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Meowms for Sylvia

Sending flowers and hugs to Sylvia on her birthday

"Where's all the Wilder women at?"

We can cry an ocean of tears but she cannot return to us. We can only comfort ourselves with the thoughts that she is no longer in pain And that we will see her again on the other side.

Brokenhearted peeps around the world send huge bubble of love to you, Sylvia, on your birthday

Dearest Sylvia, do they have birthday cake in heaven?

*heavy sigh*

Moon's Child

For Sylvia, for her friends (from cua & co., repost of 11 August 2016)


Deer Bosco, Sylvia waz a perfect humin Wez gunna miss her so much my catmom can helpz wif our emayos but wez still gunna miss sylvia so much. wez gunna hafta help the other stoodents now dat Sylvia haz crossed dah rainbo bridge everybody gonna miss hu



"Sylvia Forever" (TTO "Daniel" by Elton John)

Ur deer Sylvia iz up thar wif teh angelz. We miss her so much!

The feeling is mutual: "I luv yu, Sylviag.. Fank yu for gibing me a forever home."

hi Sylvia, we'z startin Kuppykakes Preppy Skool Sept.1 like u tawt uz & we'll be habbin a clazz in "Sylvia-Speak" wiff some ob ur choiseiest words r skolarz will hab 2 guezz wat dey mean

Classic Sylvia lol by Suzi_sMom

Our hearts may be BROKEN for you right now, Sylvia, but you will ALWAYS be remembered! ♥

we heerd Sylvia is gone to da ranebow brige an crost ober, weez shokt, weez gunna mis her lots

When beckysdad played tour guide (Yosemite National Park)

"The day Sylvia got to meet Kris Kristofferson"

My favorite cat in the hat (Bryan & Sylviag)


Who's that with Wolverine?

Dynamic Duo & friend

Sea, sun, and sunglasses (Bryan & Sylviag)

"When they were young" (Bryan & Sylviag)

Sylvia's is but one of a large chunkle of keyboards

Sylviag's Keyboard On Display At KKPS Museum