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"No, Stewie, my little girl don't need no mouf-to-moufs.."

The feeling is mutual: "I luv yu, Sylviag.. Fank yu for gibing me a forever home."

This is why kitties ar supurrior to humins.

A BERY HAPPY KITTIE.. "Dis iz teh best toy dat mom eber bowt me.."

"No, mom.. I fownd it dis way.. I ar innosents."

Rio LoLympics: Team KuppyKakes dominates in teh Sheer Wall Climing Competition! "Com on guys! Jus a few mor feets and we win teh Gold Medal!"

As der Medal Total grows, KKPS athletes sillybrate in der LoLympic Village rooms! "YAY! We KuppyKakers now lead teh LoLympics in Gold Medals!"

Rio LoLympics: Bosco helps teh Brazilians cleer away som structures to make room for teh LoLympic Village.. KABOOM!! "Uh oh! I fink I destroyed teh wrong bilding!"

Rio LoLympics: Natasha scores a great vicktory in teh eggstremely difficult and danjerous Turtle Balancing Competition!



My favorite cat in the hat (Bryan & Sylviag)

Who's that with Wolverine?

Dynamic Duo & friend

Sea, sun, and sunglasses (Bryan & Sylviag)

"I iz happy to compete for KKPS and for all ob Pluto!" "WOW!" LoLympics Judj watches in amazements as Shmerg set new wurld reckord in teh Long Jump and wins LoLympic Gold!

IRS Tax Agent "Shut yur mouf hoomin! I see here dat yu iz a Republicans.. For dat we iz dubbling yur taxes, gibing yu a big fine an' seezing yur car.. How dare yu ask me what yu did wrong! For dat insolense, we iz dubbling yur fine!"

Darren is a bery pleezed gradjuit ob teh Krafty Katt Skool ob Telemarketing.. "Shut yur mouf hoomin while I iz talkin'.. Gib me yur stoopy credit card number so I can charj yu doze munnies.. Shut up, hoomin.. Yu no need to know what teh price is.. Just m

Littur box upgrade at Diskreet Rest Home Mani moar added fur awl Lolympix judges n coaches

Mr. Awlthumbs stuporvises Diskreet Rest Home remodeling

Classic Sylvia typos, #1 (recaption:

"For Sylviag!" Once again, a Mysterious Kitteh give a mighty cry!

Mission complete

Rio LoLympics: "Hey! What stoopiness iz in deze waters?" asks dis purrplexed competitor.. "BURP! BURP!" (Perhpas it's doze kemicals dat Mr. AwlThumbs supplied to teh LoLympics when dey ran short!)

Rio LoLympics: Maintenance Kittie Mr. AllThumbs entered teh Boxing Competishun.. ZZZZZzzzzz..... Unfortunately, hims wer knocked owt in teh first 10 sekonds of Rownd 1 by Powderpuff Tiffany!

Rio LoLympics: Krafty sets new world record in Weight Lifting Competishuns and grabs Gold Medal! "I'm shur I can lift dis enormus weights.. I just gots to follow teh advises dat Coach Bellbottoms gabe me!"

Twin Sisters, Iriss and Abyss, Are Cats With Stunning Heterochromic Eyes

I’m having some vision trouble today. I can’t see myself doing anything.

N a big thank u to Bryan, fur sharing Sylvia wif us awl dese years. We iz keepin u in r thots n purrayerz

Sylvia - you are now napping in the sun and playing in the meadow. You will be missed but you left us a legacy of joy and caring. ****hugs****