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Every day should be a Share Your Love with a Pet Day

IT'S THE MOTHER LODE! We live here now, right?

That's My Dog, Smart Enough To Pull Off A Prank On His Friend, But Not Smart Enough To Hide The Evidence.

Be my Valentine!

Invitation to the dance

Think you're grand? Think you're fine?

The Only Thing The Boys Will Be Taking To The Dance Will Be Band-aids And Mercurochrome!

And The Dang Dog Ate All The CheesyPoofs!

i know what you did with your car keys can o' tuna and they can be in your hands

An Offer I Can't Refuse

I'm shur glad teh KKPS Balentimes Dans only happens wunce a yeer.

I Will Name You Wilson.

Real friends know how to return a favor

Um, I Don't Think That's Quite Right Anyway....

Heartbreak fur anonymouse KKPS skolar...

Methinks My Cat Doth Protest Too Much.


Velvet walls?! Where am I, the Liberace museum?

Re-training The Staff.

Is the smile too much? I'm trying to attract the ladies, and this is easier than peeing on everything.


Get a tree!

Proof That All Dogs Are On Their Way to Heaven

My house looks like I'm losing a game of Jumanji.

PonderKitty wonders: If all the world's a stage, where does the audience sit?

Sylvia is rolling! update 08 February 2016

I'm beginning to believe they really *did* fly south for the winter

uh-oh, whiteout conditions! better go back to sleep until it clears up

"Tommy: your senses will never be the same" (1975)

After 16 Years, a Family Photo Recreation Keeps This Family's Memories of Their Beloved Dog Warm in Their Heart


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