Pillow fight

I has a huggy pillow!!

Pillow fite, I don't know anything about a pillow fite.

Me an mai litel helpers is poopd. Ai fink ai makes a tacticul retreet an gets sum snooz tiem...

Pillo Fight Day: Nap Attack

'Pillow fites.. Pfffth...' said he moments before becoming the target of multiple whammos

You will NOT take off with our last pillow.

Pillow fight!

Whackiness ensues!!1!

A supply run, I 'spose


Pillow Fight 2011

Pillow Fight 2011

ICHC Pillow Fyte 2011

Bring It On!

...as you can see, i've already won this particular pillow fight.

Yes, yes, I'm sure you could win the pillow fight if you really tried, but you HAVE to remember to wear your nightie, dear.

oh great... i suppose you akshully want me to get up for the pillow fite, rite?

u wud not frow a pillow at pore, defenseless me, wud u?


~~ it was a fair fite. it was a tuff fite. but i fink i won. hez given up. ~~

for anyone who wants to join in: july 10&11 weekend:

Pillow fite? Just let teh doggie TRY and touch mi pillow, and I'll show u a pillow fite!

mama sez wez too yung for ur pajamama-party.

a pillow fight? do i *absolutely* have to? i can think of better things to do with a pillow.

you're all invited to join in! see the comments : )

'Allo, Cheezheads! Would someone please tell me why this lol was deleted? (This is a re-do.)

By now, it is obvious to all that some of you whippersnappers have jumped the gun and begun all-out pillow warfare before the designated weekend has commenced.

DAD! Give me my pillow! You're not sleeping! You just want it 'cause I want it! It's MINE! I need it for the pillow fight! Don't make me use the old butt-in-your face routine!


No - not like that one! I'm tired, but it's a good kind of tired.