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Hotdog FP! WOOHOO!!!

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Thanks for the congrats. I really wish a lot more people had known her better; she was very social and a delight to know, and she and all that talent were out in the middle of nearly nowhere, Montana. She loved people and I am sure she would not mind at all that I shared her photos with people.

By plaidcats on Apr 15, 2015 at 7:55 AM

Beautiful foto. Flyhawk. And congakats to you! I will finish checking out the rest of Flyhawk's photos, wish I'd known her better. Pc

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Here's one page of thirty in Flyhawk's Pixdaus collection. This one is spectacular, but the other pages are good, too.

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Heer iz ur Christmas playlist.

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Heer iz "Hyacinth."

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Here's an instructional playlist starring Shiro.

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Here's a parody video.

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Oo Henri ! Him's soo , so, .. Henri! That cat is so fab, one of my favorite cool characters eva!

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Here's Henri.

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Luvmy8catz found tonight's video.

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LOLcat FP! WOOHOO!!!! Heer, u can has kawfee.

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Thanks! >blush blush< Heer, u can has MOAR.

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Thanque furr congrats! I gotta get over an see what you posted to me, you always have good stuff! Pc

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Squee FP! WOOHOO!!!

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Here's The Pet Collective's current live cam playlist.

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Having probs w playlists AGIN, I gotta find out if it's me or what! Rrrrr

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Thank yu fur the congrats! I'm so slo with my grateful replies, I'm rather a lil amazed that I wasn't too boring. The (true) stories start tho, it was fun! And true they are. Spotlite fur a few! Your fren Pc :)

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Heer iz ur mid-week playlist.

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Here, have some Muppet laffs.

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Feechured Cheezpeep! WOOHOO!!! Gud interview, and ur art iz fantabulous.

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Here's the latest from Molly_B.

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That is really funny about your aunt and her pug! Sounds like she found her true goggie! Oh, and everyone on my friends list (and even people who are not, because some have 'fessed up to this) is quite welcome to the links that I share here. If you'd like me to upload any of them to my file here, let me know, and naturally everyone is welcome to make GIFs of them (hopefully giving credit to the youtuber or videophile who made the videos). Part of the reason why I share them here is they deserve more views than they've gotten. Here, have some Thumbcats!