Room. I bet you'll get to hear more songs from the new album. Was the vet able to see Shasta today? Did she get an appetite stimulant? I sure hope so. It could be the BP medicine causing it. Your lunch sounds nice. I've never had Ahi before. That's tuna right? I had coconut shrimp yesterday at Red Lobster, which was really good. That's one of my favorite dishes. Tacos are always a good choice at Mexican restaurants. I had fajitas last time, but didn't want such a big meal. Do you have much work left on the garden and terraces? I had a nice relaxing day yesterday, and the last day of kitteh duty was today, which is good. How was your day? Mine was alright, but busy with kittehs and work. Tomorrow will be busy too since we're going out for my mom's birthday. Have a great evening and Tuesday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 24, 2014 at 9:00 PM

I hope so on appetite stimulants for kittehs. Will call as soon as vet opens tomorrow and see if they can squeeze Shasta in. Could get her to eat very little today. Her nose is cool and she loves to be cuddled but just does not want to eat, dammit! I put out 3 dishes with 3 different wet foods for her and she wouldn't touch them. Got her to drink some chicken broth and a few crunchy treats I don't know if it is the BP meds that could be causing her lack of appetite. AFter the show we went to a nice restaurant on the river and ate outside, had 3 different appetizers for lunch with a glass of Chardonnay rather than a big meal. Ahi done just perfect, calamari and sweet potato fries. All had great dipping sauces. Ya know, next time we do Mexican, I think I'll just have a big plate of tacos :) We wound up not going to the lake and puterd around the house and got the terraces almost finished. Did you have that relaxing day today you wished for? I imagine you did have to make a trip to take care of the kittehs.

By jadzia23 on Aug 23, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Your garden is beautiful and I can tell you and Bryan have worked very hard on it. It's nice the deer have a corridor to use. I think they do have kitteh appetite stimulants. I think one of my sister's cats needed one because she is very thin too, and wasn't eating much. It did help her appetite. I hope the Caddies will go to Eugene, or even come to Bend like they had planned to. I hope they come back here soon too. I hope you get some good concerts too. Wow, fall and winter really come fast in Bend. I'm glad we have more of a fall, as that is one of the nicest times of year here since it's not too hot and not too cold. I bet your muscles are really feeling all that work. The art show and lunch out sound really nice. Seafood sounds like a good choice. What did you have? Now I'm hungry for that too. Maybe tomorrow lol Tonight we had Mexican food. I had tacos. The lake sounds nice. How was your day? Mine was nice. Hope to do more relaxing tomorrow. Have a great evening and Sundog :)

By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 9:49 PM

Thanks for liking my flower garden :) been a lot of work but so worth it when I get up in the morning and walk out there and make sure none of them have run away :) We only fenced in around the garden and the deer stillhave a nice corridor above the grden they use. Our property goes up quite a ways and we definitely didn't want t impede their progress form unch stuff in your yrd to the neighbors. They ostly like to hang out on our front lawn. Got some pics of them this morning here. Oh yeah, now with yur different work hours, taking cre of the in themorning is much harder. I'm thinkng of aking Shasta to the vet Mon to get her weighed again Maybe they have a kittey appetite stimulant :) I am hoping maybe the Caddies will hit Eugene next yer as I would definitely go. Denver is probably a lot closer for you than us. Would be a two day drive. Pretty much end of Sep it starts freezing at night and winter kinda start mid Oct so not much Fall here. I will miss the leaves changing. Mosly all pines and junipers here. But won;t miss raking maple leaves. Day was hard labot as we worked on the grden all day and my old mosulces are feeling it. We're going to a large outdoor art show in Bend and combining ti with a nice lunch out. Am relly in the mood for seaood andthey have a restaurant called Anthony's wthin a short walk from t he art show nd they have great seafood. Son wants to go to lake Sun which sounds good to me. I do love a good pizza - just about the perfect food. A wondermous Caturday tyou also.

By jadzia23 on Aug 22, 2014 at 8:06 PM

The cabins were nice, and the scenery was beautiful. The weather was much nicer too. I"m a t-shirt gal too and I have tons, and probably didn't need them, but I couldn't resist them since they were on sale. I do enjoy playing with the kittehs, but it is hard to go over there before work since I don't have a lot of time. I think it's about a 10 hour drive for them. Sometimes they stop to spend the night halfway, but other times they go straight through. I think they're getting to the point where they won't be able to go as often. I hope Shasta can put some weight on. Maybe she will now that things have settled. I heard Nightwish is working on a new album for next year. I'm sure it'll be great, and maybe when they tour, they'll come close to where you are. I checked WT's tour, and they're coming to Denver, which isn't too far from here. I wish I could be in California right now since the Caddies are playing there again lol I'm glad the weather was good for your gardening. When does the fall come in Bend? We usually don't feel it until late October, and then feel winter in mid December or so. The trainees are still doing pretty good. How was your day? Mine was alright. What do you have planned for the weekend? More gardening? I don't know where we're going to eat yet. I wish the new brick oven pizza place we're getting would open soon. Can't wait to try it. Have a great evening and Caturday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 22, 2014 at 10:48 AM

A cabin in the wood is close enough :) I'm a t-shirt gal also and have a big drawer full of them and which one I wear depends on my mood. I know you enjoy playing with the kittehs and lucky for auntie and uncle you can take care of them. How long of a drive is it for them to go there? Shasta is holding her own but still way too thin for my liking. I really have to coax her to eat. Sigh My only plans are to spend time right here. I know son and some other people will feel they need to do something with me but I will be perfectly happy playing on ICHC and eating top ramen - my preferred meal when Bryan is gone :) Just toss a few vegies in and I have a quick meal. Did a lot of yard work yesterday invovling toting around big boulders and shoveling dirt. Feel it this morning for sure. More of the same today. Taking advantage of the good wetaher. When fall comes here it comes quick and not much of it before it slams into winter. Good news on the trainees - keep cracking the whip LOL Chat at you tonight I hope. I have it planned to spend time here.

By jadzia23 on Aug 21, 2014 at 8:00 PM

Your weekend at the lake and time with your grandson sound really nice. Sadly I've never been camping. I have stayed in cabins in the woods, but never actual camping. I hope to go someday though. I bought a couple of t-shirts at the mall, a Star Wars one and a Harry Potter one. Error disputes aren't too bad, but can get frustrating and confusing sometimes. The triple birthday BBQ sounds nice. It's a shame Nightwish and WT aren't coming close to where you live. It would be cool to see them. I'm sure they're not coming close to here either. Probably same weekend plans, plus kitteh duty starting tomorrow through Monday since uncle and aunt went to Dallas again. How is Shasta doing? I'm sure all the kittehs are glad to have you back. What do you have planned for while Bryan is on his fishing trip? Hopefully you can get some relaxing done. How was your day? Mine was alright. The trainees are doing better, which is good. Have a great evening and Friday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 20, 2014 at 10:04 PM

Hiya, after the lake we took youngest gson home for a couple of days and then we devoted all our time hanging out with him and I went to bed reasonably early after we played games and watched movies. I think I put on a pound though as I made a real breakfast for 3 days in a row instead of grabbing something to eat sometime around 10 or 11 :) Son took kids out wakeboarding and we hung out on the beach chatting with friends that came by. The ribs were super tender but the sauce had a bit too much vinegar for my taste. After they shut down for the night and cleaned up they all came over to sit around our campfire. I so love campfires - but have to wash everyting when we get home :) Did you ever go camping when you were younger? Find anything worth buying at the mall? Error dispute resolution doesn't sound like fun either. Probably a quiet weekend coming up as Bryan heads up to WA to go fishing next Wed and won't be home until Sat and then that Sun we'll have a brthday BBQ for MIL, BIL and me. We all have birthdays within 3 days of each other. Checked both Nightwish and WT tour dates and nothing even remotely close to where I live. Sigh Maybe in 2015. ANy plans for this weekend?

By jadzia23 on Aug 16, 2014 at 8:27 PM

lol I was browsing my DB on my phone before I went to bed. I was pretty tired, so I went to sleep a little earlier than usual. Just the same plans for this weekend. Mall and dinner out at the steakburger place, which was good. Probably just relaxing tomorrow. Your trip to the lake cabin sounds nice, and so does the rib night. What did you do there? I hope the weather was nice. Motown reggae sounds very interesting. I'm sure the heat made it difficult for the artists and bands. I don't train people too often since we have enough people now, but I will with the next round of new hires, whenever that is. When I'm not training, I check the errors we find on the sales agents, and handle error disputes from those agents. I also spot check work and go over mistakes with them. I also have a few policies of my own to do. I'm always busy, and sometimes stressed. It's good you take the time to feed Shasta often and coax her to eat. Yes, Mandy was one of my dachsies who passed away about three years ago from diabetes. She was hilarious, and I always loved watching her flip her kibble. Any plans for Sundog? Have a great day :)

By Sylviag on Aug 15, 2014 at 10:05 PM

Hah, just saw you on the DB. Happy Freday! Any plans for the weekend? We're heading up to the Lake tomorrow around 11 with son and gal pal and each renting a cabin. Business has been slow at the Lodge so they have a couple available.. On Fri and Sat they have all you can eat rib night and I've never had them but everyone ays they are outstanding. So many to choose from as far as acts. But I loved Jimmy Cliff since he is one of the grandfaterhs of reggae. Michale Rose always puts on a good show. One guy whose name I don't remember now did a kind of unique Motown reggae. And Alpha Blondy. With 40 bands starting at noon each day there were a lot we didn't watch - for one thing sitting out in 101 heat didn't appeal. I felt bad for the early afternoon bands because of that. I did not realize you were primarily a trainer now. That is a lot of responsbility so I can see why you stress sometimes at the continued mistakes. Shasta lost some ground in the weight department at the kitty lodge. She doesn't eat much at one time and i really have to coax her. So I feed her wet food every couple of hour and stay with her to encurge her and keep mounding the food in little pile so she can much from he top. WIth her jaw problem she has a hard time getting the stuff at the bottom of the tin. Is Mandy a passed animal companion?

By jadzia23 on Aug 14, 2014 at 8:03 PM

I sometimes miss the night shift, as it meant I could stay on here longer, and sleep in lol I'm glad your trip was wonderful and the comix was great. Who was your favorite act there? I'm sure I would've enjoyed it. It's great the wedding was nice and the weather was good. That's a really big wedding. I'm glad you got to dance a lot. The trainees are out on their own now, and they're doing alright, except for the occasional bad day from one or the other. I think they'll be more consistent. I go over their mistakes with them, which helps. I'm a trainer now, so I"ll get more batches of new hires, as well as others who need to be trained for something else. There are two trainers, and we each handle half the states. We did have a lot of flooding on the interstate the other day. Even a semi truck got stuck in it. I heard it did a lot of damage, and we could be in for more tonight and the whole weekend. I'm glad your MIL realized other restaurants serve margaritas. I get tired of Mexican food sometimes. I'm glad Shasta is doing alright and hope she puts some weight back on. I had to coax the doggies to eat their kibble sometimes, even hand feeding when necessary. Mandy preferred to play with her kibble by scratching it and flipping it up. Any weekend plans? It'll probably be the usual trip to the mall and dinner out. How was your day? Mine was alright. Have a great evening and Friday and it's great to have you back :)

By Sylviag on Aug 14, 2014 at 12:09 AM

Hi there, I do miss when you were on '"nght shift" but your new hours are so much better for you. Trip was wonderful and I know you saw the comix of the festival. You would have enjoyed it very much. The wedding was outside with the lake as a backdrop. Weather was beautiful. There were 200 attending so aside from extended family (which is still pretty large) we really knew very few people but had a grand time anyway. Food was really good and they had a DJ and a "roll out" dance floor on the grass. Between reggae and there I danced to my heart's content, wth or without a partner LOL EDd you and Ani and sounds like you are making some headway with the trainees. WIll you always be the trainer or just for this batch? Did you have quite a bit or rain to flood the interestate? My memory of OK and TX are not a lot of rain but when it comes, it is a deluge. Son and us will be taking MIL out to dinner tomorrow night. Bryan finally convinced her that other restaurants serve margaritas and we don't always have to go Mexican :) She pickedout a brew pub we have been to before that she liked. Other than that spent a long lazy day, and now night, playing on here trin to catch up. Shasta is doing well but lost a little weight at the Kitty Spa I think. She really needs to be coaxed to eat and they just don't have the time to sit with her. She likes attention when she eats. LOL

By jadzia23 on Jul 29, 2014 at 8:15 PM

lol at the cookie rule. It's a good one, and more should follow it. It's nice to see you again, even if just for a day. Your trip sounds really nice. I'm glad the weather was good for your camping trip and will stay good for the festival and wedding. It's nice that you helped with the MS fundraiser. I'm sorry to hear about your friend getting worse. The training class is still having their ups and downs, and today was a down, at least for one of them when I checked their work from yesterday. They're all careless mistakes. I may have to say they need another week, which is disappointing. I did get a new AC after the motor went out on the last one. This is a much better kind, and will work in heat and humidity. Not sure about weekend plans yet, but probably mall time and dinner out. I tried sushi for the first time last Saturday at a new place. It was good, and I would try it again. I saw on my DB that Shasta is sick. I hope she gets well soon. Let me know how the trip went. Hope you have a great time and safe trip there and back :)

By Sylviag on Jul 28, 2014 at 9:42 PM

LOL Last Cookie could be me and Bryan. The rule is, if it is the very last cookie, it must be split.

By Sylviag on Jul 28, 2014 at 9:41 PM

Hiya from your dropout friend Giving myself an "F" for attendance this quarter but a B- for good intentions :) It is about a 10 hour drive but we're splitting it into 2 days and meeting friends with their RVs along the way. Hopefully all connections will be made. Thank CC for cell phones. From the festival going to the ocean to kill a couple of days before son's half bro's wedding at Lake Almanor where we will stay 4 days. Son back on with one of his gal pals who will come with us to reggae (his love life is a bit too complicated for me and we just go with the flow :) Hope to have wifi at Almanor as it is a vacation rental house we all stay in. Olest gson will drive the other two gkids down for that. Camping trip was fun and hot enough for even me to swim in the lake. Was a different lake. Usually son wants to go to nearby lakes that allow speed boats cuz all the gkids like to wakeboard. For part of this past week and into the weekend we volunteered at an MS fund raiser to help set up and take care of stuff. We just took the RV and stayed there until yesterday afternoon. Friends of ours who own a large B&B and a lot of land to put on an arts and music festival. She unfrotunatley has MS and it is getting progressively worse :( Son and his passed wife got married there almost 20 years ago so we have known them for awhile. Nice you got to spend some time with your cousin. Glad you got some rain but it is never neough this time of year in dry lands. Still hot here and tstorms. Did the training class pay off? Hope they took all the material to hert as it will make your job much easier. ED you got Air (deserves to be capitalized :) Anything planned for the weekend?

By jadzia23 on Jul 15, 2014 at 8:18 PM

Cool comix :) I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. The festival sounds like a lot of fun too. Is it a long drive? Sounds like you had a fun time in Eugene. It's been pretty warm still, but we did get some rain Saturday and Sunday. I'm surprised you're in the upper 90s. That's what we're having. I hope you have AC to deal with the 98. The camping trip sounds fun. Is it to the same lake you went to around Memorial Day? I was pretty busy this weekend and last night. My cousin and her family came into town suddenly, so we went out to eat a lot, and hung out while we watched the World Cup final. It was pretty nice time, even though I got home past 11 last night thanks to a dinner out at a steakhouse on the outskirts of the city. How was your day? Mine was alright, but still busy. I got a training class last Monday, so I've been working with them. They seem to be doing better every day. Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Jul 14, 2014 at 5:23 PM

Hiya. Comix link If you ever get a chance to see Slightly Stoopid, I think you would like them very much. Kinda the skateboarders of reggae with their board shorts, baseball hats and tanks (and explicit :) No, this was just a one night concert with them and Stephen Marley but we stayed 2 days to putter around eugene. The big 4 day festival on the Eel River in Garberville, CA is 1-4 Aug. Really looking forward to that. So many good bands - nonstop reggae for 4 days will be suweeet. Here's the line-up. To be able to see Jimmy Cliff and Alpha Blondy will be a highlight. Steely Dan did pretty much hit their most popular songs except Hey Nineteen which is one of my faves Wound up at an afterburner party til 1 am and Bryan and took a taxi cab hoe along with a few other people :) Did get to play disc golf in Eugene both days as there is a course just 20 mins south o a lake so after playing we were all able to change into bathing gear in the park bathroom and jump in. We got back Fri ad Sat had youngest gson-s erly birthday party at the "Fun Center", ini golf, go karts, etc. He and gdau will go with maternal Grandma to Canada for 2 weeks to visit all their Canadian relatives starting Tues. Hope it is still cooler for you. Has been in the mid 90s here and supposed to hit 98 tomorrow (fans myelf :) We're goung camping on the lake for 4 days starting Thus so hope the hot wether holds. What up with you?

By jadzia23 on Jul 8, 2014 at 8:15 PM

The 4th turned out very nice. I did got to the concert and fireworks show, which were good. The Wind Symphony played mostly patriotic music, but they also threw in Les Miz lol The fireworks were nice, but could've been a little longer. I think that part just lasted about 15 minutes. I'm glad you had a good view of the fireworks and had a long show. Those waterfall ones sound nice. I don't think we had any like that. I'm glad you enjoyed the Steely Dan concert. Did they play their most popular songs? The fire dancing show sounds cool. I've never seen that before. The trip to the lake sounds fun. How hot was it? It's been in the 90s so far this week, which is much better than the 100s we had last week. I hope you enjoy the reggae concert. Is that the one that is outdoors you go to every year? I hope you have a safe and fun trip :)

By Sylviag on Jul 7, 2014 at 9:52 PM

Thanks! A nice surprise since I made that like at 2 am so didn't get a lot of "air time":) We have been in the low 90s for several days and next week to come but still way cooler than what you have had. How did the 4th turn out? Did you go to the concert and see the fireworks? Steely Dan concert was great and we went to a party afterwards we hadn't planned on but had a great time (did take a taxi home though :) We had the best view of the fireworks from a cul de sac one street over from son's gal pal's house. Closest we have ever been to any fireworks. They relaly had a nice show at least 1/2 hour long. Some kinds I've never seen before, they exploded and then "showered" down like a sparkly watefall. But the best part was after the show when a young friend of son's who does fire dancing put on a show for us and the neighbors. I've only seen that live once before at a reggae festival. We had taken our RV to her house so were able just to crash in there (no taxis needed LOL) Yesterday it was so dang hot we spent the whole day at a nearby lake with family and friends. Today was housework day as I have let it slide for the past month. Tomorrow putterng aroun house and getting ready to go to Eugene Wed for the reggae concert with son, gal pal, gdau and ypungest gson. We have a nice hotel with a pool which the gkids will love. WIll stay two nights. Sonny and hasta willnot be happy as they have to go back to the kitty spa for a few days.

By jadzia23 on Jul 5, 2014 at 8:41 PM

Congrats on your FP :)

By jadzia23 on Jul 3, 2014 at 8:35 PM

Happy 4th of July :)