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I don't like the way those vultures are lookin' at me Do they know something I don't?

Your humor is being returned unopened...

Hit me again, Barkeep, and keep 'em comin' I've had a whisker twistin' day

what is the bald idiot doing on my blanket?

I didn't say it was your fault.

Leave Now in Peace or Pieces

It's the look that suites you best...

Kindhearted squirrel always has a little something for the less fortunate.


Here's to mutually assured destruction!

Invisible Barbells

Rio LoLympics News Flash: After scoring a hard-fawt win in teh Shark Fighting Event, littl Mishief wer somwhat tired... But dat helped her score anudder unexpected Gold Medal in teh fiercely contested Napping Competition (Ittie Bittie Division)!

Disneyland for cats!

At teh Butlers' Conventiion, Jeeves watches teh others arrive to make sure hiz tuxedo iz up to standard.

That'll drive 'em to drink, er football (recaption: http://tinyurl.com/jts6z34

If all mudslinging was Shakespearean (recaption: left http://tinyurl.com/jdngk5b right http://tinyurl.com/glpzteg

RIO LOLYMPICS BREAKING NEWS: Sweet Mischeff scores another Gold Medal at Rio! This time in the very tuff Shark Fighting Competition!


oh hi, we'z owt ob hot dog buns & honey mustard


One ob Rushin Coach Vorchunkle's trusted minions Lenny Pootin wer sent on an important mishun to disrupt littl Mischeff's sleep so she could nawt win anudder Gold Medal! But Lenny wer nawt expecting teh intervenshun ob teh Unknown Kittie!

"Its a great plan. There's just one flaw - " (recaption: http://tinyurl.com/zyhpthw

Mom, please accept my advance conciliatory offering For what you may find when you return this evening

Few viewers of MY FAVORITE MARTIAN Recall Uncle Martin's cat

Not watching the debacle, er, debate Will leave it to pundits like Oliver and Colbert

No filler

Raise da roof for cheezburgers!

That traveled a long way

I Scream U Scream

The shame of it...