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The thousand-yard stare.

New experiences at Kamp KuppyKakes!

Furst Dae Nerbs At Kamp Kuppykakes

This Cat Loves This Bowl

Da thout of nomz soon iz helpin

And then a hero comes along...

Mrs. Doonawtdoodat is bery upset by teh news of a drunken Harry Tabsworth that Snookers told her.. She will certainly see dat Mr. Tabsworth is appropriately punished when he returns!

Kamp: more Shysterz turn up!

Photo taken by Kuppykakes Kamper: Rex King

After teh long bus ride to Kamp, Buster shouts out his demands!

Arriving Kampers: first stop after long drive!

Kuppykakes counsellor, Miss Stobbitrietnao, has had to bring boys back from the girls' cabin ever since the arrival of Foofany.

From my heart to yours. I cannot thank all my friends enough for their kind and caring thoughts during this difficult time for my family. I hope to be on more after the Memorial Service and Celebration of Life this

Missy just loves her Kamp Kuppykakes gardening classes

"Johnson, This Fax is Urgent!"

Kamp KuppyKakes 2013 wiff Nial Howlin!

Kamp Kuppykakes Welcomes Toto From Oklahoma

Ohai, Cheezie-peeps!!

Once the lawn was mowed, the old place doesn't look too bad for it's age (over 100 years). wally01

Kuppykakes Kounselor Mrs. Goldie lubz takin kare ub deh furst yeer kamperz

kamp news

kamp hijinks

Toto had thought he might not make it to Kamp this year...

Kamp: Arts and Cwafts!

Kamp: The Shysterz Klub attracts members!

and for some reason, they follow me to the bathroom

ai beleebz teh stork habz made a mistayk

Swedish Chef Kitteh tells you how it's done