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Almost Done...

Rio LoLympics: Sweet Mischeffs duz a grate job ob doing teh difficult Pole Clime wiff just her front paws, but den runs into a purrplexing problems!

I knoe who's importint

Rio LoLympics: Krusher Kalashnikov goes off hims rigorous training diet after Snookers anonymously sends him a thick crust peetsa wiff all teh fixings! Will dis be teh tiny edge dat little Mischeffs needs to defeat teh awesome Krusher in teh Box of Doom?!

Tribal Cat Tattoos


Viewers of 10/11News Lincoln NE, named the hawk that shows up on our SkyCam every now and then. Weatherman Rusty Dawkins likes the name!

Rio LoLympics: Sweet Mischief tries bery hard to do one ob teh difficult eggsercizes dat Coach Bellbottoms gabe her! If she iz to hab any chance to defeat Krusher, she must improve her physical skills!

Rio LoLympics: Krafty Katt sets up an eggstensiv and sophisticated electronik surveillance system to make shur dat no sneaky Rushin spies get to see teh rigorous Eggsercize Routine dat Coach Bellbottoms set up for her!

As a yungster Coach Bellbottoms studied Marshal Arts in Japan achieving teh highest Rank in Aikido, Judo, Karate! Hims also were teh first ever undefeated Grand Champion in Sumo! Den ob corse hims went on to hiz storied career wiff teh Carolina Panthers.

Rio LoLympics Breaking News: Shocking images of littl Mischeff striving to do teh Hole in teh Wall Eggsercize, but coming up short! Mischeff's many fans arownd teh world now fear she habs no chance aginst Krusher!

Mom, this overgrown flea keeps sayin' "Churchill, downs" Tell him my name's not Churchill and I AM down

So, I found this little kitten in my yard... Jeez...can he fart!

There may not be any fire here But this will melt your heart

Bat Fact

We Got The Best Daddy In The WHOLE World!

Give Sylvia Our Regards


Finally Somebody Appreciates My Klutziness!

My favrit part of teh movie iz wer teh lion roars. He so handsum.


And we have got to STOP meeting this way!

All Alone Am I


Dies ist nicht meine Wassermelone

My most heavily used kitchen appliance is a fire extinguisher.

One of my favorite discoveries about adulthood is that there are literally no rules stopping you from eating an entire row of Oreos at once.


Rio LoLympics: While Chef Punkin made dat all important Spirit Elixir for littl Mischeff, hims lovely wife Missy went to one ob teh many eggsellent food marts in Rio to bring home a bery tasty meal for teh entire family to enjoy..

Rio LoLympics: To counteract teh many evil Rushin spies and minions, Snookers is deployed by Coach Bellbottoms to keep close tabs on dat sneaky Rushin Coach Vorchunkle and teh bery nawty Krusher Kalashnikov!