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The Hypno Toad Invasion started at Nancy's house over on Elm Street. It was a nightmare.

Cheeze Lords. you Beta please the masses!




Dammit! The A/C quit working!

After a couple of rollabouts in fresh new nip Tigger managed to get maypole and poledancing all mixed up

sorry, this part of the house is off limits It's been declared a crime scene

would you believe it jumped right into my mouth?

I'm Such A Bad Doggie!


Too many leaves on the wind sticking to Serenity. She needs a good Wash.


Cone of Maim



It's not a true food coma unless it was caused by a cheezburger.

Now to adjust the surveillance camera and those dogs won't be able to sneak up on me again.

The lobster bisque is going to take a bit longer than I thought.

I just need to give it a little rest before it works again, don't I Bones?

It's worse than that, he said, Jim.

Hey Charlie. Did you see that cool denim jacket Frank scored off a zoo visitor last week?

The Dermatoligist says to just put some ointment on it.

Joan, dear, you've had too many drinks when you can't reach up to the table for the drink you're working on.

He's tasting my soul, isn't he??

I'm just ducky. How are you doing?

Hey Mike. When you said that for our date you were taking me to dinner and a floor show, I didn't realize that they were one and the same.

Hey, who ate the last kitteh treat?? Iz was saving it.

I really do enjoy having mai butt in a sling.

No matter what you do to it, it is still NAWT a cheezburger!