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Congrats on the AC FP !

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Most of the Games will take place in London, but Cardiff, Manchester, Coventry, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle will also be hosting events. Cardiff's Millennium Stadium (just over a mile or so from my home) will host the very first event of the Games, two days before the official opening ceremony - women's football, Team GB versus New Zealand. Traffic will be chaotic in the city, but it will be far worse in London ! As for what I do when I'm not LOL'ing - my day job is in IT.

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Even cooler, I live just a few minutes walk away from there :-)

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Love the "insert dollar" LOL ! On the subject of Doctor Who, Matt Smith was the first runner on today's Olympic Torch Relay - - and he started just opposite from the new BBC studios where the show will be filmed.

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You're welcome, and I hope you have a great weekend too !

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Oh, and congrats on the "last nerve" FP !

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Thanks again ! I've seen you favouriting my LOLs now and again, and I've returned the favour a few times - you've produced some great ones too !

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Hi there - and thanks for the friend request !