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Hang Ten (Seconds)

Pogo is a No Go

Someone Has a Floppy Understanding of Technology

That's One Way to Get Some Pow

Right When You Drop Your Expectations... BOOM!

That Wasn't Very Bright

Best Prank Fail Ever Recorded

Welp, it's Time To Burn That Traffic Camera Down

Grocery Shopping is Hard When You're Drunk and You're the Guy Picking a Fight in the Mirror

This Compilation of Toddlers and Their Power Wheels Will Make You Wish You Were a Kid Again

Girl Gets Her Hair Ripped out as She Eats Corn off of a Drill

Idiot Zookeeper Demonstrates How NOT to Feed a Wild Animal

Dude Tries to Climb a Giant Rock With His Car and Fails Miserably

That Will Definitely Keep You Dry

Audience Participation gone Wrong is One Way to Turn a Clown's Smile Upsidedown

Just Sign it and Pass it, 'Happy B-Day' Works For all Occasions Right?

When You Come Back From the Dead Just to Finish Your Comedy Tour

Even in 2016 Russia, a Renaissance Fair Actor Will Bash Technology

A Family Trip to the Zoo Becomes a Living Nightmare for a Boy Terrified of Birds

Yelling at a Convenience Store Attendant to Get You Snacks While Waiting on a Hoverboard is Peak Douchebag

Ever Wondered Why People Get to the Airport Hours Early? This Insanely Long TSA Checkpoint Line is Why

Having Moves Too Slick is a Classic Mistake

These People are in The Company of FAILure

That Dude Deserves a Tag and a Tip

Dad Takes a Direct Hit

Grandpa Goes on a Glorious Virtual Rampage and Almost Hits His Entire Family IRL

Just When You Thought Soccer Refs Couldn't Get Any Worse at Their Job

Marvel vs. DC

Watching Patrick Stewart Watching James McAvoy Shave His Head for Professor X Is More Enjoyable Than It Should Be

Sometimes You Just Gotta Winter Soldier on, No Matter What


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