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By jadzia23 on Apr 18, 2014 at 7:53 PM

I hope you have a wonderful Easter

By jadzia23 on Apr 8, 2014 at 7:56 PM

Oh yeah, it should be a great weekend. I hope the show has a good crowd, so they decide to come back sooner. You're probably right that the spice level depends on the cook. I'll probably have to lay off that dish for a while. My mouth was on fire lol I'm glad you finished most of the greenhouse. It's cute Sonny was helping lol Cats always seem to get in the way when you have something to do. Ted was trying to help me go through papers to add to the shred pile I plan to start on next week. I'm glad you had nice weather again for the greenhouse building. It sounds like you still have a lot to do before planting. I'm sure it'll be worth it when everything is ready to eat. Did you watch that last episode of Downton Tabby? I have a lot to catch up on with Game of Thrones. I think I only saw about 7 or 8 episodes total about two years ago. I think I'll just start from the beginning. I did enjoy what I saw though. How was your day? Mine was alright. Just some chores around the house and work wasn't bad like yesterday. Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Apr 7, 2014 at 8:03 PM

Then it will be an all star weekend since you have Sun off too and you get so few full weekends off. Must depend on the cook as far as the spice leve; although one would think they would be consistent :) We did finish most of the greenhouse today. We found a cool work bench at Home Depot with a shelf that is perfect for a potting table and to store my deck pots in the off season. Only $69 which is way cheaper than it would have cost Bryan for the wood to make one. Bryan still has to put the hydraulic venting system in and build the raised beds. Then we will have to have some garden soil delivered and I will be ready to plant. I think I can plant seeds but likely not plants like tomatoes yet. It got past 70 today which is unusual for here. Sonny was enjoying "helping" us and getting in the way :) That is so cool about the hawks - we used to e a lot of them in WA. Well I just found out from Cataff that there were 8 episodes and we only watched 7 cuz the last one must have been on the disc that we thought was only Special Effects. Unfortunately it sounds like that one had some bad stuff happening - rats. Game of Thrones is our favorite series and I want to get Season 3. We're into The Voice so will watch that tonight. Have a good day tomorrow.

By jadzia23 on Apr 7, 2014 at 7:47 PM

Less than a week now! It'll also be nice to have a Saturday off. I've only had two Caturdays off in the last two years. I wish the album was coming out sooner so I could get familiar with the songs before the concert. I checked out the opening act, Mrs. Skannotto, on youtube, and they're very good. I'm relieved because sometimes those aren't very good. I can't handle the real spicy food, either. It was funny because Sunday we had Kung Pao chicken, and it was very mild. We got it again Saturday, and it was super spicy. My favorite dish there is honey seared shrimp. The NCAA tournament has been very weird, with many huge upsets. I'm glad the weather was good for the greenhouse project. Were you able to finish it? Will you be able to plant stuff right away? I saw something really cool today on my way home from the post office. Two red tailed hawks were flying around and they landed on a lamp post and fought for it. I got to hear their sounds too. I had never been so close to wild ones before. I'm sorry you had relapses of your colds. Do you both feel better today? I hope so. How was the third season of Downton Tabby? I need to get caught up on Game of Thrones. How was your day? Mine was alright, though busy. Have a great evening and Tuesday :)

By Sylviag on Apr 7, 2014 at 8:42 AM

Less than a week left now - you can do it! LOL I love Asisan foods of all kinds, except I can't take the real spicy Thai or Szechuan. We cook a lot of stir fry at home. From ht I have read, it was a weird Swwet 16 in that teams that were expecte to do wll didn't. But of course it would be a Texas team :) Oh boy, you;re starting the hot weather eary - or is that normal this time of year. We're supposed to have a warm and sunny week also but only high 60s and low 70s which sounds good after having snow last week. On Sat we got the greenhosue put together excet for the roof panels. We're goingt o finish it today. Both of us had a relapse on the colds so we didn't do anything yesterday except watch the whole third season of Downton Tabby and ate popcorn LOL

By jadzia23 on Apr 5, 2014 at 8:05 PM

Thanks. The FPs were a great surprise. I can't believe there's just a week left until the concert. I can hardly wait. It'll be hard to make it through the week. We probably will go out to eat before the concert with the usual crowd, mom, uncle, aunt, and some family friends. Not sure where yet. I'm glad the Rebelution concert was good. I'm glad there wasn't any foot stomping to get them on stage. I hope they come here. The place the Caddies are playing out sounds similar. The new album got a great review on The Daily Slice, getting 8 out of 8 slices. I wish it was coming out sooner. I'm glad your cold is better, and hope Bryan gets over his soon. Pei Wei is a very good Asian restaurant, owned by PF Chang's. They share some same items. It's one of those places you stand in line to order and you get a number and they bring your food to the table. It's really good, and we actually went there again tonight for dinner lol My favorite college basketball teams are Duke and Florida, who both lost. My favorite pro team is the San Antonio Spurs. How did the greenhouse project go? Will it take more than one day. I'm sure you're ready to get rid of the snow. It's going to be quite warm here this week, near 90 near the end of the week. Today at work wasn't too bad. How was your Caturday? Have a great evening and Sundog ;)

By Sylviag on Apr 5, 2014 at 9:55 AM

Crossover to ICHC FP congrats!

By Sylviag on Apr 5, 2014 at 9:16 AM

LOLCat congrats!

By Sylviag on Apr 4, 2014 at 9:19 PM

So glad to hear he came back. Probably feels safer when they're home. Cool on getting the day off for the concert. You and your sis will have a great time. Going out to eat before the concert? Rebelution put on a great concert. Some of their music I call psychedelic reggae :) Their lead guitarist is really good and they emphasize the music as much as the lyrics. Was in an old school music hall with all the walls painted flat black and a bunch of metal scaffolding. No seats, which didn't much matter as we were all dancing anyway. It was all ages, so they had divided part of the room off with metal gating with alcohol served inside the "fence" where our crew stayed during the whole concert. It's a small place so no bad views anywhere. By the time we had the pot luck and got everyone together to walk to the concert, it was past 9. Was an OK starter reggae band and Rebelution didn't start playing until 9:30 but everyone was pretty recreated so no foot stomping to get them on the stage :) We all got back to the hotel around mdnight and we went to bed while son and younger friends continued to party. Needless to say, we felt much better the next day than they did LOL Cold is pretty much gone but Bryan caught it and he is halfway through it. What is Pei Wei?? What are your favortie basketball teams? I don't follow it. Tomorrow Bryan and will start putting the greenhouse together. We'll see how that goes :) Still cold at night but days have been getting warmer although it did snow 4 inches Mon night. Hope your week has gone well and not too busy.

By jadzia23 on Mar 31, 2014 at 7:49 PM

The feral did come back the night they got back, which was Thursday. He doesn't like the grey tom that comes to my uncle's house, so we think that's why he had stayed away. I saw him Saturday and he looked alright. Someone had been feeding him, which is great. I can't wait for the concert. They did approve the day off, so at least I won't be tired and grumpy after a long day. I'm going with my sister, who was the one who got me into the Caddies. I'm sorry you had a bad cold last week. Are you feeling better? I had something, mostly a sore throat, but it went away after a few days and thankfully didn't go into a cough. I hope you have a nice time with your ICHC frens. The potluck before the Rebelution concert sounds fun. Your fruit salad sounds good. Yogurt is a good idea, and much healthier than cool whip. I didn't do a whole lot over the weekend. We went for Italian Saturday after work, and Sunday we went to Pei Wei. I watched some basketball and added more music to the ipod. How was your day? Mine was alright and not too busy. Have a great evening and Tuesday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 31, 2014 at 4:32 PM

Hiya, a few days slipped by. Did the feral ever come home once your Aunt and Uncle came home? I sure hope so. Tha is a long time between albums so I am thinking it willbe some good stuff they have been working on. Not too long til 12 Apr now :) Are you going to the concert with some friends? I to hit with a bad cold last week and wasn't on here that much. When I get realy sick, I hit the couch with trashy novels :) Have two ICHC frens coming in today to spend a couple of days, bgcmeowrrr and plaidcats. plaidcats grew up around here and spent quite a few years here so wil be fun to take her around to places she liked and bgc has never been here. Hope the weather is decent tomorrow and we can take a drive up to the mountain and the lakes. Thus night is the Rebelution concert downtown. About 20 of us going and we'll have a potluck at one couple's house beforehand. I just have to bring a fruit salad which is a breeze to put together I use vanilla yoghurt to mix in witht he fruits and it's really good rather than cool whip which gets kinda runny, What you been up to over the weekend?

By jadzia23 on Mar 27, 2014 at 12:09 PM

Some songs have to grow on me too. And some never do. And there are a few I hate so much they drive me crazy, even years later lol I did like that one right away though. It's been 7 years since their last album, so it was great to hear something new. I hope there are a good number or reggae based songs on it. The feral wasn't there yesterday. I hope he shows up now that my aunt and uncle are back today. Maybe he's just showing up at a different time. It's great Sonny was good at the vet. Most cats aren't. Ted did pretty well last time he went. The vet even said he was a cool cat and had a presence lol How was your day? Mine was alright, but busy with errands again. Have a great Thursday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 26, 2014 at 10:34 PM

Evening, It worked for me this time. I think this will be a great live concert song but it is different. I'll have to listen to it a few times. Sometimes a song hits me right away and sometimes I have to let it grow on me. Rats on the missing feral :( Still it is 6 paid days and in a few more years you'll have more built up. The greenhouse hasn't been delivered yet. It was a two week lead time so likely another week before it comes. When are they supposed to come home, or is it open ended? What with working full time, makes our day longer.Took Sonny (Mils cst0 in for a check-up tody and he was super good at the vet, better than any of our other kittehs. He aid on the table and took a nap until the doc came in. rubbed against her and demanded to be pettted. Right after the thermometer business they gave him a couple of treats which he gulped down. Most of my other cats scrouch ont he exam table with the deer in the headlights look.

By jadzia23 on Mar 25, 2014 at 7:55 PM

It was a great interview :) The subway story was hilarious. I'm sure the Rebelution show will be good. I asked for the concert day off today, but they haven't told me if it was approved. I shouldn't have any trouble. Try the link again. It didn't work for me yesterday, but it did just now. It took a while to load, and you may have to close an invisible ad to get it to work. Just click on the x near the right side if it appears. I couldn't find it on youtbue, so this appears to be the only place so far. You can also preorder the album on the Fat Wrechords site. Sadly the missing feral hasn't come back, and it's been a week and a half now. He is an older kitteh and has been sick before. My aunt was able to nurse him back to health last time he got sick. I don't really get a whole lot of time off, just 6 days. It takes a while to build it up at this place. You get one extra day ever year, starting with 5 after your first year. I'll use some of them while they're here, and keep a couple for later. Your veggie garden sounds nice. Has Bryan started putting the greenhouse together? I'm sure it'll be fun to plant them and your flowers. How was your day? Mine was alright but busy with kitteh duty and errands. I hope they get home soon. Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 25, 2014 at 8:58 AM

Thanks! It really was a wonderful honor and everyone's comments were so nice. Did you get the day off for the Cddies' concert? I'm looking forward to the 3d when a bunch of us go to see Rebelution here in town. The link didn't come up right probably because I did not access it the day you sent it, Weather has been very nice here til today when it is supposed to start rain showers and very windy this afternoon. Been working on cleaning up the terrace sbehind the house so I can plant a flower garden. Starting from scratch which is kinda fun. did the missing feral come back yet? Aways hard when one doesn't nknow what happened. !) is a fun age, not yet a teenager so they still talk to you and at 10 can communicate pretty well :) WIll you be able to take a week or two off this summer? We got a nubby berber that is a mix of beige and a warm brown. WIth cats, pile carpets are just not a good option. Berbers are not as comfy on the feet but last relaly well. We got a high grade padding though which should add soe cush. We ordered it Sun but it will take around 2 weeks to come in and then they will schedule both the flooring and the carpet. Gdau's concert was good and we could hear how much they have improved since the last concert before Christmas. Wil gorw lots of lettuc and spinach for salads, green beans, snow peas, /swiss chard, zuchinni (only 1 plnt ) carrots. will depend a lot on how much room we have. Have a great Chewsday.

By jadzia23 on Mar 21, 2014 at 8:08 PM

Thanks and congrats on being the Featured User. I was hoping you would get it soon. I really enjoyed reading your interview. I'm glad you liked the Thumbs lol. I forgot to submit to Black Friday lol Been so busy with kittehs and errands. The Tool stage show sounds really cool. I hope they come here someday. The Caddies are coming on April 12th, so just a few weeks away now. I haven't asked for the day off yet, but plan to Monday. I'm so excited. They released a song today, and it's very good. A bit different, but still very good. My cousin's daughter will be 10 in a couple of months. She's a sweet girl. Her son is 18, and is away at college. They plan to visit again this summer. I hope her son comes too. At least my time off will be reset by then, so I can spend more time with them. The kittehs are doing well, though one of the ferals hasn't been around all week. I'm very worried about him. It's nice you're getting new carpet and flooring. What color did you choose? It's cool you'll be putting up a greenhouse. What else do you plan to grow besides tomatoes? I totally agree that homegrown tomatoes are better. We used to have really good ones when my dad was still alive. Sounds like you have a busy and fun weekend. How was the concert? Have a great evening and Caturday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 21, 2014 at 3:23 PM

Jadzia - Thumbs Made FP! Super grats!

By Sylviag on Mar 21, 2014 at 1:58 AM

Love Thumbs! I downloaded it for a Black_Friday LOL and so fun to see the different LOLs made from it.

By Sylviag on Mar 21, 2014 at 1:56 AM

You just a young thang gurlfren! They are known for their stage shows. One vid was faceless gender neutral naked sepia toned bodies that morphed into each other and rather strange little bits and pieces like round heads with evil smiles would break off and roll around and reform. That one was for Schism (the pieces fit or not :) Hard to describe now after a distance of a week :) All the vids were very out there and could make a movie in themselves. Cool on the Caddies - when is the date again? Did you ask for the day off? Nice to have some good time with your cousin. How old is her daughter? You must have a rather large family. How are Aun and Uncle's kittehs? Lot of stuff going on here right now with home projects and family. We've picked out some carpet and flooring and they came to measure today. The carpet here is ancient and pretty gnarly. I won't ev enwalk barefoot on it. Orderee a 16 X 8 greenhouse kit through a nurseryhere that will be shipped in about 2 weeks. Has to be put togetehr but comes in premade panels. From everything I've read, between the deer and the short growing season you really have to have a green house to be able to grow things like tomatoes which is the absolute number one veg I love to grow and eat right off the vine. So much better than those tasteless "vine ripened" ones in the store. Don't know what vines they are using but they sure don't taste like the real thing. Thag relaly was my only condition for moving here is that I b able to have room and ability to have a veg garden. MIL visit and her laundry to do. Other errands. Tonight my gdau had a band concert (she plays guitar) and we had dinner at their house beforehand. Tomorrow night we go out to dinner with son and gal pal and 3 other couples for her birthday. Sat afternoon up to the mountain for tail gate BBQ day I meet myself coming and going ROFL. Have a free stylin' Friday.

By jadzia23 on Mar 18, 2014 at 8:05 PM

You're welcome :) Time does fly lol You've been married about as long as I've been alive. I'm glad the Tool concert was awesome. What did they show on the screen? I haven't been to many concerts with video. It's good the venue had good acoustics. There's one here that doesn't. I hope the place the Caddies are playing at has good acoustics. I bought my tickets Friday, so I'm all set now. I wish it would get here faster. The beach scenery looked beautiful. I'm glad you had a nice time and got to relax. I'm glad you liked Ellwood too. I bought it right away, and I've really enjoyed it. They plan to make another album soon, probably after the Caddies' tour is over. The lineup for the reggae festival sounds great. I like Jimmy Cliff. I hope the Marleys show up. I had a busy week last week. My cousin and her daughter made a surprise visit for spring break, so I spent time with them. We had a nice time. My uncle and aunt drove them back Saturday, so we have kitteh duty until they come back, so my mornings have been busy. Sounds like you've been busy too since you got home. I bet the kittehs were glad to have you home. How is everyone? Did you have a quieter day today? Have a great evening and Wednesday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 18, 2014 at 9:37 AM

Thanks for both! Can't believe it's been 36 years - at least over half the world's people are likely younger than that ) Tool concert was visually and musically ossum - one of the best single band concerts we've ever seen. It is a really nice arena with great acoustics. We found a little local pizza place just4 or 5 blocks from where we were staying (we stopped a guy walking his dog figuring he lived close by and he direted us there) All vegatarian and one of the best thin crusts. The waiter heard we were going to the concert so advised us to get a small one as their pizzas were pretty big and we wouldn't have a frig to keep the leftovers. We barely finished a small between us so glad he said that. Then we went to the ocean and didn't come home til Wed evening. You saw the pics - wonderful down time. Catch-up in RL and MIL stuff and this past weekend spend taking are of 2 youngest gkids while son and gal pal went to Portland so haven't had much chance to be on and chat. Ellwood sounds great! Amazon has the MP3 album for under $9 so will download it. The line-up for the 30th anvsy of Reggae on the River is starting to be announced and some ossum bands and they haven't even anounced the headliners. Check it out - Jimmy Cliff - old school reggae trailblaze, Alpha Blondy, Michael Rose and on and on. We are so looking forward to 4 days of reggae music. We are coming in one day early to set up camp and they will have live music even on Thus night Still hoping for a Marley :) What you been up to?

By jadzia23 on Mar 16, 2014 at 8:29 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Anniversary :)

By jadzia23 on Mar 7, 2014 at 8:53 PM

I just found something I think you might like. I was reading an interview with the lead singer of the Caddies and he mentioned a side project he had with some former members. It's a band called Ellwood, and it's much more reggae than the Caddies. You can here the album, and it's very good. I'm definitely gonna buy it.

By jadzia23 on Mar 7, 2014 at 7:57 PM

I sent it to the BC. I don't think Ted was happy I watched the Olympics. I'm sure he's glad they're over. Cheila and Prissy got along most of the time, but Cheila, the mom, didn't like it when Prissy got attention, and would sometimes attack her after. I prefer to keep kittehs indoors too. It's much safer for them. It's good Shasta and Sonny are getting along well. Your tickets look pretty good. I heard that arena is very nice and is pretty new. That's where the Ducks play basketball. I've seen it on tv, and it's very impressive. It's good you won't have to deal with snow on the pass. Is Eugene a nice town? Did you find a good place to eat before the concert? Have a great evening and Caturday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 6, 2014 at 10:29 PM

Kewl - you did a Dear Tabby - about a common cat complaint for sure :) Don't forget to send it to the BC so we can share it. They'e just a lot finer texture and denser than hash browns. I love a big breakfast and sometimes I've made it for dinner. Just because kittehs are related sure doesn't mean they get along. We had a brother and ister once and when they grew out of kittenhood, really did not like each other much :) Me too. I much prefer to keep kittehs indoors but just not possible with the two outdoors as thir room int he garage is way too small to keep them cooped up in. Shast and Sonny are relaly getting along great, they both came into the back deck room together and a side by side Apparently they wanted their dinner al fresco tonight LOL It's at an arena. We're in the lower 112, aisle H, seats 1 and 2, aisle seats which Bryan wanted We willl be careful. The weather is supposed to be good so we shuldn;t encounter any snow over the pass. Talk to you likely sat eve and tell you how the conert was.

By jadzia23 on Mar 6, 2014 at 7:51 PM

I like all the collaboration songs on there too. The Radioactive cover is good. I think the only one of the covers I didn't like was Summertime Sadness, but I can't stand the original anyways. I don't think I've heard Elysion, but I'll check them out. I think Sharon is the best of the symphonic metal singers I've heard. Potato pancakes sound good. They sound sort of similar to hash potatoes. I do like those with eggs and sausage. I got the 3 am wake up a few times with Cheila and Prissy. They fought even though they were mother and daughter lol Cheila was usually the instigator from what I could tell when I caught them at it. I also heard a few angry sounds when other kittehs would visit the window. I'm glad that doesn't bother Ted. I hope Sonny stays away from the road. I haven't done a lot the last couple of days. We went to lunch for Mexican food yesterday, though I had fried shrimp. I wasn't in a Mexican food mood. Today I did nothing at all besides work, which has been alright this week so far. What kind of venue is the concert at? I hope you have a safe trip there and back and enjoy the concert and time there. I wish they would come here. I'd like to see them someday too. I wish the Caddies' concert was sooner. Have a great evening and Friday :)

By Sylviag on Mar 6, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Doanloaded WT and made the CD yesterday. And I agree it is their best one yet. I actually liked their cover of "Radioactive" too. Seemed like an unusual choice for them to cover but it is good. Found another group while doing that, Elysion. She doesn't have as rich of a voice but pretty good and I downloaded their 2009 and recent album. Having a German Mom, I grew up on potato pancakes. They made of fine grated potatoes that you squeze the wate out of, add grated onion, some flour and salt and pepper and fry. Mom used to fry them in shortenin whihof course made them really good and crispy we always had applesaue with them. We were workn up about 3 am the other night when to of the kittehs got into some kind of kissy fit We think it as Wee Wilie and Lucy Lu. he has been kind of picking on her tyring to get her to play and I thnk she just had it that night and let him hav it :) The whole morning all the kittehs were all skittery and Wee and Lucy stayed away from each other :) But they all calmed down, Sonny is doing grea but really loves the great outdoors which of coure makes me nervous but he seems to just hang out in the bak yard and not the front where the road is He was a stray for awhile before being brough to the shelter so I hope he is road wise. We're going to leave around 11 tomorrow morning. Take about 2 or so hours to get to the town and we'll book a room and just putter around town and then have dinner before the concert. AM really looking forward to seeing them. How have the last two days been for you?

By jadzia23 on Mar 5, 2014 at 11:46 AM

It's nice that older lols get a chance at FPs too. It's a good idea to make CDs out of the new albums. I know you'll enjoy the WT one. I really like it. It's one of the best albums I have. The only one of theirs I didn't care for was Mother Earth. I just couldn't get into that one. I do get tired of computers sometimes too, especially Saturdays. I'm glad you got your new PC and accessories. I'm glad my allergies aren't as bad as some peoples', just some sneezing and watery eyes some days. Are potato pancakes good? I've never had those. Do they taste similar to regular ones? Ted is doing just fine. He's glad the Olympics are over so I can pay more attention to him lol How is your bunch doing? Has Sonny settled in more? When are you leaving for the Tool concert? I hope the roads are in good condition when you leave. Any plans for today? Have a great Wednesday too :)

By Sylviag on Mar 4, 2014 at 10:39 PM

Thanks! Made it a while ago so it's suweet that they pulled it for FP. I know, I know on WT - just been so crazy busy with stuff. Going to pull them and the new Leaves Eyes CD tomorrow and make CDs to listen to on the way to the Tool concert. Spent all day yesterday on the puter with a project and by the time I was done, I did not want to see a puter for at least a day :) I know you use them all day long as I used to and sometimes I would come home and my eyes would be so tired. Speaking of, our new PC, printer, wireless keyboard and mousie came in today! I am so excited to get rid of our old one that has gotten so pokey with ash and trash. I mostly use my laptop for here but I do my banking and other personal stuff on our main PC and I just want to drop kick it sometimes cuz it is so slow. Uh oh on the allergies. I bet springtime there can really do a number. I had potato pancakes, ham and toast. It was a really big piece of ham and I don't eat that much meat at one time so I took half home and used it for a Chef's salad that night. During the week I usually eat cold cereal or oatmeal. On ris Bryanmakes soft boied eggs for us. Holdover from when we worked and we would celebrate that it was Fri with eggs How's Ted doing? LOL Have a great Wed.

By jadzia23 on Mar 4, 2014 at 9:26 PM

Congtrats on your FP :)