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By Sylviag on Feb 26, 2015 at 8:16 PM

Squeeee FP congrats!

By Sylviag on Feb 3, 2015 at 7:23 AM

It will be talked about for a long while. I sitll have great confidene in Coach Carroll, one of those mistakes that does not a career make or break despite what some might think. He got us to the Super Bowl twice and who knows - maybe next year :) Here;s my take on it

By rbj on Feb 2, 2015 at 7:54 AM

Worst call ever:

By Sylviag on Jan 19, 2015 at 11:21 AM

I think that game and comeback will go down in football history for a long time. Am hoping Wilson has his groove back and all injuries get healed before the Super Bowl. Yeah, watched the Ducks stumble badly in that game. No one was expecting that eiher.

By rbj on Jan 19, 2015 at 11:08 AM

Thanks. And thanks for the updates. FP and blog. What a come back. I hadn't seen a team win a championship despite being minus 3 in turnovers since . . . Monday, when the Buckeyes beat the Ducks. Hadn't seen it before that, ever.

By Sylviag on Jan 19, 2015 at 10:38 AM

Aaand official LOLCat FP congrats!

By Sylviag on Jan 19, 2015 at 10:03 AM

Your Seahawks LOL is featured on the blog!

By Sylviag on Jan 19, 2015 at 7:35 AM

Kewl!!! Yours is tagged for FP and hope it goes up today.

By rbj on Jan 18, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Congrats. That was a helluva comeback.

By Sylviag on Jan 9, 2015 at 11:13 AM

LOL. As long as there are a few teeth left, cats and dogs will have a go at anything nommable. Apparently complete chewing is not required.

By rbj on Jan 9, 2015 at 11:06 AM

Oh yeah, very cold here, glad we only got an inch of snow so I can ignore it. I started giving Sparky a morning cookie when I first got him, but never got around to give Maggie one, and with less than half her teeth I figured Susie couldn't eat one. But she's figured out a way.

By Sylviag on Jan 9, 2015 at 10:57 AM

Hope all that is helping but be dang careful navigating. Your'e in the heart of the freeze zone Feling very blessed here with just emps in the high to mid 30s at night and 40s in the day. A little bourban is very mdeicinal :) She doesn't normally get a cookie?

By rbj on Jan 9, 2015 at 10:48 AM

I actually did make it in to work on Monday, with my cane. I also invested in a third lumbar pillow for the truck. Been taking lots of ibuprofen, 600 mg up to 4 times a day. Yesterday my dentist took pity on me and gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxant. The pain is mostly gone, but I'll still take one this evening, maybe was it down with some bourbon. Very cold here, Susie hates the cold, she came in early yesterday morning and stole the cookie I leave out for Sparky each morning. She had never done that before. So now she expects her own cookie each morning too.

By Sylviag on Jan 9, 2015 at 10:31 AM

Oh dear, I am so sorry to hear that as I know you have chronic back problems. Are you down and out on the couch for the duration?

By rbj on Jan 9, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Yeah, I was busy over the holidays. Not least in wrecking my back twice. First I had back spasms on Christmas morning, from helping my parents cleaning the house. Then this past Saturday I morning it was icier than I thought when letting the dogs out, slipped on the back stoop and met its edge with my spine. I'm doing better. Hope you all are well.

By Sylviag on Jan 9, 2015 at 9:07 AM

Hi there, haven't seen you in awhile. Hope your holidays were good and a very Happy New Year to you.

By Sylviag on Dec 20, 2014 at 6:17 AM

Warm and fuzzies from me to you

By Sylviag on Nov 26, 2014 at 10:32 PM

I am blessed you are my friend.

By rbj on Nov 26, 2014 at 11:29 AM

Especially this year with the storm on the east coast. I'm far enough south to only get cold rain, but where we used to live in NY is getting a foot of snow. Early winter this year. Got the cranberry relish made.

By Sylviag on Nov 24, 2014 at 9:17 PM

Good that you and the doggies are there already. The days right before are alwas crazy travel times. Biggest travel holiday of he year. nope, stayng right here as I will be making the big dinner for the family. I truly enjoy it and the gathering.

By rbj on Nov 24, 2014 at 11:51 AM

I'm already at my parents. Sparky & Susie made the trip too. Are you guys going anywhere?

By Sylviag on Nov 24, 2014 at 8:25 AM

Thanks! I have several of those as a matter of fact :) Are you home for the holiday or traveling to be with family?

By rbj on Nov 23, 2014 at 8:46 AM

Hot diggity congrats. Now that's a great purrlow

By Sylviag on Oct 14, 2014 at 3:19 PM

Glad you told Susie's story. Sweet goggie.

By rbj on Oct 13, 2014 at 9:14 AM

Thanks. It's the big 50. Have a conference in columbus OH at the end of the week, then a jot over to Raphine, VA for my uncle's memorial service on Saturday. Lots of traveling, but at least the trees should be nice.

By Sylviag on Oct 13, 2014 at 7:16 AM

Have a wunnerful day!

By Sylviag on Sep 26, 2014 at 8:15 PM

Thanks very much! Pretty good color match I must say. Starting to turn fallish. Do you have a lot of trees that turn color where you live? I relaly miss that here as it is mostly all pine trees

By rbj on Sep 26, 2014 at 7:35 AM

Doggie FP congrats. But where does the dog end and the carpet begin?

By Sylviag on Sep 17, 2014 at 11:57 PM

You inspired me :) Had to squeeze this off before I left for the weekend.

By Sylviag on Sep 16, 2014 at 6:15 PM

Particularly sweet that they tied your FP to the Book Club event :)