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And I only just finished my breakfast mouse.

Thought so.



When Someone Offers You Food and It Immediately Brightens Your Mood

Temporary At Best

Mistakes Were Made.

Sylvia - Across the Bridge

Somewhere, In A Secret, Smelly Laboratory.

Finking bout Miss Sylbia n da carots her bringed me but mostly bout Miss Sylbia

Beta Speech Bubble Attempt #73

The First Beta Speech Balloons Were An Unruly Lot!

Roid Road Rage


Uniformed strangers keep leaving cryptic documents in my mailbox.

The old saying is "Where there's smoke there's fire." That's pre-Internet. Sometimes where there's smoke there's just some people throwing up a lot of dust.

Yup. Hate to say it, butt(!) Cheez haz been stickin' it to us awflea hard lately 'Bout as bad as "Aw, fleas!"

If you want to have fun with your kids, tell them the teacher called,... Then ask if there is something they need to tell you.

Pretty sure I look forward to my boss' vacation's more than he does.

My local hairdresser just got arrested for selling drugs. Unbelievable! I've been her customer for 10 years and had no clue she was a hairdresser!

Dr.Tinycat prescribes:

I don't always pose for pics but when I do... I'm freakng awesome!


The world's most isolated tree grew in the Sahara desert in Niger. The Tree of Tenere was the only tree around for 250 miles. In 1973 a man hit it with his truck. The only thing to hit for 250 miles!

"I Keep Regrettin'" (TTO "I Keep Forgettin'" by Michael McDonald)

We're a stubborn, yet creative bunch.

I've spotted six Pokémon today But I don't have the game, so I may have to have my med's checked out.

I grew up in a town where the population never changed… Every time a girl got pregnant, a guy left town

As softly as the whisper of a butterfly's wing Sylvia slipped away to the Rainbow Bridge

If I ask my dad to take a picture of me with my phone There is a 99% chance it will be a video of me yelling "It's the button on the left!"


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