Sylviag's Favorites

Sylvia would want us to do it.


"To Sylvia's 65th Birthday & Beyond" (TTO "'65 Love Affair" by Paul Davis)

We miss her terribly (recaption:

Sylvia's gone, across the ocean Leaving such a memory...

Farewell, Sylvia (TTO "Move On" by ABBA)

"I Keep Regrettin'" (TTO "I Keep Forgettin'" by Michael McDonald)

"Behind The Wall Of Sleep" by (the) Smithereens

"Typo Mom" (TTO "Delta Dawn" by Helen Reddy [alt. Tanya Tucker])

Triple Fleese!

"Missing Sylvia" (TTO "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp)

posted by Bryang 2 September 2016

Thought of a funneh for Sylviag but then I remembered. *sigh* A hicoo. Iz meowetry, afinkso.

Invisible Friend

Deer Sylbia, we miss yu

Sylvia's kitty misses Mom! (posted by Bryan 30 August 2016)

Cheezburger Field Day, 15 Jul 2011, Seattle WA

Finking bout Miss Sylbia n da carots her bringed me but mostly bout Miss Sylbia

Sylvia - Across the Bridge

As softly as the whisper of a butterfly's wing Sylvia slipped away to the Rainbow Bridge

Meowms for Sylvia

Sending flowers and hugs to Sylvia on her birthday

"Where's all the Wilder women at?"

We can cry an ocean of tears but she cannot return to us. We can only comfort ourselves with the thoughts that she is no longer in pain And that we will see her again on the other side.

Brokenhearted peeps around the world send huge bubble of love to you, Sylvia, on your birthday

Dearest Sylvia, do they have birthday cake in heaven?

*heavy sigh*

Moon's Child

For Sylvia, for her friends (from cua & co., repost of 11 August 2016)