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Hey Deb! Sounds like you had a great day (or 3) indeed! ~ Gary

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Hey Deb! Happy Birthday!! I hope you are having a great day! ~ Gary

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Thanks Deb! I really do appreciate the Birthday wishes and LOL! I hope you are having a great weekend! TTYL! ~ Gary

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Hey Deb! Ours was nice and quiet, which is what I needed! As for the Braves, no, but then I am not a baseball fan. (Too slow for my taste, but I also do not like basketball either, kinda of a quirk of mine.) Hope you are having a good weekend! TTYL! ~ Gary

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Yeah, I sort of expected it! I kinda set myself up to be trolled, challenging them head on. A down vote from a troll must be an up vote from a regular user!

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*I think they may be able to make it,

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I think they may be able to do make it, but next week they are going to have their hands full. The 49ers did a number on the Packers yesterday. Atlanta is going to have to play nearly perfectly to make sure they win. I won't lie to you, next week is going to be tough! Best of luck to the Falcons!! I am serious about wanting the Texans to go though, I don't like the Patriots coach, and with the exception of Ray Lewis, I am not a big Ravens fan. It would be nice to see a "Southern" Superbowl! TTYL! Gary

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Hey Deb!!! Congrats on the Falcons winning their game! That was a heart-stopper! I dozed off after they went up 20-0, and Ash woke me up for the final minute of the game and saw The Kick. Now if both the Patriots (today) and the Ravens (next week) lose to the Texans, and the Falcons beat the 49ers (next week)...we can have a great Superbowl!!! TTYL! Gary

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LOL!!! I pull for the Falcons, Julio Jones is one of ours (and he is from a neighboring county, so he's a local!!) But I also like the Bronco's, Packers, Texans, and the Seahawks (Long story short, I have been a fan of theirs since the early 80's when they pulled a fake punt on the 49ers in the Kingdome.) Actually I also have a bit of sympathy for the Ravens, as this is Ray Lewis's last season---he is an awesome and talented player, and it is gonna be the end of an era. I guess you can say i don't really have a dog in this hunt, as I like them all. I hope everyone has a good safe game and we get a great Superbowl out of it. But I do think the Falcons will do well, they have had an awesome season!! TTYL! Gary

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Thanks, Deb!!! I was not expecting that game. I figured it to be a lot lower score. I think Saban had the guys well prepared. Notre Dame should be proud of the season they had. They are back to compete after too many years away. It was a GREAT game!!! TTYL! Gary

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Awesome game! I was worried for a bit, but the Dawgs turned it on and showed everyone why they could have been in the BCS Champ game. And as much as I dislike Steve Spurrier, I am glad South Carolina won their game. I'm not necessarily a Vanderbilt fan, but I am happy they won also. With LSU and Southern Miss losing, I want the SEC to run the table for the rest of the bowls that we are in. Hopefully the Dawgs will be back in force next year and can do as well as they did this year. If I were y'alls coach, I would call up that reporter that asked that stupid question about if Murray could "finish a big game" and dog-cuss him out and then ban him from ever attending another news conference or getting tickets to any Georgia game. What an idiot! I don't understand how he could ask that question. In the SEC champ game, y'all simply ran out of time. If their had of been 10 seconds more... completely different outcome! Oh well, I will let you enjoy the victory celebration and I am going to watch the Rose Bowl, Go Stanford!!! (I have to root for them because they took out Oregon and got 'Bama back in the Nat Champ hunt! LOL!) IMHO= In My Humble Opinion TTYL! Gary

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Hey Deb! Good Luck to the Dawgs! (I'm watching them right now.) I hope they are victorious! A party sounds like fun, I think my next-door neighbors may watch the 'Bama game with us, but not sure. As for the 2400/0000 debate, I use 0000. My reasoning for this is that the next minute is 0001 not 2401. The 24 hour clock goes from 0000 to 2359. The military uses 0000 for midnight, so I would think that would be the standard to follow. IMHO! TTYL! Gary

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Thanks Deb!!! GO DAWGS!!!!!

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LOL!!! I will see what I can do. That was actually just a pun I heard years ago, I had a boss who brought a stick into work with a bullet hanging from it. (Cartridge in a bare tree) I didn't know how to caption it without using the line from the song. I will try, but no promises! LOL!!!

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Thanks, Deb! We may need all the help we can get! This year (in the LSU, Texas A&M, and Georgia game) we were shaky at times. All three games were really tight and fortunately we got our act together when we needed to do so. (Didn't help us in A&M game, we ran out of time and made a few bad errors at the end.) All 3 games could have gone either way. That just goes to show how great the DEC really is, no-one can take anything for granted. The Georgia game is on Jan 1 at 1 p.m. Eastern time/12 p.m. Central on ABC. Hopefully you will be able to see it! TTYL! Gary

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Sorry, I should know better! I had just got in this morning from work, and I was thinking about sleep. (LOL!) Yeah, it was a good battle. We were screaming at the TV also. I scared Dusty. She was on my lap, I yelled, and she launched. Still got some scars. LOL!!! It is at this time of the year, that SEC fans pull for ALL of our teams (although I do have a hard time pulling for Auburn). I think that is what the other conferences don't understand about us. It would be really nice to see the SEC sweep their bowl games. Go Dawgs! Go Bama! TTYL! Gary

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Hey Deb! Yeah, we are insane 'Bama fans! You guys gave us a scare in the SEC championship game. The Dogs did really well! You guys should be proud. To be honest, we didn't beat y'all, the clock did, another 20 seconds and y'all would be playing in the BCS Championship game. Here's to wishing Georgia victory in the Capital One Bowl!! Beat the Cornhuskers!! Hopefully 'Bama can get the job done as well against Notre Dame! TTYL! Gary

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Perfect! That is a great tribute! Gary

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Thanks Deb! Glad I could help! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!!

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I think a simple "A personal thank you from Lewis Grizzard (1946-1994) to me" and then something like "He was a writer/comedian/satirist extraordinaire, may he rest in piece" or similar.

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OK, Thanks Deb! Yeah, it is sad, but in a way, I think he knew. I'm glad he had a sense of humor about him and could try to make everyone smile right to the end! It is something to treasure, and I am soooo jealous that you have it! If you haven't done it yet, I would consider having it framed for display in your home. If nothing else it could be a great convo starter!!! Thanks again!!! TTYL! Gary

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Hey Deb! Got your message! Awesome, I envy you! However, I was going to add to my faves, but I haven't yet, as I was puzzled by the Your Eyes Only part. Do you care if I add it to my faves, or would you rather I didn't? Either way is fine. I think it is really cool! TTYL! Gary

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Thanks Deb! I hope you have a wonderful Turkey Day also!!! TTYL! Gary

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Thanks Deb! I will!

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Sorry for late response, it's been a busy week. TTYL! Gary