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Deer Bosco, Sylvia waz a perfect humin Wez gunna miss her so much my catmom can helpz wif our emayos but wez still gunna miss sylvia so much. wez gunna hafta help the other stoodents now dat Sylvia haz crossed dah rainbo bridge everybody gonna miss hu

This Woman's Sweet Snapchat Story of Her Dog's Last Day Will Hit You Right in the Feels

Just Keep Swimming

I wud like 2 tank mah middle finger... ...for always sticking up 4 meh.

I do yoga 2 relieve stress. Just kidding. I just lick up catnip while I iz wearin ur yoga pants

hi Sylvia, we'z startin Kuppykakes Preppy Skool Sept.1 like u tawt uz & we'll be habbin a clazz in "Sylvia-Speak" wiff some ob ur choiseiest words r skolarz will hab 2 guezz wat dey mean

Forever And Ever!


Just how ludicrous is Trump? He thinks vaccines cause autism.

In Trump's America Ur either white or ur wrong

Come Back My Snack!

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh i'm gonna hyperventilate oh gosh

What you don't know....

Celebrating Sylvia's life...her free spirit...her joy! I will always miss you, my friend.


2016 Rio LOLympicz Badminton

Aug.18, 2016 __ The LoL builder is still broke, which makes this kitteh happy, because you can't see h

2016 Rio LOLympicz Swimming...oops, no...Death by Cat in 3...2...

I Wish My Cat Had Never Seen Micky D's Filet-O-Fish Commercial.

A long, long, time ago, in a CATaxy fur, fur, away... (Bryan & Sylviag)

2016 Rio LOLympicz Road Race

Classic Sylvia typos, #1 (recaption:

meanwhile, at Rainbow Bridge

Dear Bryan Family and Friends

Safe Journey, Sylviag across the Rainbow Bridge. Until we all meet again, I wish you peace and joy.

For our frend, sylviag

Bosco was a real cat who lived with Sylvia. Now they are re-united.

My inclination it to reach out to everyone that had a special connection to Sylvia, but I expect we all feel we did. That was her way. But now she's gone except in our hearts and memories. There are no words to express our sense of loss or the joy she br

Sylvia: farewell, my friend (Bryan's Facebook post Thursday 111 August 2016)

Dear sweet Sylvia, I love and miss you so much I know you have gone to a better place.