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Cringe of the Day: Let This Sweet Song Serenade You

Stephen King Recreates Batman Short Story In Audio Form, And Of Course It's Amazing

You Made Batman Laugh, That's Quite an Accomplishment

Guy Manages to Cram 23 Contraptions into His Insane Batsuit and Earns Guinness World Record

The Russian Version of Avengers Is Coming and Based off This Trailer, It Looks Oddly Impressive

If You and Your Buddy Are Trying to Impress a Party, Definitely Figure Out Who's Going First

I Can't Put My Finger on Why, But This isn't A Good Idea

Don't Do That!

Spader Man

Crab vs Idiot

You Can Feel the Embarrassment When One News Anchors Rejects Her Coworker's Awkward Advance Live on TV

Rio Was Full of Olympic-Level TV Bloopers

Tarzan King of the FAIL

That Little Heart Shaped Nose

The Worst Knock-Knock Joke of All Time

JCVD Snow Angel

The boreale dance

Combo Kick

A Real Banger

Flipbook Kombat

Time to Recycle This Idea, Hot Rod

When Your Hoverboard Balance is Perfect, Don't Forget to Check For Small Children Behind You

Joker Has No Chill

The Batman Cast of the 1960s to Reunite for Animated Adventure

Life's Tough, Wear a Helmet

Umm Honey, How Many Quarters Do You Have?

A Gold Medal Winner For FAILing

This Ozzie's Old Olympic Commentary is So Spot On Let's Give Australia a Gold Medal For It

Angry Baboon Launches Its Poop and Hits a Little Girl Directly in the Chin

There is No Misunderstanding This Robot's Straight Forward Response to Wanting to Destroy Humans


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