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Alcohol can't kill you if you're already dead inside

Sorry about the holes in the garden hose I thought it was a snake

Who even uses the scientific names?

The Way This Daughter Terrorizes Her Mother Over Text Is Cruel... But So Very Funny


Hold still

A short poem

Really it's okay. I hab moar.

They said they wanted to catch ME!

Street Smart Cat Knows How to Properly Use a Crosswalk


Stupie hoomans r like glow sticks. I want to snap dem in half, shake them like crazy and hope teh lite comes on.

f*ck you, Carl

I totally understand how batteries feel because I’m rarely ever included in things either.


Well, I had to make some "modifications".....

Okay, my paws are now hooves. It's time to put away the gene splicer, Phil.

No, Dad, NO! Not THAT One, The OTHER One!

You is new here? My name is Annabelle and I got a teddy and a blanky and another blanky and a books and a squeaky duck and a pink ribbon and So when do we eat?

I Didnt Mean It

The Tiniest Cast of All Time for a Wee Broken Arm

This Cat Held Hands With His Humans on Their Way to the Vet for the Last Time

This Woman's Sweet Snapchat Story of Her Dog's Last Day Will Hit You Right in the Feels

You Can't Stay Up There Forever!

R.I.P. sweetheart

Reasons to let your kittens win rasslin' contests: (1) it boosts their ego (2) you don't have to work as hard

Temperature Scales

Kitten Will Stop at Nothing to Get to Her Favorite Puppy

There's Never A Dog Around When You Need One.

Iz reddy for mai firss capshun!


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