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Also Unibrow FP!!

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Congrats on Sweater FP! Sorry for the late congrats!

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8 FP's? How the hel... Nah, Just kidding! Congrats on all of them!!! LOL!!

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Congrats on FP's!!!!

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LOL! When you don't have anything else to do (like watch TV or go shopping) I guess you spend your nights watching the sky! I know when ever we have a storm (hurricane) and the power gets knocked out for a few days, you can see some amazing sights in the sky. Without the interference from city lights, the view is breathtaking. I almost envy those who lived that far back in the past. (ALMOST, LoL!!) They were treated to a heck of a light show back then. Well, gotta go, I'm back to work tomorrow and I gotta get some rest. TTYL! Gary

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I know what you mean! Speaking of that, if the Mayan calendar is correct, and we are soon to be restarting the 13000+ year cycle of orbiting the center of the Milky-way, then maybe we should have one heck of a party on December 21st! (provided that is what their calendar was really about, LoL!!)

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Thanks, on both accounts. That was a pic Ash took a couple of years ago of me in uniform. I hope you had a great time on New Years Eve, we got some heavy fog here, but we were at a party with some friends and had a wonderful time!

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Congrats Again!!

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Congrats on FP's X 3!!!

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You are very welcome! I am glad you liked it! I guess I really am a "Wild and Crazy Guy"!! LoL!!!

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Cool analogy. Yeah, Every time I get a friend request, I check their current friends, and see who I know in their list before I accept. I generally trust that if one of my friends is one of their friends, they must be OK. Of course you could always view it as they friend-ed me to have access to becoming friends with you! Or they saw me Like one of your LoL's and realized that yours were better than mine.

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Congrats on FP's!!!

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PK FP Congrats!!!; You are welcome!; and thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it!

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Congrats on FP x 4!!!

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You're Welcome!!!

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Congrats on Razzi and JC FP's!!!

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Yeah, there is so much wrongness in that pic! There had to be someone with a sick sense of humor that designed that, and he/she is probably still laughing to this day because it was approved by management (who of course saw nothing wrong with it!).

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LoL @ Pharaoh Sexual, I saw that pic, and sat here for twenty minutes yesterday, racking my brain, trying to come up with something, anything, that would work. I could not come up with anything! (OK, Anything that would make it past the mods.) LOL!!

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You are welcome and LOL on workin' girl comment! If it helps, you may call me Gary. I generally answer to just about anything though (Constable, officer, Sir, Gary, JackA$$, Son-ova-B#$%&, mutha f#$%#&, etc. Depends on if they are going to jail or not.) Thanks for liking my LOL!

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Congrats on 3X FP!!!

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Congrats on Razzi FP!!!

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Congrats on FP!!

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Congrats on history FP!