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By jadzia23 on Aug 30, 2015 at 8:10 PM

It's great you got tickets to go see Godsmack! I'm sure it'll be a great show. I wish they would come here. Do you like their new album? I haven't heard it yet. I hope the tickets you got are good. Sometimes trying to figure out which tickets to buy is really confusing. Teriyaki chicken, corn, and salad sounds delicious. Coco did get clipped short because that's what my mom told the lady. If it was up to me she would just get a trim because I like her coat long. I've never had Pollo Crema, but it sounds really good. Was it spicy? How long will you be gone? I hope you have a great trip and I'm sure the Rebelution show will be awesome. Are you near any of the fires? A lot of them were close to where we were staying in California. Today was pretty good and restful. We went to Olive Garden for lunch, and I had chicken parmesean. It was pretty good this time. How was your day? Have a great trip!

By Sylviag on Aug 30, 2015 at 9:48 AM

Woo Hoo got tickets to Godsmack in Yakima, WA 4 Nov! Be our third time seeing them and they put out a new CD since the last tie we saw them so I am looking forward to hearing some of those songs played live. It's about 4 hours north so we will spend the night. Never been to that venue and didn't really undersand the stage layout they were going to have as it is a multi purpose arena. And all the tickets I could find from like 8 diferent sources just said General Admission Floor. But there are different segments of the floor on one floor plan I saw but none of the tickets would say which secton so I went by price and got mid range figuring we would be somewhere decent. It's not that large of a venue - about 7,000. Teriyaki chicken with lots of fresh rosemary which is my favorite, and some fresh corn on the cob and a salad. Perfect! Figured you would do some mall time. Did you get Coco clipped short? I had Pollo Crema - really good sauteed chicken in a creamy chipolte sauce with some veggies thrown in. And of course rice and beans which I didn't eat but gave to a family member to take home along with her leftovers to her hubs who couldn't attend, Today we have to go to Costco and a few other places to get ready for our 3 trip tomorrow. It's only about 3 hours away and check in time at the rental house isn't until 3. Rebelution always puts on good show so am looking forward to it. So we'll leave around 11 and have brunch on the way. Temps there will bemid 80s and it has a pool so we will enjoy that. Enjoy your Sundog and I'll catch you later and see what you had for lunch.

By jadzia23 on Aug 29, 2015 at 8:36 PM

Hiya :) You're welcome for the birthday card. What did Bryan BBQ for you? I hope you had a great day and dinner! I didn't get to rest too much today since Coco had to go to the groomer, and then it was mall and dinner time. We had Mexican food, and I had enchiladas. That 6.8 sounds pretty scary. I was in Anaheim when the 6.6 hit. It was pretty far away, but the hotel room swayed and on the tv news I could hear and see the lights shaking and then the anchors ducked under their desk. I hope you ordered some good books. I need to find a book for my next trip to read on the planes. What did you have to eat at the Mexican restaurant? I just had the usual plans today-took Coco to the groomer, went to the mall when she was done, and then to dinner. Tomorrow I'll probably just go to lunch and relax the rest of the day. Any plans for Sundog? Have a great evening and Sundog :)

By Sylviag on Aug 29, 2015 at 3:32 PM

Hiya - getting off soon. Bryan is going to BBQ my birthday dinner and he says make the rest. I may have to help with "the rest" though LOL SLowly I am teaching him some cooking stuff - like no need to use a half cup of il to stir fry. May be back later.

By Sylviag on Aug 29, 2015 at 10:45 AM

Happy Caturday and thanks so much for the birthday card. You rock girlfriend :) Hoping your whole weekend is one big rest fest just doing what you want or nothing at all. The biggest one I've been in was the Nisqually Earthquake in WA in 2001 which was pretty much centered right where we lived. It was 6.8 and I sure don't want to experience anything worse than that. Where were you for the 6.6 one? Yeah, I really would have liked to see her and hope someone else good comes along that Bryan would enjoy. we both have similar tstes but I tend to rock heavier than him. A lot of paperbakcs. Butned up all my spare beach rads this summer. A bunch o itter pad liners (we use the Tidy Cat Breeze system which I love. We can get them at Petsmart an petco but hal the time they are out of them. Should give them a clue people like the product and they should stock more eh? Glad this batch o trainees is not too bad. Me and BIL both have birthdays today and MIL is on Mon so last night the whole am went to Mexican t ou fave restaurant which MIl loves. They sang to her and made a bug fuss and she was in Feliz cumpleaños heaven. Any plans for today or tomorrow?

By jadzia23 on Aug 29, 2015 at 10:34 AM Happy Birthday!

By jadzia23 on Aug 27, 2015 at 8:15 PM

I'll be able to catch up on sleep next week and the week after that since I'll be working the afternoon shift with the trainees. I do hope to go back to SF soon. I would've liked to have taken one of the bus tours, and plan to when I go back. I would also want to stay in SF so everything would be close. I was just glad the we had earthquake wasn't the big one they are predicting there. Were you ever in a big earthquake? I was in a 6.6 one about 10 years ago. That one was a lot scarier than this one since it made the hotel room sway. This one was just a quick jolt. I'm glad everyone likes a variety of music, but I do wish they liked rock. I don't like country either. I'm also not a big fan of hip hop. I just like a few songs. It's a shame Bryan doesn't want to go see Florence. I checked the concert lineup for here, and it's really lame. What did you order on Amazon? It's always fun to order stuff. How was the kielbasa? That sounds really good. My day was alright. The trainees seem to be pretty good, with a few exceptions. Do you have any weekend plans? Have a great evening and Friday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 27, 2015 at 10:55 AM

You need to catch up on your sleep after that long trip and now training again. Hope you get another chance to go to SF. Actually what is fun is to take one of the open air bus tours that start at the wharf and go ip to Golden Gate Park and the old Presidio and some other parts of SF. Great way to see some of the city in a limited time. We did that with our niece one time. Oh dear, sorry you experienced an erthquae - pretty common in that area. In WA we used to get smaller ones several times a year. Didn;t mind those much as I figured that was relieving some pressure. At least theyn ike a variety of music. I would have a hard time traeling with people who only like country as that is my leas favorite genre. Bryan said he really doesn;t want to go so Florence. He'll wait for something else if we are going out of town. But nothing much I hae seen so far for either OR or WA has thrilled me much. Did a lot of puttering around the house yesterday and stuff like plcing an amaon order. Bryan went fishing - but no fish so it was a good thing I had defrosed some kielbasa for dinner LOL Hope your day is ging well today and catch you tonight.

By jadzia23 on Aug 26, 2015 at 8:32 PM

lol I wish I had been able to stay on a little longer last night to chat. I was just so tired I feel asleep a little while after I sent it. They had said the 90 degree weather was very unusual for SF. I had been looking forward to cooler weather since it had been so hot everywhere else we had been. I would've liked to have seen more of Fisherman's Wharf and go see Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. We just got to cross the Bay Bridge, which was still pretty cool. There was an earthquake while we were there. I had just woken up, and I felt a strong jolt and heard the room make sort of a creaking noise. I knew what it was, and then on the news they said it had been a 4.0. I am getting tired of living out of a suitcase. I think I can manage this last trip, but I don't think I could handle another one for a while. I'm sure we'll find some good southern fried chicken, and hopefully some good BBQ too. My coworkers like a variety of music. The head manager and other assistant manager like country and reggae, so we listened to that a lot. They also like Spanish music, so we listened to some of that too. When we were with the regular manager, we listened to mostly pop and some older hip hop since that's what she likes. No one likes rock, so I didn't get to listen to any. lol Do you think Bryan will go to see Florence and the Machine? That would be a really good show. No one good is coming here. I wish The Offspring had been here when I wasn't traveling. How was your day? Mine was very busy and frustrating dealing with the huge group of trainees. Have a great evening and Thursday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 25, 2015 at 8:49 PM

Hey, we're on at the same time for a change :) Usually Sf is not real hot in the summer being on the bay bt this has been a hot one up and down the coast. Glad to hear the traveling willbe over with for awhile It can get tiring living out of a suitcase for weeks. Southern cooking is good, usually hefty portions, filling and fattening :) You have to find some good Southern fried chicken! Ask the the hotel where you are staying. A lot of running around errands today. What kids of music did the coworkers you traveled with like? Been checking out concerts in OR for the rest of the year Florence and the Machine are coming to Portland Oct 2. I'll have to see if Bryan wants to go. No much else that interests me. ANyone good coing to your area?

By jadzia23 on Aug 25, 2015 at 8:28 PM

It was nice to see the SF waterfront, and the fried shrimp at Pier Market Cafe was really good. I got some chocolate from Chocolate Heaven. I just wasn't prepared for the amount of people and it was much hotter than I thought it would be too. I wish I had more time there. I am glad to have some home time, and it looks like the trip to Alabama will be the last one for now. We do have a big turnover normally, but lately it's been much worse. I've never been to the deep south, so I'll have to get ready for the humidity. I hope there's at least some good places to eat there in Birmingham. The party sounds like it was fun. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun when you go see Rebelution. I got to listen to some reggae while we were in California since the car we had had XM radio, so we listened to the reggae station for a while. I'm glad your kitties are all good. It's cute they get excited when the deer come by. I think Ted would enjoy seeing one too. How was your day? Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Aug 25, 2015 at 8:40 AM

Oh yeah, the SF waterfront is always a zoo but still fun to experience at least once and you can't beat the fresh seafood. I bet you are glad to have some home time. But not fun that you have so much training to do again :( Why such a big turnover in employees? If you have never been in the deep southm be prepared for a lot of humidity. Not my favoite part of the country as far as weather. Is that the last trip for a long while I hope? Busy this weekend as we had a big party Sat night and Sun was gdau's 15th birthday and we spent that at the lake and the Lodge let us have the restaurant after it closed Sun at 5 pm for a pizza party for her, her girlfriends and family. They let her and her friends spend the night in one of the vacant cabins. We will leave for Rebelution on Mon, renting a house for 3 days, and then coming home Thus. The house has a pool which is great as the Ashland, OR area gets very hot this time of year. Kids wil kove that and so will we. The venue, the Brit, is a wonderul outdoor amphitheater within walking distance of the rental. Kitties are all good. So glad we have central AC to keep them cool. I the morning I open the windows to let cool air in and they love tha, each one sitting ion a window ledge to sniff the great outdoors. They relay get excited when the deer come by. I have no clue what thy thik they are LOL

By jadzia23 on Aug 22, 2015 at 8:33 PM

Just got home today. It's great you made it back here to chat. I feel like I've missed a lot going on here with all of my travels. How are you doing? I did get to go to SF last Sunday, and it was nice, but very crowded and hotter than it should have been. We went to Fisherman's Wharf and had lunch at one of the restaurants. It was really good. We also did a little bit of shopping and got some chocolate at one of the shops. I just wish it wasn't so crowded. Yeah, I have three weeks home before going to Alabama. I'm not really looking forward to that trip since it will be so hot and humid, and there isn't much to see there. I do hope to take some time off after this is done. I did have a lot of good meals, and we did get a stipend for food. The heat rash cleared up in a couple of days. Some of the bad stuff back at the office got cleared up, but some is still going on, and we've also lost a lot people, so I'll have to be busy training new hires for the next couple of weeks. I'm glad your camping trip and trip to the reggae festival and beach were nice. It's great you get to see Rebelution! When are you leaving? How was your weekend? How are your kittehs? Have a great evening and Sundog :)

By Sylviag on Aug 17, 2015 at 11:24 PM

At last made it here to hat. Got even further behind last couple of days cuz I spent them in Back_Friday mostly. I have to answer msgs from the top down; if I skip around I might miss one and I hate being rude and not answering. Is this the last week for being on the road? Did you get into SF over the weekend? . I ED you get 3 weeks at home before going to Alabama. Oh boy, that is a very hot and humid area but hopefully in Sep it will hae cooled down. I hope you have some vacation days planned - you have been working so hard. Sounds like you've been having some pretty good eats. Hopefully the company pays for the meals. Sorry to hear botu the heat rash and hope i cleared up. Are you prone to them at home too since you liive in such hot country anyway. Uh oh, did the bad stuff back at the office get cleared up? The camping trip with Bryans buds was really nice - they all made me feel s welcome. Only et a few of them at their last reunion. We will go again next year. The next trp with son and gkids trip great also. Got my fill of reggae music straight for 4 days at the festival. Hot and dusty as usual but the Eel river still had some water, just the swimming holes were smaller than last year. But enough for us all to cool down. The gkids loved it. Then the next 5 days were at the OR coast - always love the beach - and then over to Eugene for another regae concert - Sick Figure, Slightly Stupid and Dirty Heads. All great groups. I think you would really like Sick Figure. Then finally home. Have a 4 dayers planned end of Ayg into sep down to Jacksonville Or to a lovely outdoor amhitherater for yep, another reggae concert with Rebelution and I forget who else.

By jadzia23 on Aug 15, 2015 at 9:51 PM

*hugz* it's great to see you back. I'm still on the road, this week in the Oakland area. Hope to see SF tomorrow. How was your trip? Have a great evening and Sundog :)

By Sylviag on Aug 15, 2015 at 9:48 PM

Hi hi hi hugz hugz hugz Still not caught up with msgs since vacay but getting to them slowly inbetween dinking around with BF and KSO :)

By jadzia23 on Aug 2, 2015 at 2:37 PM

Thanks for the congrats! We ended up not going to the zoo since I got heat rash on my neck from walking around in the sun Satruday at Seaport Village. I didn't want to make it worse. We had fun anyways though. Seaport Village is fun. It has a lot of shops and restaurants and nice views of the bay. We went to a lot of good restaurants. We went to a nice steakhouse, a Spanish food place, and a BBQ place a scene from Top Gun was filmed at, and a nice Italian place to name a few. The training went pretty well, but we found out about a lot of bad stuff going on back at the office. Tomorrow won't be pretty. I wish we could just continue to the other two legs instead of being here for a week lol How was your camping trip? When does your next trip start? Mine is next Sunday-to Fresno and the Oakland areas. How was your weekend? Have a great Sundog :)

By Sylviag on Jul 27, 2015 at 8:06 PM

I sink you haz a LOLCat FP - congrats! ED and you were planning to go to the zoo Sun - didju go and how was it? How is the training and trip going? We got back late Sat and spent Sun and yesterday cleaning up the R and getting ready to go again on Wed. Had some friends randomly cone ere so we took the out for dinner last night, Have a little catch up time here. xox

By Sylviag on Jul 20, 2015 at 10:19 PM

Yeah, SoCal got dumped on. They need the rain badly but maybe a little more spaced out :) Hopefuly the rest of your stay there will be better. Hope the puters work better tomorrow becau pretty hard to train anyone and pretty boring for everyone. Hang out with Bryan; HS friends Won;t even have to do much cooking. Wed they're havign a Mexican potluck and I;ll bring a rice one pot thing i can make on the gas stove as we don;t hve an overn in the trailer. ed we're all goign out to a steakhosue and Fri is the big free for all potluck and we just he to bring 2 rks of ribs and soeone else is doing the grillning. Probably not much water in the lake because of the drought but they go to the river where there are some big pools. J\oday was visit to MIl before we go and some last minue shopping and to gas up. Oh yes, Taeo too and he was so young. I know that broke PC's heart especially as she lost anotehr kitty to FIP. I hope next time we chat you will have got to see some o the area. How many of you on this trip?

By jadzia23 on Jul 20, 2015 at 10:11 PM

I was a little scared yesterday on our way from the airport to the hotel, but at least we avoided the flooding. Today was kind of rough because the computers were very slow so we couldn't do much. It's great your grandson got an autographed picture. What will you do on the camping trip? The bbq sounds really good. How was your day? It was very sad about Toet and Taeo. Have a safe and fun trip!

By Sylviag on Jul 20, 2015 at 9:54 PM

Glad to see you arrived afely. How did the first day go? BBQ was fun. Grandson has a funny fascination with our local weatherman. An older gent who always ends his weather reports with "Have a sparkling day in Central Oregon" , sun, rain or snow So one couple emailed the dude and asked if they could have an autographed picture of him for gason and he sent them one! They framed it an Gson wsa thrilled and I bet he keeps thst picture forever. We all cracked up. Just burgers and cchips - kept it simple. We leave tomorrow morning. About a 6 hours drive so not bad and come back home Sat. Campground suposed to have sketchy wifi so I may be able to check in sporadically. Hop the rest of the week goes well, and more importantly you get to do some fun things also. So sorry about Toet but he sure had a very long life with some loving humans

By jadzia23 on Jul 16, 2015 at 8:16 PM

lol Kittehs just love to walk all over keyboards and shut things down. I think they do it intentionally cos they'd rather have us pay all of our attention to them. I love seafood, so I'd be willing to splurge on a nice meal somewhere overlooking the bay. We had also talked about maybe going to a Giants game. How was the BBQ? What did you have? I'm glad it will be Friday tomorrow. Just the usual Caturday plans with mall time and dinner out, then laundry and packing, and then I leave on Sundog for the first leg of the two week training trip, which is the Inland Empire area and San Diego. How long will your trip be? How was your day? Have a great evening and Friday :)

By Sylviag on Jul 15, 2015 at 8:58 PM

Aaargh, had a long msg ready to go to you and Wee Willie comes bouncing along, hits something on my laptop and shut Chrome down alonf with all my wonderful words LOL. Lots of good restaurants along the waterfront, wonderful fresh seafood, and plenty overlooking the bay. For a price, but well worth it. Youngest gson's 12th birthday tomorrow and son's gal pal is having a BBQ. But Bryan and son will be taking him down to the Old Mill area to let him pick out some presents. I give Bryan a dollar limit, which he alwasy go over :) It's Thus tomorrow, which is one day closer to Fri :) Any plans for the weeend besides the usual mall trip? So far looks to be quiet for us which would be fine since we ae leaving on our trip Tues and will have the weekend to get ready. Since it is an RV trip, takes more planningt han just packing a suitcase. Have a great day tomorrow.

By jadzia23 on Jul 15, 2015 at 8:30 PM

lol You would think movies would be more of a summer thing to do since they're inside with AC. Most of the movies I like come out in the summer. The winter movies can be a bit boring. lol Sadly we don't have any offices in Hawaii, but that would be great. The waterfront sounds like a fun place. I would love to go to Ghiradelli's. I love their chocolate. Do you know of any good restaurants there? I love restaurants that overlook the ocean. I hope the orthotics feel better when you start wearing them more. I'm wearing my flip flops most of the time right now, unless I'm at work. Your garden looks great. Do you have a lot more planned for it? Yeah, most bands are out touring right now. I hope we get some good new music in the fall. How was your day? Mine was all right. The trainees are doing pretty good. Have a great evening and Thursday :)

By Sylviag on Jul 14, 2015 at 8:49 PM

He said once, it just seems like a winter thing to do :) After 37 years, I don't try to figure out some things and just go with it. Well I hope you get a break after all the Cali visits. Anythig in HI, like in Jan timeframe? :) The waterfront is just something to experience at least once (despite the touristy stuff). Miles long from the old ferry building (we have taken the ferry from Sausalito several times) and it is very long hike to the main waterfront. Took our niece there once and despite our asking if she had to go to the bathroom, of course halfway back to the ferry dock she had to go - and nowhere to go - so we were all three running to get to a building, any buiding, wtih a bathroom LOL Just walking along, the restaurants, the harbor, lots of seafood restaurants, junky and more eclective shops. They often have these cool "mime" dudes that perform on the sidewalk and will let you take a pic with them (niece of course had to do that) - for a little "donation". Gotta go to Ghiradelli's; chioklit shop across the street. Just walking in there is ike immediate Zen. Fit good but after about 2 hours they really started to bother me which doc told me to expect that. But really not going to worry about it too much until fall when it is shoe weather here again Nah on the new music front - seems to be a fallow period right now. I suspect a lot of bands ae doing summer tours. Have a great day tomorrow.

By jadzia23 on Jul 14, 2015 at 8:18 PM

I hope you watch Jurassic World on DVD. Why is it easier to get Bryan to go to a movie in the winter? It is a lot of traveling. It will be a total of six weeks of traveling when all of California is done in August. I don't know if more is planned after this. I heard that Vegas is a possibility, and also maybe Colorado. We also may have to go to Georgia after all because they're still a mess. I hope we get a few weeks to recover before we go again if we do have to. I wouldn't mind going to either place since I've never been. What is there to see on the waterfront? Golden Gate Park looks beautiful. Thanks for the tips. How did your ortthotics fit? I hope they help with your arches. Have you heard any good new music lately? I haven't really. Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Jul 14, 2015 at 4:35 PM

We'll probably pick it up on DVD as only sometimes can I get Bryan to go to a theater to sit through a movie - mostly in the winter ;) Wow, that is a lot of traveling. Is this a summertime push or will you always be doing this much traveling That would get tiresome. Very cool you get a whole free Sunday. If you only have a day, go to the waterfront; ore than enough to see there. Taking a trolly and stopping off at Chinatown Trolly is always crowded with tourits :) But a lot of fun to do at least once If you have more time, Golden Gate Park is lovely with lots of stuff to see to include a beautiful Japanese Tea Garden. Here is a map and list of attactions. Hope it comes out. Had to go to foot doc and get my orthotics that came in. Have veryhigh arches and they are causing a few problems as I get older. Supposed to make me walk right :) Adb soe other errands like getting a few shrubberies for some landscaping in front. Bothing really exciting

By jadzia23 on Jul 13, 2015 at 8:43 PM

You didn't miss anything by not seeing those sequels. I do recommend seeing Jurassic World though. The trip that starts Sunday will be for two weeks, the first week in the Riverside area, and the second week in San Diego, then I will be home for a week, then a week in Fresno, and a week in the San Fran area. I do want to go to the SD zoo and hope we go can on that Sunday since we'll have the whole day there. I forgot that Bryan is from the SF area. What do you recommend to do there? We have a whole Sunday there too. Your nephew's dinner sounds good. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun at the concerts and beach. How was your day? Have a great evening and Tuesday :) *hugs*

By Sylviag on Jul 12, 2015 at 8:38 PM

Then I didn't miss anything as we never saw them. How long of a trip will this be? Do you have a laptop to take with you or does work provide that. So you can get in some beach time also - cool. I have been told that Balboa Park is a must see. That is where the zoo is too. Bryan grew up in the SF area in Marin County. We have been there quite a few times and never miss going to the water front. So much to see and do there. I hope your work takes you there sometime. The 4 day Reggae on the River festial is last part of Jul into Aug, then to the ocean for a few days and then to Eugene for a concert before we come home. We'll be going with son, gal pal and gkids. He has a nice otor home they will take and we have our RV. I asked him what he wanted and it was bef stoganoff with noodles, Swiss chard, garlic bread and I made a salad also. Kind of an odd mix :) Have a good Monday and no glitches at work :)

By jadzia23 on Jul 12, 2015 at 8:16 PM

I was a little worried about Jurassic World because the last two sequels for Jurassic Park weren't very good. I did go out to eat last night for Mexican food. I had enchiladas that were pretty good. I wish they would hire another trainer too. There is someone who helps with it sometimes, but not as much as I had hoped. It's been a pretty long time since I was last in San Diego. I think it was '99 when I was last there, so I'm sure a lot has changed. I also just there for a day to visit the zoo, so it will be nice to see more of it. We're staying right by the ocean too. I've never been to the SF area before. Have you been there? I'm glad it won't take you too long to get to your camping area. When are the reggae shows? It was nice of you to make dinner for your nephew's birthday. What did you make? Have a great evening and Monday :)