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After downing a tasty meal dat Erico, teh Great Leader of teh Wolf Pack gabe her, sweet little Mischief had a burst ob enerjies! She proseeded wiff a spring in her step and her hed held up high!

KKPS Pawbawl team

A cat bed...

Animal Capshunz: An Adorable Rodent Doesn't Hurt Either

Way better than a fist bump




Uninformed, and you can't change that.

At teh Rio LoLympics, surprise new competitor Mischief talks to her mommie Missy an' daddie Punkin an' her brubbies an' sisters befor going to her first fierce competishun wher she will be tested against teh entire World!

MOM! I can haz a doller?

Plutonians go Foofany Spotting in Rio.

Lolympix volunteer "El Medico" gaurantees Mischief will get to all her events on time.

Mischief's bravery has earned her a powerful friend

It's Cinco de Mayo, right? No? Well, it must be somewhere

The outdoor part of my life is over That dog that the new neighbors are unloading from their van has a back-up beeper

This thing looks older than my human But I didn't think there were rubber tires then

Truly Man's Best Friend

Olympic Gymnastic Hopeful

In mint condition !

Psycho-logical Evaluation

As little Mischeff walks thru teh streets of Rio to teh LoLympic Village for teh athletes, Rio kitties cheer her all along teh way!

Rio de Janeiro Breaking News: Missing Mischief habs now ben spotted! She iz no longer on teh North Amerikan Continents!

I am acquirred

The bottom half's not gonna shred itself, you know.

But I am into denial

Why I unfriended my neighbor tonight

Doan let go, Jack!

Kuppykakes Preppy Skool Nu Klazz: "SCRUPLES" Tawt by Sister Mary Catrin who believes that ebbry skolar shud hab at leazt ONE

WCAT in Cincinnati