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Cheezburger FP! WOOHOO!!!

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Meanwhile, in Russia, cats can adopt anyone they want.

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By all means, try this at home. Use duct tape if you like.

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Heer, has sum moar kyoot!

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Welkumz! Heer iz a kitteh wif a cow slaeb.

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Thanks a bunch!

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Capshunz FP! WOOHOO!!!

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Thanks so much, "BB"!

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Always cross with a grown-up.

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WOO-HOO is the truth! I'm totally shocked--but wonderfully shocked! Thanks so much!

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heh heh! Thank you, and thanks for the "like!" Here are old-school LOLcats.

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Sekund Dobermans! Now that's hilarious!

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Dance into 2013 with Faireset!

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You know, I do believe that kindness is its own reward and your sister's labor of love should come back to her, "pressed down, shaken together, running over!" Yes, the colony cats here absolutely relish their Christmas dinner. Two Christmases ago, I gave them three kinds of Fancy Feast and it took them more than two hours to finish it. I watched from a window to see which cats were dominant, that's how I know it took them that long to finish several pounds of wet food. The "girls" are generally the bosses, but the one exception is the son of the recently deceased matriarch. His mother is gone, but he still holds his position.

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Venus is gorgeous in your profile pic! You must have given her a wonderful life for her to look that good at that age. My good old cat is one whom I miss mainly on Christmas because she loved to be near the Christmas tree (I think that when she was a kitten, the house's former owner held and petted her there often). She lived to be about 20 and looked great until her last year. The vet tech who handled her called her "an angel" because she was so good with people and was always relaxed while being handled. I'm not sad when I remember her, and I have photos of her under the Christmas tree on her last Christmas with me. From the time she was three years old, she only had 20% lung capacity, but her happy heart kept her going. Meanwhile, in Canada . . . .

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Forgot to also tell that my sister, who works at a school, has a colony there, that she goes to feed & water & check on twice a day, every day! She has personally (out of her pocket) had each of them fixed. Most of the kittens born before she had the others fixed, she had 'made them friendly' with her visits & was able to find homes for them. She is amazing! Every single cat I've had over the last 30 yrs. was a stray or rescue. My profile picture & name is my precious, precious Venus (was 17-1/2 in that picture--not so bad, huh?) was with me for 18 fabulous years. Where I live now I can only have ONE pet--my "Millie" who is now 10-1/2 yrs. old & I've had her since she was only a month old. Sure wish I could have, and help, a few others. Such a fabulous Christmas present you give to your babies! I have NO doubt that they LOVE it!

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I'm glad to report that this Christmas has been great for both of us! I'm glad that you shared Jupiter's video (he was a rescue kitten and is now an internet star living in PA). People like you make places like Fur-Kids possible. The neighborhood cat colony where I live is down to only ten now (was well over fifty adults six years ago). We have averaged only one casualty per year since I took them to get "fixed" six years ago. Every Christmas, I give them a "feast" of fish and wet food. I think that some of my neighbors must have given them good noms before leaving this morning because the cats left a little of what I gave them! It was sunny today, too, so they had a good Christmas. I'm glad you've been liking the videos. Here's one from Canada.