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Dese three yung kitties ar a bery loyal and eggsited part ob teh Rio Chapter ob teh Internashunal Mischief Fan Klub! Dey cheer Mischief on in ebery ebent she partissypates in!


We miss her terribly (recaption:

Yu'd ov jumped right in dat mess too!

Poppy wants to know why Mischief's not in trouble for running away.

Random musings by PhilosophiCat (recaption:

BRAGGART - it's one of the purrforming arts

Hoomins are meenies!

Looks like you're ready to do the Mexican Cat Dance (recaption:

Sometimes, you just want what you want!

Technology marches on



What's the use of playing hide and seek if no one seeks? (recaption:

On second thought... (recaption:

heat doesn't help dad's vision (recaption:

Said The One Whodunnit

Tell me what you want boss.

"Bread" (TTO "Legs" by ZZ Top)

oh hi, just wanna be sure u awake for my nightly gymnastics

After eech stupendous Gold Medal purrformance win by sweet littl Mischief, all teh rezidents of Rio sillybrates!



Ai Du Nawt Lieks Dolphins!

It's not that he's lazy

Now that you mention it, they're not entirely dissimilar (recaption:

the debates: scintillating! why don't you take a half a second & tell me what YOU thought?

Hmmmm how i kan make it look like goggie did it? I bettr vestigates moor!

The Words of Ceiling Cat

so you watched the debates & now you're having nightmares? fix me a snack & i'll pretend to listen