morfy's Favorites

Mario (Captain Lou Albano) Totally Looks Like Match Game Panelist Avery Schreiber

Kenny G Totally Looks Like Weird Al Yankovic

Paracas Ceremonial Jar Totally Looks Like Stewie Griffin

Eugene Levy Totally Looks Like My dad

Two monkeys Totally Looks Like Papi Berlusconi and Bruno Vespa

Freddy Kruger Totally Looks Like Man having a birthday in the paper

Vancouver Olympic Torch Totally Looks Like Fortress of Solitude

Perez Hilton Totally Looks Like Pete's Dragon- Elliot

Worlds Ugliest Dog 2006 Totally Looks Like Ed from the Lion King

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Damon Huard Matthew Perry

John McCain Evil Monkey

Unknown Sleepy Guy from Pundit Kitchen Mr. Bean

This Vent Totally Looks Like An Ipod

Monkey with Glasses George Burns

Bob Terwilliger A Palm Tree

Michael Jackson Ari in Planet of the Apes

Ares I Upper Stage Giant Cigarette Butt

Davy Jones Cthulhu

Seth Rogen Jonah Hill

Maria Shriver Preditor

Daily Show's Jon Stewart Charlie Chaplin

Daniel Day-Lewis Fidel Castro

John C. Calhoun Sam the Eagle

Stanley Kubrick Salman Rushdie

Furbie Gremlin

Bad Hair Day Cat Vyvyan

Sam Elliot Afghan Hound

The US Economy A train wreck

Queen Elizabeth Angel tree topper

Clint Eastwood Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)


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