Messages between theanimaladvocate and muriell

By muriell on Apr 28, 2009 at 3:45 AM

Wus in bitta rush lazt tym. Wunnerd ifn yew mite b intrested in 2 flickr ichc pools we set up - an Pooey to lolspeak fur a mo! The memlols really got to me - we got infected with feline panleukemia last year - was horrible - and I wanted to see them all in the same place. Same for animal rights. If you wanna join - great! If not but you have lols you think would be relevant, let me know and I'll add them, credited, for you! Just thought with the fosterin (and your moniker!) you might be interested. Those babies are adorable - I'm not fostering this year (apart from adults) cos of the panleuk staying in the atmos. Kthxbye!

By muriell on Apr 26, 2009 at 1:57 PM

Ohai theanimaladvocate! Thx fur cepting frendsloop n beri pleezd tu meetcha! Ai saw yer gingur kitteh pics oan teh bilder an noo yew must b a fostur tipe kitteh! Lub yer pics - ai has lots uv foster kitteh pics tu! Ai lubs wen dey lolled! Am onli dippin but wil pop bak wen ai moar tym. Woods lub tu kepe in tuch! Vitara fosters wit meh heer in Ireland. Kthxbye!