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We're not in Dire Straits yet (recaption:


kitteh hassa sad for all the snow-less southern kittehs who can not hassa kitty snow cave


Not Sayin' Cats Nap Too Much. . .

Farewell, Sylvia (TTO "Move On" by ABBA)

Okay, I'll go But you're taking me to teh burger place afterwards

Sing along now:

All kitties deserve to be loved..

Y'z erebodee awlwuz pikkin awn me??

Teh fikkle finger ob fayte meets itty bitty poyntee ends in 3...2...1...

Serpriz iz ME!!

Basemint Kitteh Phyndz 'loominashun

Daddy Dearest

Kitteh has another idea

Dis belleh ain't gonna rub itself, y'kno!!

Mommee, iz dat wut a splort lukz liek?

Kittie NAWT happy wiff hims baff!

We sits, we fits, we full

"Missing Sylvia" (TTO "Goodbye Stranger" by Supertramp)

Just like the lights go out on Broadway when a beloved Star passes, ICHC stops working to honour the passing of sylviag ~ The Heart of Cheezland ~

It's A Bird... It's A Plane...Nope Silly, It's Just Me, Billy, Flying Up High, Into The Sky... To See Our Dear Friend Sylvia, To Let Her Know How Much Everyone Loves And Misses Her..Tho' Rest Assured Of The Fact, She Already Knows That.

And there's the buzzer! We don't have the offical count yet.. But it look like Orinoco, from KKPS has won the gold in the lolimpixs for most T.P. removed in 3 seconds!

Sylvia: farewell, my friend (Bryan's Facebook post Thursday 111 August 2016)

Sylvia, Wed 03/Thurs 04 2016; Bryan's updates

G'bye SylviaG. Purrrrr snif Skool wil always be in seshun.

For our frend, sylviag


I gots sum flowrs for Sylviag

Sylviag is on her way to the Meadow but part of her remains here in our hearts.


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