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happy birthday, icguy34

iz tyme 4 my midnite snakee u want i shud pownz on u or u wanna get up on ur own?

Computing Mom's requirements

our pet human learns quickly we only had to mew once for this snuggly blanket what do we want next?

Water cooler gossip (recaption:

Raise the roof for icguy34's birthday!

"To Sylvia's 65th Birthday & Beyond" (TTO "'65 Love Affair" by Paul Davis)

Citizens bravely attempt an escape!

Gardening Can Be Rewarding And Sometimes Surprising

Faced with the specter of homelessness (recaption:

How I gonna learn new bad werds if I can't read em?

Should I tell him the hamster used that as litter?

Oooh, She just changed her status...



Use Glow Toothpaste, And You Too Can Have Vampire teeth Just Like Mine..

Dese three yung kitties ar a bery loyal and eggsited part ob teh Rio Chapter ob teh Internashunal Mischief Fan Klub! Dey cheer Mischief on in ebery ebent she partissypates in!

Bad waiter!

Yeah, get off his lawn!

Poppy wants to know why Mischief's not in trouble for running away.

After eech stupendous Gold Medal purrformance win by sweet littl Mischief, all teh rezidents of Rio sillybrates!

Krafty Katt scores BIG at teh Betting Houses wiff hims Rio LoLympic Bets!

Beefore The Wine Gets It...

The Neighborhood Watch Cats Are On The Job

But not now!

Hearing the alarm clock The morning after Monday Night Football

The real deal!

RIO LOLYMPICS NEWS FLASH: Just in! Wunderkitten Mischief scores huge upset in teh Goggie Wrangling Competition and takes home another Gold Medal! Upset dat teh leading Russian athlete wer defeated, Russian Coach Vorchunkle cries "fowl"!


I should've known that bird I ate had friends