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Ozzy On His 2nd Birfdai!

Ceiling Cat save us! Mothra has mutated

When a duck gets tired, he carps

Leo (Big Black) got adopted! He lives together with his buddy Bumper again.

Stop staring! This looked easy when the cat did it

Sylviag, thanks for sharing yourself with us!

We miss Sylviag THIS much!

For Sylviag: When one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spott

Sylvia - you are now napping in the sun and playing in the meadow. You will be missed but you left us a legacy of joy and caring. ****hugs****

Sylvia's gone from pain and into the light. Leaving us cheering and crying and waving ♥GOODBYE♥

Just like the lights go out on Broadway when a beloved Star passes, ICHC stops working to honour the passing of sylviag ~ The Heart of Cheezland ~

Goodbye, Sylvia


Sylvia: farewell, my friend (Bryan's Facebook post Thursday 111 August 2016)


Syl lived in beauty, with love. She was a great teacher. I am so glad she was my friend.

Boi, it shur iz noyzee an happie up dere in teh Meadow ... Aifinks sumbuddee berry berry importint juss arribed.

Tis' a very sad day, my work is not made easy, to take someone who is loved and cherished as much as Sylviag...But rest assured my dear friends, for Sylvia this is a new beginning and not the end, with her fur-babies relatives and friends Sylvia still lau

Safe Journey, Sylviag across the Rainbow Bridge. Until we all meet again, I wish you peace and joy.

Dear Bryan Family and Friends

Hey Kibby, I haz a big sad dat Sylvia haz gone to teh Reignbo Bridge. Hers wuz a gud hoomin. She allways halped meh wif teh emayos. Espechully wif spelling. Her wuz a gud spellerz. I guess dat Ceiling Cat haz so manee furkids to handle (dis iz a nawt gud

Danke für alles, Sylvia

For Sylvia, for her friends (from cua & TBA, 11 Aug 2016)

Sylvia: Bryan's FB post, Tuesday 09 August 2016

"Syl-ly Pipe Dreams" (TTO "Walk On Water" by Ozzy Osbourne)

Sylvia: Bryan's FB post Sunday 07 August 2016

Bunnways Airline leave a light on so their favourite flyer, Sylviag can find her way back to them. Soon, please.

Sylvia, Friday 05 August 2016; Bryan's updates

Sylvia, Wed 03/Thurs 04 2016; Bryan's updates