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Who The Heck Invented Little Sisters Anyway?!

Lolsheimers. Definitely Lolsheimers.

Rio LoLympics: While Chef Punkin made dat all important Spirit Elixir for littl Mischeff, hims lovely wife Missy went to one ob teh many eggsellent food marts in Rio to bring home a bery tasty meal for teh entire family to enjoy..

The human looked back in fear and trepidation, but, alas, it was already too late!

Expectation.. Kittie has it!

Rio LoLympics: To counteract teh many evil Rushin spies and minions, Snookers is deployed by Coach Bellbottoms to keep close tabs on dat sneaky Rushin Coach Vorchunkle and teh bery nawty Krusher Kalashnikov!

Rio LoLympics: YAY! Mischeff drinks teh Spirit Eleixir dat her daddy Chef Punkin mixed up! But will it work? Will it be enuff? Teh World holds it's collective breath in anticipation of teh upcoming battle between littl Mischeff and teh powerful Krusher!

Rio Breaking News: Reporters hab cawt up wiff Chef Punkin in teh kitchen as hims mixes together teh rare ingredients to make teh Spirit Elixir for hims beloved dawter Mischeffs! But will teh Spirit Elixir be enuff for Mischeffs to survive aginst Krusher?

Justice for Tiger

Prowd and protectiv father Punkin looks far & wide over teh countryside and wilds of Rio.. Hims must find teh scarce herbs & ingredients for teh Elixir dat Madame Esmeralda told hims abowt dat might help hims sweet dawter Mischief fite dat scary Krusher!

Treachery afoot at teh Rio LoLympics! A bery nawty Rushin spy tries to catch a glimpse of littl Mischeff's training for her clash wiff Krusher Kalashnikov in teh perilous Box of Doom! Hims wants to gain an unfair advantage!

KCAT News Flash: Popular psychic & KKPS faculty member Madame Esmeralda is bery concerned abowt littl Mischief's upcoming battle wiff Krusher Kalashnikov in teh deadly Box of Doom. She contacts her Spirit Guides who may give some small help for Mischief!

Kittie lays hims claim!

The Ideal Cat Speed

Rio LoLympics: In hims terrific protecshuns ob littl Mischeff from teh evil Rushin spies and minions, teh Unknown Kittie takes a fleeting moment to admire teh beautimous scenery of Rio..

Rio LoLympics: Wiff evil Rushin spies eberywhere, teh Unknown Kittie redubbles hims protecshuns ob Mischeffs!

As teh wunnerful family reunion takes place in Rio between littl Mischeff and her Family, sneaky spies for Rushin Coach Vorchunkle and teh Rushin Mafia keep track ob all dat takes place wiff Misheff! Dey want Krusher to defeat Mischeff in teh Box ob Doom!

A bery happy daddy Punkin embraces hims dawter littl Mischeff at der family reunion in Rio as sister Poppy looks on, waiting to hug her beloved sister..

Cat hair....

"If you'll LIE about ANYTHING, you care about NOTHING. ~furrgetmenot

Good job!

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~ Most Profound COMMENT of 3rd Debate was Trump regarding emails and Benghazi Gate.. that she should NOT even BE running as a candidate. She had BROKEN the law, FBI declared her guilty but said she will NOT be prosecuted. That makes me SICK.

Rio LoLympics: Little Mischeffs greets her loving momma Missy in Rio!

Rio LoLympics: At teh LoLympic Village, when sweet Mischief unexpectedly sees her family enter teh front entranse, Mishcief is obercom wiff joy and haz a bery big smile on her face!

Puddin' hazza thrilled to see her sister, Mischief!

How is it possible for only one nipple to contain "happy juice"?

Rio LoLympics: Upon arriving at Rio after a superfast Bunway Airlines flite, Punkin and hims family grab teh first taxi dey see to get to der dawter Mischeff as fast as possible cuz she iz in grate dangers! Punkin tells teh taxi driver to STEP ON TEH GAS!


Kittehs iz awlwayz into sumfing!