littleAPC's Favorites

"The Song Is Over" by The Who (recaption:

Reflections on Water is my latest 16x20" canvas painted on sides. Price negotiable


Old Auntie Mavis reminisces. ah-yup! Back in the day evry wurd cud have a diffrint color and ya cud put it enny warez on teh pikshur. Ya cud really show CLEVERNESS HERE

Rio LoLympics: Natasha scores a great vicktory in teh eggstremely difficult and danjerous Turtle Balancing Competition!

Rio LoLympics: Bosco helps teh Brazilians cleer away som structures to make room for teh LoLympic Village.. KABOOM!! "Uh oh! I fink I destroyed teh wrong bilding!"

"Miller Cat, Elevated" (TTO "Back In The High Life Again" by Steve Winwood) (recaption:


I've taken care of the dog... now for the neighbor kid.

Corny, yes, but there's a kernel of truth in it

Wild dogs terrorizing the neighborhood cats used to be a problem. USED to.

"And now, we wait"!


Gateway Rugs

Hell hath no fury like snob kitties snubbed (recaption:

Mai anti-rug iz intellekshual purrsuit of kewl ideas, and being a real schmartenheimer.

you're actually making sense i must be sleep-deprived

I git da happys finken bout toonas!

Sylvia's is but one of a large chunkle of keyboards

Basement Cat May Be about to Bite off More Than He Can Chew

"Don't Take My Rug Away" (TTO "Don't Take Your Love Away" by Kansas) (recaption:

Hey APC, Anee Ob Dat Wine Jellie Lef? Nope, Wei Dun Et It Awl Up!!

Sylviag's Keyboard On Display At KKPS Museum

There's a hole in my box

Feline Devotions (recaption:

Sometimes... It's just too hot to go grabbin' yer nuts!

heyman's "Here's a How" (recaption:

Nap Different

LOLBuilder FAIL!

Teh gawntlit's bin throwed. C'mon! Fix teh lolbuilders awreddy!