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"What the ..? Oh... Okay..."

!! You're home early !!

And Luke is the GOOD Guy?

Especially if she is about to climb up yours about something

You know. Like a dog trapped in a house with an cat who's bi polar

The merrier you got, the worse the tax

Drinking spells may or may not be more fun than sinking spells. Those you have to dig yourself out of

I guess they take them to the flatspital....snerk



We all know people who worship their frisbee more than their spouse

Chess says everything about men and women. The King has to take things one step at a time, while the Queen can do whatever the heck she wants.

I thought if I looked at you this way, you might look better... But no...You're still ugly

And do get over yourself. It's a process, not an art form. We can all do it, but some of us don't like the taste

Kittens Say The Darndest Things

It’s always a special moment when you finally get to hear those three words you’ve been waiting for… ...“Your order’s ready.”

Causing blank stare as he tried to figure out who to blame it on

Rule Number 1 - nobody pays any attention to this rule

I love brackets so much I could eat them. Confusing is my favorite thing

or First On Rubbish Dump if you prefer

Captain America Changes

Those Birds Are E-nor-mus!

mane six first world problems

The Time When Your Attitude Needs to Change But Just Won't

Damn Straight!

It's a Laugh Riot!

You Got Me From My Good Side

Puppies are My Favorite Thing

Am I the only one here

i can do dis. i can do dis i can do dis. i can do dis. i can do dis. i cant do dis. go get mom, k?


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