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By SovaPlum on Apr 1, 2014 at 11:37 PM

Ohai safrida! My bois have done a very sweet thing. Do you remember that tower of cardboard they were building in my compost heap? Well they have decorated it with all sorts of balls of yarn, ribbons and pom poms. They have been encouraging Katsanova to climb it and play with the decorations. Things are still a bit tense around the house but it's so nice to see the big bois making an effort to be welcoming. Tabini said it was one of the farm cats ideas. So, please than Lursa for me. I'm including a special sun-warmed blankie for her in which I have rolled some warmed skrtiches for the farm kittehs and some heated oven mitts so you can enjoy the pettings with minimal sneezes. ___Any chance of more snow? NZ is having a second drought summer in a row. So once the snow has melted and warmed I use it to water the garden. *places sealed thermo box on transporter, packs heated items in box, presses Make It So*

By SovaPlum on Mar 27, 2014 at 10:31 PM

To Ms Lursa. I has a sad for u. Owr rocket is hided under teh flooy balls oan sticks Arentee safrida sended us. We is going to has test launch when Nummy is awae. Will send u a repoort. Haves sum hots. *rolls thermouse onto transporter, types Send to Lursa thxbai* From Tabini.

By safrida on Mar 27, 2014 at 2:53 PM

Lursa to NewZealand Cats: Operation Nip From Above is postponed indefinitely. "Dad" found bark and wood chip rocket and dismantled for kindling. Fortunately, they still suspect nothing. We will try again in spring and possibly get the Chickens in on it. They have been in lock up all winter and surely would welcome freedom from the tyranny of unfeathered bipeds. Stay strong, my brothers.

By safrida on Mar 26, 2014 at 9:34 AM

Hey, what was in that tea? I think I lost an hour of time and my head is spinny. Glad that Tabini is being a super great Big Bro to Katsanova. And i know that you were cool before it was cool to fave the Milk Ring. Sending another box of fresh snow. it snowed AGAIN last night. Also including some pompoms that I made with the loose yarns that were lying around the apartment. (Puts on transporter, presses Make It Snow... er, So.)

By SovaPlum on Mar 26, 2014 at 2:17 AM

Great Cieling Cat! i just noticed Lord of the Milk Ring made FP! I'll have you know I faved that before it was cool. Have a V.C! *slides extra large white chocolate chip and macadamia cookie with dark chocolate icing into fax machine, presses Send*

By SovaPlum on Mar 26, 2014 at 2:08 AM

Ohai safrida! Kittehs roolin in confetti, poppin balloons, nomming toona, sampling bowls of snow and napping in near harmony. Tabini is warming up to his new little brother, Fanta is less perturbed.____ Is your Mumsettled in to her new place? How are you? *places whiskey laced sympathy tea on transporter, presses Make It So*

By safrida on Mar 25, 2014 at 4:54 AM

Congratulations!! (Throws confetti)

By SovaPlum on Mar 24, 2014 at 5:23 PM

Ohai safrida! TA DAAAA!!

By SovaPlum on Mar 20, 2014 at 6:18 PM

P.S. Hang the suncatcher in the middle of the room and spin it. It will throw off sunbeams. I envy you LotR marathon. I've been unable to concentrate on anything all week.

By SovaPlum on Mar 20, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Ohai safrida! First let me congratulate you on your well deserved FP! Here is a Victory Choccie for you. *places large coffee bowl fulled with chocolate trifle on transporter, presses Make It So* And it should soothe you throat nicely! How is your flu coming along? I hope you're feeling better. Between my bois TLC and some antibiotics I feel I'm on the mend. About as limp as a noodle, though.___Maybe you could get your toothbrush back from the farm cats in return for those teeth cleaning bikkies. Free sample from the vet those.___Right now Katsanova is being babysat over the fence. He visits the noms bowl, of course! Right now it's baking hot so I'll be putting my feet into that lovely cooler of snow as soon as I get back from my Dr appointment. She thinks I may have picked up a secondary infection. *sigh* Meanwhile. I have put some towels outside and will be transporting them to a bathroom near you as soon as they have reached maximum heat absorption! TTFN.

By safrida on Mar 20, 2014 at 3:03 PM

Hello, Fanta. I'm sorry to hear that your mummy's been sick, but it's good to know that you have been taking care of her. I've got fresh, new snow from today to send to you to help keep her cool.. I know that it may seem horrid to have the new kitteh join your family, but if you give him a chance you might find that he is a very good brother. It would make Mummy very happy if you boys got along. I'll send this tinfoil up to the farm for Lursa. I may pass the biscuits on to the farm cats as well. They taste... Well, they seem like something very tasty for cats, but not so much for hoomins. I'm putting the sun catcher in my living room window, so that iff the sun ever comes out, I can enjoy it there. Here's the fresh snow. (Puts crate on transporter, hits "Make it so".)

By SovaPlum on Mar 19, 2014 at 8:53 PM

Arentee sarfida! Arentee safrida! Iz me Fanta! Nummy has bean lots of sicks an Beanie an me has bean fills up wahtar bulltuls wif snos an putting dem awl over Nummy sew she wood feel s bettar. Wen dey is no moar snos we points dem at teh noisee goggie an skwerts hur! tee hee hee. Teh sun has bean yucky ebber since Nummy brang dat STOOPY udder kitteh in OWER howse! I wus sew hots inside wif teh windohs shuts dat Nummy saed it wus mean fur kittehs sew she open ebberyfing an STOOPY rand bak next doar. Ai hope he dusunt come bak but Beanie saed we habs to be nyce if he does kawse dat will mean Nummy is giving us a nu brovver. Ai doant want him fur mai bruvver but. Hez STOOPY. Nummy saed gibbs u dis *pushes shimmering sun catcher onto transporter, presses 4arentysarfia SEND* Beanie saes des fur Lursa. U gibbs hur pwease? *Slides tinfoil sheets into fax machine, hits Secret Delivery* Oh! And des are frum meh an Beanie. Dey taste nnommy an maek ur fangs sharp! *places bag of biscuits on transporter, pushes ReSend* Lubs frum Fanta!

By safrida on Mar 17, 2014 at 7:42 AM

Hi, sweet Plum and Boys! I too have been bitten by the floo bug and spent the last two days either in bed or on the sofa with my extended LoTR videos. I'm glad that Katsanova has found a great home, even if Fanta is a little freaked out at the moment. Maybe Tabini needs to remind him that when he moved in, Tabini was also a little put off. Cicero is also bearing some battle scars from chasing stray cats away from the farm. He's saving the tail fur of his vanquished foes to make something special for Petal. It's funny you should mention the cardboard rocket, though. When I was at the farm last week, Lursa and Bella had something similar going in the wood shed, made of bark and wood chips. And silly me, I forgot my laptop out there, as well as my tooth brush. At least I don't need it too badly! I've got another two boxes of snow for you, since I'm not sure how much longer it's going to be around. (Puts boxes of snow on transporter, hits "Make it Snow".)

By SovaPlum on Mar 16, 2014 at 10:41 PM

Ohai safrida! So much ground to cover. Copy and Paste. ENGAGE! There's good news and there's bad news. Since people usually ask for the bad news first . . . The Bad Nus! My cold has turned into a flue and I'm out of lemoncello. And the local is out of it too (woe). The Good Nus! I have just started my holiday so can recover at my leisure. And I have bought some Grant's Whiskey to tied me over. Drinking Special Tea as I type (whew). The Bad Nus! Teddy Bear from next door is attempting to invade! Last few nights - including Lucy's visit - Tabini has taken up the gauntlet and it has been LOUD and scarey. This morning Tabini is clearly stiff and sore. Not helping is Fanta, who wont stop "play" fighting. I think Fanta wants to be the Alpha. Clearly he doesn't know the reality of that position. Poor Tabini! The Good Nus! I have adopshuned Katsanova! He is presently ensconced behind the comfiest sofa, playing Hard To Get. Having Inflicted Awwws upon me, it is now my turn to woo him. Boys, eh? A further advantage I see to this adopshun. Fanta is Very Disconcerted by this stranger. If Katsanova and Tabini gang up on Fanta it may score Tabini some recovery time. Meanwhile. I chase TB every time I see him! We will have peace in this house! In a few days I should have some good pics to make a proper Adopshun Notice. ____Umm. Once Cyclone Lucy blew out I noticed a cardboard rocket growing out of my compost heap. Should I be concerned? It was so hot during Lucy that the snow everyone sent has been a great bonus. I have been selling hot water bottles filled with snow for nip money! Here is you cut along with some gentle, clearing breezes and a plastic bag filled with assorted bugs. Also a nice furry purry scarf from Tabini's Battle Hair. It should protecshun you from ebble. *places cardboard box on transporter, fills with goodies, closes, places a large tumbler full of whiskey on top, presses Make It So*

By safrida on Mar 12, 2014 at 7:51 PM

To Fanta and Tabini, The bipeds still suspect nothing. I am sending you a fresh box of snow, but in the bottom of the box are plans for a catnip powered missile. The sneezy biped is no money, although I found that amusing. It is the "arntee Safrida" to whom you frequently write. (Sends box via Hovercat)

By SovaPlum on Mar 12, 2014 at 3:58 PM

Dear Arentee safrida. Is a new kittee make Nummy goe awws. He eat mai bikkies and pounces on mai. . .MY tail. Nummy will have to teach him moar good before me and Fanta let her keep him. Thank you for teh sno. Sno is good. Hear is a thermouse full of sunbeams. Lub from Tabini.

By SovaPlum on Mar 12, 2014 at 3:52 PM

To Lursa The Mouse Slayer. Thank yew. . .you for your Manifesto. We alreddy haves won. Yours is gud. Hear. . . here is ours. Thank yew for the lubbly snos. Snos is gud. If teh sneezy biped (is dat a monkee?) is to louds gives it su. . .som ant-eye-hiss-at-mean so it will goes away. I have put som in some cicada shell and tyed them to a Hover Cat. Hover Cat has our manifesto for u. From Tabini.

By safrida on Mar 9, 2014 at 7:43 PM

Greetings, New Zealand Cats. It is I, Lursa the Mouse Slayer, I am pleased with the many gifts of food; you have sent through the sneezy biped that visits my biped slaves. I would like to offer you a place on the ground floor of my venture to take over this planet. My sisters and I would give you the southern half of the planet since you are already there. I have hidden the manifesto inside this catnip scented strip of ;fabric that the bipeds say is "the bacon toy." (Puts on transporter, hits big button)

By safrida on Mar 6, 2014 at 7:43 AM

Thank you very much! It's a very thoughtful gift. I've got another box of snow for you. (Puts box on transporter, hits "Make it so".) Hope you have a great weekend!

By SovaPlum on Mar 6, 2014 at 2:14 AM

To Arenty Safrida. Nummy, Famta & me gotted u a prezent fur ur Burpstay! ___ From Tabini

By safrida on Mar 4, 2014 at 7:46 AM

Perfect timing for sending me this box of crickets and cicadas! I will be at the farm this weekend to give it to the farm kittehs. I'm sure they'll enjoy it very much. Lursa is indeed a girl cat, but unless you can help her with world domination, she's not interested in boy cats. Mags and Bella (our bella) are both interested in boy cats. They follow Cicero around the house like the chubby grey god he is. I can send you some more snow right now. Just give me a minute to go outside and get a box full. BRRRR! Okay, here's a nice big box of snow. there's more coming later, too. I'll send you some fresh stuff. (Puts on transporter, presses "Make it snow".... er, "So")

By SovaPlum on Mar 3, 2014 at 9:28 PM

Arentee Safrida Arentee Safrida iz MEH! Fanta! Ai cawted a burdie an me an Beanie chased it awl ova teh howes an it leaved feavers ebbreware! We leaved it in dat toylet bowl fur Nummy to find an she wus berry happee. She throed it owt teh window fur us to plae wif sum MOAR! Ai cawted a mowse an eated it! Den ai cawted anuver won an leaved it fur Nummy! Beanie leaved hur a rat! ___ Nummy putted teh no in rubbar buttles an sew we snuggled dem fur cools. We shared wif our gurlfrens. Beanie's got a gurlfren! Hur naem is Bella. Bella is a Tortyshell but Nummy saes she is a Kougar. Petal saed ai is hur boifren noa an Miss Boo saed dats gud! Kaws aim sew lubbly ai shud hab as manee gurlfrens as gurls sae aim der boi fren. Ai klimed up teh howse to teh roof! Hair is sum cicadas and sum crickets fur Daryl an Cisero an Lursa. Is Lursa a gurl? Does she want a boifren? *puts a box of cicadas sealed with sticky tape on transporter, puts box of crickets tied shut with string on top, pokes holes in boxes, presses Make It So*

By safrida on Feb 11, 2014 at 8:16 AM

Dat was sum goooood cheezcake! Thank you. I have it from a friend who is in a Dr. Who fan club that they will definitely be filming the new season of Dr. Who soon. Peter Capaldi had to wrap up on another series first. Understandable. Just started the Hollow Crown series, based on the plays of Shakespeare. It covers Richard II to Henry V. I don't think it's on Netflix, but my friend gave me the DVD set. Am sending small box of snow for you and the boys. You should be getting a crate of snow in the next day or two that the farm kittehs put together. Bella is allowed out alone and helped Cicero and Daryl put this together. (Puts small box on transporter and presses "make it so")

By SovaPlum on Feb 10, 2014 at 2:05 PM

Ohai safrida!I lke it when there's not much good t.v. too. Is DVD time! The new season is just starting so I'm sampling this and that. Not sure if I like Hannibal but the Blacklist is intriguing. Still BRING BACKDR WHO!!!! Just saying. ___ I'm trying to not let certain stoopy Soviet prejudices mar my enjoyment of the athletes achievements. It isn't like I was going to be making any Purry Putin funnehs anyway. ___ I don't know what my bois are doing with the dice pad you sent them. They wont let me play. My rag-bag and sewing kit have disappeared though . Keeo you posted! ___ Have some tastee Victory Choccies in honour of your dieting kitteh FP! *places large slice of choccolate cheese cake on a plate, pours on plum mint sauce, places on transporter, presses Make It So*

By safrida on Feb 7, 2014 at 8:37 AM

Th reason I have Netflix is because there's not much on television worth watching! While the jocks were all enjoying thier footyball, I was enjoying the adventures of Dr. Who, Amy and Rory. I know a lot of people are gearing up for the lipmics now. I have a watchlist set up because my usual shows on t.v. are all repeats or on hold. To be honest, I'm also not watching some events that I might be okay with, like the skating, because of the whole anti-gay legislature in Russia. I don't know how kittehs would be with D&D. There's a lot of dice-rolling. Hmmm..... (Sets pouch of gaming dice on transporter pad.) Maybe we should see how your boys do with these. (Presses "make it so".)

By SovaPlum on Feb 6, 2014 at 2:47 PM

Ohai safrida! So what did you watch while now watching the Stoopy Bowl? I don't use Netflix and the like on the grounds that I watch too much telly anyway. You mention D&D as and Olympic Sport? What a good idea! We should get the KKPSers on to that!

By safrida on Jan 31, 2014 at 12:48 PM

The Stoopy bowl (I like that name better!) is like the World Cup in so far as it's really mostly American and they let us have the privilege of watching it. I think I'll be watching the Limpics if they add D&D as a sport. So I've just got the Netflix fired up and ready to go. Have a good weekend!

By SovaPlum on Jan 29, 2014 at 11:37 PM

Ohai safrida! What? Teh Stoopy Bowl not international? Just goes to show how much I know about Gridron. Um. It is called Gridiron, right? ___ I don't watch much sports either. But I like the ice skating and for the LOLympics? I'm for Team Sexy! Purrty shur they are Timelords. shhhh. ___I gave the bois the ping pong ball you kindly sent. Everyone has been topping up their toy box and they have been having a LOVELY time! I fear they may have forgotten they were in trouble already. Never-mind. Some days you just have to surrender to the Squee. While they're outside playing I'm going to sneak a Snow Spa in my bath tub. I've got scented candles. A relaxing book and aching muscles in need of a good soothing, chillaxing time. So pleas give Cicero and Daryl my thanks and these sun warmed, floofy balls of yarn. *places basket of toasty ballls of yarn on transporter, presses Make It So*

By safrida on Jan 27, 2014 at 2:38 PM

Oh dear. That's a lot of foods. Canada has the Grey Cup Canadian Football championship... in November. Our football is slightly different than American Football, in that our field's bigger and there's more/less "downs" or something. And the awful truth is I don't watch sports. Not even the Olympics, which I call "DVD Festival". I don't even watch hockey unless I'm trapped at Dad's and he's got the game on. However, I am having a mini-Dr Who binge right now and this would save me having to cook up dinner. So, gonna tuck into it!! And I can save the fireworks for my birthday. That's in another month and a half.__ The farm cats send their greetings and another big box of snow. Cicero and Daryl were out this morning putting it together and got their paws a little chilled, but were able to come inside and get warmed up by the fire. The kittens are sending a ping-pong ball, which they think is the coolest toy ever in history. They wanted to send Daddy's iPad with the cool games for kittehs on it, but he told them 'no'. (Sets box of snow and pingpong ball on transporter, presses "Make it so".)

By SovaPlum on Jan 26, 2014 at 11:32 PM

Ohai safrida! What a good idea giving the toys to the shelter! I'm sure they will be much played with.___ My bois have been feeling Very Bad about telling porkies so they have knitted you something. I think its a poncho? With lots of tail? Or do you have an octopus that doesn't like the snow? Either way its big enough for three close friends to stay warm while watching the Sugar Bowl game. Do you have a team in it?____ I have assembled some traditional NZ football watching foods for you. Minus all the kia moana (seafood). There's a large bowl of potato wedges with sour cream, bacon bits, cheese, tomato sauce, mustard and mayo swirled around them. Sausages and cheese with sauce. Pineapple rings, banana fritters and a large tub of chocolate ice cream. To top it off I raided my hidden stash of fireworks for you to let of if your team wins! Or if they lose and you need cheering up. *places purring knitwear into a banana box, puts down a layer of newspaper, adds food, tapes fireworks to lid, hails racing snail, pre-pays for delivery*