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9:02 Friday morning

Meanwhile, over in Cheezland:

Coffee High!

oh mi ceiling cat it's STEWIE! LOOK EBRYWUN IT'S STEWIE! i lubz u Stewie! Stewie! look at me Stewie! uz mi heero!

Kuppykakes Preppy Skool EZZAY Jeffurry "When I Growz Up I Wanna Be A Wize Guy frum Goodfellas"

The Funny Things Little Kits Say!

Robot Wars

Sounds legit

Touched you first !

Although kindness leaves fewer marks

Mother's love.

I ate from it all day yesterday. ... and u ate from it all day yesturday. ... and Stripes ate from it all day yesterday. ... and Ginger ate from it all day yesterday. ...

When You're Having a Good Weekend and Then Boom, Monday

Breaking News - Punkin & Missy's Poppy wants to go to KuppyKakes preschool, her brothers and sisters can't decide...

Thank you, I'm very comfortable.

KKPS wen Ai grows up essay.

Kitteh's great idea

Surprisingly easy to catch, Max hoped the birdie would taste good.

Standing in line can seem like forever!

Wunts in, pweez!

If at first you don't succeed...

I'd share!... wait, who'm I kidding?

At first I thought it might be a little too much. . . Then I thought "nah" just go with it.

Are you sure we can't play with it? You say that just about everything you know.

hoomin look! iz uploaded sum ob ur nekkid baby pics and kittehs am capshuning dem!

KKPS Historee Klass

What you mean you need this box ? I just got it !

Both hands, human. Both hands.

No I am not leaving until the fluff cycle is complete so come back in 30.

2016: a bad year for musicians.