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Don't forget Gif-Together Tuesday. :)

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Don't forget the Gif-Together, ani.

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Aww, a nice guy in Syria. I will be in AnimalRescues soon, & grab it there too. Thanks for putting a smail on my face. Annie

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Hi Annie: A Syrian ambulance driver is taking care of homeless kittehs

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Is it time for the leaves to change?

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Annie, I'm glad to hear that you and the work kitties are safe and sound. Mother Nature is losing it big time. My cousins out in Calgary are cleaning up after a snowstorm earlier this week. Thank goodness I'm over 2100 miles away from that, although it has gotten noticeably colder since yesterday. I think the squirrels know something is coming, they've been very busy this week.

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Work kitties are great. No problems for me, because my route to work was on high roads. Weirdness, that's what's going on.

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Hi Annie: I saw your flood pictures--what in the world is going on with the wacky weather? I hope that you are safe and OK. I hope your work kitties are OK as well.

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Wow, is it the Apocalypse?

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Hi Annie: I think they're supposed to have the basement finished by the end of September. There's over 3100 homes that were affected by the flood so far. So the contractors are going to have a good Christmas, lol. To add to the fun, a few giant black hornets got into the house from a soccer ball sized nest in a small tree on the boulevard. Thankfully the city came and took care of it a few days before all the kids went back to school. We're very close to two elementary schools, and a lot of kids would have had to walk by that nest. Children and giant black hornets do not mix well :) Now, we're finding crickets in the house, so we have Floods and Pestilence covered.

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Busy, now that school is back in session? How's the house? ani.

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Thanks, djcat. :) ani.

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Hi Annie: Thanks for the Lolcat congrats !

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Had to get FP, Lolcat FP congratulations on 'Can I Him?' ani.

By djcat595 on Aug 20, 2014 at 2:53 PM

I was on vacation when we had the flood. So now I need a vacation to recover from my vacation :)

By ani.s4 on Aug 19, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Did everything else in your life get put on hold? I don't know about Mother Nature. She can get pretty nasty around here. Hope you can get some rest. Take care. ani.

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Hi ani: I've been a bit tired, so I did not get back to you sooner. We had a crew of 5 working all day Thursday and Friday ripping out carpet, drywall, and carrying out furniture. They disinfected everything as well. We had three industrial sized fans and a giant dehumidifier running for three days straight. I think that the worst part is over now. The contractor just needs to get the go ahead from the insurance to install new drywall and carpet, etc. The official total is just under 2100 homes flooded, but the contractor believed the total to be closer to 4000. I think there's people who still have not started their clean up, because a few more houses had dumpsters in their driveways this morning. I just saw an article where the Samaritan's Purse is helping one lady clear her basement which is full of black mould--and nobody is wearing a mask :( Not good. The lady already got a skin infection from trying to bail out the contaminated water. It's a miracle that nobody was killed, especially when the flash flood swamped the roads. There's a photo of the 407, a major highway, where the lanes look like a giant swimming pool. There was 2 months' worth of rain packed into three hours. What is it with Mother Nature--the places that need rain don't get it, and the places that don't need it get too much ;)

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How is the clean-up going?

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Like is so packed with sad stories, & you have to feel for each on you hear about. There are funding organizations, I wonder if someone will start a general charity for them? Are you going to be bringing in campers?

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Hi ani: We're lucky that the insurance covers it, but there's a $2,000 deductible. The city gave us $1,000 earlier this week because the inspector said that the flooding was from the sewer drain backing up from the amount of rain we had. Some people's policies did not cover flood damage (like our neighbour), and other people only had policies that covered between $5,000 and $10,000 worth of damages, although their homes need repairs worth over six figures. The mayor has appealed to the provincial government for disaster relief, as over 2000 homes in the city were damaged. Apparently, some houses were condemned because water went up to the first floor. The contractors are starting work today, ripping up carpet and walls. Lots of dumpsters on our street because people need their basements gutted. It looks like Detroit, NYC, etc. is having the same flash flooding that we had on August 4th. Our house is on fairly high ground, so I can't imagine how bad it was for people who lived near small creeks. I feel bad for a 70 yr old lady who not only had her home wrecked, but her car was submerged, and she lost her parrot :(

By ani.s4 on Aug 10, 2014 at 6:00 PM

OMG, that's terrible. Insurance going to cover damage or is there an "act of God" clause? I'm happy that you are all safe. Wow. We sure could use some of that rain. Wish we could share. I'm sorry, hun. Annie

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Hi ani: The fourth photo in that comic is the front of my house last Monday. Our basement got flooded, and needs to be gutted. Had fun today helping my father haul almost forty years' worth of stuff upstairs into the living room. It looks like an episode of "Hoarders". We got about 3 to 4 inches of water, but some people got between 4 and 8 feet of sewage in their basements. Look on the bright side--it could have been worse. With the flash flooding, it was a miracle that nobody got killed or seriously injured, especially when the flash flooding occurred on the highways.

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Thank you so much. Love those Japanese kitties. ani.

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Happy Birthday, my friend!

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Happy Birthday djcat

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Awww, thank you fur da lovely GIF gifts :) Happy Easter to you too, my friend =^..^=

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Belated Happy Easter djcat595