Suzi's Mom has DIS much lubz fer teh Cheezbuddies

Rosco! No! This is Mom's crazy brother Larry. He's playing a sick joke on you!


Happy 2013 from Suzi's Mom and Huey & Dash

Merry Christmas 2012

Yoo might want to check wut I er uh teh goggie put on yur facebook wall

I am just so shocked and happy that my LoL made it to the Eff Pee and I am very thankful to my cheezbuddies who share in my joy.

Have a Happy Easter surrounded by all your favorite peeps.

Breakin' Nooz - This just in- afraid of haggis? Cover it with this modern tartan and "yee'll hae nae" worries

Happy Robbie Burns Day!

But *why* do they want to take away teh collectibles?

May the marvels of this Christmas bring you richness of spirit, warmth of love, and peace.

This Easter my wish for you is that you have gifts more precious than jewels.

Say Good Knight, Gracie!

This stuff clogs up between your toes worse than litter.

And how was your day, Dear?

The fraternity brothers were not too harsh with Jordan ~ they left him one eyebrow at least.

It's a huge Ack, Man!

Drat! Dadgummit! How am I gonna trail this through the house? I can't get the beginning started!

Stoopy hoomin! I doan need instrukshuns fer killin' birds


Thanks to all the Cheezbuddies who keep watch on the FP and send me conga-rats!

Ooh, that snow looks just about right. Yessss, I could make some rather wicked snobLoLs with that. I'd better go to the back door right now and start yowling to go outside. Three weeks might not be enough time to begin making my stock pile. I've heard

Can't wait fer it to asplode

come closer so I can smell where you've been.

Now I know why the other guys were laughing about the vet and his thermometer.