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Remember Jack!

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Doing pretty good, Lexi & thanks for asking. Hope you & yours are fine!

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How are you, my dear friend?

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YAY, great FP! Congratz

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Welcome back, my dear friend!

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Lexi--I cannot for the life of me get the picture detailing what happened to Baby Blue to fave! The RIP one did, but not the other & I want it in my Rainbow Bridge Collection. You know I saw it 'cause I left messages. I'll keep on trying, or if you know what causes this problem, enlighten me! Ever since I saw the caption, I have been humming George Straight's song "Baby Blue"--just can't keep it off my mind! Lubs to You! Deb

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By venusdemilo on May 16, 2013 at 9:58 AM // Thank you so much for the adorable card & good wishes. As you can see, it was a wonderful day! Hugs! Deb

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Have a wonderful day my friend! Happy Birthday !

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Happy Easter! Hugz!

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Thank you for your sweet Bday lol! So sweet! Big hug!

By venusdemilo on Mar 27, 2013 at 12:48 AM / / So sorry Lexi. I knew your birthday was this week--I just thought it was on Wed. Well, someone as special as you needs to celebrate more than one day! Hugs Hon! Deb

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Thank you sweet Lexi! I just made one for EVERYBODY, but doesn't look like you saw it, so here's special delivery!//

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Happy Valentine`s Day!

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Such a sad story about Clark Kent & unfortunately there are many, many more than we never hear about or they don't make it. Who are the real 'animals' today?