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Celebrating Sylvia's life...her free spirit...her joy! I will always miss you, my friend.

Supersize Me!

Sylvia: Bryan's FB post, Tuesday 09 August 2016

Sylvia: Bryan's FB post Sunday 07 August 2016

2016 Rio LOLympicz Boxing

"Spirit Animals" (TTO "Spirits In The Material World" by The Police)

catsuberalles spirit animal changing his caption titles

Sylvia non-update, 01 August 2016: "Quoth the kitteh, nevermore"

Sylvia update, Monday 01 August 2016: "i can has noms?"

Sylvia Update, Friday 29 July 2016: "Never going to give Syl up" (TTO "Homeward Bound" by Simon & Garfunkel)

Sylvia's cheez-kitteh prayer circle

"In search of intelligent life at icanhascheezburger"

So what is he? Your bodyguard? - His gardener!

Oh hai, Sylvia! Luv yu, dear frend!

Prayers for our Sylvia and her family.

you're really not much of a morning person are you?



When your home is filled with cats

Sylvia update Tuesday 26 July 2016: some good mews

For SylviaG - Love, hugs, and purrs! And a boop or two too.

Tuesday 26 July 2016: a Sylvia non-update

That's Quite an Address You've Got There

DREXELL: Kamp Kuppykaks Nip Garden VEGGEE PATROL somebody tried to sneak in some carrots..NOT ON MY WATCH

Tommy couldn't figure out how to get at the fish, so he decided to sleep on it

Oi, fur gosh' saik! Gimme back ma postabuilda!


oh hi, i'll have breakfast in bed it's just too hot for me to leave the bedroom a/c for the kitchen

Proof That All Dogs Are On Their Way to Heaven

The Truth About "Black Lives Matter"


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