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Trust me on dis...

Hi, icguy34! I iz ur gift, awl rapped up fur ur Birfday!!!

That talentless hack isn't even your species! (recaption:

Fankyoo! ~fur accepting teh PAW ob *frendship*

Water cooler gossip (recaption:

I came in here lookin' for little Mischief Could this be all that's left of her?

Punkin forgot the caek for September cuz of Mischief!

happy birthday, icguy34

When You Love A Cat, The World Seems So Much Brighter.

A Whole Lotta Lubbin' Goin' On!!

RIO LOLYMPICS BREAKING NEWS: KKPS Coach Bellbottoms is outraged and accuses the Russians of cheating against sweet Mischief in the Feathered Toy Jump and Grab Event! Coach Bellbottoms challenges Russian Coach Boris Vorchunkle to boxing match!

RIO LOLYMPICS NEWS FLASH: Russian Coach Boris Vorchunkle responds to KKPS Coach Bellbottoms' forceful accusations against the Russian LoLymipcs Team!

Snookers is tasked by Coach Bellbottoms to keep a close eye on dat Russian Coach Vorchunkle to see if hims is trying to cheat, espeshully against littl Mischief!

I LOVE my birthday present!

All across teh Wurld, citizen kitties hab taken to der hearts teh valiant yung Mischeff and her "Sacred Mission" for teh Honor ob her Families to win a LoLympic Gold Medal!

After seeing der little babycat Mischief win her bery own Gold Medal at teh Rio LoLympics, her parents Punkin and Missy hab neber ben mor prowd and happier!

Reskue cat imposes conditions!

Bonny Got Adopted!

One Night Stand

i can has love?

Thank God My Facebook Timeline Doesn't Go Back That Far

Let me check the calender

I've really lost my charm since then...

Okay, MuttMeat, drop the rhetoric and step away from the soapbox!

Wow! I didn't know witch doctors still made house calls.

Is this your idea of Peek-A-Boo?

RIO LOLYMPICS NEWS FLASH: Surprise new competitor Mischief wins her first LoLympic Gold Medal wiff first place in the highly competitive Feathered Toy Jump and Grab Event (Ittie Bittie Division)!

Mischeff makes teh final jump ob teh Feathered Toy Jump and Grab Event (Ittie Bittie Division).. She has purrfect form! But has she jumped high enuff to Grab teh Feathered Toy!

Decisions, decisions...